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Thu, 07/27/2023 - 10:27
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One-cent stamped postcard
Addressed to Mr. Hugh Thompson
Winona, Minn. Vassar Feb 12, 1876

Just received the letter of the ninth. I sent a letter Monday morning
And a package of ties Tuesday another letter and package. I did not have
Time the Wednesday before to write a postal and this week I forgot it. I
Am so sorry my letters have been delayed. I shall always write a letter or
at least a postal every Sunday, unless I am sick. I hope the letters are
Not lost. Do not worry if a letter does not come on Wednesdays, for you may
Be sure if you do not receive one, it is on the way, for I will surely send
One every Monday morning. This is a beautiful day, very warm snow all
Gone. We had another Art Lecture last night and are to have one to-night.
Do not ever think I am sick, for I never enjoyed better health in my life.
Have not been homesick in two whole weeks. Have to study very hard this semester,
But it is the last half of the year and so is not seem as tedious to work all
The time. It will only be eight more weeks before the spring vacation. There
Is to be a matinee this afternoon over in the hall given by the Exoteric
Society. I am going if I can get my lessons before that time. Will write
Tomorrow as usual.

Yours lovingly,