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Oct. 16, 1881-

Dear Will,

When I finished my letter to Father thought I would go to bed, but reconsidering the subject I concluded that I had best answer your letter to-night for perhaps I will not find time to-morrow, and I am desirous of setting you a beautiful example - i.e. [to] answer your letters promptly - If I make any bad blunder in Grammar or spelling just please remember that I feel “perfectly horrid.” To say that I was pleased to receive your letter fails to express the emotion that I experienced on seeing your signature - I had to open the letter and look at the name before I knew from whom I was to hear - you see therefore that I have not had many opportunities to see your hand-writing. Pray tell me what your numerous studies are. I have to study like sixty and I feel just glad when going-to-bed-time comes, and equally hate to have morning arrive - tomorrow especially, as I do not know my lessons at all and am very much afraid that I shall “flunk” = “fail.” The College Miscellany is out, and I have subscribed and as I have read my copy through will send

it to you but I do not want it destroyed. I have so much to say that I hardly know where to begin. Am glad that some one thinks enough of me to carry my picture in such a place as you mentioned. Am pleased to know that your poultry is thriving better than usual, and hope it will be a “paying-business” hereafter. Be sure and pet Major lots for me. So you think I am homesick, do you? Well, you are mistaken for I have not as yet been attacked with that “dread disease” - I do not deny that I have sometimes felt lonely, for who could help that, here in -- callers have been and gone -- a strange place with one friend, and I did not wish to bore her. Will have to stop, feel too badly to finish -- please take the will for the deed.


Monday, between 5.45 and 6. P.M.

Last Thursday night our parlor and one other girl gave me a spread, refreshments consisted of cake and ice cream. Friday we had as a holiday. The rising bell rang at 6.15 instead of 6.30 and the breakfast bell at 7. At 7.45 the entire college was ready to start on the day’s expedition. The were carriages and street-cars at the college to convey us to the landing. After a sail of a little more than an hour, up the Hudson, we landed at Roundont, a small town, where there was a train of cars waiting for us to jump in - Then we went up the mountains - some of the time there were two engines to propel the cars and some of the time three. About two o’clock, I think we were requested to alight and after a ten minutes walk up hill we arrive at the hotel. After we had fixed our hair &c. we went out to the dining room where a beautiful repast awaited us - First there was oyster soup, crackers, little bits of [r?]usse, cold biscuits and bread. Pickles, olives, cold meat and cold chicken, jelly, coffee, three kinds of ice-cream, and lemon-ice, cake, candy, grapes, peaches, apples, bananas, and oranges - also flowers. There was a band of music on the boat and it accompanied us on our journey - a great deal of dancing was done on the steamer and at the hotel - After eating just as much as we could, most of the girls climbed the hill back of the Delaware R. About four o’clock we started on our home-ward journey, We arrived at V. C. about nine o’c- and found a hot supper awaiting us. The trip cost me 40 cts- my fare to and from the landing - All the rest was a present as you will learn from the paper I have sent you - Hope so many details will not prove wearisome - Sat- it rained. I went to town - it did not rain while I was out however - I invested in a new hat - a new fashioned “derby” - It is very pretty I think, although only a common hat./ Yes, Edith Lowry, one of my parlor-mates is [W-?] Bigger’s cousin. Wish you would write very often for your letters are very entertaining. Last evening I went to an entertainment given by a society here in College [...ed?]

after that is a “spread” given by [two?] Louisville girls, one of them a school-mate of Mabel Brown - Received a letter a week or so ago from M - she wishes to be remembered to you -

With lots of love from sister Ella -