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Short entries in a page a day format. Raymond discusses providing music lessons, Latin tutoring, substitute teaching, and chaperoning field trips for a private school in Springfield. She mentions the students' play and charity ball, as well as her coworkers' salary negotiations. Raymond describes her continuing involvement with religious and social reform. Although Raymond reports initial tensions related to Joe's decision to revive his temperance mission (despite having relapsed into alcohol abuse multiple times), she explains that she eventually resumed participating in meetings, collecting donations, bringing her Salvation Army "Volunteer" acquaintances to Joe's mission, and visiting former mission attendees who have resumed drinking. With regards to her religious studies, Raymond analyzes the sermons of Moxom and other pastors, mentions topics of her Bible and Outlook class, and writes a paper on the Beatitudes. She reports meeting Jewish and Chinese converts to Christianity at a prayer meeting and hearing missionary lectures. Raymond consistently references her involvement in the [Vassar] College Club, particularly its elections, dues, settlements [scholarships], and meetings. She also mentions her visits to other colleges in the northeast, such as Mount Holyoke College (Jan 31, Jun 3, Jun 5, and Jun 10), Smith College (Jun 10), Amherst College (Jun 10), and a college professor in the Hamilton, NY area (Jun 24). Raymond also mentions her social visits and attendance of concerts. She describes the efforts of her friends and mission members to comfort her after the death of the journalist "Harold," (who she had successfully persuaded to cease alcohol abuse). Historical events mentioned by Raymond include the finding of "Ford Howard's dead body" near [New] Haven, [CT, after he had fallen from an icy ledge] (Mar 1) and [widespread forest] fires in Maine, [West New Hampshire], Canada, and the Adirondacks (June 4).

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: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903003
56 Vol XIX


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903005


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903009
January, THURSDAY 1. 1903.

A.M. I gave Harvey a Latin lesson. Harold, Ruth & Ralph came to dinner & we had a good time. H. asked the blessing. Later the Sharpes, little John & Marguerite came. We played crokinole & dominoes.

Wore my black corduroy for first time.

Harvey took photo of Harriet, Her mother, grandma & great grandma.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903010
January, FRIDAY 2. 1903.

Minnie & I went over to take luncheon with Marguerite. Saw little Rufus & Dorothy. Alice Law, ? was there at luncheon. She knows Violet Coen.

Rec'd [fruit] sachet from Bertha Smith.

This evening Howard & Ella Francis called. I helped Harvey a little with Latin.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903011
January, SATURDAY 3. 1903.

Rainy day. I wrote letters & read to Mother "Mill on the Floss". Calls from Mrs. [Tayntor], Ruth Raymond, Sadie Jones.

Eve. Read aloud in "Battle with the Slums". Retired feeling sick & grippy.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903012
January, SUNDAY 4. 1903.

A.M. Dr. Heusen Gal. 5:7. Helps & Hinderences. Communion. I took dinner at Harolds. Coming home I stopped at S. Army. Sat with a half drunk man. Found Harlan here. Augustus Choate came to supper. This evening we got to talking about inviting men here to meet girls. Will says he will invite men home Sunday. He went back to school tonight.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903013
January, MONDAY 5. 1903.

I went shopping, and packed trunk.

This evening I read Mrs. [Free] aloud.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903014
January, TUESDAY 6. 1903.

Harold came this A.M. He went as far as the bridge. I left for Springfield on 12 oclock train with Kath. Carrington, Gertrude [Schenn], Ida Swague. Called at Volunteers. Mrs. Booth told me how Mr. [U...] has treated Jennie Hughes.

My trunk did not come. Rec'd [calendar] from Katharine Carrington & photo from Amy Hopsen.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903015
January, WEDNESDAY 7. 1903.

Helen Whitman has lost her little son.

Began school.

P.M. Went to Mrs. Sweets. Joe has started a mission and we are disgusted with him. He has evidently left his room . I went to the library. Unpacked trunk.

Mrs. Starr Drawing. (11)


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903016
January, THURSDAY 8. 1903.

Mr. Story 25.
Mrs. Starr German. 25.

