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765902/152 ___ 98 January, THURSDAY 1. 1903.
A.M. I gave Harvey a Latin lesson. Harold, Ruth & Ralph came to dinner & we had a good time. H. asked the blessing. Later the Sharpes, little John & Marguerite came. We played crokinole & dominoes.
Wore my black corduroy for first time. Harvey took photo of Harriet, Her mother, grandma & great grandma.
January, FRIDAY 2. 1903.
Minnie & I went over to take luncheon with Marguerite. Saw little Rufus & Dorothy. Alice Law, ? was there at luncheon. She knows Violet Coen. Rec'd [fruit] sachet from Bertha Smith. This evening Howard & Ella Francis called. I helped Harvey a little with Latin.
January, SATURDAY 3. 1903. Rainy day. I wrote letters & read to Mother "Mill on the Floss". Calls from Mrs. [Tayntor], Ruth Raymond, Sadie Jones. Eve. Read aloud in "Battle with the Slums". Retired feeling sick & grippy.
January, SUNDAY 4. 1903.
A.M. Dr. Heusen Gal. 5:7. Helps & Hinderences. Communion. I took dinner at Harolds. Coming home I stopped at S. Army. Sat with a half drunk man. Found Harlan here. Augustus Choate came to supper. This evening we got to talking about inviting men here to meet girls. Will says he will invite men home Sunday. He went back to school tonight.
January, MONDAY 5. 1903. I went shopping, and packed trunk. This evening I read Mrs. [Free] aloud.
January, TUESDAY 6. 1903.
Harold came this A.M. He went as far as the bridge. I left for Springfield on 12 oclock train with Kath. Carrington, Gertrude [Schenn], Ida Swague. Called at Volunteers. Mrs. Booth told me how Mr. [U...] has treated Jennie Hughes. My trunk did not come. Rec'd [calendar] from Katharine Carrington & photo from Amy Hopsen.
January, WEDNESDAY 7. 1903. Helen Whitman has lost her little son. Began school.
P.M. Went to Mrs. Sweets. Joe has started a mission and we are disgusted with him. He has evidently left his room . I went to the library. Unpacked trunk.
Mrs. Starr Drawing. (11)
January, THURSDAY 8. 1903.
Mr. Story 25. Mrs. Starr German. 25.
Mary Beckwith entered. I lay down. Went to church. Voted not to close auditorium because of coal. Mr. Weston has started Joe in his mission. He was mad at Mrs. Sweet thinking she had influenced me not to write. He seems happy now. I went to ask Miss Holmes to come & teach Mary Beckwith.
January, FRIDAY 9. 1903. Miss King 26. This evening in teachers gave a common sense party, "smelling, hearing, feeling, tasting, seeing".
January, SATURDAY 10. 1903. Miss Berensen did not come. I have read and given 4 music lessons.
P.M. Read, slept, called on Mrs. Kraus (out), Miss Emerson. She said she had wanted to see me.
January, SUNDAY 11. 1903.
A.M. Dr. Moxom "A Divine Friend". Jon. 15:4. I remained to Bible class because they were going to discuss the Resurrection of Jesus. We did not get to the point. Miss Wadsworth read a paper on Characteristics of Mark's Gospel. In his sermon Dr. Moxom had said The Life of Jesus (discusses omitted) [repet...] (omitted) in 3 gospels would make a pamphlet of 20 pp. Omit all doubtful passages & [miracles] & 12 pp. will be left. This makes a wonderful story. I brought up question What would be effect on [Leather] of these 12 pp. I went to Joe's new Mission for first time. Very unhappy. A crank lead. I told Hoe how miserable he had made me. Went to Sweets. Dr. S. thinks him a faker, lazy, liar. It rained so no walking. Mr. Hawkins engaged to Miss [Lane].
January, MONDAY 12. 1903.
Mr. Story 26. Mrs. Starr German. 26. Outlook class. Paid my college club dues.
January, TUESDAY 13. 1903. Miss King 27. I went down town for Miss Porter. Outlook class. Mrs. King, [Lincolm], Miss Tandey & Julia Hammen came. Mr. Hodgskins is dead. Rec'd picture of 4 generations.
January, WEDNESDAY 14. 1903. Mrs. Starr Drawing. [12] Miss Berensen came for special work. I went down town with Ida Seymour. We bought coffee & rolls. Later met Laura
[Malton] & we bought chocolate & went to stores. Mrs. Taylor found Bernice very [poor].
January, THURSDAY 15. 1903.
Mrs. Starr German 27. Mr. Story 27.
Kath. Bates has left [Sharon] because the doctor & nurse were rude.
Ida & I went to prayer meeting. After interesting discussion, it was voted to [elect] deacons for life. Joe was there, left without speaking to me.
Roosevelt signs free-coal bill.
January, FRIDAY 16. 1903. Miss King 28. Fannie Bates has gone to see Katharine. Eve. Read Symphony programme. Miss Porter read [Taskmasters].
January, SATURDAY 17. 1903.
Read Outlook & Mill on the Floss. Miss Berensen (11). Ida is feeling dreadful because Mrs. Benton writes complaining
of Arithmetic. We had a sleigh ride. Ida Leymon & I went. Helen Keyser, Florence [Snydam], Marin Maltice & Katharine Carrington rode in my carriage.
Dr. Strong writes for Father's photo. I wrote him, Gizzie, & Jennie Hughes. Eve. Read Mill on the Floss. Miss Berensen (10).
January, SUNDAY 18. 1903.
Dr. Moxom. The Word not bound. II [Tim.] 1:9. Conducted Joe's Mission & things were all right. About 10 of us there. Mrs. Robinson says her husband's is doing well. Called on the Sweets & Hastings. Fannie returns feeling happier Katharine is to go to N.C. I took short walk with girls. Bitter cold.
H.A. Juemp resigns at Hamilton.
January, MONDAY 1. 1903.
Mr. Story (28). Mrs. Starr German (28). Mr. Story gave an extra analysis class, that is he explained tomorrows symphony concert. Mrs. Scott came.
January, TUESDAY 20. 1903.
Miss King 29.
We went to Boston Symphony. As [Gerube] is having trouble with his arm, Kneisel led. Maude McCarthy was soloist violin. Schuman Overture to [Genovese] Mandelssohn Violin Concerto Suite. Tchaikowski 5th Symphony. A teribble drunken boy & his companion came up the hill with us.
D.H. Clare pastor at Hamilton.
January, WEDNESDAY 21. 1903. Mrs. Starr Drawing. 13. It rained in morning & the walk was very bad. I called on Chandlers. They are expecting Grace. I called on Uncle
Richard & Aunt Till, went to Johnsons, etc.
January, THURSDAY 22. 1903.
Mr. Story (29). Mrs. Starr German (29). Ruth Raymond's Delia was taken with cramps & died in about an hour. Ida Seymour & I went to prayer-meeting & sat next Joe & Mr. Duffy. Mrs. Clark of the Congo spoke.
January, FRIDAY 23. 1903. Miss King (30). Went over to see Mrs. Porter. Mrs. Bartlett was there. Played for dancing & played tricks with children. Elsie Miller & Mabel Porter went to N.Y.
January, SATURDAY 24. 1903.
Rec'd letter from Dr. Strong thanking me for the photo. Paper from Mr. Juemp. He is to leave Hamilton & go to Brunswick, ME. I have read a good deal today & talked over classes with Miss P. Began Henry James "Ambassadors". Miss Berensen (11).
January, SUNDAY 25. 1903.
A.M. Dr. Moxom preached on Phillip Brooks. I spoke at Mission to about 8 people on Rom. 7:18-8:6. I walked with girls & Fannie met Elsie Miller & Mabel Porter at train.
January, MONDAY 26. 1903.
Mr. Story (30). Mrs. Starr German (30). Outlook Class.
Mr. Juemp installed at Brunswick.
January, TUESDAY 27. 1903. Miss King (31). In our Outlook Class we discussed "Geo. Eliot" by Leslie Stephens, "Mill on the Floss" Henry James etc. Marjorie Overman, Pauline Day, & Florence Ingersoll were here.
January, WEDNESDAY 28. 1903.
I called on Eva Tapley, Mrs. Hubbell, Mrs. [Bowman], & Mrs. Crocker. Shopped, had head washed. Brought home olives & we had a spread tonight. I corrected spelling in 3 essays. Mrs. Starr Drawing (14).
January, THURSDAY 29. 1903.
Mrs. Story (31) Mrs. Starr's German (31) The family went to see Willard in "The Cardinal". I went to prayer-meeting.
January, FRIDAY 30. 1903. Miss King (32). I played for the girls "Charity ball".
January, SATURDAY 31. 1903.
Miss Berensen was ill & did not come. Miss Porter & I went up to Mt. Holyoke College. Miss Wooley entertained the College Club. I came home with Laura [Maltoon] & Jennette Appleton. Eliz. Gruyer is here! She has a position as tutor near Gt. Barrington for $700 & home. Went with her to Laura's.
February, SUNDAY 1. 1903.
A.M. Bapt. Communion. Mr. Hahn Jon. 6:37. Spoke at Joe's Mission on Being a Stumbling block. Rom. 14:1-15. Eve. No walking. We 4 had a spread in Fannie's room. Volunteers came to Joe's.
February, MONDAY 2. 1903.
Mr. Story (32). Mrs. STarr's German (32). I am working on the reports.
February, TUESDAY 3. 1903. Miss King (33). Finished Prof's, Lena's & my own reports. Rehearsal of French play.
February, WEDNESDAY 4. 1903.
Mrs. Starr (Drawing) 15. Miss Berensen (12). Made up last Saturday's lessons. I went to Eliz. [Hun] talk to Collegiate Alumnae. Paddled around in ruin. Went to Laura Maltoon's. She Gizzie & I went to parish home. Crowd so great we did not stay. We went to [Barrs].
Lena had to get school-room ready for play.
Maud Humphrey of Warsaw entered.
Mrs. Webb came.
Epic of H. [Jemes].
February, THURSDAY 5. 1903.
Holiday between terms. Children gave French play "Madame est sortie". This evening I gave party to the girls.
Children's games, candy, peanuts, penny toys. ? Mr. Story (33) Mrs. Starr German (33).
Man had fit in library. [...] reports till about 12. I had made my own, the professors & Lena's. Almost sick with cold. Harriet has [bronchitis].
February, FRIDAY 6. 1903. Miss King (34). Reports read; classes called. I took Bertha Smith, [Rayna] [Haigar], & Louise Rodman to train. They are going to Louise's. We went, I & girls to a little frolic at Mrs. [Broja's].
February, SATURDAY 7. 1903. Miss Berensen (13). Very tired all day. We all feel cross. I corrected spelling. Behind in my Outlook reading.
February, SUNDAY 8. 1903.
Dr. Moxom What Church owed to Society Mark 16:16.
Very tired. Slept a good deal. At Mission found Joe had gone to Boston & Brother Cutler was in charge. 8 of us held meeting. I spoke on Isa 55. Came home in rain. Called at Sweets. Told Crooked [Bend] to two children. Went to train to meet Rayna, Louise & Bertha.
February, MONDAY 9. 1903.
Mr. Story (34). Mrs. Starr German (34). I took names for Outlook class.
February, TUESDAY 10. 1903. Miss King (35). Outlook class in the evening. I am half sick with a cold.
February, WEDNESDAY 11. 1903. Mrs. Starr Drawing (16). I arranged the laboratory closet. Spent afternoon in my room nursing my cold, sleeping & reading "The Pit". Miss Rock
writes that she has heard that Col. Gardner
February, THURSDAY 12. 1903.
Mr. Story 35. Mrs. Starr German 35. Miserable with cold but Ida & I went to prayer-meeting. Got chocolate. Called on Sweets. Kath. Carrington is ill & I
read to her. [Rayna] [Haigar] is ill. Letter from Joe. Went to library.
February, FRIDAY 13. 1903.
Very miserable with my cold. Ida Seymour & I went to Mrs. Knowltons tea. I had Dr. Stibbries tonight. I helped the girls with charades. Miss King (36). Ida Swague went to N.Y.
February, SATURDAY 14. 1903. Miss Berensen (14). Nursed cold all day. Mrs. Booth came tonight. Ida & Fannie did not meet her.
February, SUNDAY 15. 1903. Remained away from church & from Mrs. Booth's evening meeting in 1st Church. Mr. [Goodspeed] also staid away. Miss P., Mrs. Webb & I sat in the box at her niece's meeting in Court Sq. Theatre. Dr. Moxom came to dinner & supper.
February, MONDAY 16. 1903. Mrs. Booth spoke to girls on Joe of Hard Work. She left before noon. Cold still bad. Mr. Story 36 Analysis.
Mrs. Starr German 36. Ida Swague returned from N.Y.
February, TUESDAY 17. 1903. Miss King 37. Snow-storm kept many away. Cold is a little better. Minnie writes that Mothers money is nearly gone. I wrote to Minnie & Ida Cox.
February, WEDNESDAY 18. 1903. Mrs. Starr Drawing (17). It was my day out but I stayed in because of cold. I read & slept. Miss Porter, Mrs. Packard, Webb, starr, Louise Rodman, & Gladys Reed went to college play.
February, THURSDAY 19. 1903.
Mr. Story 37. Mrs. Starr German. 37. I had a sleep this afternoon. Remained home from prayer-meeting.
February, FRIDAY 20. 1903.
Miss King 38.
No afternoon study-hour. I went to library to get books on Greek literature. Dr. Stibbries took me up the hill in his sleigh.
This evening we had a golden wedding. Louise Rodman & Gladys Reed were husband & wife. We had golden decorations, wedding presents, cake in boxes, & wedding poems (written by me at 6 A.M.) I played for dancing. Some day-pupils came.
February, SATURDAY 21. 1903. Miss Berensen (13). I felt cross about the music lessons but told no one. I went walking. I am telling The Moonstone to Maud Humphrey & Hazel Brigham. House of Mother to the table. Finished Outlook reading tonight.
February, SUNDAY 22. 1903.
A.M. Dr. Moxom. Jon 11:27. The Question of Faith. Ida Seymour & Fannie Bates went to Bapt. prayer-meeting. This is a day of prayer for our Bapt. churches. I went to Mission. There were Bro. Butler, Mr. Young & a Swedish young man. Talked on Jon. 15:1-8. Then called on the Chandlers. Talked about his swearing. Fannie is walking tonight.
February, MONDAY 23. 1903.
Mr. Story 38. Mrs. Starr did not come. Mrs. Swague came tonight to take Ida home to Texas. Outlook afternoon.
February, TUESDAY 24. 1903. Miss King 39. Ida Swague has gone. She is to go to school at home. Mr. Charley [Bond] of Waltham came with his daughter Mabel to
see about coming. Mrs. Packard & I talked with him. Outlook class. Discussed "The Pit" by Frank Norris. Mother writes that they want Frank to come home because of typhoid fever at Ithaca.
February, WEDNESDAY 25. 1903.
