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Ordway, Katherine Gretta. Diary, 1913-1914

This volume covers the end of Ordway's senior year at Vassar and her first year after graduation. She describes the Senior Excursion to Mohonk and bicycling trips. She includes accounts of her graduation events, specifically Commencement, Class Day, "Strong Steps," Tree Ceremonies, and the Daisy Chain. She also writes about the opening of the new Students' Building (June 4). After Vassar, Ordway joins a teacher's agency and interviews for teaching positions. She attends the WCTU World's Convention in the Academy of Music, Brooklyn (October 24) and her mother attends the National WCTU convention (November 4). Ordway visits Ellis Island with the Ladies' Missionary Society (July 17) and returns to Vassar for a class dinner (November 8). She includes frequent discussions about suffrage and immigration. While interviewing for other positions, Ordway teaches Sunday School and mission study classes in her hometown. Eventually, she is hired to teach high school in Sharon, Connecticut, and writes about her daily life and experiences teaching there.
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Katherine Gretta Ordway

Purchased at Hahne & Co.
Oct. 28, 1913.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913004

g. Catherine A. Parnell


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913005

(cont'd) Fri. May 23.
No chapel. Library. Letter from W.H.G. S.P. Song Contest. The "Gassarion" out. Lib. Faust notebook. 12.30 A.M.

Sat. May 24.
7 a.m. Faust passage memorized. Showed Mrs. Holland (Mabel's mother) S.P. Faust Handlung. Faust Exam. 1.45. 5 p.m. Song practice. Junior-Senior boatride. Alice Hill & I went together, planned it before we started to march. A.G.R. tried to force herself in with us but she had a chilly time. Chocolate for Alice Hill, Mary Lancaster and K.G.O.

Sun. May 25.
8.15 a.m. E - A. Agnes Rowlands returned paste. ["What have I done? Hernia. Show feelings. You were civil."] Lyman Abbot preached. Took Mrs. Holland to S.P. Wrote a letter to mama and cards to Mr. Poler and Hazel Courtney. Read 3 - 5 p.m. in S.P. Walked alone upper lake walk from south to north. A.G.R. walked with me before chapel. Prexy answered questions. Alice Hill told me of "Millsy's" boatride.

Mon. May 26.
Reviewed Charities and Reviewed Classicism.

Tues. May 27.
6 a.m. Charities exam. RR English exam.
Louise Boynton and I went down to the Collingwood to the Euterpe Glee Club concert in which Walter sang.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913006

Wed. May 28.
5.45 a.m. we rose to be ready for the Senior Excursion to Mohonk. Had early breakfast and departed in barges. Sang, visited, fooled. At the station Alice, Alma & Mildred & I got out & walked up Main St. to N.Y.C. station where we had some refreshments in the restaurant. Alice and I missed the other girls & kept the whole crowd waiting on the ferry for us. Rained. When the road got too steep several of us got out and walked. Alma and I walked alone all the way from the water works, where we first got out up to the hotel, in the rain and mud. Wet? oh yes but the walk with Alma was worth it. Dined in the Mohonk Hotel dining room on Vassar food. A big rambling building or rather buildings with wide carpeted halls & many fireplaces. We sang for the guests and then amused ourselves by sitting in the little summer houses on the shore of the lake while the rain fell. The fog was thick and white so we couldn't walk around or see the gardens or go through the gorge. Rode home in the rain after cheering Mr. Smiley.

Went in to dinner all wet. Then took a hot bath. At 7.30 Miss Yost gave us her criticism on the Junior-Sophomore debate.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913007

Thurs. May 29.
Second Day of Senior Vacation. 8.30 A.M. was Dr. T.'s (Thelberg) first lecture. 3rd hr. visited Q. English. In afternoon with Prof. Mills as director visited the "Hudson River State Hospital" from 1.10-6 p.m. Met Drs. Mallon & Taylor. T and M Sophomore picnic in the pine walk near chapel. At 6 p.m. chapel. Seemed queer to sit in a back seat. We no longer have our regular seats in front of chapel for coming is now optional. Prexy spoke on thieving. Vassarion out. Miss Yost led Christians. Read our 1913 Vassarion through. Rec'd $1 from Aunt Vira.

Fri. May 30.
Mailed Aunt Jennie's invitation. Got stung trying to visit "K". Pumped wheel up. Rode bike 2 1/2 hrs with Clare Hill, stopping at North Side Tea Room. Had three meals in Davison. Senior dance 8 - 12 p.m. I watched and met Frances Jewell's brother , and , a beautiful occasion.

Sat. May 31.
Narola woke me after 8 A.M., no breakfast. Spiffed up for Peggy's and Louise's men. Glee Club concert at 10.30, sat in the gallery & watched the men & girls. Met , again. He is a fine looking chap. After lunch went downtown on car with Clara Hill, ferried to Highland, walking the five miles on the state road from Highland to Milton where I looked up Wm. Ordway and wife. Their house faces the river & commands a beautiful view. They took us across


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913008

the street to a bluff affording a grand view up and down the river. Mr. & Mrs. O. walked down to the wharf & saw us off for Poughkeepsie on the "Mary Powell." Stopped at Ratskeller. I served tea & lady fingers (sent me with some other cakes left from Mama's 25th anniversary reception, by mama) for Mary Rowlands, who is visiting her sister Agnes. Mary and Eliz. Cramer jumped on Agnes for exaggerating so.

Sun. June 1.
Walked down to Pres. church with Mary Lancaster and Gladys Campbell & back with Rose Wilson and Miss Oldenberg. Mr. Gerow sang a fine solo. Started a letter to Mrs. Graybill. Narola, Alice and Catharine called. Chapel. Christians, our last Sunday p.m. meeting. Tea. Finished Mary Antin's "The Promised Land".

Mon. June 2.
2nd Dr. T. lecture 8.30-9.45. Song practice 10-12. Rec'd two letters and $10.00 from mama. Sophomore Tree Ceremonies, song practice 1.30-2.30. Directed invitations 42 V, 4 CR, 3 VR.
Picnic to "Journalisten" girls by German faculty near North gate 4-6 p.m. German flags strung between the pine trees made the occasion festive. Alma went off campus with me to Mrs. Knaus, and Mrs. Millard. Wrote mama & Gladys Hull went bustling down to the Lodge with me so I could give it to a conductor to mail. Finished Mrs. Graybill's letter.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913009

Tues June 3.
8.30 Dr. T's lecture. 10 Tree Ceremnoies. H. White called. 1.30-3.20 Downtown, ordered flowers, white buckskin pumps & white silk stockings (with cotton toes, heels & tops like Alma's). 4-5.30 Class Day march. "Strong Steps" given by '14 to '15. Read in Reading Room. Chapel. Drew class Day tickets.

Wed. June 4.
9-10 Class day practice. Before lunch took dress off-campus, & got marks for 2nd semester. 1.30-2.30 Tree Ceremonies. 4.45 opening Students' Building, short exercises and reception, a beautiful building bringing the twin's big opportunity & responsibility. Dinner with H. White. 7.30 Spade presented to '14. Read in Ruskin's Sesame. Lucelia came in. Got commencement tickets. 1913 sang good-bye to 1914 and 1916, going around campus. Saw Alice's graduation present from her mother, a big diamond.

Thurs. June 5.
8.15 A.M. shampoo at "Walker's", Washed some odds & ends. Wrote Mr. D.H. Maxfield, Naples. Heard from Hazel Courtney (Mr. C. is married again) and papa. Wrote letter to Aunt Vira and invitations to Uncle & Aunty Leach, Carolyn, Theckla, Lorraine Rogers, Miss Vacek, Mrs. Curtis and Mr. & Mrs. Wm Ordway. Drew money for mail. Rode Helen Clark's wheel, at her permission, to Violet farm to get peonies for Alice Hill. Tea in S.P. to meet Mrs. Hill. (Alice's mother). Dinner with Ruth Butterfield.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913010

Chapel. Ruth and I went to Lib. Read & talked in English Seminar room. She, like me, is over conscientious but she has good clear ideas about English & knows what she is doing.

Fri. June 6.
8.30 Dr. T's last lecture. Had foot lanced. Class Day practice 10 a.m. 1.30-3 p.m. Class meeting. Downtown on Clara's wheel. 4.30-5.30 May Dance practice. Chapel. 7.30 Class Day song practice. Letters from Uncle Enoch containing $1.00 & from Aunt Jennie containing check for $25.00. Tried on white gloves & class Day dress.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913011

Sun. June 8


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913012

Mon. June 9.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913013

Tues. June 10.
8.30 rehearsal. Downtown. Dressed for Class Day. Formed in Lathrop, the various parts of the procession were at least ready and we marched to the platform erected on two sides of 1909's tree in the circle, going from Lathrop out to the circle, turning to the left till we reached the tree, then our lines divided, one line going to the right half of the platform, the other to the left half. After the exercises, which passed off very nicely, were completed we marched out and I found that Claire and mama had not seen the daisy chain because people stood in front of them. Claire cried very hard & her crying touched the ladies near. Bessie Christie's mother couldn't see either. I saw the men carrying the chain off and managed to have Claire see it carried, tho' not by the girls. Introduced Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ordway, of Milton to Papa, Mama & Claire and Mr. Gerow. Took them all to Senior Parlor and had them write in our class guest book. Walked down to Raymond gate with Mr. Gerow. Took my dear, splendid looking family down to Prexy and Mrs. Prexy's reception in the Main parlors. Agnes introduced her mother. Theresa Bain hunted up her mother and mama & Mrs. Bain, formerly Kit Smith, whom Mama hasn't see for years had a nice visit. I had Mr. & Mrs. Sutton & Trix met my family in my room & Mr. & Mrs. S. looked quite astonished.

At 11.30 p.m. 1915 sang Farewell to 1913. I didn't throw down my boquet.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913014

Wed. June 11.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913015
Thurs. 1913.

June 12.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913016

Fri. June 13.
Came down from college on the car with Mary Berkemier who was seeing her brother off on the 1 o'clock boat, the "Washington Irving" which I took. Found several V.C. girls on board. Frances & Bessie Burns, Neida and Mary, Jeanette Allen whom I spoke with during the delightful ride down. Met Mrs. Cumpson and Mrs. Allen. Just before getting off I introduced myself to Mary's brother, a theological student at , who knows the Betz family in Rochester. The Burns girls gave me a lovely American beauty rose when we parted. Got home about 8 p.m. Claire joined the Junior C.E. today. We undid the presents I found awaiting me.

Sat. June 14.
Downtown with mama. Bought white hat & had it trimmed with wreath of pink roses.

Sun. June 15.
Church. Isa 55:10,11. II Sam 3:39 and Phil. 4:13. We had a leaderless C.E. I conducted the meeting.

Mon. June 16.

Tues. June 17.
Trunks and wheel came. $2.85 for trunks, $1.30 for wheel. Hung up clothes. Prayermeeting. 11 present.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913017

Wed. June 18.
Mama spoke at Katonah, N.Y. Papa, Claire & I went to festival by Bessie Magie's class at the church.

Thurs. June 19.
Papa printing words of cantata "Daughter of Jairus".

Fri. June 20.

Sat. June 21.
Helped papa sew the dedication programs for use tomorrow. Mrs. Lake, Mrs. Lake's sister & a guest, Del Lake & Mama & I all sewed and papa trimmed them.

Sun. June 22.
Our new church edifice dedicated today. 3 services. See program.

Mon. June 23.
Picked cherries from our little tree. Hung up clothes. Papa went to New York. Claire made a soft molasses cake. Organ recital in p.m. by Mr. Ashmall.

Tues. June 24.
Stayed home with Claire from this evening's service.

Wed. June 25.
Claire took violin lesson. Papa & I cleaned up the study. Claire's school teachers were here to tea Miss Keyler, Miss Smallstick, Miss Halstead, Miss


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913018

, Miss Bole. Some went with us to the Oratorio at the church.

Thurs. June 26.
Downtown to the First Church. To D.V.B.S. conference. Sent off $91.78 to Presbyterian Minister's Fund for papa. Went to Lib. Service tonight followed by reception by Session.

Fri. June 27.
Wrote "thank-you-for-commencement-gift" - notes. Rev. Rufus S. Green, one time Pres. of Elmira College, now an old man canvassing for "The Continent" called. George Darby and Dorothy Hillman were married tonight. The C.E. Soc. had the service tonight. A reception followed the service. The officers of both societies were in the receiving line and most all present greeted them. Each person then had pinned the name of some well known person on their backs and had to guess their identity. Worked well. Arthur's program, music & recitations was fine.

Sat. June 28.
Shampooed Claire's hair. Help print bulletins.

Sun. June 29.
S.S. met 10 A.M. was in papa's class. Eph.4:13. Other text judges 2:14-16.

Mon. June 30.
Set bread. Finished thank you notes. Hung up clothes. Dr. Green here to dinner.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913019

Tues. July 1.
Baked bread. Ironed. Prayermeeting 11 out.

Wed. July 2.
Hot. Papa sewed his first book this year. He and I cleaned cellar. Books came i.e. (my college books 5 small boxes). Sarah Heilman called. Was down to Ida Platts in the afternoon, worked some on Claire's blue linen. Had grape juice. Mama's class organized at Disbrow's tonight.

Thurs. July 3.
Downtown with mama. Unpacked books. Fixed books in my book case (which was here to surprise me when I came home June 13).

Fri. July 4.
Mama canned pineapple. Claire attended Lois Fulcher's birthday party. Papa finished sewing his books 15 volumes. A wedding here in afternoon. Had our usual little fireworks display in evening.

Sat. July 5.
Downtown in A.M. Bathed for a change in afternoon instead of evening.

Sun. July 6.
Did not go to S.S. Church. 4 Sargents here to dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Sargent, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sargent. Mr. Sumner Sargent was papa's S.S. teacher in Jasper. Harry is physical director in Newark of the Central High School. Nice visit. C.E. 8 out.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913020

Church. Ps 23:3. Luke 17:14.

Mon. July 7.
Worked in attic. Dr. Green here to dinner. Helped hang up clothes.

Tues. July 8.
Ironed. Worked on Claire's blue linen dress. Mama downtown. Wrote Aunt Jennie. Prayermeeting. 14 out.

