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Vassar College
March 28th 1866
My Dear Sister
We received thy letter this morning and for fear that
you were still worrying unnecessarily I am just going to write a word
which will entirely forbid It as I said before that it was past and I think it was just the termination of a heavy cold and no worse than I have a great many times only the disagreeable feeling at the heart which has
entirely passed away and as for coming home shall not think of such a
tiling unless I am sick which I will tell of I will endeavor to follow all
the directions some of which were very agreeable I do not know what
you mean by talking of humours as for walking to Poughkeepsle it was
after I was sick and it is no more than walking to Fall River about the
same distance we need exercise and do not have any more here than at
home I think we shall get along very nicely without any new dresses
Your letter was very kind indeed but if you worry any more I shall wish that I had not told you at all remember I am not fond of talking of my feelings at home some of the girls here are sick half the time so let me say once for all dont worry You speak of having a cold so long I think you had better see to that We have only been out Botaniaing but once just to learn the poisons as we cannot very well go when there is not a green thing to be seen Next Friday we have no recitations a great many are going home Thursday to stay a week I wish we were uear so that we might but we
should only create an excitement for nothing wait until next June. How
long is Mary Shove going to stay at home Did you press those slippers
I am real glad that you had such a nice company but I am not going to
write a letter this time I think Prof. Buckham would think I ought to be
writing an essay Is William Perry home his mother spoke of his going to
In much haste your loving
You may think of us Friday as having as good a time as is within our means of doing Do not talk about my being sick as I am not sick but if Mother
does not have a girl we shall have to come home and help her. If you want to read something about Vassar College get the February Harpers and in the editors chair you will find a piece by Curtiss I should like it very if it did not speak of pound cake which I have never seen much more eaten, as
for his golden mush I wish he had to eat it and then it would not be so golden get it and read It
(Caroline E. Slade)

I will write if Carrie is sick, Laura and I have taken her under our
particular care, and if the slightest thing is the matter I will run down for Miss Avery.
(Abigail L. Slade)