Mrs. Starr & daughter are ill so she did not come. I called on Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Sweet, Mrs. Driscoll, Mrs. Hodgkins, Miss Hastings. Went to see Mr. Woods about medicine. I am to write to Cousin Lizzie for [vial].
February, THURSDAY 26. 1903. Mr. Story 39. Mrs. Starr did not come. She is not yet well. Mr. Hahn told us in meeting that his children have measles. We devoted
meeting to prayer. Left bound Atlantic in church. Edw. Porter has measles.
February, FRIDAY 27. 1903. Miss King 40. I took Hazel Brigham to train. Mrs. Webb left today. Katharine Carrington has gone to see her mother. Ida Seymour
went home. Eve. I played duetts with Marion then I read Outlook aloud. We ate oranges, bananas & grape fruit which Florence Snydam rec'd.
February, SATURDAY 28. 1903.
The girls were expecting to go with Miss Porter & Miss Bates to to Northampton to see the gymnasium drill. Rain prevented & they were very good-natured. I spent my day reading poetry etc in Anc. Lit & Mythology. After walking I spent afternoon in library. Florence Snydam will be 20 on Tuesday & she had a box which we shared.
Eve. Girls made candy.
March, SUNDAY 1. 1903.
Miss Porter finds in the paper that Ford Howard's dead body has been found near N. Haven. Bapt. Communion. Mr. Hahn Luke 22:32. Joe McDonald has come home from Boston. I led the meeting. I talked on Enduring Hardness 2 Tim 3:1-10. Called on Cousin Etta to hear about Ford's death. Walked with girls. Ida Seymour returned.
March, MONDAY 2. 1903.
Mrs. Starr German. 38 Mr. Story 40. Hazel Brigham returned. I had a short call from Mrs. Hubbell to say her mother is here. Ida signed her name "Teacher of Music".
March, TUESDAY 3. 1903. Miss King 41. Josephine Starr still quite ill. The medicine came from Cousin Lizzie for Miss Wood. I called on the Hastings. Rec'd call
from Mrs. Burleigh. Florence Snydam is 20. Aline Underhill has the measles.
March, WEDNESDAY 4. 1903.
Mrs. Starr Drawing (18)
I went to Johnsons Art Exhibit. Called on Mrs. Dr. Price who is at Mr. Hubbell's on Miss Howard (out) Miss Hodskins (out) & Mrs. Kraus. Took 6 girls to hear Mrs. [Metstaff-Midley] [screach]. Martha Sharpe has married. 6 children, [times] 8 yrs. old. Miss Berensen (16).
March, THURSDAY 5. 1903. Elizabeth has grippe. Mr. Story 41.
Mrs. Starr German 39. Florence Snydam has heard of death of dear lady friend. Patsy McCarthy came drunk to prayer-meeting. A reformed man Jon. Corning was there.
March, FRIDAY 6. 1903. Miss King 42. I took the girls to the Armory tower. Eve. I had chem. expr. for Marion & Sallie & then played duetts with Marion. The girls played whist. Miss Porter thinks my story "Felicia" is [...]! I finished "Lady Rose's Daughter" to girls.
March, SATURDAY 7. 1903. Miss Berensen (17). I went to library & down town this afternoon. Bought violets for maid Elizabeth & Josephine Starr. Cousin L. & Jessica are going to Willard School in Troy. Fannie Bates is not to return.
March, SUNDAY 8. 1903.
A.M. Dr. Moxom Luke 17: 14.
P.M. Joe's Mission. I spoke on Eph 1:15-23. Wisdom, Riches, & Power. Joe Conroy was there & also the whole Chandler family. Grace Darling came yesterday & they are so happy. Called at Beth haven & they gave me supper.
Rainy so no one walked. I wrote Miss Hersey about Mrs. Wallace. Maud Humphrey is 17.
March, MONDAY 9. 1903.
Mr. Story 42. Mrs. Starr German 40. Outlook this afternoon. Katharine Carrington returned this morning with Mr. Rogers ill. Marion [Lincolm] has laryngitis. Gladys Reed has grippe. Mr. Porter is 59.

March, TUESDAY 10. 1903. Miss King 43. This evening Miss Porter & I took all the girls to hear [Gabrilovitch]. I had heard him once before, but liked him very
much better this time. The audience was tiny but most enthusiastic. Outlook class without me. Miss Bates went 1st time to Miss Robison for osteopathy.
March, WEDNESDAY 11. 1903. Mrs. Starr Drawing (19). I went to library, called on Mrs. Sweet. Had dry shampoo & took supper at Beth haven. Miss Jones, Miss Slickery &
Miss Spooner were there. Mr. Barrons walked up with me.
March, THURSDAY 12. 1903.
Mr. Story 43. Mrs. Starr German 41.
Ida Seymour is 26 yrs. old. Frances & I gave her dark red carnations. She felt blue because she did not hear from "Harrie".
Miss Porter, Lena & I went to business meeting of College Club to discuss college settlement etc. I am on a committee with Laura Malton to ask opinions of club.
This evening Mrs. Wilcox related her experience before church. A converted Jew spoke & Joe told Church he was in debt $7.00.
March, FRIDAY 13. 1903. Miss King 44. Laura Malton called this evening to give me names of club members to see. I walked home with her.
March, SATURDAY 14. 1903. Miss Berensen (18). Morning. Read Greek [literature], gave 3/4 hr. music lessons. Miss Porter & Lena went to the Wallaces to luncheon. I
told [M...] at [luncheon]. Walked with Helen Keyser & Florence Snydam. Met Dudley who promised to send Yale paper. Made calls for College Club business.
March, SUNDAY 15. 1903.
Dr. Moxom Matt 1:21. I Tim 1:15. Salvation from Sin. I remained to Bible Class. My subject for a paper assigned me .The Beatitudes. Good large meeting at Joe's about 26 there. Talked on Parable of Sower. Luke 8:4-8, 11-15. I read Harolds article on Joe. Mr. [Crow...] came & [...] [headed] Smith.
Fannie Bates ill all day with headache. Ida Seymour returned from Westfield. We walked.
March, MONDAY 16. 1903.
Mr. Story 44. Analysis. Mrs. Starr German 42. Grace Bosworth entered school.
March, TUESDAY 17. 1903. Miss King 45. Very pleasant call from Mrs. Bowman No. 3.
March, WEDNESDAY 18. 1903. Mrs. Starr Drawing (20). I went to College Club. They Alice in Wonderland. We had music committee meeting.
March, THURSDAY 19. 1903. Mr. Story 45. Mrs. Starr did not appear. I went over to see Laura Malton about College Club. Fannie Bates, Ida Seymour & I went to
prayer-meeting. Gertrude Currier [read] on Lee experience.
March, FRIDAY 20. 1903.
Mrs. Starr German 43. Miss King 46. Mrs. Starr forgot to come yesterday. Miss Porter took all the girls to the theatre - Otis Skinner. I went down with flowers to Mrs. Shipleys. Saw Margaret Irwins baby.
[E...] III Greek Play [Haign]
Rainy. March, SATURDAY 21. 1903. Miss Berensen (19). Margaret Irwin's funeral. Dr. Reed of Holyoke conducted it. Ida Seymour & I took supper at the Duttons. Mr. Dutton is
fine. He says he will take me up to his Canada mills.
March, SUNDAY 22. 1903. Dr. Moxom. Gal. 6:25. Individuality of Christian Life ([Creed] & Conduct). I staid to Bible clas. The Beatotides/ 11 of us at mission. Ex-[Salvationist] knelt for prayer. Mr. Robinson drinking again. Went to see him. did not walk. Mission talk Eph 3:1-10.
Pouring rain. March, MONDAY 23. 1903. Mr. Story 46.
Mrs. Starr German 44. Last afternoon Outlook class. Miss Porter, Katharine, Marion, & I went to Edward Porter's birthday party. I carried him marbles. The Woods & Gladys Hyde were there.
March, TUESDAY 24. 1903. Miss King 47. Edith Brooks invites me to supper next Friday.
March, WEDNESDAY 25, 1903. Miss Berensen (20). I went shopping, bought silk waist, gloves, shoes, "[Loving Many]", etc. Miss Starr Drawing (21).
March, THURSDAY 26. 1903.
Mr. Story (47). Mrs. Starr German (45). Mary Porter & I went down to meet her friends Dorothy Clapp & Margaret Polland (1902). Ida Seymour & I went to prayer-meeting. 2 China men examined. Mrs. Chandler & Grace there. Joe is mad because he
can't get money.
March, FRIDAY 27. 1903. Miss King 48. Margaret [Pollard] has gone. She wants $700. Evening. We had charades, & impromptu musicale.
March, SATURDAY 28. 1903.
Miss Berensen not here. Miss Bates, Rayna [Haugan], Bertha Smith & Louise Rodman went to basket ball at Smith. I went to Mrs. Sweets, bank, etc, & to Mrs. Todd about College Club.
P.M. Took girls to hear Dr. Moxom on Bible. Supper at Edith Brooks. Met Harcourt Bull who brought me home.
March, SUNDAY 29. 1903. Dr. Moxom. Belief & hope. He says Christ is not divine. Joe is all right. Good meeting. Matt. 14:15-33. Called on Smith family & talked about quarrelling. They all prayed. Talked with Syrians in Ferry St. Walked with girls. Letters from Violet & from Harold.
March, MONDAY 30. 1903.
Mr. Story 48. Mrs. STarr German (46). Musicale Committee at Miss Ida Roberts. Very tired tonight. Raining.
March, TUESDAY 31. 1903. Miss King 48. Went to library. Ida Seymour asks for $500. & will receive $450.
April, WEDNESDAY 1. 1903. Mrs. Starr Drawing (22). Went driving with Gladys. We went to Edythe [Elwells] house etc. [Nails] [...] by Mrs. [Witney]. She talked Christian Science. Girls had sugaring off. Ida Seymour finished her music copying.
April, THURSDAY 2. 1903. Last day before school closes. I packed this evening. Did not go to prayer meeting. Mr. Story 49
German 47
April, FRIDAY 3. 1903. Last day. We came to N.Y. on the 2.22 train. Found that Mother had laid aside her crutches. Miss King 49.
April, SATURDAY 4. 1903. One year ago today Mother broke her hip. I went to see Mr. Korn & Miss Dunn. Harold came to luncheon.
April, SUNDAY 5. 1903.
Dr. Henson preached this morning. Harold & Ralph came to dinner. Afternoon I called on Mabel Lunn & saw Marion & Charlie Izzard. I also called on Lucy Skinner. Eve. Ruth & I went to hear Booth-Tucker at the Hausen Place Church.
April, MONDAY 6. 1903.
I went to Roseville Ave. to see Jennie Hughes & her 4. I took dinner & at 5.10 went to visit Louise Rodman. Saw the lovely baby Beverly.
Rainy. April, TUESDAY 7. 1903. Went to Miss Baird's school. Louise & her mother came to N.Y. with me. I saw Eliza Buffington on the train. Tonight Minnie told me about Harold last spring. He talks of going to Atlantic City. Played on the piano for Bertha.
April, WEDNESDAY 8. 1903.
Went to Miss Dunn's & did shopping. Mrs. McClean altered my gray silk sleeves. Sadie Jones came to dinner. Emma says she wants to leave at the end of the month. Finished postals about College Club Musicale. I was worried all day & so cross.
Sicily 2 other books of Miss P.
April, THURSDAY 9. 1903.
I went to Korns & shopping. Cousin Maria & Hattie called when I was out. After luncheon I went over to Mary Thurstons to see Cousin Maria.
April, FRIDAY 10. 1903. Marguerite brought Dorothy over. Dorothy got sick on the cars so she hired a cab for $8.00. I went to Miss Dunn's.
April, SATURDAY 11. 1903. Mrs. McChase sewed for Minnie & me today. I went to Taylors, Kones. Harvey & Will have gone to Philadelphia & Atlantic City.
April, SUNDAY 12. 1903.
Easter Sunday but not and ideal one.
Dr. Henson Phil. 3:10. The Power of the Resurrection. Frank Sharpe came to ask me to go to Harold who is very ill. I found him alone. Then I went to see Aunt Susie & Sallie. Returned. Black Ella came. Later Minnie. Dr. Sharpe came twice. I spent the night. Ralph returned at 4 A.M.
April, MONDAY 13. 1903. I came home to breakfast. Back to Harold. He said Is there a God. Back to Miss Dunn's & luncheon. Harold came this
P.M. & went to Korns with me. I told him by telephone I would sleep there. Went at 9 & found Ruth.
April, TUESDAY 14. 1903.
Pouring rain. Left at 4 P.M. Helen Schwan fed me candy all the way. Grace Hubbard on train. Talked of Philip Moxoms Joe's [...].
April, WEDNESDAY 15. 1903. College Club Musicale. Pauline Day played. It was at Ida Roberts. School began. Mrs. Starr Drawing (23).
April, THURSDAY 16. 1903. After prayer-meeting I told Joe my troubles. He cheered me. Did not go to Festival rehearsal. Mrs. Starr German 48.
Mr. Story 50. Louise Rodman returned.
April, FRIDAY 17. 1903.
Miss King 50(?) Strange day. Encouraging letter from Harold in A.M. on the strength of which I wrote Mother & Joe. Then came
telegram "Make no use of letter till you hear from me". I feel most anxious. Eliz. Gruyer & Anna called. They have come to festival. 1st concert evening. Sullivan's Golden Legend. Soloists. Shannah [Cummin], Mme Isabella [Bouton]. Dress (gray) came from Korn.
April, SATURDAY 18. 1903. Miss Berensen was here last night (21). No letter from Harold in A.M. Took children to end of rehearsal. Noon. Comforting letter from Harold. More calm & normal. Says I am sentimental & have him. 2nd concert. Jeseffy, Mme Bouton & Orchestra.
3rd concert. [Hora Moressima], Ada Crossley, Anita Reo, [Dippel Fridein Mastin].
April, SUNDAY 19. 1903. Dr. Moxom Matt 10:1. "The Endowment of Power". Dr. M. came to dinner. At Mission Smith appeared. I talked on 1 Cor. 13. Read H's letters to Joe. Called on Smiths.
Lena is ill. Called on Mrs. Sweet. Miss Seymour is laid up with inflamed eyes. Miss Bates walked.
April, MONDAY 20. 1903.
Mrs. Story 51 Analysis Mrs. Starr German 49
Miss Seymour laid up with sore eyes.
Miss Porter got dizzy.
Violet Coen's mother very ill, angina pectoris.
I have begun to practice the Dreamland Free music with Lena & children.
April, TUESDAY 21. 1903. Miss King (51). Miss Seymour still in her room. Fannie Bates & I sat alone in the balcony at Mary of Maydale by Mrs. Fisk. Marvellous
& solemn. Minnie writes that Mother showed my letter to Harold!
April, WEDNESDAY 22. 1903. Mrs. Starr Drawing (24). Miss Porter & Fannie Bates took girls to Comedy of Errors. I called on Mrs. Chandler & Grace, then went to Beth haven
to tea. I am to be one of the incorporators. Miss Slickery, Miss & the mother of Dean were there.