Wed. July 9.
To New York with mama. Joined the "Pratt Teachers Agency" paying $2.00 and personally interviewing Mr. Wm. D. Pratt, the manager. Made my first visit to the Board rooms 156 Fifth Ave. Met Mrs. Gildersleeve who took me in to meet Mr. Alabeen who said if I would accept the position to teach in the Albequerque school he would not send out the message he was about to send to a prospective teacher. Claire & I, for fun, slept in the guest room on the third floor.

Thurs. July 10.
Finished Gene Stratton Porter, "The Harvester". Wrote Hazel Ware, Clara Hill, Mr. Montgomery Smith and Mr. Geo. R. Staley.

Fri. July 11.
Claire now washed the dishes. Mended two hours. Claire called on Helen Bush while I was downtown with Mama.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913021

Sat. July 12.
Downtown to get Aunt Jennie's waists. Wrote Claire's invitations, delivered them with Claire. Bath in afternoon.

Sun. July 13.
S.S. in Papa's class. Church. Read S.S. Times. C.E. Al Clark led. Church.

Mon. July 14.
Hung up clothes. Worked up attic. Wrote for testimonials to Miss Yost, Mr. Ernest R. Clark & Mr. M.D. Gray. Called at Bertha Pfeifer's in p.m. Wrote for Rally Day programs.

Tues. July 15.
Worked in attic. Ironed. Called & embroidered at Mrs. Mudd's. Prayer meeting.

Wed. July 16.
Position(?) Bethlehem Pa. Cleaned. From 3.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Claire had a lovely party for these little girls.
Charlotte Davenport Alwena Kays not here
Gertrude Fitzherbert Lois Fulcher " "
Ethel Morrison Blanche Edwards " "
Edith " Dorothy Stults " "
Alice " Grace Stryker " "
Beatrice Jamouneaux

Wrote Pratt agency & Rev. J.A. Clewell. Papa took a picture of the girls.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913022

Thurs. July 17.
8.30 A.M. - 7 p.m. went with Ladies' Miss Soc. to Ellis Island. Mama got the pass from Mrs. Gildersleeve. We saw the long rows of immigrants in the receiving room on the benches, come up to the desk with their money etc., this we saw from the gallery off of which were the bunks. Then we saw the detention rooms and the dining room, being there when the immigrants came in for dinner, a motley array. After lunch we saw them met by friends. It was to this railroad room that they came after leaving the desks in the big room. Great care is taken to be sure those wishing to meet the immigrants are the proper ones. Touching it was to see to the reunions. As we left, saw someone carried to the hospital on a stretcher. Was at Ellis Island 4 hours.

Then part of us went to the Statue of Liberty to the top of it. Claire, Papa & I climbed & looked out from the little windows forming the jewels in her crown. Stopped also at the Aquarium.

Fri. July 18.
Sewed. Clara Kilburn called. Cut pattern. Hung pictures.

Sat. July 19.
Mama downtown. I dug up some plantain weeds in the yard, and cleaned the porch.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913023

Sun. July 20.
Bible class. Church Matt 14:12. C.E. Church. Matt 9:12.

Mon. July 21.
Hung up clothes. Walked in evening to Kilburn's. All called there.

Tues. July 22.
Ironed. A little sick. Mrs. Stroud here. Papa rec'd Porto Rico ticket. Cleaned cellar. Prayermeeting.

Wed. July 23.
Papa, Mama & I finished the attic. Wrote Baltimore Md. We four gave a little concert at the "Home for Incurables", cor. 1. Downtown. Papa bought a cap for deck wear.

Thurs. July 24.
Letter from Aunt Jennie. Porto Rico? (No. I say.) Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mudd, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mudd here to tea. Mr. and Mrs. Stult's unable to come. Papa printed tickets. Met Reed on the avenue. He tried a picture of the church.

Fri. July 25.
Letter from Ernest R. Clark, promising me a letter of recommendation, mentioning a possible position at Spencerport. I wrote him at once, took it downtown & mailed it. Embroidered Claire's dress. Mr. Gilchrist and girl, Miss McDonald were here in p.m. & mama served ice cream. Dr. Green called.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913024

Sat. July 26.
Claire and I wrote papa a steamer letter. Saw him off from here 9 a.m. Wrote 3 letters regarding Baltimore Md. position. Pd. 3 bills. [Guidra], Moore and V.C. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Read new Home Mission Monthly (August) through. Papa off for Porto Rico on "San Juan".

Sun. July 27.
S.S. mama's class. Reported two suggestions for Rally Day to Sup't. Church Reed Edwards preached. C.E. Church. Reed preached again. Asked Archie for Christmas 1912 program "Santa's Wishing Box".

Mon. July 28.
Downtown with mama. Bought white dress, gloves, left umbrella to be fixed. While mama sewed I read some to her. Mrs. Duesel came. 1st letter from papa.

Tues. July 29.
Mama & I washed. Elmer Towers here to tea. Placed my college photos in album I bought in N.Y. and pasted some.

Wed. July 30.
Spent 4 hrs. ironing. Downtown. Bought Life of Helen Keller for Ida's birthday & mailed it. Bought also tennis racket & 1 ball. Mrs. Duesel brought back mama's gray dress.

Thurs. July 31.
Finished pasting photos in album. Mama is getting ready to go.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913025

Fri. Aug. 1.
Mama left in A.M. for Syracuse. Wrote papa. Letter from Miss Richmond, Baltimore Md. Very dark in afternoon so had to light gas at 4 p.m. Played games with Claire, Helen and Anna.

Sat. Aug. 2.
Wrote mama. Swept. Bathed in afternoon.

Sun. Aug. 3.
Claire and I went down and heard Dr. Lurk preach in First Church on "Iron Shoes for Rough Roads."

Mon. Aug. 4.
Washed a few things in foot tub. Claire went over to East Orange playground with the Healey children.

Tues. Aug. 5.
Ironed. Claire and I went downtown, took her to the Library, went through the museum upstairs, saw the children's room. She obtained a Library card of her own. Mr. White in the Lackawanna gave her a fine collection of booklets, illustrated including one on Yellowstone Park. They are a splendid travel library in themselves.

Wed. Aug. 6.
Claire and I called at Morrison's. I bought a S.S. picnic ticket at Cassedy's.

Thurs. Aug. 7.
Letters from papa. Cut out clippings from many Newark News.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913026

Fri. Aug. 8.
Claire and I are breakfasting on Grape Nut's. Mrs. Stroud here from 9 a.m. to 2.45 p.m. !!

Sat. Aug. 9.
S.S. picnic at Verona Park. Claire and I there from 9.32 - 2 p.m. Then we went straight on to So. Orange to Dorothy Stults house where Claire attended her party, coming home alone.

Sun. Aug. 10.
Mrs. Stroud woke us up (9 a.m.) and telephoned Church. Dined at Cassedy's. Mrs. Mudd invited us over on the porch in the evening and Mr. Mudd bought country club cream.

Mon. Aug. 11.
Washed. Fixed sewing room some. Finished the front of Claire's blue linen dress. No mail at all. Sarah Heilman called.

Tues. Aug. 12.
Ironed. Letter from papa. Worked on Claire's dress. Mama came home, having visited at Syracuse, Pompey, Auburn and Marathon.

Wed. Aug. 13.
Finished embroidering Claire's dress. Mr. and Mrs. Rev. C.T. Shaw, of Jamestown, N.Y. called a few minutes on their way to Ocean Grove in some body else's auto. Mrs. Stroud here. I cut lawn. Mama made doughnuts.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913027

Thurs. Aug. 14.
Mama, Claire & I went to Nutley and called at Robertson's. They have moved from Hawthorne Ave. Have a lovely fruited place. Grandpa & Grandma so glad to see us. I helped Grandpa pick beans, went with him & Claire to feed the chickens. He told me that when in Pittsford he was afraid to talk to me as he did today because I was going to college.

Fri. Aug. 15.
Mama downtown. Claire and I called at Mrs. Prentice's and on Mr. Disbrow. Wrote 2 letters.

Sat. Aug. 16.
Claire and I bathed in afternoon. Returned Lib. books to Sanford Ave. station.

Sun. Aug. 17.
In afternoon Mama, Claire & I attended the funeral of Mr. Delos Finks at the chapel of the Munn Ave. Pres. church, East Orange.

Mon. Aug. 18.
Washed. Wrote papa & Auntie Leach. Warm. Finished newspapers. Darned stockings.

Tues. Aug. 19.
Up at 6 A.M. Ironed 5 5/12 hours. Wrote Dr. Stephens. Called at Eschenfelder's. Cut out lining. Mama made me one pair drawers.

Wed. Aug. 20.
Cleaned study & sewing room. Saw Dorothy's things. Loly Pop. Al. Clark here on porch.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913028

Thurs. Aug. 21.
Cleaned four rooms. We three saw Exhibition given by Playground children at Branch Brook park. Interesting and a few numbers excellent. As we came away met Mr. Harry Sargent and Mr. . Wrote Miss Baker.

Fri. Aug. 22.
Cleaned downstairs. Regular thorough house cleaning.

Sat. Aug. 23.
Cleaned kitchen, every nook and crevice. Played tennis(?) rather ran after a tennis ball at Laura Disbrow's.

Sun. Aug. 24.
Heard Chas. Stetzle at First Church. Fine.

Mon. Aug. 25.
Got ready to go to Kingston. Downtown to the Lib. where I read awhile.

Tues. Aug. 26.
We three went up to Kingston on the Hudson River on the "Washington Irving." Lilian Chichester met me on the boat and told me of the sad and awful death of Miss May Monroe, our elocution teacher at Vassar who was burned to death at her summer home. Cousin Mary Van Leuven was watching for us when we got off the car. A lively old lady, a beautiful trip, a large, old fashioned roomy house,


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913029

with a colored maid.

Wed. Aug. 27.
Called on Cornelia [Oughletrie] who is in a Charity Organization office across the street. Quite surprised her, had a nice visit. Cousin Mary took us out to Hurley with a carriage (hired) and driver. Called with mama at Whitney's and Treadwell's. Called at Florence Gray's not finding her. Called at Hulls, who invited me to tea tomorrow. Anna Beekman was at Cousin Mary's to tea.

Thurs. Aug. 28.
We three took morning train to Napanoch, where met by Cousin Gretta Bevier and Cousin (Mrs.) Jule DeWitt. Saw Gretta's lot, old home, "The Lost Corner". Called on Mrs. Hornbeck. Had dinner at hotel. Then we all drove in carriage to Fantinekill monument on way to Ellenville, erected to memory of Bevier and Sox family massacred by Indians. Mr. drove for us, & we sang some. He is an old man but he can sing well & his eyes are bright. Tho' well educated he has not used it. As he drove us to the station he said you haven't got to go now when we're just beginning to get acquainted. If you'd stay longer I'd take you here and there. He was loth to say good bye to us. We walked around the reformatory walk till train time.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913030

Dressed for dinner at Hull's where I had a nice visit with the two girls. Ethel just today got a position to teach History in the Kingston High School. Met Gladys' fiance, Mr. .

Fri. Aud. 29.
After a nice fish dinner, left Kingston on the 1.25 p.m. boat "Washington Irving". Took in the East side of the Hudson going down. A beautiful trip and a delightful visit. Am proud to claim Cousin Mary as a relative. It was inspiring to see her promptly after breakfast conduct a family worship. One morning Annie the cook, came in.

Sat. Aug. 30.
Called at Mr. Chandler's.

Sun. Aug. 31.
Bertha Pfeifer and I went down to hear Mr. Chas. Stitzle at the First Church. Fine. Had quite a talk with Mr. Stults at his home about improving the appearance of this West End & So. Orange Av. corner.

Sept. 1. Mon.
Washed. Cut lawn. Phoned Pier 35. All went over to Brooklyn and met papa, getting there in time to see the boat come in and dock. He hurt his wrist before leaving P.R. and my aid in helping carry his heavy suitcase was welcome. Got home 8.45 p.m. He carried without breakage his


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913031

photographic plates, guava jelly and a piece of pottery. Brought us each a wooden bowl of "lignum vita" wood, very pretty.

Tues. Sept. 2.
Ironed for four hours. Papa developed several negatives and I helped him wash them. Lay down and slept from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Wed. Sept. 3.
Claire and I ate breakfast alone. Papa showed me on his Porto Rico map where he went. Sewed. Rec'd Prexy's address. Mr. Mause her [here]. Committee meeting to see about Dorothy's reception met mama here 8 p.m. Mr. Stroud called. A lovely basket of peaches was delivered from Miss Kilburn.

Thurs. Sept. 4.
Washed many cans for mama to use in canning. Read.

Fri. Sept. 5.
Went downtown to Fulcher's and to city Hall. In the evening attended wedding of Mr. Andrew Gilchrist and Miss Margaret McDonald, the first in our new church.

Sat. Sept. 6.

Sun. Sept. 7.
Taught a class of little boys. Elvin Axt etc. in the Primary Dep't. A nice time with them. Led C.E.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913032

Mon. Sept. 8.
Washed. Claire got three goldfish today, a present from Mrs. Stults.

Tues. Sept. 9.
Ironed. A fine prayermeeting.

Wed. Sept. 10.
Called with mama at Cassedy's, Demarest's, Brinkerhoff's, Devoe's & Block's. At night went to Church and helped direct Rally Day night letter invitations.

Thurs. Sept. 11.
Went to Caldwell in afternoon and met Mr. as he was leaving school. Called at Stults.

Fri. Sept. 12.
Downtown, looked around, went to city hall. Am finding out who owns the property on the corner of So. Orange Av. & West End Av., and West End Av. & Howell Place expecting with this knowledge to be able to do something before next season to improve the looks of there two corner lots. Set bread.

Sat. Sept. 13.
Cleaned pantry shelves. Fixed bread. Made a 3 layer chocolate frosting cake.

Sun. Sept. 14.
Church. Rally Day. C.E. discussion after S.S. Walked down with Bertha. C.E. Church. Wrote Gladys and Ida.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913033

Mon. Sept. 15.
To Caldwell 9.15 A.M. - 12 to personally interview the members of the Board of Education. The man at the station told me "As far as I am concerned you can consider yourself hired already". Interviewed a teacher, Miss , before accosting the Board. In Mr. furniture store met a young lady who like myself wished to see Mr. . We introduced ourselves, both candidates for the same position. Sat down & talked college while a third young woman passed by. Miss Savage of Radcliff & I went into a drug store and had some refreshment together, then by & by came to Newark together, each wishing the other success in case she herself failed to get the position.

