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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, postmarked 1923 March 12

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Dear Mother + Father:

I have an awful lot to work out for the debate in the next few days, so my letters will be very brief.

I did academic work for 3 hrs. yesterday + 1 today - hurrah!

The other debate is Apr. 29 with Williams. I don't know if [] here or there. We [never know which side we're on till a wk. before the debate.

If you [want] to go to one, I think the debate with girls' colleges are more even + more interesting. I therefore advise Smith.

Your letter of "condolence" went to the right spot. I'll tell you a few very gratifying things when I see you this week!

I think Cousin Aaron would be ashamed to hold up his head. To my mind that is the worst piece of [ingratitude] I ever heard of. [To] do it without telling father, even, is the worst of it. Wouldn't you think mere common decency + [self] respect not be as scarce as they apparently are?

I'll be glad to see you at Smith if you really care to go. Sat., Mar 17, evening.

[In haste].


Have always forgotten to tell you that for the last 10 days my reg. pain has been [trewen down + improved!]