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March 15, 1908

Dear nice Family-
I was glad to get Jean’s nice letter on Friday, and Dad’s nice one on Saturday, and know that you were all having a grand time and that spring was really far along. This week we have had perfectly great weather, and I think we soon will lose even our little scraps of snow in the sheltered places.
Friday afternoon there was a granddaughters’ tea in Senior Parlor that was charminly [stupid] but we had a good enough time till [Miss] [unreadable] came in and she made it even better. That night I went to the dress rehearsal of Beta Chapter play, as I couldn’t go yesterday p.m. to the regular performance. It was “Poor Dear Momma” from Kipling’s Gadsby stories and they did it pretty well. Of course they only had a week to work on it, so it didn’t hang together any too well. Val Atherton was Gadsby and she was a perfect fright! The men in the scene at the dance were all good - Louise Hooker was one of the best looking ones.
Saturday morning I went over to the gym. [gymnasium] to try for Omega chapter play, as I had been [bidden] to do, I found they were going to give the Shakespeare “Pyramus and Thisbe.” They made me try for the Prologue at first, and then I asked to try for Pyramus, and then they let us go, and when I was deep in [unreadable] one of the Committee came [trotting] into my room, and said they wanted me to be Pyramus! It will be quite fun, I think, and as rehearsals only last a week, it won’t take too much time. But the best event of the week is that I got a note from Anna Strickland saying that she is to be in N.Y. [New York] next week, and so I think she will come up over next Sunday. Isn’t that grand? I am fairly jumping up and down with joy.
The ticket man is going to be here next week, and I will buy my 30 [day] - excursion from him. Do you want me to use mileage or not? I guess I can borrow somebody’s mileage to check my trunk on if you want me to buy my ticket in N.Y. [New York] to Phila [Philadelphia]. They are so forehanded in this place! But it makes the house coming seem even closer. Hooray!
Do you realize that the long looked for and hoped for [Maid’s] Clubhouse is formally opened, and that the [unreadable] is now in charge of it? I am going over it on Tuesday with our nice elevator girl here in Raymond; they say it is perfectly sweet inside, and it is mighty attractive outside. It is light brown plaster - in a kind of Mexican style.
Well, I must stop. Love to everybody, and a “Welcome home” to [Marion] Clothier from me when you see her.
Postmark: POUGHKEEPSIE MAR 16 11 AM 1908 N.Y.

Dr. Alexander W. MacCoy
Mrs. William P. Logan
Overbrook Ave. and 58th St.