April, THURSDAY 23. 1903. My green foulard came from Miss Dunn. Mr. Story 52.
Mrs. Starr German 50. Union Prayer meeting. Very good. At the end Mr. [Bostwith] of Grande Lyne spoke.
April, FRIDAY 24. 1903.
The girls went with Lena for their first long walk. I copied parts of Dreamland Free. Finished this evening while girls studied. First I played tricks with the children. Miss King (52).
April, SATURDAY 25. 1903. Miss Berensen (22). I rec'd letter from Joe asking me to go to Mrs. Howard's to tea with him 23 Ashley St. Mitteneague.
A.M. Went down town shopping. Went in to see Joe.
P.M. Slept, walked with girls, read Outlook. Met Joe & we took 5.15 car for Mitteneague. After supper we had a little prayer-meeting & I think Mr. Howard was converted.
April, SUNDAY 26. 1903.
Rev. James Williamson of [Garedull]. II Cor. 5:19. Grand man, but a "heretic". I remained to Bible class. All of family came to Mission but Mrs. Howard. Mother-in-law upset him. Dr. Brooks came in. I went up with girls to Beth haven. Evening. Walked with girls.
April, MONDAY 27. 1903.
Mr. Story 53. Mrs. Starr German 51. Very nice letter from Harold. He has started at Dr. Hillis's.
April, TUESDAY 28. 1903.
Miss King (53).
This evening I played tricks with Marion, Katharine & Edward. I also wrote to May Clark & Myra Reynolds about Elizabeth McAdams. Nice letter from Minnie about Harold.
April, WEDNESDAY 29. 1903. Mrs. Starr Drawing (25) I called on Miss Pierce, Edith & Mrs. Brooks & Cousin Helen Strong. Grace Fairbanks & Mr. Burr are to be married
June 17.
April, THURSDAY 30. 1903.
Mr. Story 54.
Mrs. Starr German 52. At prayer-meeting Miss Wilcox & Mr. Currier (of Training School) related experiences. Election of 4 deacons. When I left J.D. Parsons only was elected.
Mr. Wood had a nervous shock or stroke today. Hattie died 13 yrs. ago.
May, FRIDAY 1. 1903.
Miss King (54)
Lena took girls to Forest Park. I rec'd Harriets 6 mos. picture. Hazel Brigham & I went to library & to Printing & Binding.
The deacons elected were
J.D. Parsons Mr. McKinnon Mr. Kraus Harry Bridgeman
Mabel Porter, Louise Rodman, Maud Humphreys made candy. The others went to Ben Hur. Geo. [Keyser] came to dinner.
May, SATURDAY 2. 1903.
Splendid letter from Myra Reynolds about Eliz. McAdams. No Fresh Air work for Frank. I sewed. Read Atlantic.
Walked. Slept. Called on Mrs. Hyde on an errand. She is Mrs. Wood's sister. Mr. Wood still very ill. I have written for [...] cataract medicine.
Miss Berensen made ex-[...] [23)] Helen Keyser went to Greenfresh.
May, SUNDAY 3. 1903. Mr. Hahn 1 Cor. 13:1-3. Miss Wilcox & Mr. Currier baptized. Communion. Ida & I scrapped about J. Wills Champney's name. Mr. Woods is drowsey. Mission. Mr. Hahn came in & spoke on the Blind Man. Fannie Bates walked.
May, MONDAY 4. 1903.
Mr. Story 55. Mrs. Starr German 53. Worked all day. Practiced. Dreamland Free in P.M. with children and evening alone & with Hazel & Florence.
May, TUESDAY 5. 1903. Miss King (55). I lent her father's life. Minnie is 52 today. Dr. Brooks called this morning, asked how Joe's Mission was supported & gave me $5.00.
May, WEDNESDAY 6. 1903.
I went to Mrs. Todd's on John St. about college club, shopped then to library. Helen Schener's aunt came to dinner & so did Dr. Moxom. He read to us all the evening. Herve Reed, Clem, Grammariam's funeral, Rabbi Ben Ezra. Nice letter from Harold about coming up with Ruth. Mrs. Starr Drawing (26).
May, THURSDAY 7. 1903.
Mr. Story 56. Mrs. Starr German 54. Mother writes she has walked to Mabel Lewis's & has been by carriage to take luncheon at Sallie's. Reception at Mrs. Taylor's. Wore my foulard - green - for first time. Prayer meeting.
May, FRIDAY 8. 1903. Miss King 56. Ida Seymour went to Vassar. Lena & Frances took girls to Mr. Baggs woods. I went to bank & paid Mr. Dexter $10 for
Joe's rent. Evening. We wheeled Joe's baby's carriage to him. Mrs. Packard seemed touched when I gave her lilies of the valley. Louise Rodman gave me 2 doz. sharpened [pencils].
May, SATURDAY 9. 1903.
Miss Berensen (24) came just for private lessons & measurements. I have been writing my paper on the Beatitudes. Rec'd reply from Luytie's Pharmacy. I went with Lena to business meeting of College Club. Miss Young presided. We elected officers. Pres. Mrs. Dogget Vice P. Recording Sect. Corresponding " Clara Reed Treasurer
Laura Malton presented her report & we discussed College Settlements. Appointed a committee to investigate the financial side.
May, Sadie SUNDAY 10. 1903. I remained away from church to write my paper. Went to cemetery to write. Stopped to see Mrs. Fiske's 8 wks. baby.
P.M. At Joe, we had nearly 20. The Howards were there & I think Mr. " [Howard] was converted. I walked. Ida Seymour returned from Midsummer Nights Dream at Vassar.
May, MONDAY 11. 1903.
Mr. Story 57. Mrs. Starr - German. 55
We heard Pres. [Hazard] address Wellesley Club. Then I went to see Mrs. [Faunce] & Mrs. Hastings kept me to supper. Frances Bates has a severe & sudden attack of lumbago.
May, TUESDAY 12. 1903. Miss King. 37. Miss Barrys & Rose Dutton at luncheon. Frances Bates in her room all day. Rec'd bill from Albany for cataract
May, WEDNESDAY 13. 1903. Mrs. Starr Drawing (27). Miss Bates came to school today. I went to cemetery & wrote on my paper. Then I called on Mrs. Chandler. Grace has
gone to work. She has a young man. I encouraged their letting her go to White St. Church. Came home with Mrs. Brogan & Andrew in a coupe! Eliz. McAdams came tonight to be a candidate.
May, THURSDAY 14. 1903.
Mr. Story 58 Mrs. Starr - German 56. We like Miss McAdams. She is not well today & looks sober. Says she likes me. I am tired for I played for Dreamland
Free & then taught 3 classes. At prayer-meeting we discussed resentment.
May, FRIDAY 15. 1903. Miss King (58). Went down to Beth haven to see about Mrs. [Gruyler]. She leaves for N.Y. tomorrow. The girls had picnic supper in Bagg woods. Fannie & I found them at six. Wrote to Mr. Skelling, Mother etc tonight. I am still working on Beatitudes.
May, SATURDAY 16. 1903. Miss Berensen (25) took measures. Worked all day long on my Beatitudes. Finished at dinner time. Eve. Long call on Mip Emerson.
May, SUNDAY 17. 1903. Dr. Moxom Faith & Faithfulness. Frances Bates staid with me. I read paper on Beatitudes. Good mission. Then Joe & I called on Chandlers. Miss Porter went to Hartford to dinner.
May, MONDAY 18. 1903.
Mr. Story 59. Mrs. Starr German 57. Analysis class. Rehearsed Dreamland Free A.M. & Afternoon. Played duets with 3 children this eve.
May, TUESDAY 19. 1903. Miss King (59) Very hot indeed today.
May, WEDNESDAY 20. 1903. Mrs. Starr Drawing (28) Very warm. Called on Mrs. Sweet who is going away. Had corns cut. Got music. Went for 1st time for corns to Mrs.
Davis. Mrs. Stevens has left town. Mr. Schenck tells me about Mr. Bateman's fall. Called on Mrs. Baldwin & on Joe's baby Helen 2 1/2 wks old.
May, THURSDAY 21. 1903. I went to prayer-meeting. As Mr. Hahn is at Buffalo meetings Deacon Hathaway led. This afternoon we rehearsed cantata. Mr. Story 60.
Mrs. Starr German 58. Miss P. has spoken to Ida Seymour about her friendship with Florence Snydam.
May, FRIDAY 22. 1903. Miss King (60). Girls went to Bagg woods. Miss Bates went to Wellesley. Miss P. talked with me about Ida & Florence. We were quiet
at breakfast & luncheon.
May, SATURDAY 23. 1903.
Fannie Bates came home tonight. I spent day & evening changing things in desk drawers, packing photos & letters in boxes.
May, SUNDAY 24. 1903.
A.M. Dr. Moxom Ralph Waldo Emerson Matt. 5:8.
Small meeting at the Mission, 9 of us there. Dr. Brooks was there. Called on Mrs. Robinson. Her husband is drinking & she won't live with him. Visited Ferry St. Walked tonight.
May, MONDAY 25. 1903.
Mr. Story 61. Mrs. Starr German 59. Rehearsed for cantata this afternoon. I wrote to Jennie Hughes.
May, TUESDAY 26. 1903. Miss King (61). Read Law & the Lady this afternoon & took a nap. We had fight this evening over Dr. Hahn.
May, WEDNESDAY 27. 1903. Mrs. Starr Drawing 29. I went to library & read especially E. Abbott's Kernel & the Husk. Then did a little shopping. Took tea at the Elys. Met
Miss Ely, Aunt [...] & Aunt Hattie. Mr. Paterson came in the evening. Met Fannie Bates & we went to Bapt. Strawberry Festival. Ida was sick & couldn't come. Called on Mrs. Scott - out.
May, THURSDAY 28. 1903.
Mr. Story 62. Mrs. Starr 60.
Rehearsal for cantata this afternoon.
This evening in prayer-meeting Dr. Hahn told us about Buffalo meetings.
Mother writes that Bertha is very ill. Frank is alarmed about her heart. Mabel Healy has a little daughter Mabel. [Lkef.] Norton has kidney trouble. Susie Norton expects [No.] 4 in August. Cousin Hattie has been with [Emma] to [Journeys], his first shopping in more than a year.
May, FRIDAY 29. 1903. Miss King (62). This A.M. we began school at 8 & closed at 12.45. Devoted afternoon to rehearsing cantata, dress rehearsal. Before that
I took Bertha Smith & Elsie Miller to Science Building. Miss Porter & Fannie Bates took girls to see Mansfried in Julius Caesar. Mrs. Webb came tonight.
May, SAturday 30. 1903.
This A.M. I took Maud Humphrey to the train. She is going to Europe. Mrs. [Dorfluiger] & Florence came to take luncheon with Florence Snydam. Miss Bates went to [Meeting] to lunch with Mabel Porter & her friend . [Apleman]. We gave Dreamland Free. I played. Eve. I walked with mother to Union & Republican buildings.
May, SUNDAY 31. 1903.
Dr. Moxom on Mohonk Peace Conference. About 20 at mission. I called on Smiths. They think Joe doesn't care for them. Went down Ferry St. Told story to lots of children. Had good time. Fannie Bates walked. I talked on Jon. 4:19, 5:4.
June, MONDAY 1. 1903.
Mr. Story 63. Mrs. Starr 61 German. Miss Porter & Mrs. Webb went to Boston to attend graduation at Miss Hersey's School. I called on Mrs. Porter & she
wants me to give up going to Joe's Mission. Mother is 83.
June, TUESDAY 2. 1903. Miss King 63. Sad day. Katharine Carrington's Mother is dead. Miss Porter came home at lunch time. Lena broke the news to poor
little Katharine. Mr. Rogers came. Mrs. Evan's is to take her. No letter from Mother.
June, WEDNESDAY 3. 1903.
I went to Mt. Holyoke to business meeting & social of A.C.A. Miss Pierce presided. Discussed admission of new colleges. Miss Price new Pres. Talked with Hist. teacher. Called on Mrs. [Privington] & staid to supper. Mr. Price & Miss Milne came. She is daughter of Mrs. J. Milne. Mrs. Starr Drawing 30.
June, THURSDAY 4. 1903.
Yellow day. Miss Porter doesn't dare have us go up to Holyoke for fear of fire. Terrible fires in Maine, W. N.H., Canada, Adirondacks. Prayer-meeting. Mr. Story 64.
June, FRIDAY 5. 1903. Holiday. Fannie Bates & I took girls to Mt. Holyoke. I had Marion. Ida stayed to Chaperone Ruth Wallace to circus. Miss Saunders the nurse has brought Mrs. Carringtons last letter & message to Katharine. Miss Louise Bartlett came. I met her.
June, SATURDAY 6. 1903.
Mrs. Starr's German 62. Miss King 64. Took invitation. Called on Mrs. Bowman. Miss Bartlett has been asked to come. I went to library this evening.
June, SUNDAY 7. 1903. I took the girls to Episcopal communion. Mr. Brooks preached on Trinity. Very small meeting & Joe is blue & discouraged. Walked with girls.
June, MONDAY 8. 1903.
Mr. story 65. Mrs. Starr German 63. Request Analysis. I went down to meet Mother & Bertha. Mother walks nicely & they all like Bertha. Mrs. Packard returned from Vassar.
June, TUESDAY 9. 1903. Miss King 65. Fannie Bates & Bertha started for S. Hadley but went only to Holyoke. I went to McDuffie graduation. 5 girls. Mrs.
[Heinth] unable to come so Mr. Brooks took her subject, A Successful Life. Eve. Bertha & I went to Long Meadow.
June, WEDNESDAY 10. 1903. Drawing 31. Bertha & I went to Smith, Amherst & Mt. Holyoke colleges. Mrs. Webb came from Vassar. We saw Miss Berensen,
Jordan, Dr. [Seelege], Mr. Schenck.
June, THURSDAY 11. 1903. I took Bertha to Mrs. Rising's tea. Also to prayer-meeting. Subject Ralph Waldo Emerson! Mrs. Starr German 64.
Mr. Story 66.
June, FRIDAY 12. 1903. Trolley ride given by Louise Rodman. ? Miss King 66.
June, SATURDAY 13. 1903. Bertha & I delivered invitations & went through High School & Library.
P.M. Took Florence Woods, Louise Rodman, Gladys Reed to get photographed. Met [Nannie] Rodman. Undergraduates gave lawn party to graduates. ? Miss King 67
June, SUNDAY 14. 1903. Children's Sunday at South Church. Dr. Moxom preached on Luke 2: Bertha did not go. At Mission I got $1.00 from Dr. Brooks on street .50 from Bertha .10 from collector. I gave .25. 2 men were converted. I took Bertha to train 5.25. Retired early. No walking.
Rained all day.
June, MONDAY 15. 1903.
Mr. Story 67. Mrs. Starr German 65. Louise Rodman & Gladys Reed finished exams with me. Taking Germ. Book V. Mrs. Webb has intercostal rheumatism. Eliza Buffington came.