Tues. Sept. 16.
Mama made paper chrysanthemums for Ladie's Aid. Ironed some. Prayermeeting. Called before 8 p.m. at Tillie's and Chloe's.

Wed. Sept. 17.
Decorated church in a.m. and p.m. with vines and salvias, assisting mama. Meeting of nominating com. for C.E. at 8 p.m. preceding reception for Dorothy and Reed, excellently carried out, mama managing the whole thing.

Thurs. Sept. 18.
Sold 5 bricks ice-cream. W.C.T.U. Essex Co. convention in Vailsburg M.E. Church. Heard mama


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913034

recite "The Leper" in the a.m. Mr. Verinder, Mr. Ryall and Miss wells here. Set bread.

Fri. Sept. 19.
Baked bread. Ladies' Miss. meeting. Mr. & Mrs. Ed. Smith called in p.m. Papa helped me fix my "powders" for Reed and Dorothy (jokes done up in papers like powders). Wrote each of them a steamer letter.

Sat. Sept. 20.
To New York in A.M. with Mama to see Reed & Dorothy off on S.S. Tenadores for S. America. Mr. Evan Edwards took our picture, about 25 of us were there and we were the last ones on the dock, watching till we could no longer clearly see the white of their handkerchiefs waved to us. "Entre Nous" in p.m.

Sun. Sept. 21.
Church. Psalm 86. S.S. Had a class of 10 Junior Dep't boys, (Will Weinrich has had it) not one of whom I knew. Wedding here after S.S. Mr. Ryall & Miss Wells who just came over last week from England. They have been furnishing their home this week-end & are to live at Brooklyn. C.E. Church Acts 9:6.

Mon. Sept. 22.
Clipped Thurs. Fri. & Sat's. paper. Phoned Roselle Park N.J.!! Stung!! Wrote Albany. Sent Lucy Penniman's present. Downtown with mama. Saw Bertha Pfeifer, she can't be Pres. of C.E. Got Sadie


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913035

Morris to go down to C.E. with me at Central Church. A new society was admitted, and Italian C.E. Of 30 total members, 22 were present & the young men were three times as many as the young ladies.

Tues. Sept. 23.
Did entire ironing. Deliberately went on an intellectual debauch and began "The Scarlet Letter". Prayermeeting.

Wed. Sept. 24.
I set bread. Papa & Mama went to Forest Hill Ch. Downtown with Mama who had her picture taken at Sol Young's Broad, in evening dress.

Thurs. Sept. 25.
Cleaned my room and bathroom, swept stairs. Worked 40 Min. in attic. Buttermilk. Worked on yoke waist. C.E. business meeting. Grand. Mr. Emmet Roche elected Pres., Chloe Thielman Vice Pres., Tillie Aschenfelder Sec'y., Ida Platts Treas., Will Weinrich Cor. Sec'y. Constitution read & adopted (Papa drew it up).

Fri. Sept. 26.
Ran vacuum cleaner. Threw many clippings, sorted and classified the rest. Heard from Caldwell not me. Eggs came, a crate from Jasper, N.Y. Mama & I went to Forest Hill reception, had fine time. I wore blue silk, white gloves, evening coat - (new brown hat with three tips)!


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913036

Met Mrs. McDowell. Also Mr. Fred Darley's sister, Mrs. Tucker. Also Edith Lusk. Fixed face with pumice stone and finished yoke waist before going to F.H.

Sat. Sept. 27.
Mended. Called at Pfeifer's.

Sun. Sept. 28.
Papa's Birthday. Coffee too strong gave me a headache & temporarily upset me. Lay down & went to a.m. church late, in time for the sermon. Arthur tells me I am on the Prayermeeting Com. Prepared for C.E. which I attended. Church.

Mon. Sept. 29.
Downtown. Mama resat for her picture. Sorted Mama's missionary leaflets & put them in order.

Tues. Sept. 30.
Ironed some. Mrs. Gildersleeve in a letter to mama spoke very nicely to her about me. Am reading by Father Chiniquy, "The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional." Attended a meeting at "Sacred Heart Church" in interests of a Vailsburgh playground. The ministers & others spoke, Helen and Blanche Edwards went up with me.

Wed. Oct. 1.
Helped papa district his parish map. Mama entertained her S.S. in the evening sewing


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913037

ice-cream and cake. They read "All a mistake" through. Those present were Elmer Towers, Jack Monteith, Pierson Little, Will Weinrich, Margaret Haber, Laura Disbrow, Rodney Disbrow, Harold Heitman, Walter Lee, Minnie Carle.

Thurs. Oct. 2. A Child Welfare worker called to get a canvasser to sell a book. Rec'd letter from Dr. Sairtz, who recently had me recommended to him by Mrs. Gildersleeve. Put my bureau drawer in order. Chloe here(?)

Fri. Oct. 3.
Took Claire down to Commercial Wharf to see the Convict Ship raised from Sydney, Australia, harbor. We saw it all thoroughly. Preparatory service. Ida & Bertha cleverly kidnapped me by Totem's so Bertie and Frank could be alone.

Sat. Oct. 4.
Went with Claire for her violin lesson at Mr. Ross Morisens Norwood St. The two children had a great time with me and B. Jamouneaux. The Entre Nous met at Margaret Towers. Had a mock wedding. Helens Kemp & Edwards. Elmer dressed as a Butter served. Helen E. was comical & sang!!

Sun. Oct 5.
Church. S.S. C.E. Chloe. Church. Communion this morning.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913038

Mon. Oct. 6.
Read the "News". Hung up clothes. Helped get dinner. S.S. executive meeting at church. I listened. Plans made for a Teachers meeting & speeches soon. Went up with Chloe & visited Choral Club a few minutes.

Tues. Oct. 7.
Ironed everything in 3 1/4 hrs. Cut paper flowers at church in mama's place for Ladie's Aid. Told Miss Bingham of taking notes at S.S. convention to report later. Prayermeeting. Invited "Al" for Friday.

Wed. Oct. 8.
Read Missionary Education prospectus. Mama ordered Miss. books.
II. Barnes - "The New America"
I. Henry - "Some Immigrant Neighbors"
I. - Old Country Hero Stories
I. - Picture Stories

Attended S.S. convention at Central church. The speeches by The-Story-Hour-for-Children woman and by Mrs. R were the best. Second church wedding in our new church tonight Lowe-Reusch. Miss R. looked beautiful in veil etc. had one bridesmaid. The ushers were in dress suits and the occasion was as it should be. Miss Miller, a city missionary living at the Pres. Deaconers home, where I met her, came to me and re-introduced herself. Miss R. belonged to a girl's club of which Miss Miller has charge & invited the club to the wedding. Papa was invited to the reception at the West Club House.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913039

Thurs. Oct. 9.
Shredded wheat luncheon at church 1 p.m. served by Miss Marx. The first one I attended & I enjoyed it. Spoke of how nice a reference Library for Immigration would be, this to Miss Kilburn. Mama & I called on Stuyvesant Ave. at Garabrant's, Bash's, Bessie Magie's, Dorothy Darby's and Legler's.

Fri. Oct. 10.
Prepared for the boys (young men) whom mama had to tea in the evening Arthur & Harry Halsal, Irving Monroe, Al Clark, Frank Platts. Harry Fox couldn't come. Dandy supper (as usual) and a fine evening.

Sat. Oct. 11.
Helped print bulletins. Went with Claire for her lesson. Read part of "Immigrant Neighbors". Mended corset & brassiere. N.B. Put sleeves in waist. Grandma Platts died last night.

Sun. Oct. 12.
Church. Saw Mr. Prentice at home about Mission study. In S.S. spoke for & about Mission classes. C.E. Church. Drew book from S.S. Lib. Rec'd envelope from Miss Margaret Kilburn containing a V.

Mon. Oct. 13.
Ordered 6 vol. Immigration Reference Lib. $5.00 [reg. $9.50]
Mary Antin - The Promised Land
Francis E. Clark - Old Homes of New Americans
Fred J. Harkin - The Immigrant - An Asset & a Liability.
Peter Roberts - The New Immigration


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913040

Steiner Ed. A. - The Broken Wall.
Warne, Frank Julian - The Immigrant Invasion
also 1 copy each @ $.25 Mrs. L. A. Dimock - Comrades from Other lands
John R. Henry - Some Immigrant Neighbors
- Old Country Hero Stories.
Clipped the "News". Claire came in sorry from school and cried about her school work and her violin practicing. Put my missionary clippings in order. Counted time for Claire. Heard Dan Crawford lecture. Fine. He is a most unusual and original speaker, very lively forceful and constantly doing what you don't expect. I went down with mama. Staid to reception. Met a Mr. , to whom Miss Bingham introduced me. Said Mama "Perhaps I do something else besides fix clippings" & she is quite right.

Tues. Oct. 14.
Ironed 3 hrs. Went to Mrs. Platts funeral. Wrote to Alma and Marion. Called on prospective Miss. class members on Isabella & Columbia. Prayermeeting. Mr. Thompson "We must find where they get out & mend the fence".

Wed. Oct. 15.
Read half of "Oowikapun", also read some in "Among the Pimas." Letter from Harriet. At Junior C.E. 3.30 I spoke on The Indians. Called on Sanford, Stuyvesant - today to increase Miss. study class pupils. "How many meals have you gotten today?" I was


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913041

asked. None, I had to admit. Mama walked with me to 73 Sunset Ave. to tell Geo. Susen that the first Boys' Study Class meets tomorrow. On the curbing in front of Susen's were several young men eating hard apples. "A lawn party" they said to another fellow. Across the street were some boys making a bonfire.

Thurs. Oct. 16.
Downtown with mama, bought (brown velour) hat, petticoat (black), brown gloves, account book. "Want you to look nice to see Bill Demarest, your face -- but you don't do it." I fixed my face and mama fixed my hair. First meeting of Boys' Study Class. 12 - 15 yrs. old, 4.20 p.m. - 5 p.m. in lecture room, nice homey time, very informal. Had to wait for the room till the Ladies' Miss. Soc. was through. "Is this all that belongs?" the boys asked when they saw the few women there. C.E. business meeting. Papa said to me coming "I need an assistant pastor right now."

Fri. Oct. 17.
"Deviled" for papa 2 1/2 hrs. Got dinner. Mama down to Foreign Executive meeting. Got dressed and walked to 57 Evergreen Place. E.O. to opening tea by members of Essex Co. College Woman's Club, at home of Miss Emma Merkel. Not a soul I knew. Met a very pleasant Dr. . Came home on car. Attended first school lecture, illustrated, on Palestine. In bed 10 p.m. Reference Im. [Immigrant] Lib. came today.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913042

Sat. Oct. 18.
Cleaned my room, bathroom, hall stairs. Mama gave me a splendid photograph of herself, standing taken in the evening gown she recited in. She rec'd an invitation today to speak in the Marble Collegiate Church in New York in Nov. Read the most interesting articles in the back magazines ejected to make the rack current. Have a bum "sty ey" eye-lid. Spent 1 1/2 hrs. piling up several hundred bulletins and 1/2 hr to print bulletins. Staid home from Entre Nous.

Sun. Oct. 19.
Church. Chicken dinner. S.S. (oh Milo!) Wrote letters Chloe sat with me. C.E. "Aw she makes every thing too thin" exclaimed Claire when papa suggested I get the meals this week. Church.

Mon. Oct. 20.
Mamma's Birthday. Clipped Newark News. Went out "Mission Study Classing" to Kemps, (bought 1/2 doz. yellow chrysanthemums for mama's birthday). Braeders? *Harms, Kengott, & *Hoffman, Idler, Lunger, Dick. In evening S.S. Teachers meeting. Flooring discussed. Miss Bingham and Mrs. Smith and I each reported on the S.S. convention. I emphasized The Children's Story hour and Mrs. Karnell's address. Refreshments. Talked reading-room, a possibility in the little room in basement of new church. Check for $3.60 from Mary [Mowrse], for 3 pieces furniture sold at college. Card from Lucy Penniman.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913043

Tues. Oct. 21.
Mr. Beeching called an hour. Ironed 2 1/4 hrs. Letter from Marian Case, also post card picture of her and Frances as they are now. Worked 4 hrs. on Immigration, outlining course and arranging the reference topically. Claire and I delivered books to Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. Flockhart. Prayermeeting. Claire tickled my heel while I was praying before getting in bed.

Wed. Oct. 22.
Spent 4 hrs. card cataloging the books in my bookcase not previously catalogued. Letters from Pratt Agency Alma and Lucy. Women's Mission Study had first meeting 3 p.m. in old Intermediate room. I led & Mama said I did well. 11 present. Spent evening at Beechings nice music.

Thurs. Oct. 23.
Boy's study class 3.30 p.m. Papa is using his new font of type which Mr. Mantz brought him.

Fri. Oct. 24.
Mama took me to the W.C.T.U. World's Convention in the Academy of Music, Brooklyn, for the entire day. A wonderful sight, over thirty different nations represented. 8 p.m. First meeting of Young People's study class, four present, rainy. Good meeting.

Sat. Oct. 25.
Called at Thielmann's with mama before supper. Claire took violin lesson. Mama met S.S. class at church to rehearse "All a Mistake".


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913044

Church. Mark 6:31. S.S. Mr. Roche had me speak to Beginners & Primarie's in new auditorium, (varnish not dry downstairs). I told story of man working in mint who after years of honesty took gold bars. He was weaker, the temptation was no stronger. Moses like this man was a thief but Moses stole honor instead of gold bars. C.E. Church. John 10:10.

Mon. Oct. 27.
Papa heard Everett Colby speak in p.m. Went to Mr. Thielmann's funeral at 2.30 p.m. at the house.

Tues. Oct. 28.
Ironed. Downtown. Mr. White cashed my $3.60 check part of which I invested in this diary, paper, clips, ruching, dental cream, tooth brush, postage, jack o lantern, dates and grapes. Prayermeeting. Mr. Nothstein gave papa more information about a possible book case in the little room downstairs. I took car to Kemp's where Entre Nous girls surprised Helen. Gave her a table cloth & napkins. We drew pictures representing songs & guessed the songs. Then had "A love affair in the garden" answered by names of flowers. Left after midnight, a ridiculous hour. Papa heard Fielder.

