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Sylvester, Helen (Seymour) | to father, Oct. 11, 1865:

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October 11, 1865
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Vassar College -
Oct 11th 1865.
My dear father,
I received your very welcome letter and also the
money which was very acceptable indeed- I had begun to think you
had forgotten my existence at home I had not received a letter in so
long a time. I will try and not send for any more money in a long time
but if Mother and James do not answer my letters I will not answer
theirs very soon, and Henry must write to me first for 1 have a long
list against him of unanswered letters.


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It is very pleasant indeed
here and I like the School more and more. Two more girls from Miss
Kelley's School came here yesterday, the Osborn girls and there are
now eleven girls who attended that School.
We have not had many rules made yet so we can have about as
much liberty about the grounds as we wish-
Rev. Thomas K. Bircher of Elmira is going to preach in the College Chapel next Sunday- President Raymond usually preaches and we
like him very well- I have become a little acquainted with Emma
Helmer cousin Henrietta's "daughter" and like her appearance very
much - We have a very fine french teacher here Professor Knapp-
We use his grammar


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and reading book- He was professor of languages
in Madison University New York-
I am so glad that the house Is getting on well and that you are
having gas put in. I wish I could see it. You must write me all
about the arrangements very particularly and how it looks. Have
you had the Balustrade made yet?
I am writing under difficulties- There are some girls in our
room and they are talking with all their might so I get somewhat con-
fused in my sentences.
I hope you will write soon for my correspondence this year is
rather limited on account of the rules here.
It Is very late now and I


: VCLLettersSylvesterHelen18651866004004
must close and If I have not written a
long letter I have made the most of my space - I will write just as
often as I receive any- Is Henry going to go to Albany or not. And
is he going to come this way this fall? Please write soon and till all
the others to write to me.
Your affectionate
daughter Ella.
P.S. Dont forget the postage stamps in the next letter.