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DeWitt, Nettie | to mother, Sep. 22, 1892:

VC Ex 1896
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September 22, 1892
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Thursday - Sept. 22, 1892.
Vassar College -

My dear Mamma:-

I have just a few minutes before dinner in which to write you a note. I have been trying to study for my examination (which comes this afternoon) nearly all the morning. I haven't heard one word from home yet but hope to get a letter this noon. I suppose you wonder if I have been homesick yet - Well, I think I have had slight attacks of something like it, but I have been so very fortunate that there has really been no chance of it. Perhaps Papa told you that I was able to get my room at


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once ? I expected to sleep in it last night but there were no other roomers near me so Miss Walton kindly took me In and gave me a room off of her parlor, where I slept like a top as usual. Every thing Is very beautiful here - I only wish you could have come yourself. Of course only a very lew oI the girls are here now so it does not seem much like college as yet. I think I am going to like it very much. My room is a very cosy one indeed and will fix up very prettily. There is one excellent that line. Elva's chairs & screen are here from last year. I do wish I knew if she were coming or not- for I do


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not think they will let Bess room with me as there are so many ahead of her. Why don't some of you write to me ? I thought you were going to right away. I have taken a peep into my trunks this morning and I guess every thing is all right. I have not unpacked yet but will probably do so this eve. I don't feel like doing anything until I am through with my exam- If my note sounds depressed don't think for a minute that I am homesick or sick in any way. It is all on account of that exam. It will not be difficult That is all I know.
It is almost dinner time so I must close-

With a great deal of love for yourself and others
Yours Nett-

[Nettie (Brand) De Witt, ex-'96]