Wed. Oct. 29.
Women's class 3 p.m. after which I called at Tagart's to see why Kenneth has been absent from S.S. for 3 Sundays. C.E. Halloween Social at church in p.m. "The Witches Garden", splendidly carried out.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913045

A very pretty, well managed and delightful affair. Warren Ellis did as I asked him and brought August Legler with him and helped him have a fine evening.

Thurs. Oct. 30.
Papa is working on a dandy three story wood doll house for Claire. Downtown to find out from the Bureau of Assoc. Charities, Miss Snodgrass being the one whom I interviewed, where and what to give for Christmas if our S.S. has a giving Christmas. She suggested these four as being least thought of. 1. East Side Day Nursery. 2. Florence Crittenden home. 3. Alms House. 4. Old Ladies Home. I went down to the Day Nursery & personally interviewed the woman in charge who said cloth books, indestructible dolls dressed in clothes that can be removed, iron toys, rompers for 4 yrs. of age, and provisions would be most acceptable, showed me through the nursery. I saw the little oil cloth covered tables & little chairs where the children eat, saw some babies in cribs, met the nurse who was combing the children's hair & cleaning them up for dinner. Some children come in from school. Boy's Class 3.30 p.m. Called on the two Mrs. Borden asking them to help the boys learn the 10 commandments etc. & study the S.S. lessons. Young People's class 8 p.m. August Legler there. Mrs. Borden wishes some one would start a sewing class so her little girl could have a chance to learn to sew nicely.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913046

Presbyterial at Bloomfield. Mama took me & I thoroughly enjoyed the Foreign meeting in the a.m. Young People's conference at which I met Miss Smith & Sec'y Miss Frances and Miss Josephine Hedden. That funny old lady came in and forced a little speech on us. Met Mrs. Browning the new minister's wife at Fewsmith Pres. Ch. [Ros...]. Met Mrs. Hedden. Home meeting in afternoon. Dr. Thompson gave a fine address. Mrs. Farrington of Caldwell (Annie & Ethel Morey's sister) spoke to me before this meeting was over, she had to go early. Our church had ladies there. Claire arrayed in my blue kimona & a false face went out for her Hallowe'en fun. Alwena didn't wait for her. C. called at Davenport's & got in but Mudd's & Stull's wouldn't answer the door and she got discouraged. When Mrs. Ellis didn't come to the door Claire cried as if her heart would break & I had hard work to persuade her to come out again. Mrs. Ellis was touched by her disappointment & sent two children over for her. Together they went to several places and had success. I wore false witch's face & mama's Indian blanket to Disbrow's to a birthday surprise on Rodney. It was fun. Papa walked up with me. I came home alone 11.30 p.m. Bet you I stepped lively. Warren Ellis had the best costume, dressed as a nurse maid in blue & white seersucker with white collar & apron


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913047

he carriued a doll and for a bottle used a small hot water bottle. Other costumes were cute. Found a telegram from Mr. Edwin B. Stone saying "Delay coming, await letter, telegraph receipt of message, my expense. Edwin B. Stone. Sharon Conn." So papa sent him this "Message rec'd, will await letter K.G.Ordway".

Sat. Nov. 1.
To Morison's with Claire. I cleaned stairs (2) and study while Papa went calling [diagram] "down Isabella Ave." Entre Nous at Tillie's only Helen, Laura, Sarah & I there. Girls told of recent poisoned hypodermic injections on innocent girls whom when the poison makes faint & sick they claim as thir wives and try to take away.

Sun. Nov. 2.
Church Jas. 1:26. Had Frank Platts' class & my own. 8 in all. Short lesson followed by addresses upstairs on Chile. Hist - Jack Monteith, People - Ethel Thompson, Religion - Mrs. Ordway, Prospects - Mr. Thompson. Good, a little long, too close attention to notes. C.E. Church.

Mon. Nov. 3.
Spent 2 hrs. 40 mins. writing up diary from Mar. 12 to May 29. After dinner went up to Lois Edwards with whom I worked two hours planning for Christmas entertainment. Expect to


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913048

use "The Promised King" an abridgement of cantata "The Holy One of Israel" as the first third of our program. Then the classes can present their gifts putting them in the manger & having a special exercise of their own planning. The third part will be the Christmas tree with Santa Claus assisted by two helpers to call off the names of each package of candy etc. with one class chosen to distribute the gifts & each person standing in his place as his name is called. Took Mrs. Mudd down to first lecture of the "Old First" church lecture course, Dr. Dawson on "Oliver Cromwell, the Builder of Liberty". Happened to get the car going down that carried several of our young people to the C.E. Rally at the (Essex Co) New York Ave. Reformed Ch.

Tues. Nov. 4.
Papa voted the 73rd ballot in this district. Mama went to Asbury Park to the National W.C.T.U convention where she had a nice visit with her cousins Bell and Sarah. (Mrs. Bill Demarest and Mrs. Ed. Stevens) formerly Hammond. Ironed for 4 hrs. being interrupted by (Mrs. Stroud for a half hour) a short call at the door from Will Weinrich who has a holiday today, etc, finishing at 4 p.m. Then bathed, rested, dressed & got supper. Prayermeeting "I love to tell the story" (?) Met Ethel Thompson's cousin.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913049

Wed. Nov. 5.
Spent 3 hrs. 15 min. writing up diary May 29 to Sept. 1. Downtown for shoes at Hahnes. The girl said I have been wearing a half size too small. Few people will allow the clerk to fit them. Walked to the Library where I browsed on Immigration. Claire and I played Anagrams. Mama & Papa called at Little's. Mama told Immigration story to Juniors.

Thurs. Nov. 6.
Mama downtown. Mrs. Stroud here for over 1/2 hr.!!! Cleaned kitchen cupboard in 1 hr. Cleaned kitchen in 1 hr. Studied. Boys' Study Class 3.30 p.m. Robt Blair brought three new boys. Roy Blair acted so I put him out doors. Heard Dr. Maud Thompson at old church give a fine address on Suffrage emphasizing the working-girl's and the house keepers need of this tool. Met Dr. T. who is a daughter of Dr. Thompson the Home Miss. Sec'y. Helped papa put new glass panes in the right hand pantry door.

Fri. Nov. 7.
Spent 2 hrs. 10 min. writing up diary to Oct. 23. Sent off money orders for next year's magazines & for the Mission Study supplies ordered for our various classes. $6.22. Read ch. III, made notes. Women's class 2.30 p.m. - 4 p.m. Good reports on outside reading. Getting better each time. 13 present again today. Young People's class 8 p.m. Listened a few minutes, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mudd have a new daughter today.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913050

after it, downstairs to the reading of Act. I. "All a Mistake". Mrs. Stults is helping them. Sample cantata copy came from Lorenz. I sent for it Monday night. Sewed ruching in coat 10.40 p.m.

Sat. Nov. 8.
Called at 6 a.m. packed suit case. Off for Vassar at 7.30 A.M. Frances Burns accosted me at Fulton St. Subway and we travelled together. Missed the train we intended to take my 3 min. Provoking! Leisurely made the 9.40 A.M. getting in Poughkeepsie 11.51. Just time to wash before lunch. Martha Howland came up on car with me and I saw Alma and Gertrude by the P.O. Harriet lives in 202 Main. Lunched with her. Class meeting 2 p.m. Assembly Hall, also song practice. Off campus to Flag Shop, bought postals, patronized Dutch room, got names & prices of outlines at Book Store. Stamps at P.O. Ivory Soap at Grocery store. Hustled into white dress & blue sash. Met at 5.15 in soap palace. Then to Class Supper at The Inn. "What you are doing and Guilty or Not Guilty." I said "Watching for a position, mean while teaching mission study classes." Sat with Alma, Gertrude and Florence Kridel. Enroute for Students' Bldg. Marched by twos down the middle aisle nodding to friends on the way. Sat on the left front. Before the slay our class, a few girls did a stunt. Then with unprecedented promptness the curtain rose on a tasty summer house, a tall elm in the center of the

[in margin]
Class supper cost (June) $400.00. Class Day cost $900.00.
[Plan for a class bulletin every year for 5 yrs. $.50 payable Oct. 1]


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913051

stage and a row of brick houses. "Pomander Walk" passed off splendidly very promptly & excellently done. Saw Prof. Whitney as I went in, shook hands. Got home to bed about midnight. Harriet says A.G.R. is in Paterson teaching what she wanted to at better salary than expected. Maud is speaking in colleges for the Student Volunteer Movement.

Sun. Nov. 9.
Breakfast. Lib. Choir practice. Dress for chapel. Chapel. Right Rev. Benjamin Brewster of Glenwood Springs Col. preached on Fight the good fight. Hymns. "The Son of God goes forth to war etc" & "Fight the good fight with all thy might". Senior Parlor (which I saw yesterday, writing my name in the guest book.) Betty Zahner sang. Dinner. Mission Class upstairs in Students', Marion Willard leading this week on "The Rural Problem". Called on Alma 106S. in time to see Gertrude & Cornelia go. Then Harriet took me to call at Prof. Bracq's. Had a delightful visit with Mrs. B. who is lonesome without Florence, now abroad with Dr. T. and Blanding. She gave me $.10 to get a Reunion song book for Florence. Bought the book right away in 324M. At 5 p.m. heard Rev. John H H speak on the relation of Christianity to some modern social problems emphasis laid on scientific method and ideal of charity plus justice.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913052

Met Mrs. Miller, Lucelia's mother. Harriet & I at lunch with Ruth in Josselyn. Florence Gray was sorry to miss me when I called on her in Kingston & invited me to come again. Chapel, sat with Ruth in her Junior seat. Christians, Prexy spoke on "The Kingdom" and Patience of our Lord Jesus Christ. "Billy" and "Abby", prayed. Miss Raymond (a warden) and I spoke of [Help given by these Sun. p.m. meetings in addition to the mental training rec'd at college to better fit us to help solve the problem and meet the unsought opportunity of making into one god-fearing nation the various peoples now coming here.]

Shook hands with Prexy afterward. Asked him if there will be room for us in Ethics. "Yes, plenty of room on the floor." Spoke with him also about the tearing down of the Lodge. He thinks it not a beautiful structure and said "Why you know two people can't walk together through those holes." Read Miscellany in 202 while Harriet wrote letters.

Mon. Nov. 10.
Fire-drill 6.40 A.M. I went out. Delightful facial expression on the man (who works in th express office) who came by the north dooor just as we piled out. Breakfast 1st hr. with Dorothy Hood to class on International Treaties Law by the new Prof. Fite. I like him. Mailed cards to Margaret, Lois, Chloe, Ida P. & Laura. Put song book in unstamped mail for Mrs. Bracq. Saw Miss


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913053

McCaleb asking her to let me know if there is a good position suitable for me as I have none yet. (I saw miss Body Sat. & she gave me the suggestion. Also on Sat. I sent cards to Walter, Willard & Milo Borden, Kenneth Tagart & Syndey Marks.) Went off campus to Flag Shop with Harriet for her pen. Ethics Freedom 3rd hr. Several '13 people visiting, sitting on the steps. 4th hr. in Phil. Sem. in Lib. to "R" Eng by Miss Patton (who combs her hair differently & much more becomingly, parting it in the middle & doing it low.) with Ruth Butterfield. Only 7 students. Miss Wylie is abroad. Imagination discussed. Enjoyed it. Lunched at 1 p.m. with Alma Klippel at Faculty table in Strong. Got $.75 from D. Crandall 206S. for the desk chair she bought last June of me. Walked over to Lab. with Alma & saw her office. Packed suitcase & visited with Harriet 5th hr. she giving me explicit directions about how to reach her home, I doing the same. Saw Miss Stroebe at end of 5th. Also Miss Jenny and Miss Salmon. Left the Lodge at 10 min. of 3 p.m. Sat in the Poughkeepsie station & watched. Saw Ruth Fitch, Ethel Freeman, Elinor Fatman, Frances Burns & others. Train 1/2 hr. late so we left at 4.20 instead of 3.54 p.m. Frances & I came down together. Were in Grand Central at 6.30 p.m. Came together to Exchange Pl. Jersey city, Frances going to Del. & [L...] station at Hoboken. Expected to take Penn. R.R. train

[in margin] Mama spoke in N.Y. in the Marble Collegiate church.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913054

but found the Park Place train went 11 min. sooner so took that & was at corner Broad and Market at exactly 7.30 p.m. one hour after arriving at the Grand Central. Got home before 8 p.m. Visited, & while mama helped Will and Walter with their play parts I ate supper & cleaned up my dishes. After unpacking my suit case I retired, about 9 p.m. This A.M. after Ethics I spoke to Helen French of the friend of hers I met at the D.V.B.S. conference downtown & she said her name is Ruth Winslow.

Tues. Nov. 11.
Spent 2 1/4 hrs. writing this diary up-to-date. Sent birthday postal, at mama's suggestion and expense to Aunt Ella. [Last week Mama told me that Ed. Mudd was told by men working at Edison's, i.e. Catholic young men that they want to marry Protestant girls & not Catholic girls because they want to know what their wives are doing. Interesting apropos of the book "The Priest the Woman & the Confessional" I read this summer.] Claire had her third meeting of little girls at the house, a sort of Junior meeting. She led twice and Gertrude F. led today. Total present 3. Got paper for fly leaves of papa's books, helped him fold them. Caught cold at Vassar & staid home from prayer meeting tonight. Bertha Pfeifer called & we talked "Pomander Walk" and Suffrage over a half hour. She said "I suppose you have some very good friends at college" also remarked that people today have too little time for


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913055

sociability". "I have wanted Thurs. p.m. as my evening at home" I said & she wants me to come over & spend the evening with Ida and herself. (I hadn't dusted the parlor table and while I looked presentable, my hair was straggly, my collar soiled and torn some. Bertha looked so clean and stylish and good to behold. I was ashamed of myself, and I a college woman.) Took hot bath & retired. Word from Aunt Ella today that her son Robert Lee Thomas & wife have a little daughter born.

Wed. Nov. 12.
Clipped newspapers up-to-date. We all went to Mr. D.A. McMillins. 286 Clinton St. E.O. for dinner in the evening. Played a player piano for the first time. Can't tell how good and homey & friendly it seemed to see books and magazines in their parlor. Claire and Faith had a fine time together.