June, TUESDAY 16. 1903. ? Miss King 68. Last day of regular school. Fannie & girls went for ferns, I took girls past hospital for daisies. Children there helped
pick. This evening Finished reports without Miss Porter.
June, WEDNESDAY 17. 1903.
A.M. Closing exercises & French Play & Class Day. I went to meet Mrs. Booth. Grace Fairbanks & Mr. Burr married.
P.M. Girls decorated parlors.
Eve. Gladys Reed, Florence Wood & Louise Rodman were graduated. Mrs. Booth spoke on the Touch that makes Life beautiful. I sat between Mr. Snydam & Mr. Rodman.
June, THURSDAY 18. 1903.
I took Mrs. Booth to train. Went to 3 trains. Harold came. I went down to see him. He would not stay to dinner. Seemed very sober. We called on Joe. Fannie Bates went home with Ida Seymour. Eliza Buf. is to stay. I went to prayer-meeting.
Dr. Lloyd married Miss [Worder] June, FRIDAY 19. 1903.
A.M. Went shopping.
P.M. Took Mother to Mrs. Schencks at Longmeadow. Eve. Eliza & I went to see South girls give Loves Labour Lost.
June, SATURDAY 20. 1903.
A.M. Went shopping.
P.M. Russell Richardson came to luncheon & I took him to train. Eve. Mrs. & Mrs. Beardsley called. I went down in rain for Miss Porters candy. Called on Miss Hastings.
Mr. Hawkin's married Miss [Land].
June, SUNDAY 21. 1903. Pouring rain. Mr. Hahn. A fine sermon. "Is World growing better"? The Beardsleys & Porters came to dinner. Small meeting at Joe's. [Cott.] III. Took supper at Beth haven. Dr. Moxom called here.
June, MONDAY 22. 1903.
A.M. Call from Mrs. Bowman. Went down town.
P.M. Call from Miss Jacobs & Gertrude Burleigh. Mother & I took a carriage & went to Cousin Helen Springs to supper. Saw Grace Burr for a minute. Alice Merriam & Clara there.
Did most of my packing. Lawrence Berry born.
June, TUESDAY 23. 1903. Finished packing. Went down town. Did the last things preparatory to leaving.
Rain in A.M.
June, WEDNESDAY 24. 1903.
We left Sprinf. at 8.20. Reached Albany at (11.50) (not really for train was late.) Left at 12.00 (later than that train waited) Reached Utica at 2.15. Trolley ride to New Hartford. Left Utica at 5.00. Reached Hamilton at 6.12. Found Prof. McGregory & Mrs. alone at table. Dr. & Mrs. Estes came [some].
Spent evening with Mrs. McGregory.
Began Hall Caines Son of Hagar.
June, THURSDAY 25. 1903. Rainy day. I went up to library & to call on Mrs. Bostick. She & Lizzie called in the afternoon. Eve. Mrs. McGregory read aloud Transfiguration of Miss [Philura]. Dr. Lloyd has brought his bride to our table. She was Miss [Worden] & taught drawing at S. Hadley. Dr. & Mrs. French called.
Began & ended Transfiguration of Miss [Filing].
June, FRIDAY 26. 1903.
Took Mother to call on the Bosticks. Dr. Lloyd is so silly. Calls from Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Paine, Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Herbert Burchard & May Smith. We spent the evening with Mrs. McGregory on the piazza. Read to Mother S.S. Times & Hawthorne.
Began "Hawthorne" [Woodbury]
June, SATURDAY 27. 1903.
I took Mother up to library. She went into reading-room.
P.M. Minnie & Bertha came. We all went up the hill. Call from Mrs. Bostick & Lizzie. Eve. Read Late Mrs. Null after doing a little shopping.
Began Hawthorne's Fanshawe " Shakespeares Henry VI " Late Mrs Null, 3rd time
June, SUNDAY 28. 1903.
Heard Rev. Daniel Clare for the 1st time. Mother went to church for 1st time since March 30, 1902.
A.M. Matt 10:8. Freely ye have rec'd, freely give. Our lives must be opened Godward & also manward. If opened only toward God, we become cisterns not channels. If opened only to the world, we go to them empty handed. Min & I staid to S.S. Reviews of [quarter].
P.M. Talked with Mrs. McG. Slept.
Eve. Phil. 1:27. The life that becometh the Gospel (1) observes principles of morality (2) is faithful in daily duties (3) is unselfish (4) realizes the great spiritual truths. An employer said Race to fine a man absolutely reliable. 3 girls baptized. Visitied with Prof. & Mrs. McG.
Rain. June, MONDAY 29. 1903. Rained a good deal today. I bought a black hat made my Mr. Peckham. We read Late Mrs. Null A.M. P.M. Eve. Calls
from Mrs. Cotten & Martha Harman & Florence Brownell. This evening Prof. McGregory read to us in [Ade's] Fables. Mrs. Bostick is 68. I took her some embroidery.
Rain in evening.
June, TUESDAY 30. 1903.
Minnie, Bertha, & I went to wash womans, Mrs. Bostick's, Minnie Hackleys. Then with Mother, Minnie & I went down Paine St.
P.M. Cousin Lizzie, Jessica, Cousin Andrew & Ella Olmstead spent the afternoon. We gave them cake & lemonade. Great time telephoning to the Cottens about Thursday. After tea we went to invite the Bosticks to go to Eaton on Thursday. Call from Mabel Bateman & May Smith. We sat out, ate pop-corn & talked with McGregorys.
July, WEDNESDAY 1. 1903. Frank Richardson is 21. We took Mother part way up to Eaton Hall. Read a little in Mrs. Null.
P.M. Slept. Call from the Bosticks. Bertha & I called on Miss Wylie & Miss Buck. Mr. & Mrs. Hawkins returned from their wedding trip. Mrs. Bennett brought her baby here. Call from Mrs. Henry Eaton.
Eve. Prayer-meeting "Forget not all his benefits". We take them as a matter of course. We let [Sinners] obscure the benefits.
Sat on porch with McGregorys.
July,THURSDAY 2. 1903.
Wm. & Mrs. Bostick, Lizzie & we four went from here & Mr. & Mrs. Cotten from Earlville to Eaton. Such a happy day! Saw Cousin Carrie, Mrs. Franklin, Cousin George, Cousin Jane, Mrs. Miller, & Mrs. Ella Clark Seymour. Bertha & I called on Mabel Bateman & Eleanor Merrill. With them we called on the Clarkes. We called on Florence
Brownell finding Martha Harman there. Found that Minnie Hackley had been here. Mrs. Harrington & Miss Mercur came.
July,FRIDAY 3. 1903. Miss Wylie, Buck & we three went up to library. We took Miss Wylie to building.
P.M. Wlinor Merrill invited Bertha & me to drive. Calls from Mrs. [Beebe].
Eve. B. & I called on May Smith (out), Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd, Grace Woods, Miss Wylie & Buck, Mrs. Lawrence & Mrs. Parker. Tore my silk dress by falling into flower bed. Sent for [...] for Mary Montague. Gave [...] [...] to May Smith & Miss Buck.
July SATURDAY 4. 1903.
We took Mother to Mrs. Heard's. She will mend my dress. Calls from Mrs. Anderson, Miss Roe, Miss Wylie, Miss Buck.
P.M. Mother & Minne took tea with the Bosticks. Bertha & I went to reservoir with Florence & Martha. Ate luncheon in boat. Took cat tails to Miss Wylie.
Read Mrs. Null. This A.M. we had our pictures taken at Stowes.
July,SUNDAY 5. 1903.
A.M. Mr. Clare. Jon. 16:22. The joy we cannot lose. 1st. Presence of Christ. 2nd. Our wills in harmony with Divine Will. 3rd. We may be helpful as Xns without expecting gratitude. Rained after church. We met Prof. & Mrs. Stuart & Miss Shirley. They know & loved Uncle Geo. Knew Mr. Quick very well. I slept, bathed, wrote. Mother rec'd letter from Harold.
P.M. Prayer-meeting. Mr. Clare Ps. 138:3.
God does not remove [hurdles] temptations or difficulties but gives strength in the soul.
July,MONDAY 6. 1903.
We read Mrs. Null. I took mother to library & went to laboratory with Prof. McGregory, Minnie & Bertha. They went without me to the chapel. We got our proofs. Bertha's are good. Calls from Mrs. Woods & Grace, & Mrs. Clarke. Mrs. McGregory sat with us.
She read us a story. Eve. Took Miss Wylie & Buck to Mrs. Hill's. Took cat-tails to Mrs. Clarke, Minnie, Bertha & I.
July,TUESDAY 7. 1903.
Finished Mrs. Null. Prof. McG. took us to the canning factory & type machine. Got my silk dress mended by Mrs. Heard. Called on the Bosticks & the Lloyds. Spent evening with Andersons & Rowes. The had lemonade.
July,WEDNESDAY 8. 1903. Minnie & Bertha went to Earlville with Miss Wylie & Buck. I took Mother to library. Slept. Had photo again.
P.M. Bathed. Mr. & Mrs. Tayntor came & Mr. & Mrs. Opal Peck Smtih. Bertha wheeled Mrs. McGregory.
Eve. We went to meeting with Mrs. Bostick. The Woman at the Well. [Danger] of [Degrading] our Religion to a [mere] [commune]. Afternoon Mrs. McG. read stories to us.
July,THURSDAY 9. 1903.
I am 42 yrs. old. I had already rec'd Hawthorne's Life from Mother. Minnie & Bertha gave me cut glass [bonbon] dish. We & the Bosticks drove to the Cottens. It was intended to be my birthday party. Their oil-stove caught fire. After dinner a cousin showed off his graphaphone. We visited the laboratory & I rec'd a bottle of Bavarian bouquet with cut glass stopper. Reached home for supper. Calls this evening from Wylie etc. Burchards Dr. Maynard, Mrs. Hardy etc. Went with Louise Burchard to Lee dressmakers. Treated her to soda.
Henry VI [Faurharr] Hot!
July,FRIDAY 10. 1903.
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Smith took Prof. McGregory & me to call at West Cottage. Found Jamie Taylor here. There is a small circus in town.
P.M. We went over the Hankin's new house. Mother gave her a centre-piece. Slept. Talked. Knit.
Eve. We 4 called on May Smith. Stopped at Dr. Taylors. Rec'd call from Mr. Carl. Minnie treated me to a Sunday. I treated her to orange phospate. [Cineraria] came for Minnie our waitress.
July,SATURDAY 11. 1903.
I finished Mrs. Sweets baby shawl except the little white border. Began rainbow shawl. Some goodbye calls. We all went down to see Minnie & Bertha off on 1.56 train. McGregorys, Harrington & Merion, Bosticks, Mother & I. Mr. [Hilliss] died this A.M.
P.M. Mrs. Bostick called. I went to Miss Wylies. Read to Mother. Talked to Mrs. McG. Mrs. Harrington & Miss Merion
came to our table. Eve. Mother & I called on Miss Hastings & Mrs. Wood. Dr. Clarke stopped there. I came home, walked with Baby Bennett. Walked with May Smith to Mrs. Halls & to her home.
Dr. Gifford called this P.M. Began Coffee & Repartee.
July,SUNDAY 12. 1903.
A.M. Mr. Clare Luke 11:1. "Teach us to pray". We pray to a Heavenly Father, to a God who is in His world, to a God who knows best. Deacon Skinner had the S.S. class.
P.M. Slept. Read. Eve. Met Mr. & Mrs. Wheeler of Albany. Prayer-meeting. Mr. Clare I Kings 22:3. Unpossessed possessions. The Servants here fell in love with Minnie. [Luyths] Pharmacy suggests my brewing an agent. Mr. Raymond began preaching in Cong. Church.
July,MONDAY 13. 1903.
Mother & I each rec'd letters from Bertha.
Call from Miss Hastings. Read to Mother. Took her to library. Went to Mrs. Hunt's about dress to be mended. Saw Mrs.
N.H. Patterson who is in Charity work. Bicycling to the Burchards. It tired me. One fall. Calls from Rowes, Mrs. [Dayton] Smith, Mrs. Havens. Wrote letters.
Eve. Calls from Florence Brownell & May Smith. May came from [Cineraria]. Read [Fanshawe] most of evening to Mother.
July,TUESDAY 14. 1903.
Mother went to Dr. [Bardeen]. His bill will probably be $30. We finished Fanshawe. Calls from Mrs. Grove & Miss Pine.
Eve. Called on Mrs. Wylie. I think they were going to have a party. The Cong. had a kitchen shower for Mr. & Mrs. Raymond. Calls from Dr. Clarke, Prof. & Mrs. Anderson. Retired with a sick headache.
Finished Fanshawe St. Swithin's Day. Cold & rain.
July,WEDNESDAY 15.1903. Long call from Dr. Spear's daughter, Mrs. Keith of Sioux Falls, S. Dakota. Rec'd diploma with honor from Am. School
of Sacred Literature. Rec'd document to sign as [trustee] of Beth haven. Cousin Lizzie writes from Potsdam. They invite us to visit them in Sept. Call from Mrs. Dayton Smith. Slept. Prayer-meeting Mr. Clare led. Ps. 4:6,7. Mrs. Hawkins & Mrs. Keith called. I brought home pop-corn to Mother. Read Hawthorne to her. Went to dentist needed only teeth cleaned.
Little rain about 7 a.m. July, THURSDAY 16. 1903.
A.M. Took Mother to dentist. We called on Mott Bosticks wife & the Roes.
P.M. Mr. Lawrence, Glaskeys & Miss [Englanders] came. Called with Mother on Mrs. Hamlin & Mrs. French. I am trying to get the Lloyds to another table.
Eve. Mrs. Harrington invited me to Epis. ice-cream festival.
July,FRIDAY 17. 1903.
A.M. Mother shelled peas. I read Hawthorne A.M., P.M. & Eve. We went to library. Saw Prof. [Born's] 3 wks old son.
P.M. I got the Lloyds to the other table for dinner & tea. Mr. Lawrence a little chummy. Taught S.S. lesson to Florence & boyfriend.
Eve. Calls from Mrs. Bostick, Mott & wife, Mrs. Buck, Wylie & Barrons. Called on Brownells. Louisa Ware has come.
Rained all day.
July,SATURDAY 18, 1903.
I took Mother to the dentists but he did not come. Read Hawthorne. Wrote to Jessica. Some newcomers had our seats at dinner so we returned to table leaving the Lloyds! They went to Syracuse in the afternoon. I slept. We visited in Mrs. McG. room. Call from Florence, Martha & Louise Ware. Eve. Ping pong party at the Rowes. Rowes, Andersons, May Smith, Mr. Uhl, McFarlan, & Hughes. McFarlan brought me home.
Prof. Anderson read us an Irish story from Pearsons Mag. Jan. 1901.
July,SUNDAY 19. 1903.
A.M. Mr. Clare 1 Kings 19:18. The Presence of Unseen Good in the World. Florence & her friend entered Mrs. Sisson's class.