Mary Beckwith entered. I lay down. Went to church. Voted not to close auditorium because of coal. Mr. Weston has started Joe in his mission. He was mad at Mrs. Sweet thinking she had influenced me not to write. He seems happy now. I went to ask Miss Holmes to come & teach Mary Beckwith.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903017
January, FRIDAY 9. 1903.

Miss King 26.

This evening in teachers gave a common sense party, "smelling, hearing, feeling, tasting, seeing".


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903018
January, SATURDAY 10. 1903.

Miss Berensen did not come. I have read and given 4 music lessons.

P.M. Read, slept, called on Mrs. Kraus (out), Miss Emerson. She said she had wanted to see me.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903019
January, SUNDAY 11. 1903.

A.M. Dr. Moxom "A Divine Friend". Jon. 15:4. I remained to Bible class because they were going to discuss the Resurrection of Jesus. We did not get to the point. Miss Wadsworth read a paper on Characteristics of Mark's Gospel. In his sermon Dr. Moxom had said The Life of Jesus (discusses omitted) [repet...] (omitted) in 3 gospels would make a pamphlet of 20 pp. Omit all doubtful passages & [miracles] & 12 pp. will be left. This makes a wonderful story. I brought up question What would be effect on [Leather] of these 12 pp. I went to Joe's new Mission for first time. Very unhappy. A crank lead. I told Hoe how miserable he had made me. Went to Sweets. Dr. S. thinks him a faker, lazy, liar. It rained so no walking. Mr. Hawkins engaged to Miss [Lane].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903020
January, MONDAY 12. 1903.

Mr. Story 26.
Mrs. Starr German. 26.

Outlook class. Paid my college club dues.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903021
January, TUESDAY 13. 1903.

Miss King 27.

I went down town for Miss Porter.

Outlook class. Mrs. King, [Lincolm], Miss Tandey & Julia Hammen came.

Mr. Hodgskins is dead.

Rec'd picture of 4 generations.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903022
January, WEDNESDAY 14. 1903.

Mrs. Starr Drawing. [12]

Miss Berensen came for special work. I went down town with Ida Seymour. We bought coffee & rolls. Later met Laura [Malton] & we bought chocolate & went to stores.

Mrs. Taylor found Bernice very [poor].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903023
January, THURSDAY 15. 1903.

Mrs. Starr German 27.
Mr. Story 27.

Kath. Bates has left [Sharon] because the doctor & nurse were rude.

Ida & I went to prayer meeting. After interesting discussion, it was voted to [elect] deacons for life. Joe was there, left without speaking to me.

Roosevelt signs free-coal bill.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903024
January, FRIDAY 16. 1903.

Miss King 28.

Fannie Bates has gone to see Katharine.

Eve. Read Symphony programme. Miss Porter read [Taskmasters].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903025
January, SATURDAY 17. 1903.

Read Outlook & Mill on the Floss. Miss Berensen (11). Ida is feeling dreadful because Mrs. Benton writes complaining of Arithmetic.

We had a sleigh ride. Ida Leymon & I went. Helen Keyser, Florence [Snydam], Marin Maltice & Katharine Carrington rode in my carriage.

Dr. Strong writes for Father's photo. I wrote him, Gizzie, & Jennie Hughes.

Eve. Read Mill on the Floss.

Miss Berensen (10).


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903026
January, SUNDAY 18. 1903.

Dr. Moxom. The Word not bound. II [Tim.] 1:9.

Conducted Joe's Mission & things were all right. About 10 of us there. Mrs. Robinson says her husband's is doing well.

Called on the Sweets & Hastings.

Fannie returns feeling happier Katharine is to go to N.C.

I took short walk with girls. Bitter cold.

H.A. Juemp resigns at Hamilton.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903027
January, MONDAY 1. 1903.

Mr. Story (28).
Mrs. Starr German (28).

Mr. Story gave an extra analysis class, that is he explained tomorrows symphony concert. Mrs. Scott came.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903028
January, TUESDAY 20. 1903.

Miss King 29.