Thurs. Nov. 13.
Studied mission lesson. Had Boys' Class at 3.30. In p.m. studied Women's lesson.

Fri. Nov. 15.
Mama at Bloomfield to committee meeting of four ladies to consider & plan for the union of the Home & the Foreign Missionary Societies of the Newark Presbytery. I baked bread & rolls, got dinner, cleaned downstairs. Women's Class at 2.30. Young People's class 8 p.m. after that I


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913056

went with Bertha Pfeifer to suffrage lecture at Union Hall & heard part of Mrs. Reynold's (of Colorado) address. The questions asked from the floor were funny.

Sat. Nov. 15.
Cleaned my room. Up with Claire for her lesson. Read Dorothy Rolph Edwards' letter. Swept bathroom & study. Claire cleaned her things out of sewing room. "Entre Nous" at Edwards. Am still hoarse.

[in margin] Hazel Ludlow thinks "The Harvester" is the most ideal man!

Sun. Nov. 16.
Church. Rev. Browning of Fewsmith Church gave good Immigration address. S.S., only Willard was in my class. "Al" had the pupils make sentence prayers today & some boys and girls responded. Presented Christmas plans in Senior, Intermediate & Junior depts. C.E. at Mr. Chandler's (16 out) Mr. C. gave me a copy of a "Papas' Convention". Church.

[in margin] Rom. 14:17.

Mon. Nov. 17.
Did dishes. Changed beds. Mended. Hung up clothes twice. Mama took Claire downtown & bought her some new shoes & rubbers. In p.m. Mama & Mrs. Holloway heard Mr. Lincoln at 1st Church. Papa heard & saw "The Blindness of Virtue" at Payton Theater, & Claire & I went to S.S. Teachers' meeting at church & heard a splendid address by Rev. Fountain of Irvington M.E. Church. His theme was the wonderful opportunity of the S.S. teacher to win for Christ the pupils whos possibilities no one can know. Mr. Stroud Sorted out in 5 doz. 4 doz. 5 doz. eggs for Mrs. Payne, Lake, Pfeifer.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913057

Tues. Nov. 18.
Ironed all but 4 pieces. Theater too much for papa who didn't get up till noon. Ida Platts & I had luncheon at Y.W.C.A. at 1 p.m. at invitation of Miss Webster. Extension Sec'y. We met in "blue room" (2nd floor front) where after lunch Miss Friedman, Sup't of Extension work in New England, N.Y. and N.H. spoke. In one month her plan is to win into clubs 1,000 of Newark's 40,000 factory girls. Leaders of clubs are wanted & there is to be a 6 wks. training class for volunteers in this work. Met Helen Purdy V.C. 1911, who is in training. Ida & I inspected the building. Found Helen Edwards operating a player piano, later saw her dancing in the gym. Most 5 p.m. before we got home. Prayermeeting. 19 present.

Wed. Nov. 19.
Papa again spoke at noon at Flockhart's foundry. He printed 300 tickets for debate. Mrs. "Carrie" Selby (colored) washed all the windows. She also wiped up the floors which I had swept up. I dusted book case & books in parlor etc. The two hall rugs were whipped. Didn't cease laboring till 6 p.m. Mr. Prentice called in p.m. & brought a pretty dish to mama, a present from his wife.

Thurs. Nov. 20.
Read Study class lesson. Mama took me to the Luncheon $.50 at Palace Ball Room where over 400 Presbyterian women of Newark Presbytery had a buffet luncheon & heard Dr. Lusk who introduced


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913058

& described the deaconesses & missionaries. The Synodical Chairman Mr. preceded Dr. Lusk. I couldn't hear Mrs. Waid. Came back for Boys' Class at 3.30 p.m. Heard the pieces for tomorrow night. Geo. Susen called for his invitation & made quite a visit. I lent him Black Rock. Papa attended Mens' dinner at Palace Ball Room 400+ men. District Attorney Whitman & Dr. Thompson spoke. ($1.25) C.E. business meeting at 8.40 p.m. My suggestion to divide the Society in 3 parts to increase attendance, interest, taking part, & gain new members by first re-claiming the present members was enthusiastically received. (11 present) Mr. Prentice said Sarah Heilman is going to take up the work of the Look out committee. After the choir rehearsal was over I went over the Christmas cantata with Mr. A.K. Towers, asking his advice & help in suggesting actors. He saw me home about 11 p.m.

Fri. Nov. 21.
Clipped last "News". Mama put up curtains. Joint meeting of Ladies' Miss. Soc. & Womens' Study Class at 3 p.m. Mama conducted devotional part & I merely made an announcement giving Miss Marie L. Vacek the rest of the time. She talked splendidly showing not merely the Foreigners need of Christ but our need of him that we may be able to tell them of our Friend. When I phoned Mon. to Miss V. I invited her to tea. So we had a nice visit. I cracked butter nuts this

[in margin]
Mr. in vegetable store.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913060

Sat. Nov. 22.
Up with Claire to take her lesson. While there read an article in the Dec. 1913 Criterion about Mrs. Ella Wheeler Wilcox's ideas of dress. Worked over two hours on mission study lesson. Helped papa print the bulletins. Mama downtown. Claire took her bath all alone. Just think of it! she played some of the new lesson when she got home and never kept track of the time. Young People's Study class at 8 p.m. (5 present) Mrs. Block invited us down & the Adult Bible Class refreshed us. Guessed "The Tools in Grandpa's Chest". Argued on Immigration with Mrs. Flockhart & Robinson. Mr. F. says we do need the foreigners here.

Sun. Nov. 23.
Wrote out 13 copies of 6 questions each about Giving Christmas for teachers in Intermediate & Senior depts. Church. Papa preached on Immigration Joshua 1:9 emphasizing the Big Brother mov't, & the fact that there are but two classes in the world "Lifters" & "leaners". Which am I? He quoted from the Presbyterial Church Extension Record for Mar. 23, 1913 [no.25]. There are 1100 juvenile offenders in Newark besides many gangs. S.S. For once was there on time. 3 boys had class in center of room, nice time. Many things to see to. Thanksgiving envelopes, Christmas giving and Cantata and also the Debate. Took a walk with Claire & Dorothy Mulder's.

[in margin] Josh 1:9


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913061

Saw a gorgeous sunset, six broad lines of color converging at a circle. Beautiful pinks & grays then it changed to a fiery red. Wrote Harriet White. Sorted out my mail asking for money. (Membership dues). C.E. at which we had for the first times our 3 divisions. The leaders were there & a feeling of excitement & enthusiasm was catching. Splendid singing. Frank Platts led, talked 15 min +. Good but a little long & a little too funny. Mrs. Davenport did his praying for him. Two sides sang together. Church. (How many times did papa refer to food?) Was pleased to hear Frank refer to Robert Louis Stevenson and to Matthew Arnold. Papa's theme was that tho' it is right to have money etc we must take care that these things do not usurp first place. Called on Miss Dietz. Sat with Bertha, Marian, & Ida. Claire sat with Edith so Mama was left all alone.

[in margin] Haggai 1:4.

Mon. Nov. 24.
Mama at Papa's request served pumpkin pie doughnuts & coffee to the Building Committee at its final meeting at the church in the evening. Mrs. Ed Smith & I helped mama direct Thank Offering invitations in the afternoon. Claire went with me to Tillie's where from her C.E. Sec'y book we copied the names of the C.E. members & rated them by ninths according to the number of consecration services they have attended in 1913. Chloe is the only 9/9.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913062

Tues. Nov. 25.
Ironed. Papa worked on Claire's doll house putting in the windows. Lois Edwards came & we made out the lists of boys and girls wishing to take part in the Christmas entertainment. Also lists of costumes & stage furnishings. Mama called on Rodney whom she thinks is in a serious condition. Prayermeeting 19 out. Then Papa & I heard Judge Carey of Jersey City speak at Alex St. sch. on Commission Gov't. Interesting. I met him & when he found out I was a Vassar girl he at once apologized for his rambling talk. Told me about a magazine "American Municipal Gov't" which I will find interesting. I like him.

Wed. Nov. 26.
Papa made a printer's "pie" which took him 7 hrs. to right. Helped him print first and fourth pages of bulletins for Nov. 30, Dec. 7, 14, 21. Then read in current magazines till 11 p.m. Cleaned with mama today, putting my room, clothesroom, & bureau in A no.1 order. Found a handsome table runner which Mama tried on the parlor table. Looks fine. Mr. Edwards came to report the death of Mr. Earnest Neuhaus.

Thurs. Nov. 27.
Finished cleaning after Thanksgiving service in our church Rev. B.F. Dickinson preaching. Good music. Rev. J.B. Ferguson and family of Elizabeth arrived about 1.30 p.m. Claire had a good time playing with Helen (who is just a few days older) and Ward.

[in margin] Deut.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913063

Dandy Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, chocolate sponge etc. Claire invited Edith Hillman here to play with them. Visited, discussed Catholicism, flowers at funerals & Mr. F. said that Vassar admits me to any circle. Showed them the church & they took the car there.

Fri. Nov. 28.
Claire and I went downtown to do Claire's Christmas shopping. We thoroughly saw the toy departments of Bambergers & Hahnes's visited the model rooms and purchased. Got home about 3 p.m. Then Claire distributed some T.O. invitations. Will Weinrich called. All attended lecture at Alex. St. sch. on Cannibals of Africa. by Rev. Maquire who had idols, snake skins & many other curios from his 11 yrs in Africa. Very interesting.

Sat. Nov. 29.
Delivered T.O. invitations in Disbrow's vicinity. Called on Rodney a few minutes. Glanced at a book on Theosophy at Morisen's while Claire was taking her lesson. Delivered T.O. invitations on Vermont etc. Sold ticket for Debate to Mr. Stackle. Spent 1 hr. picking out nutmeats & 30 min. making brown sugar candy. Studied last Ch. in Barnes, Pres. Ch. Ext. Record (in Newark) & . Forgot to tell Mr. Littel of change of meeting so got the key from Chandler's & lighted up myself. Ashamed to be late. Four present at our last Young People's Mission Study Class.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913064

Warren Ellis, Adolph Block, Lois Edwards and Mr. Prentice enjoyed my, none-too-hard, brown sugar candy at the close of the class.

Sun. Nov. 30.
Church. Gave Mr. Roche complete list of the three divisions of C.E. made on purpose to promote Efficiency in our society from now till end of the year. S.S. Took Miss M. Towers class in with mine. One of her boys had studied the lesson. Had nice time with them. Milo's little sister was there with his older sister and he said to me "There's my baby". Gave out copies of service for Christmas & got Al to be Joseph. Al called for a reference before 6 p.m. C.E. Laura Kemp led. Sarah Heilman sang a solo. First night of our triple arrangement. Frank Platts asked if he couldn't sit with his girl. So we'll let him exchange. Mrs. Roche isn't pleased to be on a different side from her hubbi but she is going to stay. Thank Offering service in p.m. Mama had charge & spoke on "The Needs of the [Honor]". Splendid address. Offering $34.00. Helen & Lois sang "It Must Be Told".

Mon. Dec. 1.
Took 2 hrs. to get ink spots out of a white shirt of papa's. Changed beds. Washed dishes. Pared potatoes. Made my first noodles. Mended in afternoon. Mamma said to me "Gretta, I think you're inclined to be


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913065

fussy, you do a lot of things that don't amount to anything. You can't do everything in this world, you've got to chose those things that will advance you in your profession. There are lots of things I'd like to do but I haven't the time". She is right. I am busy but the result of my business is not "effective production". Papa took me to the lecture at First Church by Mr. Strickland Gillilan on "Awkwardness and Sunshine". Mr. G. gave the different kinds of humor from his Sample Case, rustic, children's, joke on the joker, people who are human jokes, also the purpose of humor. He recited some beautiful verses of his own composition. One poem is soon to appear in the "Ladies Home Journal". Heard all the organ recital this time.

Tues. Dec. 2.
Mr. Poulton, just in from the West went up to the Kilburn Church to ascertain his boyhood friend's (name [Rev] "Tom" Shannon) residence and was most shocked to learn of his death 2 yrs. ago. He came here to find out Mrs. Shannon's present address & curiously enough, just after Papa had phoned Davenport's for it, a package came from Mrs. Shannon. Mr. P. cried as he looked at Mr. S.'s picture & standing in the dining room doorway he cried hard as he pointed out where he, Mr. S., Mrs. S. Miss S. & mother S. had sat at a meal. He took two pictures of Mr. Shannon's memorial window, one for his brother


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913066

half-brother Mr. who is a contractor here. Papa & Mr. P. went up to the church & saw Mr. S's window. Ironed 3 1/2 hrs. Mama read, till tears came at the memory of her dear grandmother, "The Joyful Hill" - by , and "Inasmuch" by . Certainly I have an ancestry to be proud of. At 3.30 had 1st Christmas rehearsal. I was there at 3. Lois late. Just had them sing today. Mrs. Magie's class here to talk about joining Church, with Papa. Claire & I took notice of mama's address Sun. p.m. to Mr. Jas. A. Lynch 72 Alexander & a Miss. poem to Ethel Jackson. To bed early.

Wed. Dec. 3.
To Barringer High School all day. With Mary Zimmerman in A.M. visiting 1st with Dorothy Brown, Mr. Barr's English. 2nd with Mary, Mrs. German. 3rd alone Miss Cowles English (Macbeth splendid) 4th with Mary Mr. Stoneseifer shop work. Motto there "I will try to make this piece of work my best". Ethel Thompson came after lunch. Went 5th with her to Vergil, Mr. Taylor. 6th with both, Chemistry Lab. Mr. . Walked down to Clinton Ave., past St. Michael's hospital, down to High St. out to New St. & saw Central High School for first time, a fine building, it needs a larger vacant area in front of it. I think. Walked on down New St. to Hahne's. Looked at patterns. Viewed Plant's dolls. Learned that the price of Bamberger's table scarf, green, embroidered roses & chenille daisies, forming the bands across the ends, is $16.00. I didn't buy.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913067

Debate on Immigration, restriction by educational test Kilburn upheld by Fox & Clark Negative against Newark Congress upheld by Rowe & Jones Affirmative. Many gestures, & oratory, marked both sides. 7 pts. were to be given for arguments, 3 pts for delivery. The judges

decided it was a tie. Kilburn 3A. 2D. Congress 4A. 1D. I sold 6 tickets. ($.90)

Thurs. Dec. 4.
I made boiled dressing while Mama was downtown. Saw yesterday how to arrange my account book items so all is clear. Copied all my entries in present book on this plan. [diagram of account book] Helped get dinner. Ladies' Aid Supper at church 5.30 - 9 p.m. Sat at first table with McMillins. Mr. M. again spoke to me of the great need for commercial teachers. Visited on all sides. Saw Baby Mudd. Met Mr. Smalley, on Board of Education Irvington. He will see what he can do for me.

