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Bates, Sarah | to Isabel Treadwell, Sep. 1867:

VC 1868
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September 16, 1867
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Hartford Ct.
Sep. 16. 1867.

My Dear Belle.

I was, indeed, very much pleased to receive your letter to-night. I had been thinking often of you, and hoping to hear from you. I did not receive the paper of which you spoke (it probably came after I left the college), but I heard, through Ella, of your father's death. --- I am happy enough, in the prospect of seeing you so soon, for Louise and I return to Vassar this week, and shall be all ready next week to receive you. And you must


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not disappoint us. Our coming into town is doubtful — but you must come out to the college. You say that your train will reach Albany at 4.40 P.M. — Now my dear, you see, even if you make the connections, you will not get to P., until after 8'o'clock. If, under such conditions, you insist on starting in the morning boat, there will be no way for you to see us, but to come directly from the boat to the college, spend the night with us, - and give orders to the hackman to come for you in the morning. Of course, if you came with a party of friends, they could not be admitted at that time of


: VCLLettersBatesSarah1868003003
night, - but if you come out, and they would not let the hack through the lodge-gate, why just get out and walk up the avenue, and come in at some door — even if it be the back one, and walk to the corner room, 2nd floor South corridor, room no. 27. where
you will doubtless find us. We will see that your "inner" woman, does not suffer for supper. — But, if possible, you had better stay longer and come out in the morning — if we see nothing of you Thursday night, we shall expect you "bright and early" Friday. Or perhaps you will reach P. earlier than you think - in which case do not fail to


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spend the night with us. Our bed will hold three without difficulty. - I am afraid you will think me indefinite in my advice, but I foresee that if L. and I undertake to meet you in town, we shall have difficulty. But we shall not like it at all, if we do not see you, and if you can "drop us a line", before you start, telling us of any alteration of plans which will make it possible for us to aid the desired meeting, we will try to be "on hand". Don't fear about getting in to the college if you come late - if you can get safely to it. Insist on proceeding, if any one objects- —but I think there will be no trouble. — With much love.
in great haste,