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Whom is media theory for? Everyone is implicated. No individual is beyond the complicating effects of an increasingly mediated world, one in which people communicate in six-second image bursts and where college courses are taught online. And yet, the theorization of these experiences remains beyond the grasp of the average person. Media theory is a powerful conceptual tool that could do more cultural work, if that is the aim, in the hands of the many than in the hands of the few. The elitism of Media Studies is untenable, and yet quite feasibly surmountable. <em>You & Media, </em>then, aims to extend the accessibility of the field of media theory to a contemporary, young audience, providing them a framework to conceptualize their own mediated world. The project takes the form of a webseries or "vlog," to avail itself of the medium's hypertextuality and familarity as pedagogical tools.
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