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Guide to the Nicholas B. Scheetz Collection, approximately 9th-18th century

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Collection Summary

Repository: Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries
Creator: Scheetz, Nicholas B.
Title: Nicholas B. Scheetz Collection
Dates: approximately 9th-18th century
Quantity: 1.6 cubic feet (5 boxes)
Abstract: Leaves, fragments, and codices of manuscripts, some illuminated, primarily in Latin, from a variety of sources. Collection includes one printed item from the late 15th century and one stenciled item from the 18th century.
Languages of Material: Armenian, Latin.

Scope and Content Note

Collection includes sermons, bibles, devotional books, music, liturgical manuscripts, literary manuscripts, and notarial and financial records. The material originates from a range of geographic areas including Italy, England, the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Armenia. A substantial number of items date from the 16th century.



This collection is open for research according to the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library without any additional restrictions.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to quote (publish) from unpublished or previously published material must be obtained as described in the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library.


Subject Headings


  • Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, approximately 4 B.C.-65 A.D.


  • Catholic Church--Liturgy
  • Catholic Church--Prayers and devotions


  • Bible


  • Illumination of books and manuscripts, Gothic
  • Manuscripts, Armenian
  • Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern)
  • Manuscripts, Medieval
  • Sermons, Latin

Document Types:

  • Account books
  • Antiphonaries
  • Books of hours
  • Breviaries
  • Choir books
  • Graduals
  • Illuminated manuscripts
  • Missals
  • Passionals
  • Processionals
  • Psalters

VCL Categories:

  • Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts
  • Printing and Publishing

Encoding Information

Encoded by Mark Seidl, March 2019. Updated by Emma Gronbeck, April 2023-February 2024.


Preferred Citation

Nicholas B. Scheetz Collection, Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries.

Processing Information

Processed by Janine St. Germain, February 2019. Item titles and collection arrangement revised in 2023-2024 following additional identification and descriptive work by Peter Kidd.

Codices that have been cataloged include call numbers with links to their catalog entries.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Vassar College alumna, Diana Pearson (VC 1978). The manuscripts and codices were collected by Pearson’s late husband, Nicholas B. Scheetz, Manuscript Curator at Georgetown University.


