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Nov. 14 ‘09
Dear Family-
Such a college I have never seen - everybody is away! Those who haven’t gone to New Haven have gone to Williams, and those who didn’t do either drove to Moore’s Mills yesterday or went on a Geology Expedition over the Hudson to the Palisades. Some few of us stayed at home and “kept house,” including yours truly. Thanksgiving with the Stimson’s promises to be a regular [unreadable], for Dotty and I will be the [only] “ladies” except Barbara who are there, and both Stimson brothers will be there plus a friend! The Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving Dotty is planning to have all the V.C. [Vassar College] people in N.Y. [New York] and Brooklyn [come] in to tea, so I [expect] [N.Y.] [New York] will be a bright vermillion hue by the time we finish. I am furious not to see all of you, though, and there’s Mary R. E. that I haven’t visualized since June 24th. But I am coming on the 17th of December all night, so scalloped potatoes please and [unreadable].
I am hearing more [unreadable] learning to ring the chapel chimes. Helene North is endeavoring to teach me, poor soul. It is awfully interesting. Caroline went to Williams over Sunday and went in an automobile all the way. We each gave her something to wear as long as we weren’t going ourselves, so I expect my fur hat to be an ardent Williams [by] tonight. I have requested Mr. [Fleming’s] company all Friday next, but as he does not yet [deigned] a reply, I can’t tell whether he’s coming or not.
I must stop now as I have an errand at [Main] [ere] our beautiful supper is spread before us which will occasion a few minutes. So bye bye.
Love of love from
NOV15 09

Dr. Alexander W. MacCoy
Mrs. William P. Logan
Overbrook Ave. and 58th St.