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My senior project, "Glitch," uses the comic's medium to provide insight into the subjective side of someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The diagnosis is typically classified as a neurological disorder where the individual may feel over/under-stimulated, perform strict routines, have trouble reading social cues, and difficulty navigating social situations. I forego the savant and differently learned stereotypes that Draaisma (2009) highlighted from film media. Since it is irresponsible to treat a spectrum disorder as monolithic, I am offering the reader a character, Harris Hawk, as an autistic person who subverts current representations of autism. I incorporate Transportation Theory, Parasocial Relationships, and Possible Selves theory as methods for understanding Harris Hawk's special interest, film. With the comic medium, I apply Scott McCloud's philosophy about using images and texts as icons. With this methodology, I hope to engage the reader within Harris Hawk's autistic perspective.
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