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This project calls for a re-thinking of how we consume the performance of choreographed dance in music videos in regards to the Latina body. By taking a look at the underlying mechanisms at work in the entertainment industry, this project provides a deeper understanding of the marketing of racialized Latina bodies within the realm of visualized popular music. By working from the position of a Latina dancer, choreographer, and amateur media producer, I attempt to organically link the exploration of my topic with the creative process of producing my own music video. To move into the artistic domain of creating a music video, I break down the often-overlooked role of choreography itself, demonstrating its function as a more subtle though equally important form of communicating messages inside of the multimedia structure of music video. The objective is to set in motion this alternative understanding of dance through my exploration of choreography as a medium in and of itself in conjunction with socio-cultural readings of the Latina body in popular culture.
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