P.M. I took Annie Burchard's letter to Miss Burchard at the Sissons. Called on Miss Wylie & Miss Hastings. [Lawrences] went to [Wests] to dinner & to Hawkins to tea with Prof & Mrs. McG.
Eve. Mr. Raymond Rom 1:16. Welcome from Mr. Clare & Mr. Williams. Beautiful tribute to Dr. Clark.
Began Mulocks Mistress & Maid.
Some rain. July,MONDAY 20. 1903.
A.M. Mother went to the dentist. Dr. Clarke called this A.M. P.M. Bosticks called. The Motts, Bosticks leave today. Call from Hettie Rowe.
Mr. Lawrence, Hastings & Miss Englander left. Eve. The Lloyds returned! Call from Carrie Corman.
Rain in afternoon. July,TUESDAY 21. 1903. Took Mother to Mrs. Lewis with wash and got China buttons for Bertha. Read to her. She shelled peas. Went alone to
P.M. Slept. Wrote. Eve. Calls from Dr. Lawrence & Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Stuart & her sister & friend. We all moved up at table tonight.
Rained nearly all day.
July,WEDNESDAY 22.1903. Mother spent the morning at the dentists.
P.M. Visited with Mrs. McGregory & Janine Taylor. I have sent to [Luyties] for ten bottles of [Cineraria]. Florence, Martha & Louise Ware called.
Mr. Schenck called one minute & I saw him in prayer-meeting. Mr. Clare spoke on Col. 4. High ideal [given] to Xns just converted from heathenism.
Read to Mother after meeting.
A little rain.
July,THURSDAY 23. 1903.
Mother finished at Dr. Bardeen's. The bill was 32.50. He told his wife he had enjoyable day she was so quiet & patient. Pleasant call from Mr. Schenck.
P.M. We called on Mrs. Beech (out), Miss Pine & the Lloyds. Eve. Mrs. Lloyd read us a story. Call from Miss Hastings & Mrs. [Islande]. I called on May Smith.
July,FRIDAY 24. 1903.
Louise Ware called. While I was wheeling Mother to the Hill, Mr. Schenck joined us & wheeled her to the library. She lost her glasses.
P.M. Went driving in the Merrell carriage with Mrs. Greene & May Smith. Mrs. Bostick, Mother & I called on Mrs. Brooks but she was just going out. Then called on the Cormans. Bardeens & Mrs. [Senter] & daughter took supper. They are great nieces of Aunt Marietta. A good many came on porch. May Smith & Mrs. [Homhage] called. I walked home with each.
Finished Orley Fan.
July,SATURDAY 25. 1903.
Louise Ware went home. Mother & I returned borrowed things. While we were out Dr. Clark brought [Atonement] articles. Mrs. French has told her husband to select me for 2nd wife. Spoke to David [Mott]. Mother walked to Mrs. Dayton Smith's.
Eve. Jamie Taylor came to talk with me about concert. I took Mrs. Hardy to [Methodist] ice-cream festival.
Rain in A.M. July,SUNDAY 26. 1903.
A.M. Mr. Clare Jon. 4:6 Jacob's [Wells] in Life.
Mr. Clare Prayer-meeting II San 6:1-12. Took letter to [Sissens]. Called on Miss Hastings. Miss [Hadstrome] called after church. Told of Mr. L's financial [burden]. Mother went to evening meeting.

Rain to cold. July,MONDAY 27. 1903. Went to Mrs. Bostick's & Miss Wylie's. Read Harolds letter!

Tried on dress at Mrs. Hills. Mother & I called on Mrs. Stewart (out) & Mrs. French. Mr. Harrington came for the night. Didn't see him. Eve. Mrs. Bostick & Lizzie spent the evening here.

Few drops of rain. July,TUESDAY 28. 1903.
A.M. Called on Mrs. Lloyd & Miss Hastings. Mr. Harrington left. Went to library.
P.M. With Mrs. Bostick called on Mrs. Brooks & Mrs. Curtiss & daughter Miss Curtiss. Call from Dr. & Mrs. Partridge. Read.
Eve. Visited with Mrs. McG. Read Hawthorne. Wrote letters.
July,WEDNESDAY 29.1903.
Went to consult Mrs. Anderson & Curtiss about picnic. Rainy day. Prof. McGregory went away. Letter from Mr. Frances.
Mr. Clare in Prayer-meeting beautiful. Jon. 7:53. 8:1. Christ was homeless. His home in our hearts. Stopped in with Miss Burchard.
Began Small House at Allington. Finished Twice Told Tales.
July,THURSDAY 30. 1903.
Read to Mother Last night. Kept awake by bedbug. My left eye all swelled. Took Mother out & we were caught in soaking rain. Mr. Hughes helped us home. Bapt. picnic postponed. Read Rappaccini's Daughter to Mother & Mrs. McG. The Williams went away. Lloyds went to [Thousand] Isles.
The Hawkins, Bosticks & Mr. MacFarland were with us on porch.
Harlan has lost his health & failed in business. Lucy Olmstead has twin boys. She was married in Oct. Hattie Ayres expects no. 3. Cousin Hattie fails in mind & body.
July,FRIDAY 31. 1903.
Baptist picnic at Pierce's Grove in spite of cold cloudy day. We had a splendid time. Mother, Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. Clare in bus. Mr. Clare & James Taylor played finely with children. Spent evening in Mrs. McG. room. Mrs. Estes called.
Cool & pleasant.
August, SATURDAY 1. 1903. Took Mother on hill & for my dress.
P.M. Mrs. [Hombergers] & Lawrences tea. Eve. Calls from the Frenchs & Stewarts. Mr. Crandall has brought his sister here. When a goat swallows a rabbit what is it? Hair in the butter. Uncle Geo. was told there was a cow in the chapel. "I thought I heard some calves". Are they [The Williams] the nice fat girls whom we watched dress every A.M.
August, SUNDDAY 2.1903.
Dr. Clarke Jon. 9:35,36.
The age of Faith possible in this Age of Doubt. Not accepting what is given. Faith is a best source of the Moral World. Good is stronger than evil for God is good. Eve. Dr. Clarke Prayer-meeting. Same subject & also Roman Cath. Church. Responsibility of Protestant World. Mr. Mark Allen & wife came on automobile. I walked & called on Miss Hastings & slept. Read Dr. Clarke on
Salvation. Mr. McFarland took Mrs. McG. out. Came back & helped me kill mosquitos.
Little rain.
August, MONDAY 3. 1903.
A.M. Mrs. Harrington & [Mercers] left. I took an automobile ride with Allens. Broke record going up to Eaton Hall.
P.M. Mrs. McGregory (!), Mother, Mrs. Lippitt & I rode in automobile about town & to [Barclay] cottage.
Eve. Went with party to [Bowney] Hill, [Hetty] Rowe, Prof. & Mrs. Anderson, Eleanor Merrill, Miss Levitt, Mr. Partridge, Jaime Taylor, Mr. Barclay, Mr. Hughes, Uhl & McFarland. Chafing dish supper. Historical questions. Mr. Uhl escorted me home.
Mrs. Dobson sick so [Bertha's] plans may change.
Rained hard all day. August, TUESDAY 4. 1903. Pouring rain. Martha Harmon spent afternoon teaching me to make baskets. Cousin L. & Jessie came from [Montreal]. I
have said we can't stay more than one week. Jamie Taylor came in gave me 20 tickets.
Rained few drops. August, WEDNESDAY 5. 1903. Calls from Miss Rowe, Cormans, Bosticks. Bosticks & we 4 called on Mrs. Partridge. Jessie is 40 today. Gave her my
photo. She hears she must go to Saratoga week after next. Eve. Dr. Lawrence led meeting. "Visions". Call from Louise Burchard & [Mi...] [C...].
Cloudy. Rained hard in evening.
August, THURSDAY 6. 1903. Quite excited because Win. writes that Richardsons & [Dobsons] may come here! Took Mother to Mrs. Hunts & Mrs. [Gulbrans]. Call from Mrs. Burchard. Bapt. Church tea. Mother & Mrs. Curtiss both used rolling chair. Poured this evening.
Finished Mistress & Maid Cold & clear.
August, FRIDAY 7. 1903. Read aloud Grandfather's Chair. Called on Rowes & Stewarts.
P.M. Called on Mrs. Bailey (out), Levitts, Mrs. Islande (out), Mrs. [Homburgerr], Mrs. Barrons (out), Mrs. Estes, & Mrs. Hillis.
Eve. Martha [Hornman] & I went to [Haylyn] Orchestra Concert. I sold 17 tickets. Mr. Bailey came in to Mrs. McG. He wants me to lead at [Bowney] Hill.
Arts & Crafts [today].
August, SATURDAY 8. 1903.
Took Mother to library. Jaime Taylor called about tickets. Went to hear Dell Rice auction at Louis place. Louise Ware writes that Ruth may come. Harold expects Sam to come. Martha Harmon spent afternoon. Finished basket. Eve. Mrs. Bostick, Mother, Marjorie & I spent evening with Mrs. McG. Mrs. & Miss Canfield came from Newark on midnight train.
Rained in A.M. Poured in P.M.
August, SUNDAY 9. 1903.
A.M. Mr. Negris Gen. 33:27.
P.M. " " Rom. 13:14.
Prayer-meeting. Minnie writes that probably they will take a cottage. After the rain I called on Miss Hastings. After church I visited in Mrs. McG's room with MacFarland & Hughes.
Visited primary dept before going to Bible-class. Mr. Shepardson taught. Most interesting. Met Mip Van Wagner. Spoke about Florence. Miss Fuller writes to see me about [s...].
Cool & pleasant.
August, MONDAY 10. 1903.
Letter from Mrs. Wm. Porter. Went to see Miss Wylie but found that in an hour her brother & Miss Hayes were to be married. Jamie Taylor gave me a souvenir of the orchestra.
P.M. Ada & Paula Fuller called. Paula wants me to tutor her in Freshman English. Mr. Bailey asked me to go canooing but I could not. Mr. MacFarland came to kill mosquitos. Martha Harmon & Mip Wylie called. Mr. Clare dropped in. I took Gertrude & child friend in chair.
Eve. Went to recommend Grace Wood to Fullers. Sat on piazza. Dr. Warren Partridge & wife stopped.
Rubbed Mrs. McG's foot.
Began Black Arrow - Stevenson. Finished Grandfather's Chair.
Rain. August, TUESDAY 11. 1903. Minnie writes that Will, Win, Ruth & Harriet are coming Thursday. We fear we can get rooms only on 3rd floor. Edna
Baker went out with us this A.M.
Cold, cloudy, some rain.
August, WEDNESDAY 12. 1903. Mr. Lippitt says he will give us No. 12 so I feel relieved. Mother does not seem quite well. She & Mrs. McGregory are
blue. I took Mother calling & she feels better. We called on Mrs. Sisson (out), Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Gifford (out), Mr. & Mrs. Raymond & the Cormans. Got cleaning stuff, [Persues] of Norwich. Missed call from Mrs. Islande. Eve. Mr. Negris led prayer-meeting Ps. 57:7. Mr. MacFarland brought us lots of apples.
August, THURSDAY 13. 1903.
A.M. Read; went to library. Harold writes that they have been detained, but hope to reach here tomorrow.
P.M. Called with Mother on Mrs. Payne & Partridge, Mrs. Hawkins & Mrs. Atwood. Saw her Mother-in law. On 6.08 train there came Will, Ruth, Winifred & Harriet. Martha [Harmon] is to eat here. Will, Ruth, Martha & I walked all about College Hill. Then sat with Mrs. McG.
August, FRIDAY 14. 1903. 1878
Father died 25 yrs. ago. Will wheeled Mother & Harriet, & we all went to library.
P.M. Winifred & baby went to the [Margine's] tent. Ruth, Will & I went to the Rowe's. They played croquet. Then Will, Hettie Rowe, MacFarland & Paula Fuller played tennis. I went to meet Harold & Ruth but they did not come. Lloyds came & sat at the table. Will & I, Martha & Ruth went to [Woodlawn] Cemetery. Then sat with Mrs. McG.
A.M. Roes & Bosticks
P.M. May Smith August, SATURDAY 15. 1903.
A.M. Mother & I went to meet Harold & Ruth but rec'd a letter that they would come tonight.
P.M. Martha Harmon drove Win, Will, Ruth & baby to Reservoir. We had calls from Mrs. Brett, the Barrons. Eve. Harold & Ruth came from Montreal. We walked a little. Stuarts called. Drunken crazy man appeared.
August, SUNDAY 16. 1903.
A.M. Dr. Fuller. Hosea 2:19. Juo. 17:18. The Mission of the Church is to woo men to God. She must have wooer's attitude, wooer's activities (teaching, pleading ) wooing spirit.
P.M. Dr. Fuller. Prayer-meeting. Tact in reaching Men. Harold went both times. Mrs. Pierson stopped on porch. Harold is delighted with Hamilton.
Tiny bit of hay fever. Chilly.
August, MONDAY 17. 1903. Took Mother to Mr. Perry's. Ruth & I went to Bosticks.
P.M. We all drove around the reservoir. Slept twice. Call from Miss Hastings. Eve. Will & Ruth invited to the Andersons. No on else there! Mother came over. The French family went to Nebraska. Susie Norton's Ethel born (?)
August, TUESDAY 18. 1903.
The family went over to Eaton to dinner & I staid. Harold & Ruth left early this A.M. Martha Harmon went away. Harrie & Grace Eaton were at dinner.
Rained at night. August, WEDNESDAY 19. 1903. I spent the day at Eaton. At night it rained so hard that I telephoned I would spend the night.
August, THURSDAY 20. 1903. I came from Eaton by train. Stopped at Mrs. Arnst & she gave me a banana. Prof. & Mrs. Burchard called.
P.M. Ruth & I called on Stuarts & Lloyds. Eve. Mr. & Mrs. Bostick went to get Epis. ice-cream. Harvey telegraphs he will come tomorrow.
August, FRIDAY 21. 1903. Harvey came at 6.08. Mother, Ruth & I went to Cong. tea. In the morning Ruth & I took Florence to Miss Van Wagner.
Sneezed a little. August, SATURDAY 22. 1903. Prof. McGregory came at 6.08. We all visited during the evening. The Hawkins & Mr. Bostick were here.
A.M. We called on Miss Buck.
Mrs. Bailey & Mrs. Lawrence called. The baby was cute. I put gray silk belt on gray dress.

Some hay fever. August, SUNDAY 23. 1903. Dr. Lawrence preached but I stayed home & took care of Harriet. Will is so silent now. Found Emily Judson's grave.

Will, Ruth & I went up to College Cem. Met Uhl & Hughes. Eve. Prayer-meeting. Dr. Lawrence Matt 16:26.

Hay fever better.
August, MONDAY 24. 1903.
A.M. Read to Mother. Ruth, Mother, & I had a delightful call on the Partridges missionaries. Then went up to see boys play tennis, etc.