We went to Boston Symphony. As [Gerube] is having trouble with his arm, Kneisel led. Maude McCarthy was soloist violin. Schuman Overture to [Genovese] Mandelssohn Violin Concerto Suite.

Tchaikowski 5th Symphony.

A teribble drunken boy & his companion came up the hill with us.

D.H. Clare pastor at Hamilton.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903029
January, WEDNESDAY 21. 1903.

Mrs. Starr Drawing. 13.

It rained in morning & the walk was very bad. I called on Chandlers. They are expecting Grace. I called on Uncle Richard & Aunt Till, went to Johnsons, etc.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903030
January, THURSDAY 22. 1903.

Mr. Story (29).
Mrs. Starr German (29).

Ruth Raymond's Delia was taken with cramps & died in about an hour.

Ida Seymour & I went to prayer-meeting & sat next Joe & Mr. Duffy. Mrs. Clark of the Congo spoke.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903031
January, FRIDAY 23. 1903.

Miss King (30). Went over to see Mrs. Porter. Mrs. Bartlett was there.

Played for dancing & played tricks with children.

Elsie Miller & Mabel Porter went to N.Y.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903032
January, SATURDAY 24. 1903.

Rec'd letter from Dr. Strong thanking me for the photo. Paper from Mr. Juemp. He is to leave Hamilton & go to Brunswick, ME.

I have read a good deal today & talked over classes with Miss P. Began Henry James "Ambassadors".

Miss Berensen (11).


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903033
January, SUNDAY 25. 1903.

A.M. Dr. Moxom preached on Phillip Brooks.

I spoke at Mission to about 8 people on Rom. 7:18-8:6.

I walked with girls & Fannie met Elsie Miller & Mabel Porter at train.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903034
January, MONDAY 26. 1903.

Mr. Story (30).
Mrs. Starr German (30).

Outlook Class.

Mr. Juemp installed at Brunswick.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903035
January, TUESDAY 27. 1903.

Miss King (31).

In our Outlook Class we discussed "Geo. Eliot" by Leslie Stephens, "Mill on the Floss" Henry James etc.

Marjorie Overman, Pauline Day, & Florence Ingersoll were here.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903036
January, WEDNESDAY 28. 1903.

I called on Eva Tapley, Mrs. Hubbell, Mrs. [Bowman], & Mrs. Crocker. Shopped, had head washed. Brought home olives & we had a spread tonight.

I corrected spelling in 3 essays.

Mrs. Starr Drawing (14).


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903037
January, THURSDAY 29. 1903.

Mrs. Story (31)
Mrs. Starr's German (31)

The family went to see Willard in "The Cardinal". I went to prayer-meeting.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903038
January, FRIDAY 30. 1903.

Miss King (32).

I played for the girls "Charity ball".


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903039
January, SATURDAY 31. 1903.

Miss Berensen was ill & did not come. Miss Porter & I went up to Mt. Holyoke College. Miss Wooley entertained the College Club. I came home with Laura [Maltoon] & Jennette Appleton. Eliz. Gruyer is here! She has a position as tutor near Gt. Barrington for $700 & home. Went with her to Laura's.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903040
February, SUNDAY 1. 1903.

A.M. Bapt. Communion. Mr. Hahn Jon. 6:37.

Spoke at Joe's Mission on Being a Stumbling block. Rom. 14:1-15.

Eve. No walking. We 4 had a spread in Fannie's room.

Volunteers came to Joe's.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903041
February, MONDAY 2. 1903.

Mr. Story (32).
Mrs. STarr's German (32).

I am working on the reports.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903042
February, TUESDAY 3. 1903.

Miss King (33).

Finished Prof's, Lena's & my own reports.

Rehearsal of French play.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903043
February, WEDNESDAY 4. 1903.

Mrs. Starr (Drawing) 15.
Miss Berensen (12). Made up last Saturday's lessons. I went to Eliz. [Hun] talk to Collegiate Alumnae. Paddled around in ruin. Went to Laura Maltoon's. She Gizzie & I went to parish home. Crowd so great we did not stay. We went to [Barrs].