Fri. Dec. 5. Mama took letters & constitutions to Bloomfield to committee meeting. We got for our spread today
1 pt olives peppers $.05 butternut cake
cream cheese alcohol $.20 " $.
cottage " bread $.10

Last meeting of the Ladies Mission Study Class on Immigration at 2.30 p.m. Mama & I went early & fixed tea-table with my little kettle etc., mama's tea ball.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913068

Miss Bingham presented to "our dear teacher" a fine boquet of chrysanthemums 3 white, 3 yellow & laurel. Surprise on me. Then Mama & I brought in the table. Surprise on them (13 of them) and Mrs. Doolittel. Cream cheese & olive, peppers & cottage cheese sandwiches, Tea, Butternut cake, choc. cakes. Papa & Claire were invited in. Preparatory service. I played the piano.

Sat. Dec. 6.
Sent blank filled out to Irvington Sec'y Bd. Educ. To Morisen's. Read by . Cleaned my room. Dusted downstairs. 2nd Christmas rehearsal at 3 p.m. Walter Jacobs walked up with me. Music went fine & we began the acting. Took an Endeavor World to Marjorie Oakley and to Dorothy Brown, for them to read the Worker's Exchange. Helped papa print bulletins.

Sun. Dec. 7.
Communion. 3 baptisms additions letter 1 confession. S.S. after a few minutes in our own Dep't. had to go upstairs to Missionary Sun. on Islam. Paper by Lilian Allen & recitation by Ethel Jackson, solo by Hazel Ludlow. Read 1/3 of Amos R. Wells "Prayermeeting Methods". Made attendance slip for my team. C.E. good meeting. Mr. Roche led. Officers of church invited in. Several Endeavorers did not stay to church. Splendid sermon on "I work in the Prudential". After church made out an attendance slip of the entire Active Members to ascertain what percentage fulfil their pledge by coming to evening service. John Flockhart will be in the Cantata.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913069

Mon. Dec. 8.
Mama saw me writing as she went downstairs to get breakfast and remarked "If you'd spend your time on something worth while you'd accomplish something that amounts to something". My diary & account book were the two things receiving attention. While Papa and Mama heard Hamilton Wright Mabie at the First Church, Miss Leidig and Mr. called to arranged for their wedding Dec. 17.

Tues. Dec. 9.
Ironed. Mrs. Duesel here in afternoon & to supper. Prayer meeting 18 present. Visited with Ethel Thompson while the session met. A.K. Towers resigned as organist.

Wed. Dec. 10.
Downtown in a.m. to get trimming for my waist. Mrs. Duesel here all day. Made oatmeal cookies after Newark News recipe. Claire led Junior C.E. today for first time. Papa made the roof to Claire's doll house. Mr. Axt called.

Thurs. Dec. 11.
Mama downtown to do her first Christmas shopping. Cleaned kitchen. Mrs. Duesel here in p.m. Had Christmas rehearsal at 3.30 was all alone, i.e. Lois wasn't there. Concert under Choir's auspices good in p.m. Good house. Met the elocutionist.

Fri. Dec. 12.
Mama tried some "chocolate gumbles" which I thought would be like the "brownies" we had at college. The recipe proved not quite O.K. I perused several


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913070

cook books at last finding a recipe which is, I think, the correct one for "Rocks", the kind Maud Kelsey got in her box from home Freshman year. Papa went down to protest against another saloon on 90 Norwood St. but the case was put over. Cut out a tiny dress for one of Claire's twins.

Sat. Dec. 13.
Printed with papa's big letters a C.E. sign.

100% Efficiency
Attendance and Christian Service

Rehearsal of just girls in p.m. (2.30) but 4 boys appeared. Took off the bulletins. Entre Nous at Heilmann's 8.15 - 11 p.m. Guessed our baby pictures. Lois, Helen and I left at 11 p.m. Mrs. Geo. Darby sent in her resignation from the club. I sewed on the dress.

This week papa remarked on how bad my face looks, & urged me to take care of it. Mama said I had bought buttermilk but wouldn't tend to my face.

Mama said from the time she was a little girl she has always had a great desire to go to Japan. Missionaries who visited at her grandmother's told about it etc.

Sun. Dec. 14.
Baby Mudd, Carolyn Wilhelmina was baptized at church in the morning. S.S. Discussed platform for Christmas with trustees. Mr. R. Mudd came here to give me his specifications. C.E. Ethel Thompson led. Put up my "Our Aim" sign. Church. Those young men were in again tonight and want to join C.E. Wrote Mr. Edward Boyd, and Ida.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913071

Mon. Dec. 15.
Spent most of day looking up about costumes and rereading the cantata. Rehearsal at 3.30 p.m. Some new boys and such obedience! I sent two home Ernest Little and Raymond Marks. S.S. Teachers' meeting in p.m. Junior dep't. in charge. I made nut brown sugar candy, good but sticky, not quite done. Trustees were invited in to decide the floor question.

Tues. Dec. 16.
Mama downtown. At noon I was at Dr. Gibbin's to have cavity filled but it is too large, nerve must first be killed. Ironed 2 1/2 hours. Read about the Law of Choice, an article by R.W. Trine in Jan. 1914 W.H. Campanion, on "Actualizing one's Ideals", read on the Prayermeeting topic, also some in last Survey. Made a little G.S. fudge, cooked this and beat it a little too long. Prayermeeting.

Wed. Dec. 17.
Papa went to New York. Mama rec'd a letter from Dorothy Edwards thanking her for the steamer letters. Swept up and "cleaned" the Library. Mama, seeing the many things to be done, said she thinks she has some duty to her family and that after this she is going to stay home. Cleaned my room, halls, stairs & parlor. Miss Hammel was married here at 7 p.m. I had rehearsal of of the 13 young men in the new basement. 8.25 p.m. began the


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913072

"Country School C.E. social." Hazel Ludlow was teacher. "Samantha" Edwards spoke, "Jerusha" Edwards sang, E. Thompson & M. Oakley played a duet, the Halsall twins sang a duet, F. Platts read a paper on the Discovery of America by Columbus, Al. Clark told about a Jew's bid, "bid farewell". Played games & had coffee & sandwiches. The girls had their hair down & the boys wore short pants & Buster Brown collars. Good fun, but some had to overdo it. The exercises were followed by a spelling match. I forgot to stay to a committee meeting to talk about topic cards & C.E. World's. Arthur asked me and I said I would but never thought of it again till I was home in bed.

Thurs. Dec. 18.
Up before 7 A.M. Papa worked all day on Claire's doll house. Attended a splendid Ladies' Miss. Meeting in p.m. 3 p.m. best I've been to yet. Mrs. Mag Smith had charge. She read a splendid paper. Leaflets were read by Mrs. Evan Edwards, Miss C. Kilburn and myuself "An Endless Chain". An interesting letter was read from Mrs. Dorothy Rolph Edwards. Rec'd night letter from Mr. Edwin B. Stone, Sharon Conn. asking me to come there for interview Sat. I telegraphed I would. C.E. business meeting. Our constitutions are done, very neatly printed. Took Cantata copies up but Choir didn't use them.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913073

Fri. Dec. 19.
Rehearsal for cantata went fine. Papa on hand and no disorder. Retired early.

Sat. Dec. 20.
Left G.C. New York 8.50 A.M. arr. Sharon Sta. N.Y. 11.30 A.M. Mr. Roche accompanied me from Park Pl. to Hudson Terminal. Mr. Edwin B. Stone met me at Sharon Sta. & took me 3 mi. to Sharon Conn. in his machine. Showed me the end of Main St. passing the Library & town clock. After a very very long wait had a nice dinner. Mr. Baker a lawyer and member of the Board interviewed me as soon as I reached Stone's. He emphasized discipline. Mr. Tucker, the H.S. Principal took me up to the school showed me the building etc. He reminds me of Ruth Robinson V.C. '12. Soon took the stage for the station reaching it just a couple of minutes ahead of the train 3.56 p.m. reaching N.Y. 6.18 p.m. Passed two Borden factories one a station for fresh milk, the other a condensed plant. Bought some read ribbon for mama at Hahne's & then walked to Broad just to experience the crowd which proved better looking and more intelligent than I expected. Around 11 p.m. helped papa print Bulletins. Mr. Emil Harms (Gertrude & Elsa's father) died at 11 p.m.

Sun. Dec. 21.
Papa preached a Christmas sermon Luke II 11 from Gal II 20 in the evening. S.S. Harry Fox told


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913074

Dickens "Christmas Carol" to the Junior dep't. Arthur Halsall asked me to lead C.E. tonight & I consented on such short notice. C.E., the best part of the meeting to me was the fact that three of those young fellows were in Endeavor & sat with Will Weinrich. Wonder what they thought of the spiritual warmth of the members present. [Jun] Towers home.

Mon. Dec. 22. Mama did up her presents & I sent them off. Went with Papa to 8 p.m. Church to see Mr. Cassedy and Mr. Nothstein about platform in old church. In the a.m. went to Irvington to see Mr. F.H. Moorell, Prin. of Clinton Ave. Public School about a position. The only gain was to learn that from the County Sup't of Educ. at Court House I can find out exactly what the requirements for N.J. are and get from him a manual giving them. I stopped then on my way home at 323 Court House but it was lunch hour & no one in. Ate lunch & went to 7th Cantata rehearsal. Lois and I only so I played. John, Adolph & Jim looking in. In evening Alvan & I visited whhile he drummed on the new piano.

Tues. Dec. 23.
Ironed 2 1/4 hours. Rec'd word from Mr. E.B. Stone that I have been elected to the H.S. position in Sharon at a salary of $500.00 a year $13.16 a week and am to accept or refuse before the 27th.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913075

Phoned East Side Day Nursery about when gifts are wanted. Spent over two hours doing up my Christmas packages & writing my Christmas cards. Wend downtown & mailed them. Bought holly, nuts, candy, etc. Whew! how it rained. Mr. White tied up my pkgs into one for me. Was wet when I got home & did not go out again to prayermeeting. Mama went to Mr. Harms funeral at which a soloist from the Ch. of the [Reedeemer] sang very beautifully "Heilige Nacht".

Wed. Dec. 24.
Picked out a bowlful of nut meats. Swept dusted & wiped up floors over whole house. To church at 3.30 p.m. Claire had already announced the carol singing. Mr. Nothstein is working on the platform but hasn't begun the manger. Tried to get M. Oakley & Weinrichs to go out & sing. Sent off my acceptance of Sharon, Conn. position. Cleaned hard for over 4 hrs. Mama made rocks, good results, her first effort. To church at 6.45 p.m. Had to get Mr. Littel to open up. Practiced a few minute's "Joy to the World" and "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". Then armed with church hymnals we started forth & from 7.15 - 8.25 p.m. sang these two alternately, going down Norwood, Brooksdale, Boylan, Sunset, Alexander, Pine Grove and West End Ave. It was chiefly a West End Ave. crowd. 4 Ordways, 3 Jamouneau, 2 Jacobs,


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913076

1 Ellis, 1 Block, 1 Fitzherbert. The air was clear and still. Mama said it sounded nice when just five of us sang near Ellis. Helped papa fix his surprise for mama after Claire was asleep and the tree up.

Thurs. Dec. 25.
Claire had exercises by her dolls then distributed the gifts. Delighted with her baby doll which is a beauty. Arthur Mudd and father came in. Dandy Christmas chicken dinner. In evening at tea, Claire's birthday party, we dressed in evening garb and had the polished table & mats and a nice spread. Claire's cake bore 10 candles. After the party I read aloud in the parlor from Irving's Old Christmas. A lovely day. I was not forgotten. Before tea we four at mama's suggestions went through the rain to Mr. Chandler's & played & sang for him.

Fri. Dec. 26.
Downtown with mama. Bought one-piece blue serge dress, corset, brassiere, 2 underwaists & stockings. Paid Mr. Price $.50 as gift of my S.S. class for Ch. Ext. Com. to buy candy for the immigrant children. Rehearsal of just the 13 young men in the evening. Lois, Helen & I made wands and silver stars at Edwards where I unpremeditately staid to tea. Enjoyed myself.

Sat. Dec. 27.
9th Cantata rehearsal at 2 p.m. Entre Nous at Hazel Ludlow's. She is a nice hostess and everything was very tasty.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913077

Sun. Dec. 28.
Christmas music A.M. & P.M. S.S. Cantata Rehearsal in new auditorium. C.E. Miss Wycoff (Warren Ellis' aunt) of Park Presb. church led. Church.

Mon. Dec. 29.
At Dr. Gibbins in a.m. At church preparing the stage. Back again at 7 p.m. and costumed about 30 kids all alone. Church full to witness the Christmas cantata "The Holy One of Israel" presented by 49 people. Some of the children had to sit on the floor, the church was full and people standing. I saw only part of it, spending most of my time in the pastor's room. The choir furnished only the opening anthem and the angel chorus. Milton Ludlow was just splendid to help as he did behind the scenes. Papa printed programs and the cantata and giving Christmas passed off nicely, the only unscheduled number being the presenting of $10.00 in gold to papa by Mr. Axt, who with Harry Halsall came up with a clothesline to which were pinned rompers bearing the letters of BIBLE CLASS. Gave my boys books which I got today for them.

Tues. Dec. 30.
Took 8 S.S. children to East Side Day Nursery with the gifts for the youngsters there, Mrs. called them down to receive our gifts, showed us the Nursery & had us sign the guest book. After dinner I took 5 children to Home for Crippled


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913078

Children. A nurse showed us all thru, letting us stop and visit with each child. The saddest case was a fellow now 22, for 7 years in the home already who is both blind and paralyzed. A member of the Board of Directors reads to him twice a week & was reading to him when we were there. Stopped at Dr. Gibbins for a tooth treatment. Prayermeeting in the evening.

