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Thompson, Addie | to parents, Apr. 1876:

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April 02, 1876
VC Prep 1875-1876

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: VCLLettersThompsonAddie18751876007001
Vassar College,
Po'keepsie, N.Y. Apr. 2. 1876
My dear father & mother,
I have been trying
to write my letter all day but
have been real busy and now
there are four girls in here, but I
want to write and will, girls
nothwithstanding. This is the love-
liest day we have had this
spring, warm and pleasant.
Nellie, Corie and I took our
exercise after bible-class before
chapel, and it was so lovely.
Yesterday morning I put the
shirring on my alapaca skirt and it
looks splendid. My Japanese is
splendid. I like it all ever so
much, everything about it. It
is just exactly as I wanted it.
I do not see, Ma, how you


: VCLLettersThompsonAddie18751876007002
could fix it so. The girls say it is
the most becoming dress I
have. The waist is a perfect fit.
Just right in every way. I do
like it so much, I wore it to-day
for the first time. Rev. Mr. Tyler
of Amherst College preached. He
is an old gentleman and looks
very much like Mr. Burt. His
delivery is much the same as his.
Helen went to N.Y. Thursday
morning and her sister met her
there to go home with her. I was
awfully homesick all day
Thursday, it did seem as though
I could never stand it here
until June. I do get so homesick,
but I hope maybe I won't
after vacation for then it will
only be nine weeks. I don't
think to write about every part
of my dress because it is all


: VCLLettersThompsonAddie18751876007003
allright. I do not need any other
dress only ray light calico. Ma,
my alapaca overskirt has had
it's day, you will have to give
up all idea of making any
thing out of it. I do not care
for my calico, before the first
of May, and it does not need
anything to be done to it only
to make it higher in the neck.
But there are two things I do
need. I can not wear either
of my underwaists, they are
too small. Can you make
me two high in the neck (so I
need not wear under hand
kerchiefs) without those little
puffed sleeves and long
enough to cover my corsets
make it of thin cloth like my
other waist and just put
an narrow edge around


: VCLLettersThompsonAddie18751876007004
the neck and the arm-holes.
I do not want to hurry you too much,
but I would like one before I go
to Winsted, for I have to wear my
best corset and it will get so
dirty. I shall wear any plaid
overskirt down in the cars. I do
like to be alone, and I believe if
had had a room alone I do
not think I would have been
nearly so homesick. But then I
like Helen ever so much, Emma
wrote me this week said she
would be at the depot at 9 a.m.
Thursday just the time you
will be reading this letter,
wont it pa? Susie Bush, a
little blackeyed sixteen year old
is in here now writing with
me. She says, she is a rebel to
her back-bone. She lives in
New Orleans. The other girls
have gone. Have not heard
from Ben yet. Thought may
be he would be down yesterday,
seeing it was not march


: VCLLettersThompsonAddie18751876007005
but am very glad he did not
come, for I was busy all day.
I am ever so glad Addie comes
down so often. You have never
really known her I think before,
although you liked her so much.
I have never seen a young lady
I could love as dearly as I do
Addie. Don't say anything to
Kate that would make [you]
her think you do not like
her as well as Addie, be very
careful about it, because she
is very sensitive and thinks
a good deal of me and I do
of her. I was so glad to get
your letters yesterday. Thank
you ever so much for them
and for the chamois too. I
do not need to fix that hand
kerchief for I only want it to
wear at my neck and it
is all right for that. I am so
sorry I did not tell you sooner
when vacation commenced. I


: VCLLettersThompsonAddie18751876007006
forgot but that I did, Pa, what
do you mean, that it depends
partly on your health whether
you come to the centennial. Are
you not well why have you not
written me you were not in
good health?
8 p.m.—My ink has given
out, so I will finish with lead-
pencil. We had a very interesting
meeting to night. Mr. Tyler told
us about the revival in Amherst
College. Harry Raymond
(the President's son) arose and
confessed his faith in Christ, the
first time he had ever made a
public expression. I do enjoy the
privileges religious I mean that
I have here and I hope I profit
by them, yet I do long to get
home into our church and S.S.
wicked though it may be.


: VCLLettersThompsonAddie18751876007007
her I would come on the Boston
Express which leaves N.Y. at 3, p.m.
unless by taking some other train
I could take from Tremont with
out going into the city, I do not
care to go up there any earlier
in the day, only care to get there
before dark. I wrote her if
I did not take that train will write
her again, as she wants to meet
me at the depot. It will be so
much nicer than to have to leave
Lumont so early in the morning
as I would be obliged to do. Then
to it will be nice to see Gothic Hall
and see where Frankie has been
all the year. Hasn't everything
turned out nicely for me!
Now if I only get through my
shopping all right. There has
been a walking class organized
under the direction of
the Gymnastic teacher for all
who do not take "Gymus." It meets
from a quarter before two until


: VCLLettersThompsonAddie18751876007008
a quarter after, directly after
dinner. I am in it. I hope
she will give us some direct-
ions about walking but so
far she has only had us walk
around the Gymnasium.
Nellie has an elegant new black
silk, very heavy. It was one of
her Christmas presents but just
made very handsomely, some-
thing like mine. I am so tired
I must stop and go to bed.
Guess I will mail this to-
morrow, for I won't have time
to write any to-morrow. You
did not answer my question
about my coming here
next year. Excuse this miserable
and short letter please
this time,
From your loving daughter
Addie Thompson



: VCLLettersThompsonAddie18751876007009
Monday, 6 1/2 a.m.
I am already for studying now,
will have three quarters of an
hour for it before breakfast. It is
snowing hard, but is warm and
I don't believe it can be snow
much longer, as it gets warmer
in the day. It does seem as though
I can not wait three days before
I start, if it was my home-
start don't know what I would
do. I hope this pencil won't rub.
Be sure and tell me when the car-
penters will begin on the house,
and who they are. Give my
love to Mr. McQuentin's family
and all the people I care for.
Tell Addie to have a letter for me
when I come back. I must stop
and study. This is a poor excuse
for a letter, and I am sorry for it
but I was so tired yesterday.
Your loving daughter. Addie