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Woodworth, Mary | to mother, Nov. 1868:

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November 27, 1868
VC 1870

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: VCLLettersWoodworthMary1870028001
Vassar College.
Nov. 27. 1868.

My darling Mother,

I have been to town on my shopping expedition today and purchased the linen and edging for my handkerchief. I found some already made of real Valenciennes lace for $5.00 but finding that I could buy the materials and get much broader lace for $5.75 concluded to do so. It seems quite a sum for simple country people like us, but it will last a long time and father directed me to get what was needed. I bought some lovely white kid slippers for $3.00. They are no. 2 1/2 and the cutest little things you ever saw.
Looked as small as no. 1.


: VCLLettersWoodworthMary1870028002
There is enough grass linen for two centers, one of which you shall have for making mine. If you can make it perfectly round without much trouble I should prefer it, but if it would be much easier to make it in this with the comers rounded off. Just roll a hem of the linen as narrow as possible. Then sew on the lace inserting - next the embroidery and finally the broad lace. I hope I allowed enough for the necessary fulling. I think It will make a beautiful handkerchief. I took my hair to the hair dressers and he said it would make an elegant switch, one that I couldn't net very less than $26.00 - He charges $3.00 for weaving it.


: VCLLettersWoodworthMary1870028003
My other purchases consisted of a hoop skirt with a trail for my white alpaca, a net & hairpins.

I got every for very reasonable prices and have come home quite well pleased with the result. My friend. Miss Storke, went with me and helped me more than I can tell. I have not felt well today - probably from the effects of dissipating so much yesterday was unusually oppressed by the tiresome routine of shopping, but she did every for me and was so kind that I can never thank her enough.

Do you know, I believe I am getting really dyspeptic - I don't know why I should be when I am so regular in my habits. Miss Avery says that the nerves of my stomach are weak and


: VCLLettersWoodworthMary1870028004
^tired out as well as ^they are else- where and rest would make me all right, but I don't see as I am getting much better of it. Thanksgiving certainly has done me harm instead of good although I did not eat half what I usually do. I have taken the bitters that I brought from home a good many times, but they don't seem to do me much good and I don't know what to do. If I was nearer home I would fly to you very quickly and doctor myself till I had none of these bad feelings - It is half past nine o'clock now and I feel better than I have at all today before. I am troubled with headache a good deal and feel tired. This essay has been bad business for me and I feel as if


: VCLLettersWoodworthMary1870028005
the honor was dearly purchased. If I had not been perfectly well when it was assigned to me I should have declined to do it decidedly - After it is well over with I shall probably be glad that I did it, but I certainly feel anything but glad now. I wrote to father
so that he ought to have recd it last Monday night; but Nell wrote me that you had had none from me then - Today I received a nice little letter from Gracie who wrote because you could not. I do hope to get a good letter from you before long, when it seems as if you were not writing in a desparate hurry-

Saturday 1 o'clock
Give me joy my blessed mother and father for my essay is done. I can hardly realize it and in addition to this I have your nice long letter and another excellent one from Em. She flattered my poor worthless self so much that my weak brain could hardly maintain its equilibrium, but as


: VCLLettersWoodworthMary1870028006
I know just how little I deserve it probably I shall not suffer from it. Yesterday as I wrote you I felt wretchedly - In the morning I was pale as could be and for an hour I thought I should faint away every moment. In the afternoon I had a very severe headache and a good deal of fever, but I slept the best last night that I have in a long time and this morning took a walk in the clear air and warm sunlight. Then I took my essay book and started for the 5th corridor where there is a large, sunny, unoccupied room and wrote two hours very rapidly and easily - You ought to have heard Hattie's congratulations when I rushed in and told her that it was finished. I assure you they were sincere and Joyful.


: VCLLettersWoodworthMary1870028007
You will find the lace of the inserting too long by about the eight of a yd. I think. I concluded after I got it to have that next to the linen instead of the embroidery so got a little too much. Of course you can use your own Judgment about how much to full it. Of course the edge of the embroidery is too wide now for a narrow hem. but you will know how to fix it all right. I am almost afraid to send it in a letter for fear that it will be lost, but am going to do so and sign my name in full with my address so that I can get it if it is lost.

If you think best you can send it back by express only send it as early as next Saturday if possible. It takes a long time for the express bundles


: VCLLettersWoodworthMary1870028008
to be delivered here. I received a bill of the Convention from Al which I was very glad of. Please remember me to him and give him my thanks for it.

I hope grandma will live through this fever. How does she feel about it? Is she anxious to live? You know she sometimes says she should be better off if she were dead.

When you go out again give her ever so much love from me.

Did father get a letter from me the first of this week? I wrote him quite a long one which ought to have got there Monday.

I said in that that if I felt as tired and sick after the 11th as I did then I should start for home immediately and stay a month, if he was willing, but I feel so well today that I have no idea such a thing would be necessary.


: VCLLettersWoodworthMary1870028009
the honor was dearly purchased. If I had not been perfectly [well] where it was assigned to me I should have desire to do it decidedly- After it is all over with I shall probably be glad that I did it, but I constantly fear any [booing] but glad now.


: VCLLettersWoodworthMary1870028010
I feel too happy for anything now that my
essay Is done. Your long letter did me so much good. It was so long
and cheerful. Two thousand thanks for it. It this letter reaches you
safely* I shall expect a few lines saying that you have got it. Be sure
to let me know by the first mail when you receive it. Much love
to all
Mary A. Parker.
Vassar College
Mary (Parker) Woodworth,