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Eldridge, Muriel (Tilden) | to Mother, circa 1 October 1913

VC 1914
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Vassar College,
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Dear Mother - 
    This afternoon I went down-town and saw Dr. Palmer, at least I made an appointment with him for Thursday p.m. Is there anything special you want me to ask him or say to him before he starts in on me? If so, say the word and ‘twill no


: VCL_Letters_Eldridge-Muriel-Tilden_1913-10_1913-12_050_001_002
soon said than done be (Dutch?)
    Your most amusing permission-note received, and even though the joke is on me, I’m going to take it up to Mrs. Tillinghast just as it is - I think she’ll appreciate it as much as I did.
    I think I’ll get yellow satin slippers to go with my S.P. dress. By-the-way, were there any respectable-sized pieces of that material left? I’d like to make a halo out of some, and if there's enough, a couple of embroidery bags for Christmas gifts.
    I received a huge enormous box of wonderful asters from Percy today - deep red ones, rich purples, and some of those delicate pinkish-white. I had to borrow vases from every


: VCL_Letters_Eldridge-Muriel-Tilden_1913-10_1913-12_050_001_003
one on the corridor to put them in. I thought it was dear of him to send them to me!
    My poison-ivy scrape is progressing. I’ll probably look like a measly, spotted calf by Saturday and Senior Parlor Reception! I fear my type of beauty is not enhanced by this sort of treatment. Dr. Baldwin


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says she is pleased that it is no worse - so am I! I guess she’d be pleaseder [sic] if she had the burny, itchy, hurty old stuff. It bothers me to pieces, and I hate it!
    How much should apples be per large basket I purchased some today - splendid eaters - and paid


: VCL_Letters_Eldridge-Muriel-Tilden_1913-10_1913-12_050_001_005
75 cents for them and I’m wondering if I got stuck or if I hit a bargain?
    I rang chimes again tonight. Did I tell you I’m taking Edith Hilles’ place permanently while she is busy on Hall Play? It’s great fun - you pull ropes with paddedy handles on (as for illustration!) to do the little stunt. It fascinates me - I love to do them, except that I shake in my boots for fear I’ll make a mistake. You see there’s absolutely no way of practicing on the things - for they sound all over campus. They’re so loud. Well, I did my family credit tonight - so why worry? Not a


: VCL_Letters_Eldridge-Muriel-Tilden_1913-10_1913-12_050_001_006
single wrong note did I play!
    Is there any possibility of your coming up this week-end, or either of the children? I would so dearly love to have you here for Senior Reception. 
    I must retire - have much work to do tomorrow. (Ethics is splendid!)
    Love to Everybody -


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1130 AM

Mrs. B.O. Tilden
291 Westminster Road
Brooklyn, N.Y.