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Foster, Frances (Harmon) Miller | to Cousin Louisa, May 19, 1866:

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May 19, 1866
VC Spec 1865-1867

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Vassar College May, 19.

Dear Cousin Louisa,

I must take a few moments to answer your letter although I am so busy. I have been studying all the morning on my Latin which I am to be examined on Monday; I am not very much afraid I shall fail entirely but I am going to study real hard so if it is possible not to miss anything which would make me feel good all over. I don't think there is anything


: VCLLettersFosterFrancesMiller18651867005002
so encouraging as to make a good recitation. I am studying Geometry now and like it very much. I haven't missed it in any recitation so far and hope I shall not, this time. Our Algebra class are going to West Point, I think next week. Saturday, won't we have a nice time. I think we will sort of, hope we shall see some cadets but I fear not. This is a very pleasant day the sun is almost too bright for comfort. I have no been out yet but am going in a few moments. I think I shall put a chair out of my window and sit on the lawn and write a little don't you think the beauties of nature might inspire me to write better


: VCLLettersFosterFrancesMiller18651867005003
I think at least if there is any hope I had better try it as it wouldn't hurt my letters to have a good deal of that in them. Under the window, I with Kitty Sawyer, who is studying her Latin, which I suppose, I ought to do, but, the temptation is too great to sit without my book which I am not particularly fond of. The girls in the room above are putting their heads out of the window and bothering us and the first thing we know some one comes up and speaks to us so I think it would be better for our letters and lessons has we stayed in the house. What are you doing in Gloversville now? I suppose there is not much anymore going on now than ever. I hope there will be something more going on


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I didn't think of writing more than one sheet but it seems as if I must write one more page. It didn't seem as if I had written much of a letter. I have sent a catalogue home today. I would send you one but they are real expensive and I haven't too much money just at present- then you can just as well look at theirs. I am dressed in my buff [cambric?] this afternoon. We always dress up a good deal Saturdays. I think it is real pretty. Did you see it when Mother was making it? Uncle Seymour and Aunt Carrie called here Monday. It seemed so good to see them. I have been writing to Will, he writes me real good letters. I think it will be an excellent thing