Lena had to get school-room ready for play.

Maud Humphrey of Warsaw entered.

Mrs. Webb came.

Epic of H. [Jemes].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903044
February, THURSDAY 5. 1903.

Holiday between terms. Children gave French play "Madame est sortie". This evening I gave party to the girls. Children's games, candy, peanuts, penny toys.

? Mr. Story (33)
Mrs. Starr German (33).

Man had fit in library. [...] reports till about 12.

I had made my own, the professors & Lena's.

Almost sick with cold. Harriet has [bronchitis].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903045
February, FRIDAY 6. 1903.

Miss King (34).

Reports read; classes called.

I took Bertha Smith, [Rayna] [Haigar], & Louise Rodman to train. They are going to Louise's.

We went, I & girls to a little frolic at Mrs. [Broja's].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903046
February, SATURDAY 7. 1903.

Miss Berensen (13).

Very tired all day. We all feel cross.

I corrected spelling. Behind in my Outlook reading.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903047
February, SUNDAY 8. 1903.

Dr. Moxom What Church owed to Society Mark 16:16.

Very tired. Slept a good deal. At Mission found Joe had gone to Boston & Brother Cutler was in charge. 8 of us held meeting. I spoke on Isa 55. Came home in rain. Called at Sweets. Told Crooked [Bend] to two children. Went to train to meet Rayna, Louise & Bertha.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903048
February, MONDAY 9. 1903.

Mr. Story (34).
Mrs. Starr German (34).

I took names for Outlook class.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903049
February, TUESDAY 10. 1903.

Miss King (35).

Outlook class in the evening. I am half sick with a cold.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903050
February, WEDNESDAY 11. 1903.

Mrs. Starr Drawing (16).

I arranged the laboratory closet. Spent afternoon in my room nursing my cold, sleeping & reading "The Pit". Miss Rock writes that she has heard that Col. Gardner


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903051
February, THURSDAY 12. 1903.

Mr. Story 35.
Mrs. Starr German 35.

Miserable with cold but Ida & I went to prayer-meeting. Got chocolate. Called on Sweets. Kath. Carrington is ill & I read to her. [Rayna] [Haigar] is ill. Letter from Joe.

Went to library.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903052
February, FRIDAY 13. 1903.

Very miserable with my cold. Ida Seymour & I went to Mrs. Knowltons tea. I had Dr. Stibbries tonight. I helped the girls with charades.

Miss King (36).

Ida Swague went to N.Y.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903053
February, SATURDAY 14. 1903.

Miss Berensen (14).

Nursed cold all day. Mrs. Booth came tonight. Ida & Fannie did not meet her.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903054
February, SUNDAY 15. 1903.

Remained away from church & from Mrs. Booth's evening meeting in 1st Church. Mr. [Goodspeed] also staid away.

Miss P., Mrs. Webb & I sat in the box at her niece's meeting in Court Sq. Theatre.

Dr. Moxom came to dinner & supper.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903055
February, MONDAY 16. 1903.

Mrs. Booth spoke to girls on Joe of Hard Work. She left before noon.

Cold still bad.

Mr. Story 36 Analysis.
Mrs. Starr German 36.

Ida Swague returned from N.Y.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903056
February, TUESDAY 17. 1903.

Miss King 37.

Snow-storm kept many away. Cold is a little better. Minnie writes that Mothers money is nearly gone.

I wrote to Minnie & Ida Cox.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903057
February, WEDNESDAY 18. 1903.

Mrs. Starr Drawing (17).

It was my day out but I stayed in because of cold. I read & slept.

Miss Porter, Mrs. Packard, Webb, starr, Louise Rodman, & Gladys Reed went to college play.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903058
February, THURSDAY 19. 1903.

Mr. Story 37.
Mrs. Starr German. 37.

I had a sleep this afternoon. Remained home from prayer-meeting.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903059
February, FRIDAY 20. 1903.

Miss King 38.

No afternoon study-hour. I went to library to get books on Greek literature. Dr. Stibbries took me up the hill in his sleigh.

