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Hagerman, Mary E[lla] (Comstock) — to brother, "Will," n.d.

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[Jaffrey?] July 27 - Aug. 1-82.

Dear Will,

I do not want you to think that I have forgotten the date that we have so many times celebrated, and as distance renders it impossible for us to be together [Aug.?], I will at least make you think of me on that day. Three years ago we went to


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Dublin pond and had a “jolly good time” as Aunt Martha Pierce would say. I presume that you will not have so lively a time as you have enjoyed some years, but I wish you, dear brother, a very happy birthday and hope and pray that it will be the beginning of a happy, successful year. Begin it aright Will, by asking help from the Father who is willing and glad to help us all.

Enclosed you will find


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$2.00 which you can use as you please. I wanted to get you some little thing, my finances are too low to admit of much, but have had no opportunity so am compelled to ask you to take the “will for the deed.”

I asked Elmer if he had any message to send you. He sent his “regards” and said he should be glad to receive an answer to that letter. Grand-mother just came in, asked me to whom


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I was writing, and when I told her requested me to send her love, then added that she was so far away that she could not whip you. Aren’t you sorry that you escape the chastisement? Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Foristall, Uncle Addison’s two sisters came last Sat. Tomorrow they are going to Mrs. Austin Addams’. Tonight Bertie, Mrs. Knight’s little boy, aged nine, one of the boys and self expect to go fishing.


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Yesterday they got in five loads of hay and expect to get in four loads to-day. I asked up about 2 ½ or 3 across yester-day and expect [to?] do about the same to-day. Please do consider yourself slapped, pinched, etc. the requisite number of times by your aff. [sister?].