P.M. Rec'd call from Dr. & Mrs. Reed & lots of others. Will, Harry & Harold Greene went swimming.
Eve. Ruth & I took papers on Atonement to Dr. Clarke, calling on him & wife. We also called on May Smith. Read Hawthorne to Mother. Sarah [Lilt] said to me "Are you the baby's grandmother?"
More hay-fever. Rain. August, TUESDAY 25. 1903. I took Mother to library. Mr. Ewell asked her to his office to help him. Will etc. went swimming.
P.M. We played letter-games on porch. Then Mr. Hughes called for a long time. Winifred said to Prof. Gray thinking him Harry. "Did they take two of you for a quarter?". Dr. Clarke stopped on the porch waiting for her.
Eve. Talked on piazza. It poured.
Hay fever better.
August, WEDNESDAY 26. 1903.
A.M. Call from Dr. Peabody. Told about man curing [c...] by [Rissy] girl. Old maid wanted corns removed in same way. Ruth, Mother & I went to library.
P.M. Will, Ruth & I wheeled to Burchards. Bathed, washed head. Call from Mrs. Raymond. Eve. Call from Mrs. Islande. Harvey, Win & baby returned from Sherburne Falls. Prayer-meeting. Dr. Clarke Isa 6:1-8. Gods call to us. Visited on piazza with McGregorys.
Began Last of Barons Finished Small House at Allington
Hay fever better.
August, THURSDAY 27. 1903.
A.M. Ruth & I went on wheels to see Mabel & Eleanor at Reservoir. Harvey, Will & Harold Greene went up swimming & we watched them from the boat. Stayed to dinner. Mrs. Juo-Taylor also there.
P.M. Harvey drove us all to Madison Lake. Baby was annoyed. We ate bananas, apples, berries, [cliske] cherries, chocolate, popcorn, peanuts.
Eve. Call from Paula & Ada Fuller who leave tomorrow. Visited with Dr. Peabody on piazza. Sat in Mrs. McG. room by fire.
No hay fever. Rained.
August, FRIDAY 28. 1903. Read "Misses". Prof. McG. showed stamp collection to Will, Harvey, Win & Ruth.
P.M. Visited bank safe. Spent rainy afternoon in Mrs. McG. room. She read Transfiguration of Miss [Philury]. We played exciting letter-game.
Eve. Most of the time we were the McG's. Jennie Hughes must take children to Iowa.
Greek Hist.
Almost no hay-fever. Cold & rainy.
August, SATURDAY 29. 1903.
Long call from Dr. Peabody. He brought me "Oregon Trail". Told of visiting Mrs. Hawthorne day before H's death. Ex PRes. Pilne came to take him away. Next day found dead.
P.M. Played letter game. Bosticks called. Sewed. Eve. Win & Harvey called on Bosticks. Mother, Ruth & I read Jack [Gordon]. Mrs. Bate & Mr. Russell called.
Began Jack [Gordon]
Almost no hay fever. Rainy.
August, SUNDAY 30. 1903.
Mr. Clare. Ps. 23:5 "My cup runneth over". The Bountiful God. Over flowing cup = more than is needed to fulfil God's purposes.

Beauty is Nature

II. Friendship & love
Spiritual Aspiration. We should in view of this.

Recognize our flowing cup

II. Enlarge our capacity.
III. Live the bountiful life.
P.M. Mr. Clare. Prayer meeting. Jer. 38:11,12. Thoughtfulness. Will miserable with asthma all day. Afternoon & evening I read "[...] Quest" aloud. Harvey went to Brooklyn on 1.24 train.
I took baby riding & to the Bosticks. She said "Peek-a-boo" I think.
Wrote Joe a [...] letter.
Began & Ended [Township] Quest.
No hay fever. Cloudy. Some rain.
August, MONDAY 31. 1903. Will seems well. Read aloud.
P.M. Called on Raymonds, Hawkins (out), Mrs. Dayton Smith (out), Mrs. Hamlin (out).
Eve. Win, Ruth & I went to the farewell reception to Dr. & Mrs. Partridge who are to leave tomorrow for Swaton. Remarks by Mr. Sisson, Mr. Clare, Dr. & Mrs. Partridge. Prayer by Dr. Clarke. Sang "All hail the power of Jesus' name". Talked a good while with Prof. Stuart.
September, TUESDAY 1. 1903.
A.M. We called with baby on Mrs. Dayton Smith. Lizzie Bostick went away to North Woods with Katie. Dr. & Mrs. Partridge left.
P.M. Mr. [Gulbran] was buried. Calls from the 4 Burchards. Mrs. Webb & Packard came.
Eve. Call from Deacon & Mrs. Skinner. Told of his being in battle of Antietam. Wounded in Fair Oaks. Saw Gen. Howard's arm shot at Antietam.
Finished Jack [Gordon]. Began [Learnworth Care].
September, WEDNESDAY 2. 1903. We went to Florence Brownells & I went to library.
P.M. Call from Mr. Bailey. I am to teach S.S. at [Browny] Hill & lead C.E. Called on Mrs. Lane. Took baby to Mrs. Estes.
Eve. Mr. Clare Cor. meeting. Ps. 16:2.
Some hay fever. September, THURSDAY 3. 1903. Mother, baby, girls & I called on Miss Wylie.
P.M. Tried to prepare for C.E. We four went to Payne Partridge reception for Mrs. Pauli. Ruth & I called on Barrows (out) & Mrs. Curtiss & Mrs. Schenck.
Eve. Visited on piazza with McGregories, Webb & Packard. Misses Bateman & Merrill called.
Some hay fever. Hot. September, FRIDAY 4. 1903. Warm day. Took washing to Mrs. Gulbrand. Ruth treated us to Soda. This is Winifred's 2nd anniversary.
P.M. For first time put Harriet to sleep. Ruth, Win & I called on Mrs. Hawkins. Eve. Martha Harmon came back. Juo-Leach came. Miss Slade came to hotel.
A.M. Mrs. Packard went away.
Some hay fever.
September, SATURDAY 5. 1903.
A.M. Call from Mrs. Homberger.
P.M. Will took Martha Harmon to Sherburne Falls. Mother, Ruth & I called on Mrs. Taylor & Morris, & Mrs. Brett.
Harvey came tonight. Eve. Ruth, Mrs. Webb & I went to a little party at May Smiths. Miss Slade read a [Slender] Romance by Ruth McEvery Stuart. We guessed fiction left out Amer. poetry.
Mrs. Shepardson & Kate Douglass [Meggin] are our cousins. Mr. Bailey called to say he could get no one to go to [Bowney] Hill with me! Mrs. Pauly gave me Iodide of Arsinic for hay fever.
Not much hay fever. Cool. September, SUNDAY 6. 1903. I took care of Harriet while others went to church.
P.M. Called on Mip Wylie talking of School matters. Called on Miss Hastings. Led C.E. Allied Forces of Righteousness.
Eve. Mr. Clare Mark 5:22-43.
September, MONDAY 7. 1903.
Winifred & Will are 28. Ralph is 23. Harry and Win & baby went today via [Poolville] to Pocono. Harvey drove us all, Florence & Martha. Tired this afternoon. Ruth read aloud after parking Win's trunk to go by express. Frank came by 6.08 train. Family, Martha & Janet Kelly spent evening at Brownells.
Little hay fever but felt [mear]. September, TUESDAY 8. 1903.
A.M. Went with Frank to canning factory (closed) & to college building.
P.M. So cold & tired that I felt blue. Walked to tennis court with Mrs. McG., Webb, Ruth & Frank. Mrs. Lane called. Eve. We all called on Mrs. Skinner & Bosticks. Mrs. McG.. loves Frank.
Very little hay-fever.
September, WEDNESDAY 9. 1903.
Frank left at 10.38. So did Mrs. Webb. Bertha came on 1.26 train. Calls from Dr. Maynard, Anna Burchard, Mrs. Ornsbee. We all with Janet Kelly & Florence Brownell went to a [c...] & picnic lunch. Ruth & I went to church. Mr. Clare 2 Cor XII: 1-13. "God sometimes says yes, & sometimes no. He always answers prayer."
Went back to Martha's. Scolded Ruth for silence. Visited the McGregory's.
Last of B.
Very little hay-fever.
September, THURSDAY 10. 1903. We called to say goodbye on Mrs. Hamlin, the Lovetts & Miss Wylie. Ruth left at 1.36. I met a Mr. Williams who thinks I look like Mrs. McGregory. Sewed braid on white dress. Call from
Mrs. Clare. Eve. Rained. Calls.
Clock fixed.
Little hay fever.
September, FRIDAY 11. 1903. Went to train to see Miss Wylie & Buck off. Read Misses from Old [Mame].
P.M. Mrs. McG. went to luncheon at Motts. Rec'd a lobster by express but it died. Call from Dr. & Mrs. Clarke. Bertha went driving with Mabel & Elmer. Mother & I called on Mrs. [Hadstrom] (out), Lovetts. With Bertha called on Mrs. Woods, [Hastings] & Harkley, Lloyds (out) & Andersons.
Eve. We all called on Skinners & I went to see the Allens & Lizzie Bostick who came tonight.
Bertha told me of Harvey's criticism of me.
More hay fever.
September, SATURDAY 12. 1903.
A.M. Called on Mrs. Bostick & Schenck. Will & Bertha went out with Mrs. McG.
P.M. Bertha went out with McG., Roy Smith & [Hon Kuester]. Mother & I went to afternoon tea at Mrs. Hawkins. Met the Mrs. [Burchards], Mrs. Partridge & Mrs. Pauly. I have sent bottle of medicine to Mrs. Payne. Call from Mrs. Brett. Louise Burchard took me driving. Mrs. Hawkin's has bought 4 of Lawrence chairs.
Eve. Will called on Martha. Treated us to ice-cream. Bertha & I went to [Brownich] & Raymonds for papers.
Finished Misses from Old M. Began Mettle of Pasture Spanish Letter
No hay fever.
September, SUNDAY 13. 1903.
A.M. Mr. Clarke Isa 45:5. God's Unconscious Workers. Lesson to Students.
P.M. Mr. Clare Ps. 139. Prayer meeting for new students etc.
Will took Martha to church. I killed [445] mosquitos. Went to see Mrs. Sisson about Florence & to see Miss Hastings. Did not go to [Bowny] Hill.
Almost no hay fever. September, MONDAY 14. 1903. Hottest day. Went to Mrs. Hunt, Ransom, etc.
P.M. Took bath. Lay down. Ironed dress. Wrote letters. Eve. We with Florence & Martha took tea at the Burnhams. Later talked with McG's.
No hay fever.
September, TUESDAY 15. 1903. Began parking. Took dresses to Mrs. Hunt. Calls from a good many. Mr. Clare's was very nice. Eve. We went to Dr. Burnham's lecture at opening of [Theol.] Serm. [Destruction] to bring in Kingdom of God. Mr. Scott of Norwich (Oberlin '96) gave musicale in hotel parlor. Mrs. Pauly left. Mrs. Payne brought [Cineraria]. Will took Martha driving.
September, WEDNESDAY 16. 1903.
Bertha, Will & I went to Dr. Clarke's Theol. lecture. Packed. Martha harmon taught Bertha to make baskets. Eve. Prayer-meeting. Vacation Experiences. Miss Hastings went with me. We went over to the Bosticks & had cream.
Father Life Pouring rain.
September, THURSDAY 17. 1903.
Bertha, Will & I went to Dr. Clarke's class & Seminary prayers. Came back with Dr. C. in pouring rain. Bertha is to stay here. Calls from Mrs. Raymond, Mr. R. & brother Robt. Dr. Clarke, Will, Mother & I took 1.33 train to N.Y. via Utica. Bosticks, Martha Harmon, Bertha & Mr. Hughes saw us off. Reached N.Y. at 10 P.M.
September, FRIDAY 18. 1903.
Corns cut. Saw [Kom] twice about [writer] suit. It will be $45. Calls from Ruth Raymond & Mary Sharpe. Prayer-meeting.
September, SATURDAY 19. 1903.
Calls from Harold & Ruth. Mother & I came by 5.00 train to Glen Ridge. Found Corning Family & Harlan. They expect long visit from Mother.
Baby & Mother in chair.
September, SUNDAY 20. 1903.
Mr. Brown Cong. minister Ps 62:."Power" His opinion of Divine". Not so very [bad]. Believes in Divine Healing. Harlan & I went to [Mtclare]. Frank [Tasker] & [Juo] at home.
Rufus & Mary took supper at Golf Club. We had hymns at home.
September, MONDAY 21. 1903.
Mother, Harlan, Mary, Dorothy & I drove to Crystal Lake, Eagle Rock, Mountclair.
P.M. Slept. Harlan & I went to Bloomfield. Visited his old school, now a German [Theol.] Sem. Eve. Visited [...].
Finished Self Made Merch. Read Visits of Eliz.
September, TUESDAY 22. 1903. Teachers return. I left Glen Ridge at 1.45. stopped to see Mrs. Booth. Learned from Mr. Skelly that Geo. Gregor has taken Mrs. Booths
money. Found a large school at Springfield. Probably 16 girls.
Harold died. September, WEDNESDAY 23. 1903. Family pupils return. Very tiresome day. My feet ached. Went to corn doctors. Heard that the Sweet baby boy was born last night & died in a
few minutes.
September, THURSDAY 24. 1903. School opens 9 A.M. Started school. Rec'd telegram that Harold died suddenly last night. It was apoplexy. I went right down to Brooklyn.
Winifred & [Minnie] met me. Went to see poor Ruth & Ralph. Our hearts are broken. Telephoned Marg. She will tell Mother tomorrow. Mr. Story (1).
September, FRIDAY 25. 1903.
Harold's funeral. Buried in [Greenwood]. Cousin Ros spoke beautifully. Harvey prayed at grave. Went out to my brave little [mother] at Glen Ridge. Mina the maid burned by explosion of gas stove. Miss King (1).
September, SATURDAY 26. 1903. Rested all day at Glen Ridge. Marg. went to read to Mina.
September, SUNDAY 27. 1903. Mr. [Brown] preached on Peter. Very sad today. Marg. & Rufus took supper at golf club.
September, MONDAY 28. 1903. Left Glen Ridge at 8.54. Luncheon at Minnie's. Called on Ruth. Came home by 4 o'clock train. Ida Seymour & Juo met me.
Mr. Story (2).
September, TUESDAY 29. 1903. Hard day in school. Eve. Called to say good-bye to Laura [Walton], who goes to Mrs. [Veltners] school. Rec'd Gloves from Mrs. [Broga] & Eliz.
Miss King (2). Mrs. Starr(1)?
September, WEDNESDAY 30. 1903.
My day out. Called on Joe. Oh it killed me to talk to him. The Chandlers have been drinking. Rode to Park. Called to inquire for Sweets & on Hastings. Library. Helen Keyser returned. Mrs. Starr (2).
October, THURSDAY 1. 1903.
Mother has made a will leaving me sole heir. If I die first the money goes to Minnie. Letter from Anna Burchard. Mr. Rice led covenant meeting. I felt stunned. Joe's remark about Harold comforted me.
