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Stem, Sarah M.| to family, Sep. 18, 1868:

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September 18, 1868
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: VCLLettersStemSarahM1872002001
Vassar College, N.Y.
Friday, Sept. 18th/68.
Dear Momma and Allie,
I wrote to Aunty
yesterday telling all about our
trip, so I won't say anything
more about that as I suppose that
you will see it.
We are all settled
now. I am so sorry that Sallie
Camp couldn't room with me,
but still she is in the same par-
lor. Libble and Kittie room together.
I guess that they are going to like
the school very much, though
of course "they were not going to
like it at all", at first. I like
Eva Gross ever so much, and
her father too, I recognized her
in the depot at Albany, or at least


: VCLLettersStemSarahM1872002002
was pretty sure that it was she and
Mr. Hubbard went up and spoke
to her father, and then introduced
her to me. So we have gotten
pretty well acquainted by this
time. I think she is lovely. She
and Kittie Reber seem to have
taken quite a fancy to each
Isn't it splendid that I have
had my room changed to such
a nice corridor? I am perfectly
delighted about It. I wrote a long
letter to Jessie yesterday, but have
not received any from her yet.
I suppose that Aunty told
you that we met Arthur at
Cleveland. He took quite a fancy
to Sallie Camp. He sat with her
all the way to Poughkeepsie.
We met Henry Hudson at Northeast,
near Erie on the way to Sing Sing,
so you can imagine that we had
a jolly party. Henry Hudson is


: VCLLettersStemSarahM1872002003
just as funny as he can be. When
we got to Poughkeepsie, Henry and
Charlie went on down to Sing sing
but Arthur got off and stayed all
night in Poughkeepsie. (The girls
stayed there too.) but I came out
in a hack all stark alone. I was
frightened half to death, however
I got out here all safe.
How did you get along
at housekeeping at Gibraltar, I forgot
all about that, did Aunty let you
go? and did you see Mr. Mingens?
or Mr. Muggins?
The Marriam girls are
not coming back until Christmas,
if they do at all. I am so sorry
there are not half of the old girls
back, and the school is just
crowded. They say that there will
be over four hundred girls here,
this year. O! do you remember of
my speaking of Hattie Downs?
Her autograph was the one that


: VCLLettersStemSarahM1872002004
was shaded so funnily in my
album. Well what do you think
Eva Gross came up to me and
said Sallle do you know a Miss
Hattie Downs here! I said, yes, I
guess I do, why. Why she says
she is engaged to a cousin of mine.
Wasn't that funny? but it is too bad
for she left last year and is not
coming back. She is perfectly lovely.
I wonder what cousin it is, and
where he lives. I am going to ask
Eva. O Arthur told me that
there was a Miss Liggie Good here from
Springfield, a friend of his, but I
don't know where she rooms. I
have the greatest quantity of new
girls to find.
I was so sorry that I
did not see Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard.
They brought Libbie out while we
were in the chapel listening to
a lecture, and had to go right
back. I was so sorry. Mr. Hubbard


: VCLLettersStemSarahM1872002005
sent us out a great
big paper of candy a piece, so we are going to write him a letter of
thanks. It was real good in him. He sent it out to console us he said.
Well I believe this is all I have to say for the present. Now be sure to
write soon to your loving daughter and sister
I directed my letter to Allie because I can write it more easily than I
can Mrs. M. £.
Sallie Stem