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Dear Mother + Father:

It is warm + [poring] + I have spring fever - can hardly stay awake in classes.

Keats paper due tomorrow. Zo written Friday. Debate practice to-morrow and Friday. Jeannette F. in addition [announces] herself for Friday, Sat., + Sunday. She will have to take care of herself. I fear.

Practice last night was more hopeful than it has been. In answer to your question as to visitors. I think it the height of absurdity for Father to come all the way from Pgh. to hear me talk for 18 minutes on a subject on which I am comparatively uninformed. To answer the question you asked: - it will not make me more [n]ervous, for the simple reason that I am already nervous - generally - and [tense] when I speak I am nervous at first, even in practice. I seem to have lost my former self composure in debating. In inter-class nothing phased me. I hope I get over it in the next 2 wks - our negative team is not strong enough to stand such silliness. But as to poor old Marse - I love him too much to allow him to sit thru 2 hours of boredom. I can just see the expression on his face! He would prefer a good "show". Moreover, he would dis-course forever after to me on the folly of being a highbrow, of studying "Latin, Algebra etc." [Suit] yourself, but don't
you think is terribly foolish? Mother, by no means, come. I felt guilty in keeping you away the 4 of the days up here, so please stay home now. Let me know your conclusions, Father. Remember that we will practice Sat. morning in the Barnard Theatre, and probably will be entertained by B. Sat. aft. + Sunday - at least, if we aren't, we should be. V. does that for visitors, anyhow. So I wouldn't be able to loaf with you. Let me know your conclusion. You + Marse are welcome - if you cough up 35¢ admission to say nothing of the Pa.... fare -- but don't be foolish in your enthusiasm for little [B...y?].

To Mother: Don't bother -- will get it made at Luckey's

We always have to wear white flannel skirts for debate, + I always have a hard hunt to find one big enough around the waist to borrow. Then - everybody's so dirty this time of yr. I don't mind that here, but I don't want to wear a grayish one away. So I tho't the least trouble would be to buy one + feel comfortable in one that isn't pinned around the waist. And I thought also the most satisfactory would be to have Miss Willowbrand make it - she has my measurements - the last skirt she made me still fits -, If you tho't it unwise, [...]turn up the hem, I could have that done here.
at an alteration shop in one day. She could make a white flannel pleated skirt - spring model - I don't suppose there is much of a change in the style from last yr. If you think this is impractical, I'll try to buy one here, but I imagine it will be hard to get 1 ready - made so early in the spring + I hardly have the time to hunt. Wire me immediately if you don't think having it made at home would work, + I'll try then to get it here. (12 inches from ground - I'll send a white skirt in my laundry that could be used as waist + length guide). Pleated I guess is best, unless they aren't being used anymore. It would have to be here by Thursday A.M. at the latest if not hemmed - otherwise P.M. We leave Friday. Remember she always makes them with 1 fitting + usually they don't mean much change. R.S.V.P. by wire if I should try around here.

Thanks, Father, for your arguments. We are using them, but one can't talk 21 minutes on moral obligation. We need facts on their incompetence + there seems to be a scarcity of dope on that. My speech is to be on ec. dangers + incompetence. (That from my "ickle" brain!) What do you think the danger to the Ph. from Japan under absolute independence would be? The 4 - powers treaty would protect them from
being grabbed, but not from Ec. ag-gression. On the other hand, they aren't protected from the latter now. I don't know - do you. As a business man of sound judgment, we would like your opinion. We hesitate to intrude upon your time, but we do so because we realize how splendid is your attitude toward college women - Haha! Please let me know - seriously.

I am writing this while having my hair dried - I had to take time off for a shampoo.

I have this awe-inspiring con-ference with Miss Ellery to talk over my makeup for tonight. I tremble at a class of one - intellectually-minded or not!

What date is J [Einstein's] wedding? I lost the clipping which I carefully [join] aside. R.S.V.P.

The bank check have come, also blue dress. I am taking the medicine without belladonna, successfully - thank goodness. remeinds me please put in a cork in the next laundry that will fit the woods drug-store bottle (you have 1 too). I want to be able to take it away with me, _ the dropper cork is very loose. That will save time for me. Let me know if you have done so soon.