Mr. Story (3).
Write to Mrs. Partridge.
October, FRIDAY 2. 1903. Letter of sympathy from Cousin Lizzie. Helped Miss Porter on programme. Went to Y.W.C.A. & addressed the girls. I was almost unprepared but got through.
Miss King (3).
October, SATURDAY 3. 1903. Took Alice [Hangan] & Maud Humphrey down town. Helped with programme. Rec'd plant from Mrs. Bowman. Eve. Read Outlook reading. Mr. Barker called on Ida Seymour.
October, SUNDAY 4. 1903.
A.M. Dr. Faunce. Luke 22:27. Joe's Mission 19 present. I talked about why God sends sorrow. Smith was there. This evening Dr. Moxon took supper. Then I had a long talk with him in Miss P's room & I am comforted. Ida Seymour spent the day with Mr. Baker & he proposed. She thinks of accepting.
Rain. October, MONDAY 5. 1903. Minnie sends me 50 of Mothers money. This evening Miss Porter complained of my Latin teaching. Is she right? Mr. Story (4).
October, TUESDAY 6. 1903. Miss Porter is 63. Mrs. Packard & I gave her a book. Call from Mr. & Mrs. Porter. Letters of sympathy from Mr. Juemp, Agnes Jones & Louise Burchard. Wrote lots of letters. Miss King (4).
Mrs. Starr (3).
October, WEDNESDAY 7. 1903. Mrs. Starr (4). Saw Mrs. Sweet. She wants another baby. Shopped. Took tea at Beth-haven.
October, THURSDAY 8. 1903. Mr. Story (5). Winnie's 30th wedding anniversary. Mr. led prayer-meeting. Lovely letters from Miss Emerson & Mrs. McGregory.
October, FRIDAY 9. 1903. Miss King (5). Call from Mrs. Reed. She is enthusiastic about Gladys and Vassar.
October, SATURDAY 10. 1903.
A.M. Did Outlook reading.
P.M. Chaperoned Bertha Smith & Carrie Tate to Amherst Supper at Barr's.
October, SUNDAY 11. 1903.
A.M. Dr. Brooks Ps. 119:54.
P.M. Joe's Mission. Called on Miss Emerson (out), the Sweets & Miss Hastings. Eve. Retired at 8 P.M. Mrs. Packard in bed with a cold.
October, MONDAY 12. 1903. Mr. Story (6). Took names for Outlook class.
October, TUESDAY 13. 1903.
Outlook class. Discussed People of the Whirlpool. Bertha Smith was hurt last night falling on a corner of the bed. She stayed in her room today. Miss King (6)
Drawing (5)
Finished "People of the Whirlpool" October, WEDNESDAY 14. 1903.
Went shopping. Read in the library.
Drawing (6) Miss Robson treated Bertha Smith's rib. Call from Jennie [Barrons]. Family went to see Henrietta Crossman in As You Like It.
Began Abbott's "Cleopatra".
October, THURSDAY 15. 1903. Deacon Hathaway led prayer-meeting. Mr. Story (7)
Beatrice [E...] born.
October, FRIDAY 16. 1903. Miss King (7) Girls did not go out with Lena. I had [...] Edith Ely, walking & study hour. Eve. New girls gave party to old girls. Sheet with eyes, noses, hands & feet, advertisements etc.
October, SATURDAY 17. 1903.
Rained so no walking. I read periodical all day except that I gave two music lessons & darned stockings. Allen & Marie Seaman returned. Miss Bartletts mother came but went to her boarding home. Jean Webster is here to stay till Tuesday.
October, SUNDAY 18. 1903. Dr. Moxom Phil 2:15. "America Enlightening the World" Mission [...] sermon. Mrs. Bartlett came to dinner. At Joe's spoke on [lower] parable. Luke 7:8-21. 12 present. Went to see Mrs. Scott about analysis class. She was not in. Called on Miss Emerson & saw Miss Pendleton, Hahn
[children] & later Dr. Moxom. Told him of the future life fears. Walked with Ida S.
October, MONDAY 19. 1903. Mr. Story (8). Analysis class. The family went to Viola Allen in Twelfth Night. I put Jean Webster to bed.
October, TUESDAY 20. 1903.
Mr. Weaver came to examine the children's music. Jennie Dunham went home to talk over going to college. I took Mother's center piece to Edith Brook's house. Stopped at library. Mrs. Webb, Adele Buffington & Gretty Holden came for wedding. Miss King 8.
Mrs. Starr 7.
October, WEDNESDAY 21. 1903. Drawing (8) I did shopping & called on Mrs. Schenck. She invited me to supper two weeks from tonight. Dinner at five. The teachers
went to Edith Brook's wedding. It was beautiful they say.
October, THURSDAY 22. 1903. Called to see Edith Brooks wedding presents. Adele went home. Prayer-meeting. Dr. Hahn led. Mr. Story (9).
October, FRIDAY 23. 1903. Miss King (9). Miss Berensen(1) came to measure the girls. Helen Sheperd went home to consult her doctor about the hives. Girls had whist and charades.
October, SATURDAY 24. 1903. Read Outlook reading all the morning. Afternoon walked then went to library. Read architecture.
October, SUNDAY 25. 1903.
Dr. Moxom 1 Tim. 5:8. Report of Home Miss. Convention & sermon on Negro Question. New cases of typhoid, Edith Moxom among them. Letter from Harlan. Call in my room from Mrs. Bartlett. Mission Matt 16:21-27. Prayed for two men. Joe thinks he may have to leave S. Louise & I walked.
October, MONDAY 26. 1903. Mr. Story (10) Took Outlook names. Thomas Beal died.
Finished Scarlet Letter.
October, TUESDAY 27. 1903. Miss King (10). OUtlook class. Pauline & Rebecca [Birne] here. Jennie Hughes writes she has been accepted as Chinese missionary. Mrs. Starr (9).
October, WEDNESDAY 28. 1903. Mrs. Starr (10). Called on Sweets. Shopped. Found Mrs. Chandler in an awful condition. Took supper at Cousin Helens. Mrs. Booth Tucker killed in R.R. wreck.
October, THURSDAY 29. 1903. Miss Porter & Bostick took tea at Mrs. Porters. Mr. Story (11). Mrs. Booth-Tucker killed in R.R. wreck.
October, FRIDAY 30. 1903. Miss King (11). Miss Porter wants me to teach Ida Eastman Greek, but Louise Bartlett offers to. All but two children went to hear Bliss Perry on Thackeray. I staid with them. Piece broke off my tooth.
October, SATURDAY 31. 1903. Went shopping with Alice [Hargow] & Gertrude Dodge. Read Outlook.
P.M. Went to Dr. [Bughe] & had my took fixed to stay till Wed. It came out at supper.
November, SUNDAY 1. 1903.
A.M. Mr. Hahn. Communion.
After Mission went to see Mr. Chandler. He broke all to pieces. I think he will be good now.
Louise Bartlett ill so Ida & I walked. The girls say that Bertha Smith, Hazel Bingham & Maud Humphrey are breaking rules in the nursery.
November, MONDAY 2. 1903.
Rec'd beatiful letter about Harold from Minnie. At Analysis class Roy Steele sang. This evening Miss Porter talked to nursery girls. Mr. Story (12).
November, TUESDAY 3. 1903.
Mrs. Starr (11). Miss King (12). Miss Porter talked at prayer about the cheating. Ida & I went down to get returners. I suppose McClellan is elected Mayor of N.Y. & [Low] defeated.
November, WEDNESDAY 4. 1903. Mrs. Starr (12). Went shopping. Attended business meeting of College Club.
November, THURSDAY 5. 1903. Mr. Story (13). Small prayer-meeting. Came home with Miss Hastings.
November, FRIDAY 6. 1903. Took Bertha Smith to dentist & to Miss Robson. Miss King (13). Halloween party.
November, SATURDAY 7. 1903. Miss Berensen's 1st lesson. Jennie Dunham's father came here.
November, SUNDAY 8. 1903. Nice letter from Reeve. Dr. Moxom 2 Cor. Short speach by [Miss] Lee. Mission Jon. 4:1-26. Took Mr. & Miss Haskell to the Chandlers & had lovely talk. Mr. Chandler was drunk. Went to bed about 8.20.
November, MONDAY 9. 1903.
Outlook class. I took names.
In the evening Mrs. Bartlett went to a farewell reception for Missionaries in Smith Church. Mr. Theodore Lee Mrs. " " Ruth Hume Dr. Bissell Miss Fairbanks ?
Helen Scheirer ill with Grippe.
Mr. Story 14.
November, TUESDAY 10. 1903. As Miss Porter & Lena went to hear [Jon] Graham Brooks, the Evening Outlook was postponed. Girls copied play. Mrs. Starr (13)
Miss King (14)
November, WEDNESDAY 11. 1903. I called at Chandlers & found Mrs. Hascall there. Met Mr. Hahn on Street. Went to library. Took supper at Beth Hann. Outlook class. Discussed [Hawthornes] life & Scarlet Letter. Mrs. Starr (14)
November, THURSDAY 12. 1903. Mr. Story 15. 1st evangelist meeting of Mr. [Maplesder]. Rejuvenation [Jon]. 4:37. Hazel Brigham is ill.
November, FRIDAY 13. 1903. Miss King (15) This evening girls rehearsed play. I played drawing pictures & [C...] with 3 children.
Went to library. Read all Outlook magazine.
November, SATURDAY 14. 1903. Miss Berensen's class (2). Miss Seymour went to [Munson] for Sunday. Left here before luncheon. I spent day cleaning closet & drawers & sewing.
November, SUNDAY 15 1903. Dr. Moxom Neh. 4:19. Why people dislike missionary sermons. Joe's Miss. I talked on Mark 9:41. Because life belongs to Christ. Long talk with Fred [Bune] about the [Harcall], his
mother etc. Bertha Smith walked with me this evening & told about her sins. Ida Seymour came home from [Munson].
November, MONDAY 16. 1903. Mr. Story (16) I led little prayer-meeting at Bliss St. home. Clare Reed was there. Ida Seymour went out with Mr. Baker again! She didn't like it because she had to have [Gyms] & couldn't meet him at
library. Read to children this evening.
November, TUESDAY 17. 1903.
Miss King 16
Mrs. Starr 14.
Ida Seymour is cross because Louise & I do not approve of her love affair.
I played games instead of walking with girls.
Miss P. went to dinner at Mrs. P. to meet Mr. & Mrs. [Hastings].
Read to children this evening.
November, WEDNESDAY 18. 1903. Mrs. Starr 15. I went shopping, bought black silk waist & shoes. Mrs. Wentworth [Higginser] spoke to College Club on Sunny Side of Transcendental Period. Mrs. Webb came. I read to children. Miss Seymour thinks she can't love Mr. Baker.
November, THURSDAY 19. 1903. Mr. [Muplesden] spoke in church on the Sunny Side of Missions. As I read to children I went in late. Mr. Story 17. Mother expects to leave Glen Ridge today.
November, FRIDAY 20. 1903. Miss King 17. We hear that Ralph Moxom has had his skull fractured by an engine & may die.
November, SATURDAY 21. 1903. Miss Berensen 3. Ralph Moxom's skull is not fractured & he will soon be well they say. Bessie [Thayer's] temperature is 105. They are getting reay for play. I went to library.
November, SUNDAY 22. 1903.
Dr. Moxom PS. 42:5. "Cry from the Depths". Wonderful. A Xn in face of evil has Memory, Trust, Hope. I wrote Dr. M. letter of sympathy. Joe's Miss. 9 present. Mrs. Hascall expects in April. Leach was there & very insulting about Smith who had been there. Miss [Leonard] took me home to tea. I walked alone with girls. Louise spent Sunday with Mother.
November, MONDAY 23. 1903. Mr. Story 18. 5th afternoon Outlook. Dress rehearsal of [Murder's] [Moving] in evening. Dr. Moxom had not known where his son was for 2 months. Bessie Thayer is said to be very ill.
November, TUESDAY 24. 1903.
Miss King 18 Mrs. Starr 16 Outlook class. Miss Bostwick says Ida Seymour must read some.
November, WEDNESDAY 25. 1903. Mrs. Starr 17 I bought candy & olives. Took some girls to train.
November, THURSDAY 26. 1903.
Thanksgiving Day. I called on the Thayer's. Little hope for Bessie. Mr. Waterbury Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift. The gift of [persons] more than [things]. Self-giving the best. We show our appreciation by the way we use the gift. Mrs. Chamberlan, Mr. Porter & Edward came to dinner. Mrs. Webb is here. Mrs. Porter went to her mothers. I amused children all afternoon.
November, FRIDAY 27. 1903. School [all] [morning].
P.M. Got ready for play. Mrs. [Withe] & Shepherd spent the night. Girls gave [Murder's] Moving. Violet Coen & Gladys Reed here. Miss King 19.
November, SATURDAY 28. 1903. No gyms. Went to train with a note for Miss Avery introducing her to Pres. [Hayad]. Call from Mabel [Bateman] half sick with cold.
November, SUNDAY 29. 1903. Dr. Moxom Habakkuk 3:2. Need of a Revival. Mrs. Bartlett came to dinner. Conductor Chapin was at meeting. Joe seems discouraged. He proposed going in with
Volunteers. Miss Porter took some girls to hear Miss Wooley, but she was ill & did not come. I retired at 8.
November, MONDAY 30. 1903. Mr. Story 19. Ida Eastman has a bad cold. I feel mean with mine.
December, TUESDAY 1. 1903.
Miss King 20 Mrs. Starr 18 Mrs. Bostwick miserable with cold.
December, WEDNESDAY 2. 1903. Mrs. Starr 19. Miss Bostwick in bed with grippe. I called on the Thayers. Bessie still very low. Went to Chandlers. Mrs. C. has had pneumonia. Mr. C. drunk & weeping
for Emma. Mrs. Hascall expecting a miscarriage. Called on Joe. He is going to Boston for about 2 wks. Read to children this evening.
December, THURSDAY 3. 1903. Mr. Story 20. I read to children & so went late to church. They seem discouraged as to effect of Mr. [Maplerders] meeting.
December, FRIDAY 4. 1903.
Miss King 21 I read Rebecca to girls while they sewed.
Began Rebecca. Miss [Wiggins].
December, SATURDAY 5. 1903. Miss Berensen 4. Went down town for Lena & to corn doctors. Went to Rose Duttons to supper. [Declined] invitation to [spend] night. "Arthur" not at home.
December, SUNDAY 6. 1903. Dr. Moxom "The City & the Citizen". Rev. Mr. Lee a Jamaica Miss. also spoke. We prayed for a Mr. Sullivan today. Mr. Robinson came in drunk. I went to Indian Orchard. Bessies temp has been 106
3/5. Pulse 172 & Respiration 70. Did not walk.
December, MONDAY 7. 1903. Mr. Story 21 Analysis class. Mrs. Kingsley sang.
December, TUESDAY 8. 1903.