Wed. Dec. 31.
Spent 9.30 - 10.30 with Dr. Gibbins whom I owe $10.00 for treatments of a tooth & for filling cavities. Ironed 2 3/4 hrs. Helped mama use the cleaner up stairs & down. Papa & I went to social & Watch Service under C.E. auspices. Manhattan Park Presb. & Mr. Dickisson (Vailsburg M.E. Ch.) joined with us. Service proper began 10.30 p.m. in new auditorium. Rev. Lemon spoke on "The Past", Rev. Dickisson "The Present" and Rev. Ordway "The Future", emphasis on the religious side. The bell rang at midnight. Hazel Ludlow & Jas. Towers sang very pretty solos. Papa & Mr. Rudolph Schaefer took Mr. Stroud home. Carl Burgesser & I rang after papa for the key. Sent down to Miss Vacek for her work, the three games my boys for the giving Christmas.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913079

Thurs. Jan. 1.
A date familiar because of Vassar 1914. Helped mama prepare for McMillins. I dusted etc. Claire cleaned the stairs. Mr.McMillin, Mrs. M & Faith came about 5 p.m. Dinner soon served. (Cream of tomato soup, croutons, elegant turkey, potatoes, squash, dressing, rolls, olives, celery, shrimp salad & cheesed wafers, coffee, chocolate sponge with whipped cream and sponge cake, nuts & candy.) Had a good time. Mr. M. said what the average city person knows, and what he thinks he knows would fill two very different sized volumes. Washed dishes after 11 p.m. Mr. M. wished me success & told me to put up a good bluff. Papa had me lay out today the books I want to take with me.

Fri. Jan. 2.
Packed my trunk (i.e. papa's which is large enough for this trip) & he packed my books for me. Mr. Shadwell called for them around noon ($.50 for the two) to go by express. Downtown after dinner, bought ruching for dress and gray gloves $.25. (Saw several fire engines etc by Bamberger's near Hakey st.) Bought rubbers, had shoes half soled & heels fixed, $.50. Papa went to men's supper at Methodist Club house. I washed my hair, mama rinsed it for me. Straightened some of my effects. Wrote notes to Lois Edwards, Al Clark, My S.S. Class boys, and To those who presented the Christmas Cantata.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913080

Sat. Jan. 3.
Left G.C.T. 8.50 a.m. for Sharon Station N.Y. where I arrived 11.33 a.m. having to hire a special carriage because I let the stage man go off while I inquired about trunk & books. My driver was courteous & pleasant, has only been here about two weeks and hopes to establish a paying stage business. Mr. Darling, with whom I rode down when here, committed suicide during the Holidays. Stopped at Mr. Stone's. He directed me to see Miss White. I did & left my suit case and umbrella there, refusing her offer of coffee. Interviewed Mrs. Lovell, Mrs. Partington, Mrs. Eggleston & Mrs. Boswick. Sent card home. Bought stamps. Told Mrs. Thompson to tell Mr. Stone I was going to Miss White's, then went to Miss W's who gave me a nice chicken dinner. Browsed in the Library. Unpacked. Supper. More Library, paid my year's fee $1.00 & drew out Roe's "Nature's Serial Story". Inquired about express. Have invested in stamps, pads, pencils & ink. Put ruching in serge dress & retired by 10 p.m.

Sun. Jan. 4.
Breakfast 8.30. Started epistle to mama. Dressed for church. Communion at Congregational church. Met Rev. Partington, saw Mrs. P., Mrs. Eggleston, met Miss Robinson, a teacher, who introduced me to several & invited me in her Bible Class. Read 15 ch. in Roe's - Nature's Serial Story. C.E. at 7 p.m. Consecration & combination church service.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913081

Mon. Jan. 5.
At school 8.20 a.m. to get instructions from Mr. Tucker. Had Germ. II, Germ I, (Recess of 10 min) Geom. and Algebra in A.M. and Cicero in the afternoon. Several asked permission to speak during last period. My first day teaching has been very pleasant. Miss Robinson took me to Mrs. Carter's to meeting of the Sharon Women's Literary Society. Met several ladies, & Miss Clark, wearing at her neck a Vassar seal pin, saw my Vassar seal pin & we had a pleasant conversation. Refreshments, (crackers with cheese, crullers, candy, coffee or tea,) with a lovely silver service. Miss White presiding at the polished mahogany table, concluded the program. The house is lovely, old fashioned with a knocker, arms over the door etc. Stopped at Baker's in evening for a book. Corrected Algebra test papers of today.

Tues. Jan. 6.
Mr. T. said not to let but 2 people speak at once. Had my first Caesar and Anc. History classes today. Trunk came this A.M. & books too. Unpacked books after school. Mr. T. visitied Geom. Letter from home this noon, with drawing by papa.

Wed. Jan. 7.
Asked Clifford Liner to erase board 8th hr. when I saw Albegra pupils copying results from examples done in class, & there was a smile. After school Mr. T. told me about the plan book. Showed me his, showed me the register, told me about


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913082

Teacher's meeting Fri. We discussed Mabel Adams & my suggestion to try no texts in Geom. for a while & make them work out their own proofs pleased him. He wants me to keep a list of misspelled words for him to use in English. Speaking of Algebra he said don't let them know you are doing the same thing, take it up in a different way. What pleased me most was this " It's going well and will go better". Unpacked my trunk & am all settled. Slept tonight like I always do, no strain and unintended nervousness.

[in margin]
Case VII.
x3 + y3
x3 - y3

Thurs. Jan. 8.
Heard Mr. Cadley about 6 A.M. slept again. When I woke up it was 8.30 a.m. I dressed & got to school before 9. Fell down as I left the house. Ate 2 doughnuts during recess while I did Algebra for some of the pupils. Mr. Stone walked in and sat down during Algebra but didn't fuss me. Miss R. asked me to take Helen Bassett's place & chaperone the Camp Fire gilrs' basket ball practice at Town Hall 7.30 - 9 p.m. I did. 6 girls, there. Told Mr. T. my plan & he said "That's right". He told me tonight one type (of the 2) types of people he simply can't stand. Pegged on Latin tonight.

Fri. Jan. 9.
No Cicero class present: no Cicero. School out at 2.30 p.m.: no Anc. Hist. 2.30 - 3.30 in Miss R's room a demonstration drawing & also composition lesson with her pupils, 7th & 8th grades, by Mr. Stone. We looked at the


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913083

drawings, then he dealt out pamphlets to aid in teaching drawing. Our six teachers were there besides some from the district schools, Misses Hull, Rhyms,

Then Mr. S. asked for and gave some principles of help in drawing & the meeting concluded with his reading aloud a ch. from Chubb's on how to teach composition writing. (2.30 - 4.45 2 1/4 hrs.) Copied the ages & birthdays of the High School pupils in the register. Discovered some German books and several extra Geometrys in the "ice box" during Cicero period. Mr. S. returned my photo. Miss R. walked down with me. We met the two Helens (Bassett & Smith) at Eggleston's. Also Miss Donahue. Had some peanut crisp & went in store for first time. In 40 min. moved my belonging from the east room to the big sunny south room. Rec'd letter from mama. [The Newark Board of Educ. phoned to have me substitute there at once, on Tuesday] Went with Miss White and Miss Morehouse to the Casino ($.50) to hear Father Flammerty of speak on Socialism. Very lucid & put in nice language. Also heard Will Kenny sing two solos. Heard a good quartet from Danbury.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913084

Sat. Jan. 10.
Took a tub bath, first chance I've had & fixed my laundry. Spent the morning & correcting, checking up and straightening Algebra papers. Planned my week's work in Germ. II & I. Geom & Algebra. Took a walk south, & went to Mrs. Pitcher's but she won't wash for me. Stopped up at Lovell's & brought home Colgrove's "The Teacher and the School" which was among Miss Stock's books. The hour outdoors rested me. Wrote letter to mama getting it in before 4.30. Finished plans for Cicero, Caesar & Anc. Hist after looking in Library for possible material. Started to copy my plans in plan book about 10 p.m. but it was 12.15 when I was thru & could go to bed. I think it looks neat.

Sun. Jan. 11.
Started letter home. Went to church, S.S. and to C.E. Then to the M.E. church for the first time to the annual meeting of the Sharon Bible Soc. Mr. Partington, Mr. Caskey and Mr. Mackie were the speakers. Mr. C. was particularly good, speaking of Germany & the emphasis placed on Bible study in the schools there. He spoke too of Martin Luther and the effect on Germany of his translation of the Bible.

Mon. Jan. 12.
With Miss Robinson & Miss Pequincy attended Women's Club meeting at Mrs. Ackley's. She gave an original paper on rugs, showing us several of her


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913085

own beautiful rugs. Letter from home.

Tues. Jan. 13.
Saw "The Country Minister" played by local Cornwall talent at the Casino in the evening. Roxie was especially good. Went with Helen Bassett, Miss P., Miss W. & Elinor R. Mrs. St. John & daughter called on me tonight & went with us to the play.

Wed. Jan. 14.
Not until today had I noticed that Arthur Hotaling is paralysed on the right side. Rec'd letter from Miss Una Drawbridge, my first S.S. teacher, sent her my photo.

Thurs. Jan. 15.
Miss Robinson & I went to prayermeeting.

Fri. Jan. 16.
Saw "A night Off" by Sharon local talent. Miss P & I and Jane sat together. Well acted but I didn't get the point of it till almost the end. Play lasted from 8.30 - 11.45 p.m. We all stayed and watched the dancing for two hours. Silly thing to do but I did it. Met Mr. , who was surprised to learn that I do not dance. Retired at 2.20 a.m.

Sat. Jan. 17.
Corrected Algebra & Geom. test papers of Dec. 19, 1913 and finished correcting all other papers so they are all in order & up to date. Did my work for Mon. and planned next weeks work. Enjoyed working, which was all I did all day. Letter from Alma. Letter from home.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913086

Sun. Jan. 18.
Promised Miss R. last night in answer to my first Sharon phone call I'd teach a S.S. class today so studied hard for 1/2 hr. Church. S.S. had two girls Flora Chapman and , with whom I had a nice time. Mrs. C. told me after that her little girl said they had a dandy teacher. Wrote letters all the afternoon, chiefly Christmas acknowledgements. C.E. Miss Robinson led outlining in detail the work she would like each committee (to) do. Read some in Adult Bible Class.

Mon. Jan. 19.
Literary Soc. met at club room in Casino today. Kipling was the subject & Mrs. Ackley read an account of his life and Mrs. Hapgood part of the story called "Without Benefit of Clergy". Mrs. A. recited his poem "If". Letter from home.

Tues. Jan. 20.
Am enjoying (?) a sty on my right eye.

Wed. Jan. 21.
Took my first laundry to Mrs. Pitcher by the school. Mrs. Ackley came up to school at noon & invited me to go on Camp Fire Girl's sleighride. We left her house at 7.30 p.m. going thru Amenia & Sharon station got back about 10 p.m. & had refreshments at her house, coffee, chocolate and sandwiches. Then we toasted marshmallows in the grate fire. Several boys were included in the party. I visited some with the driver.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913087

Thurs. Jan. 22.
Mr. Stone surprised me in Algebra today. I have made a mistake in keeping the register. Only excuses during school hours are to be marked [symbol] and I have checked up all excused tardinesses & absences that way. Prayermeeging in p.m. Very good attendance. Took a little nap before going over, my sleighing party just begins to affect me. Stopped at Mrs. Knight's birthday surprise tea. Also met Dr. Caskey at Miss White's meeting of the Episcopal sewing circle.

Fri. Jan. 23.
Took my lunch yesterday & today to keep an eye on things at noon. Think I need the walk to make me able to remain unruffled during the two afternoon periods in the main room. Moved a second time. (from south room, to the south-east, corner room) in one hour. Can have the table in here so I have lots of room to write, have also a chiffonier in addition to my bureau & closet. Paper is yellow poppies with a spray of tiny blue daisies. Miss Chapman & mother are to have my room. Miss C. is here now. Rec'd letter from Pratt Agency. (stating I may have till March, as I requested, to pay my commission of $25.00.) Also rec'd letter from Mamma & my last Survey. Mrs. Jas. Morehouse wrote me a note asking me to chaperone Ann for her. High School sleigh ride supposed to leave drug store at 7.30 p.m. left at 8.30 p.m. instead with 2 sleighs. We (all) walked to Decker's & met the second. Then with Mr. T.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913088

as chaperone of the first load which had good seats & K.G.O. as the presiding spirit of the second which had an inch run to sit on and had a big aperture in the bottom of the sleigh at the back we started off. Leon Decker, Hazle Peabody, Gertrude Hamlin, Ann Morehouse, Edna Heady, Olive Cesar, Mae Rhyms, Arthur Hotaling, Herman Middlebrook, - K.G.O. = our load. Lakeville, Hotchkiss school & then Millerton at 10 p.m. here we had a delightful time at Morgan's pool room the only place we could get refreshments. After several minutes we had coffee (on what looked like tooth cups.) & oysgter crackers. Bought some gum & started out at 11 p.m. Tried to get the first load to change with us & let us enjoy a respectable seat while they tried to arrange themselves in our sleigh but they would not. Herman & Alansen ran every little way. Got back just as town clock struck one, coming by way of Sharon station.

Sat. Jan. 24.
At 5.30 a.m. heard & saw the Limerock sleigh load returning. They started out ahead of us. Got up at 8.30 a.m. so didn't begin real work till 10 a.m. Spent about 3 hrs. checking up data & arranging it in a notebook of work actually done, which I am to keep for my own use. Corrected & checked up Alg. & Geom. papers made notes of mistakes in the


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913089

Germ I test papers of Jan. 16. Paused at 4 p.m. and spent an entire hr. writing to mamma. It has been raining all day. Mailed my letter & bought some cotton & silk thread etc. Planned next weeks work & copied it in plan book in 1 1/2 hr. Darned the out-at-the-elbow place in my red dress, took a few stitches on my brown waist. Leona Pitcher brought my laundry down ($.40 for 1 combination, 1 nightgown, 1 pair stockings, 1 underwaist & 6 handkerchiefs). Retired 11.45 p.m.

