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Thu, 06/22/2023 - 12:40
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Dear Mother + Father:

I worked in the Libe yester-day morning and then played tennis for an hour before lunch with Mart Hay. I left right after lunch for N.Y. on the 2 P.M, and on the train coming down read a play for Drama Galsworthy's "A Family Man." So the time was not wasted. Got [home] at 5:19. I brought my clubs along - I thought Uncle Ike might play today, because the last time he insisted I should have brought them. but he's in Cleveland, so it was rather useless. Played with the kids this
morning, and this afternoon they are taking me [crabbing]. It's a gorgeous day!

I think I'll go back on the six o'clock tomorrow, if not sooner.

I hope you didn't disapprove of my coming down, but I wanted to while the coming was good. When will you be at V.C.? R.S.V.P.

I hear Aunt Hattie + [De W] have gone to the Berkshires.

Mother, please don't do too much touring at once or you won't get any rest or relaxation out of it. And find a place that you can stay at a while instead of being on the go all the time. If any further advice is needed,
just [abbly] to Earickeloo.

Your foolish Baby talk letter received, [Pap]. Keep it up. Speaking of Baby Talk reminds me that Phillis said she was only a Baby when Lester was here! She thinks she has gotten very big in the last week.

Aunt Bessie says she will write one of these days. if the kids give her a chance.



Don't eat too much tomorrow. I can scarcely remember a year that I haven't had some excuse for [eating]!