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Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Nov. 3rd, 1867
My dear dear Sister Mary -
I was so worried because I did not get a letter Thursday for I was sure you would write If you had have been able and in your last letter you said you were sick and I knew if you were better we would have heard from you unless something such as company should prevent - I am very sorry if you are not as well this fall as usual I wish I was home so that I could rub your back for you but you will have to "take the will for the deed" and wait until next June. I am studying harder than I ever have before and so is [Han?] Mr Prendergast sent me a lovely boquet holder yesterday made of silver very finely carved also a boquet, he sent them by Rosie Dewitt who comes out every Saturday to see Lou who is her sister I sent back word by her that I was very very much obliged I am going to invite him out here the 3rd of Dec and Han is going to invite Johny Sanford - who by the way lives in one of the most beautiful Country seat on the Hudson - They are both very nice fellows if they were not they would not be friends of the Dewitts The Rev. Newman Hall preached the most beautiful sermon here last Friday that I ever heard the text was "Woman why weepest thou." When he was introduced to the young ladies (they were seated in chapel at the time) they all rose until the introduction...

[From Nellie Stewart, daughter of Gen. Hart L. Stewart of Chicago.]