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Gaston, Mary E. | to mother Oct. 1874:

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October 14, 1874
VC Ex 1878

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Vassar College, Oct. 10/75
Oct. 4. 1874.

My dear Mother,

I am so glad you are well enough to be up again. I should have been quite worried if I had known how sick you were. Your nice long letter with the sleeve button came on Friday, much to my satisfaction, and I have read it over several times to tell the truth I had forgotten the fun was going on and was much surprised when Annie told me that Lizzie Cooke had taken a [...] for some thing. Annie is not a Sophomore but she sits with them in Chapel, and is so far ahead of our class that


: VCLLettersGastonMaryE18741878011002
she does'nt seem to a Freshman either, indeed it would posale [sp: puzzle?] me to tell you what she is, and I don't suppose she knows herself. It must be an unpleasant position.

I find my room very pleasant this year, and Juniors not quite so formidable as I imagined. I went with one of them on Friday to get apples about half a mile from the College off the grounds of course and I am afraid we were cribbing but no one picks them so our consciences were quite easy, we are going for nuts as soon as it is late enough. My room mate is the queerest girl Just as independent as you please I was walking with her a few days ago and was just about to leave her as my time was up when she horrified me by saying "I wonder if that girl meaning some one coming toward us would walk


: VCLLettersGastonMaryE18741878011003
with me if I asked her", ^ I really gasped, and said for mercy sake dont that is Miss White, a Junior and she would snub you to pieces so I saved her that time but she is always doing just such queer things and I am always on pins for fear she will do something outrageous.

Bayard Taylor will lecture in P. next W ed. and we will be allowed to go, but I have no wish to see him, and will save my money for something more inviting in the musical line. Our class had a meeting yesterday for the first time, to nominate the officers, and the Sophomore or rather about a dozen of them, went outside and looked in the^ windows laughing and shouting and finally breaking a window


: VCLLettersGastonMaryE18741878011004
in their attempts to annoy us. they locked us in too, but by a good chance one of the Freshman coming late, let us out. It was a disgraceful thing to do, and if Miss Terry hears of it she will make ^it hot for them I hope.

You need not look for the dictionary any more I got one second hand, which I think likely would have been necessary any way, as the other one was so old, and besides some of the letters were changed around which always gave me lots of trouble. I have plenty of money at present and I dont want you to send me any more until I ask for it.

Fannie Swift called [on me?] last Sunday, she and all


: VCLLettersGastonMaryE18741878011005
of them enjoyed their travels very much.

What have you from the Library? I am reading "Venetian life" by Howells. it is a charming book, but not quite so interesting as "Chance Accquaintanse". I wrote about my pictures but have received no answer yet. I am sick of the nasty things and wish with all my heart they had never been taken. Our Class was horrified on Friday night to see Prof. Backus in Chapel he never comes scarcely except to give the girls subjects for their essays so when nothing was said about them our expressions of delight were so very audible that


: VCLLettersGastonMaryE18741878011006
the teachers in our seat frowned very expressively. However it is only a respite and we must expect them this week I suppose. Since I found so much to say I am sorry I did not take another sheet, but I guess you can read it, if it is badly written. Your loving daughter Mollie.

Mary E. Gaston, ex-'78,

Give lots of love to Pappa & all