This evening we had a golden wedding. Louise Rodman & Gladys Reed were husband & wife. We had golden decorations, wedding presents, cake in boxes, & wedding poems (written by me at 6 A.M.) I played for dancing. Some day-pupils came.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903060
February, SATURDAY 21. 1903.

Miss Berensen (13). I felt cross about the music lessons but told no one.

I went walking. I am telling The Moonstone to Maud Humphrey & Hazel Brigham. House of Mother to the table.

Finished Outlook reading tonight.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903061
February, SUNDAY 22. 1903.

A.M. Dr. Moxom. Jon 11:27. The Question of Faith.

Ida Seymour & Fannie Bates went to Bapt. prayer-meeting. This is a day of prayer for our Bapt. churches.

I went to Mission. There were Bro. Butler, Mr. Young & a Swedish young man. Talked on Jon. 15:1-8.

Then called on the Chandlers. Talked about his swearing.

Fannie is walking tonight.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903062
February, MONDAY 23. 1903.

Mr. Story 38.
Mrs. Starr did not come.

Mrs. Swague came tonight to take Ida home to Texas.

Outlook afternoon.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903063
February, TUESDAY 24. 1903.

Miss King 39.

Ida Swague has gone. She is to go to school at home. Mr. Charley [Bond] of Waltham came with his daughter Mabel to see about coming. Mrs. Packard & I talked with him.

Outlook class. Discussed "The Pit" by Frank Norris.

Mother writes that they want Frank to come home because of typhoid fever at Ithaca.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903064
February, WEDNESDAY 25. 1903.

Mrs. Starr & daughter are ill so she did not come. I called on Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Sweet, Mrs. Driscoll, Mrs. Hodgkins, Miss Hastings. Went to see Mr. Woods about medicine. I am to write to Cousin Lizzie for [vial].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903065
February, THURSDAY 26. 1903.

Mr. Story 39.

Mrs. Starr did not come. She is not yet well. Mr. Hahn told us in meeting that his children have measles. We devoted meeting to prayer. Left bound Atlantic in church.

Edw. Porter has measles.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903066
February, FRIDAY 27. 1903.

Miss King 40.

I took Hazel Brigham to train. Mrs. Webb left today. Katharine Carrington has gone to see her mother. Ida Seymour went home.

Eve. I played duetts with Marion then I read Outlook aloud. We ate oranges, bananas & grape fruit which Florence Snydam rec'd.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903067
February, SATURDAY 28. 1903.

The girls were expecting to go with Miss Porter & Miss Bates to to Northampton to see the gymnasium drill. Rain prevented & they were very good-natured. I spent my day reading poetry etc in Anc. Lit & Mythology. After walking I spent afternoon in library. Florence Snydam will be 20 on Tuesday & she had a box which we shared.

Eve. Girls made candy.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903068
March, SUNDAY 1. 1903.

Miss Porter finds in the paper that Ford Howard's dead body has been found near N. Haven.

Bapt. Communion.

Mr. Hahn Luke 22:32.

Joe McDonald has come home from Boston. I led the meeting. I talked on Enduring Hardness 2 Tim 3:1-10.

Called on Cousin Etta to hear about Ford's death.

Walked with girls. Ida Seymour returned.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903069
March, MONDAY 2. 1903.

Mrs. Starr German. 38
Mr. Story 40.

Hazel Brigham returned. I had a short call from Mrs. Hubbell to say her mother is here.

Ida signed her name "Teacher of Music".


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903070
March, TUESDAY 3. 1903.

Miss King 41.

Josephine Starr still quite ill. The medicine came from Cousin Lizzie for Miss Wood. I called on the Hastings. Rec'd call from Mrs. Burleigh.

Florence Snydam is 20. Aline Underhill has the measles.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903071
March, WEDNESDAY 4. 1903.

Mrs. Starr Drawing (18)

I went to Johnsons Art Exhibit. Called on Mrs. Dr. Price who is at Mr. Hubbell's on Miss Howard (out) Miss Hodskins (out) & Mrs. Kraus.

Took 6 girls to hear Mrs. [Metstaff-Midley] [screach].