Container List

Scheetz MS 1 [BX1749 .A1 1200 (Grille)] Peter the Chanter (d. 1197), Summa Abel [France], early 13th century
Scheetz MS 2 (Folder 1.01) A Leaf from John Wyclif (d. 1384), Quadraginta sermones de tempore, on paper [England], late 14th or early 15th century
Scheetz MS 3 [BX2080 .A2 1400z (Grille)] An Incomplete Book of Hours, in Latin with some Netherlandish [Netherlands (diocese of Utrecht)], 15th century
Scheetz MS 4 [BX2080 .A2 1480 (Grille)] A Portion of a Book of Hours, of Unidentified Use [France], late 15th and early 16th centuries
Scheetz MS 5 (Folder 1.02) A Leaf from a Book of Hours [France], 15th century
Scheetz MS 6 [BX2033 .A2 1400 (Grille)] Portions of a Psalter [England], early 15th century
Scheetz MS 7 [BX2033 .A2 1400z (Grille)] Portion of a Breviary, Use of Paris [France], 15th century
Scheetz MS 8 [Folio BX2043 .A2 1450 (Grille)] Gradual for Advent and Christmas [Netherlands (Brussels area?)], circa 1450-1499
Scheetz MS 9 (Oversize Folder 3.01) Two Consecutive Bifolia from an Augustinian(?) Gradual [Spain], 16th (or 17th?) century
Scheetz MS 10 (Folder 1.03) A Leaf from a miniature Processional [France (Paris or Poissy?)], 16th century
Scheetz MS 11a-11c (Folder 1.04) Three leaves from a Processional(?) [France (Normandy or Caen?)], 15th century [See also Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Collection, Item 8]
Scheetz MS 12 (Oversize Folder 3.02) A Leaf from a Choir Breviary [Italy], 16th century
Scheetz MS 13 (Folder 1.05) A Cutting of an illuminated initial from a Choirbook [Italy (probably northeast)], 1475-1499
Scheetz MS 14 (Folder 1.06) A Leaf from a Bible [France (not Paris?)], 1250-1275
Scheetz MS 15 [BS75 1250 (Grille)] Eleven Leaves from a Pocket Bible [England (probably Oxford)], 1250-1275
Scheetz MS 16 (Folder 1.07) A Leaf from the Franciscan “Goodspeed Bible” [Italy (Umbria, probably Perugia)], 14th century
Scheetz MS 17 (Folder 2.01) A Bifolium from Peter Lombard, Great Gloss on the Pauline Epistles [France (Paris?)], 13th century (first quarter?)
Scheetz MS 18 (Folder 1.08) A Leaf from a Breviary [Italy], 15th century
Scheetz MS 19 (Folder 1.09) A Leaf from a Cistercian(?) Breviary [France], 1250-1299
Scheetz MS 20 (Folder 1.10) A Fragment of a Missal [Germany], late 13th or 14th century
Scheetz MS 21a-21b (Oversize Folder 3.03) Two leaves of a Passionary or Martyrology [Spain (Léon?)], 12th century (mid- or second half)
Scheetz MS 22 (Folder 1.11) A Fragment of Martianus Capella, On the Marriage of Philology and Mercury, with interlinear and marginal glosses [France], circa 1100-1125
Scheetz MS 23 (Folder 1.12) A Fragment of Seneca the Elder, Controversiae [Germany], circa 850-899
Scheetz MS 24a-24b (Folder 1.13) Two fragments of a Register concerning the Recruitment and Payment of Mercenaries, in Latin with some Italian [Italy (Florence)], circa 1368
Scheetz MS 25 [DC111.A2 A58 1517 (Grille)] Notary’s book of Anthoine de Toulouse [France (South, Toulouse region?)], 1517
Scheetz MS 26a-26c (Oversize Folder 3.04) Three leaves from the Summer part of the Sanctorale of a Gradual [Spain], 17th century (after 1622)
Scheetz MS 27 (Folder 1.14) A Leaf from “The St Albans Bible” [France (Paris)], circa 1330-1339
Scheetz MS 28 (Folder 2.02) A Leaf from “The Bohun Bible” [England (East Anglia, perhaps Cambridge?)], mid-14th century
Scheetz MS 29a-29e (Oversize Folder 3.05) Five Leaves from a Homilary, in Armenian [Iran (Isfahan)], 1671-1672 [See also Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Collection, Items 52-53]
Scheetz MS 30 (Oversize Folder 5.01) A Leaf of a Choir Psalter [Spain (Toledo?)], [17th century?]
Scheetz MS 31 (Oversize Folder 3.06) Document [Italy (Maniago)], 1545 Nov 5