Mrs. Starr 20. Miss King 22. I finished telling the girls Capt. Toll's Gate tonight.
December, WEDNESDAY 9. 1903.
Mrs. Starr 21.
Called on Chandlers because I heard old lady was dying. Mr. Hahn came. I went to talk about them to Mrs. Chapin. He is doing all the work. Called on Bessie Thayer. She has spinal mengitis but seems a trifle better. Called on Carrie King & she talked about Mission.
Rained so did not leave [Bauer].
Marion Maltice is 12. Raymond Lloyd is 32.
December, THURSDAY 10. 1903. Mr. Story 22. At prayer-meeting I begged [coal] for Joe of Mr. Tapley.
December, FRIDAY 11. 1903. Miss King 23. This evening I read Rebecca aloud to the girls.
December, SATURDAY 12. 1903. Miss Berensen 5. Read a great deal in Henry Esmond. Shopped. Called on Mrs. Sweet.
December, SUNDAY 13. 1903. Dr. Moxom Rev. 3:20. Christ at the Door. Only 10 of us at the Mission. Bruce did not come. Louise walked & I called on Porters & Bartletts. Deacon Chapin's funeral was today. I talked on Matt 6:19-34.
December, MONDAY 14. 1903. Mr. Story 23. Outlook class. Miss Porter & I worked on Outlook book.
December, TUESDAY 15. 1903.
Mrs. Starr 22. Miss King 24.
The family went to see Irving as Dante. I read Fred Maria & Me to Elsie Miller, Marie Seaman & Maud Humphrey. The latter did not listen much.
December, WEDNESDAY 16. 1903. Mrs. Starr 23. I did a great deal of Christmas Shopping. Then I took supper at Beth Haven. Outlook class. We discussed Henry Esmond.
December, THURSDAY 17. 1903. Mr. Story 24. I was so tired I did not go to meeting.
December, FRIDAY 18. 1903. Miss King 25. Took Alice [Haugan] down town. Played for dancing & read. Passing of Thomas (Aug. 92. [Harpen]).
December, SATURDAY 19. 1903.
I am getting ready to go. Mrs. Seaman came. Miss Berensen 6. Went down town. Maud Humphrey & Gertrude Dodge at last passed Lat. Prose.
Members Bible [Atlas], Fisher [Pl...]
December, SUNDAY 20. 1903.
A.M. Dr. Moxom 11:15. Very stormy day, so only Sullivan at Joe's. I talked to Joe about working. This evening we sang.
December, MONDAY 21. 1903. Mr. Story 24. Packed.
December, TUESDAY 22. 1903. Miss King 26. We came to N.Y. today. Elsie Miller & Helen Shepard came to Hartford & George & Helen Keyser to N.Y. Jennie [Totman] is visiting here.
December, WEDNESDAY 23. 1903. Ruth Raymond called but I was out. I played songs at Ruths School & called on Mrs. Reeve at 192 Garfield Place. Frank came from college. I went with gifts to the Raymonds.
December, THURSDAY 24. 1903. Will Brown appeared. Mr. Brown died today. We got the presents ready. I took gifts down to Ruth's.
Rained. December, FRIDAY 25. 1903. Christmas day. The first without Harold. Rec'd lovely gifts. No guests to dinner but Jenny Totman & Richard. Ruth &
Ralph had dinner at the Sharpes & called. I have hard cold.
December, SATURDAY 26. 1903.
Stormy morning. Played Flinch with Will Brower & the others. He & Jennie went to Mr. Brown's funeral. Ruth called. I took supper at the Reeves. Met Ambrose Reeve. Fred was sick but got better & brought me home.
December, SUNDAY 27. 1903. Snowy morning. I went to Lafayette Ave. church. Dr. Gregs preached on a Full Xmas. Christ born in Bethlehem.
We heard of each Xn. In Christendom Will Brown came & took Richard back to New Jersey. Mr. Gasten came to supper. Frank & I read or slept on the bed in the afternoon.
December, MONDAY 28. 1970. Wrote a great many letters. I played Flinch in the evening.
December, TUESDAY 29. 1903.
Miserable all day with my cold & a lump in my throat. Took Marg's grenadine down to Ruth. Took muff to Kom. Went to Estelle Worcester for 3 fillings. Aunt Till appeared. After luncheon played Flinch with Willie Brown. Later Agnes played. Eve. The others went to Christmas entertainment. I slept. Then I began reading aloud Riis' Life of Roosevelt.
December, WEDNESDAY 30. 1903.
This morning I got my muff from Kom & went to Estelle's. She filled two teeth & lanced the lump in my muff. Calls from Helen Caruana & Clara Dixon. Raymond Smith is married. Went to try on dress at Ruth's.
December, THURSDAY 31. 1903.
All day long I waited for Jennie Hughes. She telegraphed she could not come to lunch. Finally she came before dinner. I went with her to 6th Ave. & 8th St. Meth, & 18th St. In the first she organized Standard Bearers. Then went to interesting Watch Night Services. Mr. Chase led the pastor-elect. The verse that helped me was "All things work together etc."
Call's rec'd in Ham. continued.
July 29 Miss Wylie Mrs. Hawkins
30 Mr. " Mrs. " Mrs. Bostick Lizzie " Mr. MacFarland
31 Mrs. Estes Florence Bromwell Martha Harmon
Aug 1. Mrs. Courtney French Mrs. French Mrs. Stewart Miss Sterling Miss Custer
3 Mrs. Bostick Lizzie Bostick 4 Martha Harmon Jamie Taylor
5 Eliz. Rowe Mrs. Bostick Lizzie " Carrie Corman
" Louise Burchard
Aug. 5 Miriam [Cerevene] 6 Mrs. Burchard 7 Mrs. Sisson
Mrs. Fuller 7 Mrs. [Ormsbee] 8 Martha Harmon
Mrs. Bostick
Marjorie " 7 Mrs. Hamlin 10 Mrs. Woods
Grace Woods Mr. MacFarland Martha Harmon Miss Wylie Dr. Partridge Mrs. Partridge Mr. Clare Adda Fuller Paula Fuller
11 Mrs. Bostick Lizzie "
12 13 Mrs. IslandeMrs. Lovett "

Aug 14. Mrs. Anderson Miss Rowe Hettie Rowe Mrs. Bostick Marjorie " 15 Mrs. Brett Mrs. Barrows Alice Barrows Mrs. Stuart Mrs. Custer Miss Shirley Mrs. Hartstrom 16 Mrs. Pierson 17 Miss Hastings Mrs. Bostick Lizzie Bostick May Smith Martha Harmon 19 Miss Wylie Miss Buck 20 Prof. Burchard Mrs. Burchard Mrs. Bosticks Lizzie Bostick
January-Cash Rec'd Paid
Aug.20 Mrs. Payne Mrs. Partridge Mrs. Hawkins 21 Mrs. Hardie Mrs. Hyatt Mr. Raymond Mrs. Raymond Mrs. Bostick Lizzie Bostick 22 Mrs. Bailey Mrs. Lawrence Mr. Bostick Lizzie Bostick 24 Miss Lovett Lena Lovett Grace Woods Mrs. Woods Mrs. Pierson Mrs. Taylor Florence Morris Harriet Corman Grace Corman Carrie Corman Miss Hastings Dr. Reed
February-CashRec'd Paid
Aug. 24 Mrs. Reed 25 Mr. Hughes Dr. Clarke 26 Dr. Peabody Mrs. Bostick Mrs. Raymond Mrs. Islande 27 Ada Fuller Paula Fuller 29 Dr. Peabody Mrs. Bostick Lizzie Bostick
Sept. 1 Prof. Burchard Mrs. " Anna " Louise " Deacon Skinner Mrs. Skinner 2 Mr. Bailey 3 Mrs. Bostick Eleanor Merrill Mabel Bateman 4 May Smith 5 Mrs. [Homkoger] Miss Hastings
March-Cash Rec'd Paid
Sept. 7 Mrs. Bostick Miss Wylie Miss [Burchard]
8 Mrs. Lane Mr. Anderson Mrs. Anderson Mrs. Bostick
9 Mrs. Partridge Mrs. Pauly Dr. Maynard Anna Burchard Mrs. [Ornesbee]
10 Mrs. Hardy Mrs. Clare Mrs. Bostick May Smith Mrs. Willson Adelaide Willson
11 Dr. Clarke Mrs. Clarke Mrs. Burchard
12 Mrs. Brett 13 James Taylor 14 Mrs. Skinner
Mrs. Grant Dr. Lloyd
April-Cash Rec'd Paid
Sept 14 Mrs. Lloyd Mrs. Fred Lloyd 15 Mr. Ewell Mrs. Payne Mrs. Anderson Mrs. Merrill Elenor Merrill Mr. Clare
June-Cash Rec'd Paid
Christman presents given
Mother Tabard Inn 1.50
" Stamps .98
Minnie 1/2 doz oatmeal bowls 1/2 doz salts 1.20
Ruth Raymond Bag .98
Ray Lloyd "Self Made Monk" 1.10
Marg. Corning4 vols of "[Noctes Ambr.]
Dorothy Corning Dishes .49
Bertha Richardson Sweater (part) 1.00
Wm. C Richardson Gold glasses (part) 1.00
Harvey & Wm Dobson ?
Harriet Dobson Comfortable .91
Ruth Richardson Rainbow Shawl .55
Frank Richardson Slippers (part)1.00
Ralph Raymond Sat. Eve. Post 1.25
Miss Porter Helen Keller 1.50
Mrs. Porter "On the Dark Stairs" 1.25
Edward Porter History game .25
Marion Mattice "Little Foresters" .60
Ida Seymour Photo .25
Fannie Bates On the Dark Stairs .85
Mrs. Packard Money for [Cloak] 1.00
Aunt Carrie Handk & sachet .35 18.01
July-Cash Rec'd Paid
18.01 Elizabeth Apron .40 Lizzie Handkerchief .25 Edith Ribbon .34 Sarah Apron .33 Juo. Wiley & wife Picture .50 Helen Wiley Rubber doll .15 Mrs. McGregory Norway picture .35 Esther Patchen Embroidery .50 Mrs. Griffin Photo .25 Stella Hitchcock Photo .25 Rob Bliss Joy & Power Van Dyke .75 Cousin Lizzie Helen Keller 1/2 .75 Jessica [Corn] On the Dark Stairs .85 Emma Belt .59 Marg [Montagne] Lace collar .25 Miss Rock Lovey Marg .75 Miss Leonard Picture .25
Bertha's children 1.00 Joe 1.00
August-Cash Red'd Paid
Presents rec'd. Mother Leather bag. Minnie Knife Bertha Richardson Corset Cover Will Richarson Black gloves Winifred & Harvey Dobson Waterman pen Ruth Richardson Sewing bag Frank Richardson Pocket book Ruth Raymond Black stock Esther Patchen Handkerchief Stella Hitchcock [Memoirarden] tablet Miss Porter Abbott's Henry W. Beecher Mrs. Porter Diary Edward Porter Letter opener Marion Mattice Electric clock Margaret Carter "Understanding Heart" Ida Seymour Photo Louise Bartlett Collaret Elsie Miller Madonna framed Maude Humphrey Handkerchief Bertha Smith Dickens "Xmas" Jessica [Cone] Stamp box Mrs. Packard Shoe wrapper Rob Bliss "King John" September-Cash Rec'd Paid
Eliza Buffington Calendar Mary & Maberl Porter Calendar Mrs. Griffin Collar Helen [Scheirer] Picture
October-Cash Rec'd Paid
Mother's presents
Harlan Lloyd 10.00 Marg. & Rufus Corning 5.00 Minnie & Wm. c Richardson Rev. of Reviews Bertha Sewing Outfit Winifred & Harvey Dobson Handkerchief tray Harvey Dobson Thermometer Ruth Richardson Box of paper Frank Richardson Grape-nuts dish Willie Raymond Tabard Inn. " " $1.00 in stamps Ruth Raymond .50 " " Aunt Fannie 1/2 doz. handkerf & sachet Cousin Ros. $25.00 Cousin Sallie Fur cloak Susie Raymond Ruching Miss Porter "After Prison" Booth Mrs. Porter Collar Cousin Lizzie Handkerchief in bag Marnie Todd Sewing outfit Mrs. Richardson 3 handkerchiefs Mrs. Packard Card Miss GoodwinCard
Calls rec'd in Hamilton
25 Dr. French " 25 Mrs. French June 25 Mrs. Bostick
Lizzie Bostick
June 26 Mrs. Clarke Mrs. Paine Dr. Lloyd Mrs. Lloyd Mrs. Herbert Burchard May Smith
27 Mrs. Bostick Lizzie Bostick Dr. Clarke
29 Mrs. Cotton Florence Brownell Martha Harmon
30 Mabel Bateman May Smith Grace Woods
July 1 Mrs. Henry Eaton Mr. Bostick Mrs. Bostick
2 Minnie Harkley Mrs. Groves Miss Pine Mrs. Herbert Burchard
Louise Burchard
July 3 Miss Wylie Miss Buck Mrs. Buck 4 Mrs. Anderson Miss Roe Miss wylie Miss Buck 6 Mrs. Clarke Mrs. Woods Grace Woods Miss Wylie Miss Buck 7 Miss Wylie ? Mrs. Gifford 8 Mrs. Payne Mrs. Tayntor 9 Miss Wylie Miss Buck Alice Barrows Dr. Maynard Mr. Bostick Mr. Burchard Louise Burchard 10 Mr. Clare
July 9 Mrs. Hardy 11 Mr. Bostick Miss Wylie Miss Buck Miss Barrows Mrs. Parker 11 Mrs. Hardie 13 Miss Hastings Miss Rowe Hettie Rowe Mrs. Dayton Smith Mrs. Harries Florence Brownell May Smith 14 Mrs. Groves Hannah Pine Dr. Clarke Prof. Anderson Mrs. Anderson 15 Mrs. Keith Mrs. Dayton Smith Mrs. Hawkins Mrs. Keith 16 David Mott
July 17 Mrs. Bostick Mrs. Matt Bostick Matt Bostick Mrs. Hawkins Miss Wylie Miss Buck Miss Barrows 18 Florence Brownell Martha Harmon Louise Ware 20 Dr. Clarke Hetty Rowe Carrie Corman Mrs. Bostick Mrs. Matt Bostick 21 Mrs. Bostick Lizzie Bostick Mrs. Stuart Miss Shirley Miss Custer Dr. Lawrence Miss Packer Miss Corman Mrs. Wood
July 22 Florence Brownell Louise Ware Martha Harmon
23 Mr. Schenck Dr. Lloyd Miss Hastings Mrs. Islande
24 Louise Ware Louise Ware Martha Harmon May Smith Mrs. Homberger
25 Louise Ware Martha Harmon Florence Brownell Dr. French Mrs. French Janine Taylor Mrs. Hardey
26 Miss Hadshon 27 Mrs. Bostick Lizzie Bostick
28 " " Mrs. " Dr. Partridge Mrs. "