Martha Sharpe has married. 6 children, [times] 8 yrs. old.

Miss Berensen (16).


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903072
March, THURSDAY 5. 1903.

Elizabeth has grippe.

Mr. Story 41.
Mrs. Starr German 39.

Florence Snydam has heard of death of dear lady friend.

Patsy McCarthy came drunk to prayer-meeting. A reformed man Jon. Corning was there.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903073
March, FRIDAY 6. 1903.

Miss King 42.

I took the girls to the Armory tower.

Eve. I had chem. expr. for Marion & Sallie & then played duetts with Marion. The girls played whist.

Miss Porter thinks my story "Felicia" is [...]! I finished "Lady Rose's Daughter" to girls.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903074
March, SATURDAY 7. 1903.

Miss Berensen (17). I went to library & down town this afternoon. Bought violets for maid Elizabeth & Josephine Starr.

Cousin L. & Jessica are going to Willard School in Troy.

Fannie Bates is not to return.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903075
March, SUNDAY 8. 1903.

A.M. Dr. Moxom Luke 17: 14.

P.M. Joe's Mission. I spoke on Eph 1:15-23. Wisdom, Riches, & Power. Joe Conroy was there & also the whole Chandler family. Grace Darling came yesterday & they are so happy. Called at Beth haven & they gave me supper.

Rainy so no one walked. I wrote Miss Hersey about Mrs. Wallace.

Maud Humphrey is 17.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903076
March, MONDAY 9. 1903.

Mr. Story 42.
Mrs. Starr German 40.

Outlook this afternoon. Katharine Carrington returned this morning with Mr. Rogers ill.

Marion [Lincolm] has laryngitis. Gladys Reed has grippe.

Mr. Porter is 59.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903077
March, TUESDAY 10. 1903.

Miss King 43.

This evening Miss Porter & I took all the girls to hear [Gabrilovitch]. I had heard him once before, but liked him very much better this time. The audience was tiny but most enthusiastic.

Outlook class without me.

Miss Bates went 1st time to Miss Robison for osteopathy.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903078
March, WEDNESDAY 11. 1903.

Mrs. Starr Drawing (19).

I went to library, called on Mrs. Sweet. Had dry shampoo & took supper at Beth haven. Miss Jones, Miss Slickery & Miss Spooner were there.

Mr. Barrons walked up with me.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903079
March, THURSDAY 12. 1903.

Mr. Story 43.
Mrs. Starr German 41.

Ida Seymour is 26 yrs. old. Frances & I gave her dark red carnations. She felt blue because she did not hear from "Harrie".

Miss Porter, Lena & I went to business meeting of College Club to discuss college settlement etc. I am on a committee with Laura Malton to ask opinions of club.

This evening Mrs. Wilcox related her experience before church. A converted Jew spoke & Joe told Church he was in debt $7.00.



: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903080
March, FRIDAY 13. 1903.

Miss King 44.

Laura Malton called this evening to give me names of club members to see. I walked home with her.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903081
March, SATURDAY 14. 1903.

Miss Berensen (18).

Morning. Read Greek [literature], gave 3/4 hr. music lessons. Miss Porter & Lena went to the Wallaces to luncheon. I told [M...] at [luncheon]. Walked with Helen Keyser & Florence Snydam. Met Dudley who promised to send Yale paper.

Made calls for College Club business.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903082
March, SUNDAY 15. 1903.

Dr. Moxom Matt 1:21. I Tim 1:15. Salvation from Sin. I remained to Bible Class. My subject for a paper assigned me - The Beatitudes. Good large meeting at Joe's about 26 there. Talked on Parable of Sower. Luke 8:4-8, 11-15. I read Harolds article on Joe. Mr. [Crow...] came & [...] [headed] Smith.

Fannie Bates ill all day with headache. Ida Seymour returned from Westfield. We walked.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903083
March, MONDAY 16. 1903.

Mr. Story 44. Analysis.
Mrs. Starr German 42.

Grace Bosworth entered school.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903084
March, TUESDAY 17. 1903.

Miss King 45.