Scheetz MS 32 (Oversize Folder 4.01) Document [Italy (Aquileia)], 1542 Nov 22
Scheetz MS 33 (Folder 2.03) Document [Italy], 1531 Feb 7
Scheetz MS 34 (Oversize Folder 4.02) Document [Italy (Maniago)], 1577 Nov 11
Scheetz MS 35 (Oversize Folder 4.03) Deed of Sale [Italy (Udine)], 1546 Aug 25
Scheetz MS 36 (Oversize Folder 4.04) Document [Italy (Maniago)], 1525 Feb 27
Scheetz MS 37 (Oversize Folder 4.05) Document [Italy (Maniago)], 1560 Dec 24
Scheetz MS 38 (Folder 1.15) Deed of Sale, notary public Blasius [Italy (Maniago)], 1563 Oct 16
Scheetz MS 39 (Folder 2.04) Document [Italy (Maniago)], 1571 May 11
Scheetz MS 40 (Oversize Folder 4.06) Document [Italy (Spilimbergo)], 1552 Jun 19
Scheetz MS 41 (Oversize Folder 4.07) Document [Italy (Spilimbergo)], 1578 Jan 25
Scheetz MS 42 (Folder 2.05) Two leaves from a printed edition of Seneca the Younger, Epistolae morales, on paper [Italy (Treviso)], 1478
Scheetz MS 43 (Folder 2.06) Document [Italy ("Villa Arzenatti")], 1453 Jun 26
Scheetz MS 44 (Oversize Folder 4.08) Document [Italy (Spilimbergo)], 1576 Sep 9
Scheetz MS 45 (Folder 1.16) Confirmation of the legitimacy of Juan Arias Portocarrero as Second Count of Puñonrostro [Italy (Rome)], circa 1581-1585
Scheetz MS 46 (Folder 1.17) A Leaf from Seneca the Younger, Epistolae morales [Italy (perhaps Rome)], circa 1470
Scheetz MS 47 (Folder 1.18) A Leaf from a Book of Hours [France], late 14th century
Scheetz MS 48 (Folder 1.19) A Leaf from a Psalter [Southern Netherlands (Flanders)], circa 1250-1299
Scheetz MS 49 (Oversize Folder 4.09) A Leaf from the Temporale of a Gradual [Spain], [17th century?]
Scheetz MS 50 (Oversize Folder 5.02) Two Leaves from the Sanctorale of a stenciled Gradual [South America (or Spain?)], [17th or 18th century?]
Scheetz MS 51 (Folder 1.20) Document [Italy (Maniago)], 1525 Nov 3
Scheetz MS 52 (Folder 1.21) Deed of Sale [Italy (Spilimbergo)], 1532 Aug 22
Scheetz MS 53 (Folder 1.22) Deed of Sale [Italy (Maniago)], 1544 Oct 13
Scheetz MS 54 (Folder 1.23) Document [Italy (Maniago)], 1554 Nov 3
Scheetz MS 55 (Folder 1.24) Document [Italy], 1550 Nov 29
Scheetz MS 56 (Folder 1.25) Document [Italy (Spilimbergo)], 1552 Mar 8
Scheetz MS 57 (Folder 1.26) Deed of Sale [Italy (Tramonti di Sopra)], 1555 Apr 1
Scheetz MS 58 (Folder 1.27) Deed of Sale, notary public Blasius [Italy (Maniago)], 1557 Sep 10
Scheetz MS 59 (Folder 1.28) Deed of Sale, notary public Blasius [Italy (Maniago)], 1560 Sep 23
Scheetz MS 60 (Folder 1.29) Deed of Sale, notary public Blasius [Italy (Maniago)], 1563 Aug 31
Scheetz MS 61 (Folder 1.30) Deed of Sale, notary public Blasius [Italy (Maniago)], 1567 Jun 30
Scheetz MS 62 (Folder 1.31) Document [Italy (Spilimbergo)], 1580 Jul 4
Scheetz MS 63 (Folder 1.32) Deed of Sale [Italy (Maniago)], 1580 Oct 3
Scheetz MS 64 (Folder 1.33) Deed of Sale [Italy (Maniago)], 1585 Apr 27
Scheetz MS 65 (Folder 1.34) Deed of Sale to Lord Pomplius and his brother Peter [Italy (Maniago)], 1586 Feb 2 or 11
Scheetz MS 66 (Folder 1.35) Deed of Sale from Florianus Pelligrini [Italy (Methuno?)], 1591 Aug 24
Scheetz MS 67 (Folder 1.36) Document [Italy (Maniago)], 1565 Nov 6
Scheetz MS 68 (Folder 1.37) Document [Italy (Maniago?)], 1541 Nov 5
Scheetz MS 69 (Folder 1.38) Document [Italy (Maniago)], 1542 Mar 25
Scheetz MS 70 (Folder 1.39) Document [Italy (Spilimbergo)], 1558 Jul 25

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Leaves, fragments, and codices of
manuscripts, some illuminated, primarily in Latin, from a variety of sources.
Collection includes one printed item from the late 15th century and one stenciled
item from the 18th century.

Finding Aid Date
Dates: approximately 9th-18th century
Collection Title
Nicholas B. Scheetz Collection