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Worthing, Margaret (Fletcher) | to family, May 12, 1908:

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12 May 1908

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Wed. P.M.
May 12th


Dear parents; -

A glorious day - the rain you have had the past week has escaped us, we have had only one rainy day since I came.

Mother’s letter arrived this A.M. including Ella’s letter. I wrote to find out ab’t my coming Mon. to Cranford to stay until Thurs. Then Mary Sherman


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wants me to do N.Y. - theaters, etc - Mama, do you think it all right for me to go now? Then Sat. Marion is to meet us and we are to see Maude Adams, I expect, and afterwards to go to Nutkey. Grace is coming ^down Sat. A.M. She says I am to stop here on my home ^ward trip but I say not, for if I do I must either leave here at midnight or get home at midnight. So I won’t be home for ten days yet


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Grace just came in and told me to tell you she is going to tutor Dubby Dubois in harmony’ - Dubby is a senior and is one of Griggs star vocal pupils - she’s a dear little thing, cute looking Out of both sections of harmony they chose the six best for one ear training class (the most advanced) and Grace is one of the six.

Grace likes her white suit awful much, Momie, but she has no waist that looks very well with it; but if you had time to finish that waist with the tucked sleeves, that is just what she needs. Don’t make the front over full.

I like Juliet a whole lot: Her bark is worse than her bite. She is not flighty or as loud as I imagined. I like Bunny too, the one that went over to Brooklyn with Grace.

My money has melted


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like “dew on a cabbage leaf in the sun.” “What with” giving Grace $25/00. $34.50 for suit and skirt - $10 for mileage and entertaining Mary and Clara I haven’t sufficient for N.Y. and home again.

The campus is lovely. I saw some carriages (?) out today - and the circle is great

Tell Aunt Louise, Mary Sherman wants her to come to Port Chester to visit.


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Did I tell you Gay R. is in the infirmary with the mumps.

Momie don’t work too hard and don’t try to clean my closet, I will do that when I get home.

The new Chemical Laboratory is lovely. -

Much love,

Margaret -

Wm’s boating experience is very funny - also Mama’s letter.

Miss Spear travelled in Europe with Miss Freeman here,^do you mean?


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The coast trip sounds exciting!