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Sylvester, Helen (Seymour) | to mother, Jan. 8, 1866:

VC Spec 1865-1866
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January 8, 1866
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Albany Jan 8—1866 -
My dear Mother
I arrived here safely and in time Saturday afternoon and
found them waiting for me at the depot. The train was on time at
Albany though it was behind time at Brockport- It was very comfort-
able in the cars and I had a seat to myself nearly the whole way so I
had a very pleasant ride. It has been very cold here. Yesterday and
the thermometer stood at 14 degrees below zero in the evening and
this morning it was 17 degrees below zero so of course I cannot start
away from here in such weather.
I am having a very pleasant


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visit and Netta declares I shall not
go away in a week but I shall go as soon as the weather moderates for
the Hudson river road is such a cold road I should almost perish in
such weather
My watch keeps very good time indeed. Tell Henry not to forget
my hoop skirt covers and when he goes to Rochester to get them. I hope
James has not tried to go to Rochester in this weather. It is so dreadfully
cold. Tell Mrs Thatcher Netta was very much pleased with the quilts
and they came just in time for the cold weather.
I hope Henry did not get hurt in jumping from the train when it
left Brockport. I was so afraid he would it was going so fast. How is


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James' cold? I think we will go to-night and hear Blind Tom the celebrated
Negro pianist. This is his third evening. How are your darkies? I pity
Frank if it is as cold at home as it Is here this morning when he goes
after the milk-
I have no particular news to tell so will close my letter. My
love to father Henry and James and tell them to write immediately to
me at Vassar College.
Your affectionate
daughter Hellen—