Sun. Jan. 25.
Bathed. Breakfasted at 9 a.m. Sat with Miss Chapman in church. S.S. 50 present in each service. Rev. P. announced that Miss Ordway is next Sun. to tell how Paul wrote his letters, (i.e. with what, how dif from the way we write etc.) Dinner 1.45 - 2.45. Miss Carter and mother were here. Had duck. Nice. Undressed & went to bed from 3 - 4.30 p.m. Slept. Partly dressed & have now read more than half of Roe's "Nature's Serial Story". Miss Chapman & Miss W. went with me to C.E. (Mr. Baker led) & then to M.E. Church, service in lecture room. Heard last part of Mr. Mackay's talk. Met his daughter Mary. Saw Hazle Wiley & later Herman leaving her at his house. Then wrote this chronicle up to date from Jan. 11. Miss Carter has such a pleasant manner. Miss Chapman & I discussed pronunciation.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913090

Mon. Jan. 26.
Got all my Algebra done & A. papers corrected while I was in the main room today. Mr. T. spoke about an available piano & a committee of H. Peabody, E. Kenny & E. Lovell was appointed to investigate & report. Had to balance the register for the last three weeks. First week came out O.K., the second had a difference of 3 and 40 min. effort to find it was unsuccessful on my part & Mr. T. searched for 1/2 hr. before he found it. It was most 6 p.m. when we left school. First time we have left school together. Supper. Did Cicero, Anc. Hist & Caesar. Rec'd a 2nd letter from S.S. Times regarding the Tokio plan.

Tues. Jan. 27.
Enjoyed all my classes so much today. Mr. T. was in the room during most of Geom. Kenny is the disturber of the entire room. Had him down in front today. After school Jenkins and Rhyns Wm. staid to make up their Algebra & Decker & Liner staid of their own accord & worked examples in L.C.M. on the board & got them right, too, after correcting careless mistakes. Understand the process now. Leon asked about multiplication, the + and - signs bother him. He & Alex said Miss Stock would go on if Emily Drumm (who had Algebra last year) could do the work. The class doesn't understand, they have gone too fast. Alex & Leon see now & Leon as he went out after 5 p.m. said "Thank you very much" so heartily that it was ample compensation for the 1 hr. 40 min. spent extra with them. Letter from Mama.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913091

Wed. Jan. 28.
Germ. I people wrote all period at the board. Algebra pupils worked on an all (20 easy examples) period written. Only Mr. Kenny in Cicero & no Caesar class. Had the Ancient hist. class trace the development of the Plebeian power from the early Roman state up to the time of the censors. Had a fire drill at 3.25 p.m. whole school was out in 7 sec. Mr. T. walked up with me this noon from the Casino. He, like Miss Chapman last night, thought I was exaggerating when I said we rode Friday night on an inch wide board, & said if he had known it the first load would have changed with us. Left school today at 4.20 p.m. with Miss R. whom I treated to candy, 1 lb. my first extravagance $.40. Which Miss Donahue & Mr. Stone also shared. Saw Bassett's for first time. Wrote Aunt Lillie & started letter to papa telling about my classes, present status & plans for the future. Mrs. Chapman was here to supper. Reviewed Collar 25-36 (Lessons), corrected today's Algebra papers, planned Algebra test for tomorrow (examples from Exercise 20-42) (34 examples). Did Geom. 3 originals. Was writing this when clock struck 11 p.m. I quit & retire.

Thurs. Jan. 29.
Germ. II wrote Inhalt von Bruderchen und Schwesterchen on board in 15 min. Spent almost entire hour in Geom. on Ex. 222, to construct an isosc. trapezoid having given the bases & diagonal.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913092

Helped Herman construct it. Algebra ites wrote in 10 min. as many examples as they could of those I dictated in the second half of the Review. Cicero class didn't know much, hadn't finished the lesson either Kenny or Heady. Had Caesar in main room. Anc. Hist. class suffered from the general noise & disorder of the main room. Nothing special, but a general restlessness then & the last period. Miss Robinson discussed plans for our turn at furnishing entertainment for the literary part of the Women's Club. Mr. T. & I decided to interchange Anc. Hist & the Alg. study period in time & have Anc. Hist meet in the recitation room. Left school about 5 p.m. Prayermeeting. Saw Miss Donahue & Miss White off to the Minstrel Show. Corrected Algebra papers & answered all questions handed in. Did Geom. ans. quetions. Rec'd pkg from mama containing (new waist, 1 brassiere, 2 corset covers, 2 wash cloths, & 3 yds ruching). Retired 11.50 p.m.

Fri. Jan. 30.
Had Cicero class write part of the translation today. Made a special effort to have room quiet 3rd period. Order first, then Ancient His. (didn't sit at the desk but stood in front of it and once or twice went to the back of the room.) Balanced the register for this week. Kept Hazle Wiley after school to ask her if her remark of yesterday was courteous, kind and true. Rec'd letter from mama. Finished letter to papa & mailed it before 7.30 a.m.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913093

Came down about 5 p.m. Played a couple of pieces on the piano. Read several ch. in Nature's Serial Story. Miss Chapman & I went to a double basket-ball game Sharon H.S. vs. a second team, S.H.S. vs. Lakeville score of latter 25 to 18 in Sharon's favor. Jenkins was particularly good. Retired 11.05 p.m.

Sat. Jan. 31.
Another stormy, rainy, icy, dark day. Worked all day, in the a.m. making for each class a slip showing the attendance & marks for Jan. (4 wks) & the p.m. correcting papers, straightening papers, & discarding more papers. Planned work on basis of needs I saw revealed in the written work. Helen Bassett here to supper. She has asked me to take part in a play to be given the last of Feb. by girls of the S.S. & I consented. Went to Partington's for material about writing material in the time of Paul. Made out two German examinations after 9.30 p.m.

Sun. Feb. 1.
Church, best congregation yd. S.S. 59 out. Gave my little spiel on Material Paul used in writing his epistles at close of S.S. After dinner Miss Chapman & I walked for an hour going about 3 mi. (south to within 1/2 mi. of her home, which we could see). Read for 3 hrs. & finished E.P. Roe's book "Nature's Serial Story" which I have thoroughly


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913094

enjoyed. Clarence Eggleston played a violin solo at C.E. which was a very interesting meeting & followed by a song practice of Endeavor hymns. Learned tonight that Rev. P. used to be in England & South Wales. Tried on my new things. Wrote to mama & retired soon after 10 p.m.

Mon. Feb. 2.
Put new ruching in serge dress. Had Germ II & I classes then copied my exams & watched the main room. Had my first two exams in the afternoon Germ. II and I in recitation room. We turned 2 benches around 11 to the board. Most finished by 3 p.m. Attended Club meeting at Miss Hotaling's - subject Education. Met Miss Helen Smith, the author of "Home Life in Colonial Days". Rec'd letter from Ida this noon & one from Claire & mama tonight. Claire passed her grade & got a testimonial much to her delight. At 5.20 p.m. Miss Pequiney started out for a walk going in 50 min. down past the Inn to the Sharon Valley road, thru the Valley passing Ann Morehouse's & Alanson Middlebrook's, on up past Hazle Wiley's into the village. Spent 3 hrs. correcting 3 Germ. I papers. It is so hard to accurately mark off for the mistakes. Such carelessness!! Why aren't people careful?


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913095

Tues. Feb. 3.
Put Mr. Tucker's III & IV English exams on recitation room boards. Had Geom. & Algebra, Cicero, Caesar & Anc. Hist (in recitation room for the first time). Had them write in class on "Why I like or dislike Ancient History; and how I could be made to like it better". Mrs. Lovell's daughter Mrs. & her cunning 3 yr. old son Ralph were here to tea with Mrs. L. After school Mr. T. asked if the pupils were in the habit of whispering without permission in the Rec. room. He said neatness is an acquired characteristic. He also made this significant remark "Don't get the reputation, Miss Ordway, of being good-natured". He gave me a new class record book. Finished correcting Germ. I exam papers. Miss Chapman took me to the Boy Scout's social at Congregational Chapel 8-10. Played games, chiefly marching. After 10 p.m. made out a Cicero and a Caesar exam.

Wed. Feb. 4.
Copied names in class record book. Planned Geom. & Alg. for today so it went with spirit & kept the pupils' attention. Corrected Latin prose papers. Watched Engl. Hist. exam. part of time. Cicero & Caesar exams in afternoon. No classes. Have today been more conscious of the difference in my age, position, ideals etc. in com-


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913096

parison with my pupils than previously. I wish I could see myself as I am seen then I'd know better how to slide the weight of dignity. Had Mr. T. read yesterdays Anc. Hist. papers & he held forth on Herman's character as shown by his handwriting. Told how he Mr. T. uses topics & collateral reading to increase interest in his subjects. Staid until 5.30 at school & have finished correcting the Anc. Hist for Jan. 28 & 30 & Feb. 3. Returned Nature's Serial Story to Lib. Corrected 1 1/4 Germ II papers. Made out exams for Geometry & Algebra & retired 12.50 a.m.

Thurs. Feb. 5.
Geometry & Algebra exams in a.m. Had a 5 min. Germ II class & a regular German I class, discussing the exams. in each. Cicero in p.m. Mr. Stone walked in during Caesar & remained during Anc. Hist. which we had in the class room. I couldn't resist discussing our plans of work for Roman Hist. topics, clippings & outside reading. He told me after school to make a list of the books I want (giving the publishers) & he will get them. A fine offer & I made it my business after school to find out & make a note of the books we already have that can be used in connection with Anc. Hist. Mr. T. read me some answers


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1913097

to the last question on his Eng. III & IV exam. regarding the magazines & newspapers that come regularly into the pupils homes, & what books other than text books they have read since early Sept. My first check was waiting for me on my desk this morning. Prayermeeting, after which I read part of the Greek history and made out Anc. Hist. exam. Corrected some Algebra exam papers bet. 6 and 7.30 this A.M.

Fri. Feb. 6.
Ancient History exam. in recitation room. Where I later had Algebra & discussed the exam. Caesar. School out 2.30. Mr. Stone gave demonstration Geog. lesson to 11 of Miss Pequigney's pupils. Then followed criticism, etc & reading till 4.50 p.m. Balanced register during school. Finished correcting Algebra papers before I left after dark. Read N.Y. Tribune & checked up my "plan book" not acc., & my "What has been done" book in 2 1/2 hrs. Wrote at noon a 10 line letter to mama.

Sat. Feb. 7.
Spent 5 1/6 hrs. correcting Kenny's, Heady's & Lovell's Latin exam. papers. Tried to cash check but must wait till Mon. Pressed my red dress. Took me 4 1/2 hrs. to correct the eight Geometry exam. papers.
Heard this week from Claire, Mamma (2), Ida, Marian H., State Bd. Educ. Hartford.


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Dusted bureau & table. Church. S.S. Miss Donahue here as Miss White's guest to dinner. Helen Bassett came in & we visited at the table till almost 4 p.m. Then went for a half hour walk. Read Feb. & Jan. Adult Bible Class. C.E. hot bath, letter to Claire. Bed 10.35 p.m.

Mon. Feb. 9.
Club meeting at Miss right across from school. Articles on pageants and on the influence of the drama on the people who view it from the gallery were read.

Tues. Feb. 10.
We attended Mr. Mackey's (canned) lecture on California, illustrated by 70 beautiful slides. Sent $12.50 to Pratt Agency, $3.63 to mamma & $2.16 to the Publishers of "Aus Nah und Fern". Letter fr. Wilhelmina.

Wed. Feb. 11.
Chicken-pie supper at Congregational Church.

Thurs. Feb. 12.
No prayermeeting. Miss P. went to Dr. Bassett's with me. I had a sliver under my little finger nail & couldn't get it out. Got some valentines.

Fri. Feb. 13.


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Sat. Feb. 14.
A story, blizzardy day. Went to the Lib. in the afternoon & waded in snow over my knees. Grand walking!

Sun. Feb. 15.
Episcopal today 20 out. No services in M.E. or Cong. ch. Miss Chapman & I walked down W. Main to opposite Colgate's then up beyond the School house. Read 4 Christian Heralds, my first acquaintance with the magazine. No C.E. Heard Dr. Caskey speak at M.E. Ch. on Lincoln, splendid. Fixed my Edison notes.

Mon. Feb. 16.
No school. Read a third of Colgrove's "The Teacher and the School". Miss White spoke to me about staying up so late nights & using so much light. Bad for me to lose sleep & expensive for her. Letter fr. Mamma.

Tues. Feb. 17.
Pupils seemed glad to get back. Letter fr. Mrs. C.H.Curtis.

Wed. Feb. 18.
Marked report cards after school. Letter from Aunt Lillie. Mr. Haight told me his family troubles.

Thurs. Feb. 19.
Letter fr. Mama enclosing Ridgewood N.J. papers. Hermann Middlebrook helped me make a bulletin board out of 1 yd burlap, ordered at 8 a.m. & here by parcel post at noon from Hawley's at Millerton, & two sticks. No prayermeeting.


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Fri. Feb. 20.
Interviewed Jenkins for Alg. exam. paper tonight. Balanced register. Made report for Mr. T. Miss R. waited for me. Learned tonight that Mr. T. is a minister's grandson. He told me that there is at present a great movement among High School principals against dancing. Corrected Algebra papers. Letter from mama. Wrote her in school & forgot to send it down to P.O.

Sat. Feb. 21.
Wrote Mr. Travell, Ridgewood N.J. Blocked out Algebra from now thru June. Phoned for sleigh, watched city people go by & at 4 p.m. Miss Donahue, Chapman & I left for Miss Robinson with Wike's rig. Rode 1 3/4 hrs. thru Sharon Valley, Liedsville, South Amenia & past Miss Chapman's & Fahey's. Mrs. Kenny & Kathleen called in p.m. & I learned that Edward is planning to go to Hotchkiss. Mrs. K. invited me to call. Read N.Y. Tribune. Rec'd buttons for coat.

Sun. Feb. 22.
Wrote mamma. Church. Junior sermon, the value of a smile in Dan Crawford's estimation. S.S. Asked on the spot to teach Mrs. Partington's class. Did it. Wrote Lois Edwards, Irene Todd Loughborough & Lucy Penniman Mosenthal. C.E. Dr. Caskey spoke in Cong. ch. on Washington. I was in the choir with Miss Houghtaling, Mildred Baker & Clarence Eggleston.