Very pleasant call from Mrs. Bowman No. 3.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903085
March, WEDNESDAY 18. 1903.

Mrs. Starr Drawing (20).

I went to College Club. They Alice in Wonderland. We had music committee meeting.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903086
March, THURSDAY 19. 1903.

Mr. Story 45.

Mrs. Starr did not appear. I went over to see Laura Malton about College Club. Fannie Bates, Ida Seymour & I went to prayer-meeting. Gertrude Currier [read] on Lee experience.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903087
March, FRIDAY 20. 1903.

Mrs. Starr German 43.
Miss King 46. Mrs. Starr forgot to come yesterday. Miss Porter took all the girls to the theatre - Otis Skinner. I went down with flowers to Mrs. Shipleys. Saw Margaret Irwins baby.

[E...] III Greek Play


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903088

March, SATURDAY 21. 1903.

Miss Berensen (19).

Margaret Irwin's funeral. Dr. Reed of Holyoke conducted it. Ida Seymour & I took supper at the Duttons. Mr. Dutton is fine. He says he will take me up to his Canada mills.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903089
March, SUNDAY 22. 1903.

Dr. Moxom. Gal. 6:25. Individuality of Christian Life ([Creed] & Conduct). I staid to Bible clas. The Beatotides/

11 of us at mission. Ex-[Salvationist] knelt for prayer. Mr. Robinson drinking again. Went to see him. did not walk.

Mission talk Eph 3:1-10.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903090
Pouring rain.

March, MONDAY 23. 1903.

Mr. Story 46.
Mrs. Starr German 44.

Last afternoon Outlook class. Miss Porter, Katharine, Marion, & I went to Edward Porter's birthday party. I carried him marbles. The Woods & Gladys Hyde were there.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903091
March, TUESDAY 24. 1903.

Miss King 47.

Edith Brooks invites me to supper next Friday.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903092
March, WEDNESDAY 25, 1903.

Miss Berensen (20).

I went shopping, bought silk waist, gloves, shoes, "[Loving Many]", etc.

Miss Starr Drawing (21).


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903093
March, THURSDAY 26. 1903.

Mr. Story (47).
Mrs. Starr German (45).

Mary Porter & I went down to meet her friends Dorothy Clapp & Margaret Polland (1902).

Ida Seymour & I went to prayer-meeting. 2 China men examined. Mrs. Chandler & Grace there. Joe is mad because he can't get money.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903094
March, FRIDAY 27. 1903.

Miss King 48.

Margaret [Pollard] has gone. She wants $700.

Evening. We had charades, & impromptu musicale.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903095
March, SATURDAY 28. 1903.

Miss Berensen not here. Miss Bates, Rayna [Haugan], Bertha Smith & Louise Rodman went to basket ball at Smith. I went to Mrs. Sweets, bank, etc, & to Mrs. Todd about College Club.

P.M. Took girls to hear Dr. Moxom on Bible. Supper at Edith Brooks. Met Harcourt Bull who brought me home.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903096
March, SUNDAY 29. 1903.

Dr. Moxom. Belief & hope. He says Christ is not divine.

Joe is all right. Good meeting. Matt. 14:15-33. Called on Smith family & talked about quarrelling. They all prayed.

Talked with Syrians in Ferry St.

Walked with girls.

Letters from Violet & from Harold.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903097
March, MONDAY 30. 1903.

Mr. Story 48.
Mrs. STarr German (46).

Musicale Committee at Miss Ida Roberts.

Very tired tonight.



: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903098
March, TUESDAY 31. 1903.

Miss King 48.

Went to library.

Ida Seymour asks for $500. & will receive $450.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903099
April, WEDNESDAY 1. 1903.

Mrs. Starr Drawing (22).

Went driving with Gladys. We went to Edythe [Elwells] house etc.

[Nails] [...] by Mrs. [Witney]. She talked Christian Science.

Girls had sugaring off.

Ida Seymour finished her music copying.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1903100
April, THURSDAY 2. 1903.

Last day before school closes. I packed this evening. Did not go to prayer meeting.

Mr. Story 49
German 47