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Anthony, Constance E. Diary, 1915

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Detailed daily entries, beginning in the spring of 1915 and ending in winter 1915, addressing Anthony's sophomore and junior years at Vassar College. Anthony describes her semester schedules, January and June exams, the dismissals of several classmates from school for failure (Feb 3-5), lectures, labs, and a variety of readings in literature. She frequently mentions going to movies, plays, and musical performances. Anthony provides details of social events, such as sharing "cheese dreams" snacks with her classmates, shopping, coasting, dances, summer correspondence with Vassar friends, and summer vacations with friends. Vassar events described by Anthony include Henry Noble MacCracken leading chapel for first time (Feb 1), the sporting events and varsity basketball team selections, a visit to the Catskills (May 14-15), the sophomore tree ceremonies picture sale (May 21), a students' meeting requesting policy reforms (May 22), senior essays and prom (May 27-29), alumnae reunions and events festivities (June, Oct 11), the petition for Vassar to purchase pianos (Jun 18), campus renovations (Sep 16), and the inauguration of Vassar president Henry Noble MacCracken. Anthony discusses and provides newspaper clippings related to US and world news. In regards to WWI, Anthony mentions an anti-war lecture by the Hungarian activist Rosika Schwimmer (Mar 10), the sinking of the Lusitania (May 7), the Austro-German offensive on Serbia (Oct 8), Serbia joining the Allies against Bulgaria (aided by Germany) and Greece breaking a treaty by refusing to join Bulgaria (Oct 19), the showing of "Fighting in France" war documentaries (Nov 27), and Vassar College's rejection of Henry Ford's invitation for Vassar president Henry Noble MacCracken and "several prominent Vassar students" to join his peace mission in Europe (Nov 29-Dec 2). US news cited by Anthony includes a scarlet fever epidemic in Poughkeepsie during which Vassar students were forbidden to go to town (May 1-2, May 18), a votes for women poll (May 22), President Wilson's engagement (Oct 6), the defeat of women's suffrage in New Jersey (Oct 19), a suffrage parade in New York (Oct 26), and the Chicago case of a surgeon refusing life-saving surgery to a child [Baby John Bollinger] born with disabilities (Nov 18). Anthony's entries are interspersed with many letters, postcards, envelopes, photographs, musical programs, calling cards, and other memorabilia.

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: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915003
Constance E. Anthony '17
Date Book for 1915
K & T
Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915005
1915 Friday 1, Jan.

Had a shampoo this morning and in the midst of it, "Tibby" called over and wanted me to go snowshoeing and take luncheon with her. [K. Starbuck] and [W.E.A.] we left about 12 and went up to water tanks. Made good fire and had oysters, coffee, crackers, olives, jelly sandwiches. Jessie Elliott came up after I got home and we went down town and over to see the H.S. Boys cause to take us to sleigh ride at 7.30 and are left when our party called - [Bligh] and Ruth Abbott, Louie Callahan and [Jes...]Carpenter, [seg} abd pete, Cas and Harry [Bockers], Jonnie and gregory- we were 14 of (...) not particularly large sleigh. Reached Mary Bush about 9.30 and three boys held vaudeville entertainment-[giving] no names of asters. used spot light on unfortunate performers - sang "Sister Suzie"! (...) to dance in Richeville. Molly there - met [Dale Beamont] and Alice Spooner. danced much and also quadrille and Portland Fancy. Left at 1.30 and had sandwiches and coffee at Mary's. Left there soon and had lovely time on way home. Everyone cross and uncomfortable. Pete ran half way home - reached town about 4?


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915006
Jan. Saturday 2, 1915

got up in time for lunch! Doris, Issy and Helena came up this afternoon and we had a talk - regret et cetera at parting. Went downtown but nothing exciting happened. I mailed note to J.D.W. regreting trouble over dance episode at Athenian Ball but it probably won't do any good; strange I should want it too. "King" came up this evening and after conversing with the family a while, (me [brutling] half asleep) all went up to the dance. small crowd, mostly those on sleigh ride (which was incidently, chief topic of talk.) [Haroy] Bockers was very wrought up about it. also zeb (...) was there with [cac]! [Louis] devoted to Cornelia [Hatmaker]. She looked very pretty too. I didn't say much when I danced with him but thought he acted confused enough when I talked of far away impersonal matters. Enough sed! "King" certainly had his share of dances. Out at 12 of course and King came in. Didn't forget he wanted my picture - I felt just tired enough to be silly - seemed to have had good time.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915007
1915 Sunday 3, Jan.

I awake at 2.p.m. very much astounded because I had entertained thoughts of going to church in the morning! After dinner, deciding not to snowshoe on account of zero weather, I mended and brought some order to belongings prepatory to packing. I got lunch for family and played victrola till Tim and "Zeb" came - we made fire and told stories and Tim played card tricks while Zeb and W.P.A. made some "old maid's delight" a new "concoction" on the chaffing dish which was very edible - Tim made me promise to write often and also to send him my picture if he sent his down to me - Tendency towards prosaic-ness? no. L.L.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915008
Jan. Monday 4, 1915

got up for 7.30 train and said good-bye to [Dot] Fish and [Doris Ramson]and then went to school with Marion - left 4th period and packed all afternoon and evening partly - went to library and talked with Helen (Loveland) and Jessie - J- and I went to Wonderland to-gether. not much good. Then downtown and home to eat a bite and go to bed - wish I had let Tim come up now for note didn't have desired effect.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915009
1915 Tuesday 5, Jan.

Left on 7.30 train. Pete and [Gle...] Priest rode all way down me With M- and me. We played cards, had mandoline music from "Bob" and Pete and ate candy to Utica - (changing at phil.) just caught train (no.58) at Utica and got pullman seats. Boys insisted on pilloting us thru everything. Pete left at Schenectady and [Gle...] and I went into the diner for luncheon - had pleasant time to Pokeepsie. Much ice cutting and ice boating on Hudson. Reached Pokeepsie at 3.54. Train on Time, for a wonder. Went up to Smiths for oysters, Tea and sandwiches. Then up to college at 5. Over to Main - I went to Davison for dinner and talked with Teddy and M. till about 9 - [h.q]- girls home on 3rd corridor R - and we ate nuts, and vacation candy. Went to bed early, about 10.30 after reading "Vanity Fair".


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915010

Jan. Wednesday 6, 1915

Slept till 8.30 when grace came dashing in with appropriate and usual noise. We decided To breakfast - and in time for fourth hour I got dressed and went over to chemistry lecture. Wednesday afteroon meant 6th hour. Curses! or I would have gone downtown. so went over to Davison and watched G.T. unpack- This evening [Ge..Gay], and I read "She" till about 11. and then I read "Their yesterdays" by Harold Bell Wright - was 1.30 when I finished it. Went over to main after chapel for express and found enourmous line of girls (waiting to sign for trunks)


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915010

Jan. Wednesday 6, 1915

Slept till 8.30 when grace came dashing in with appropriate and usual noise. We decided To breakfast - and in time for fourth hour I got dressed and went over to chemistry lecture. Wednesday afteroon meant 6th hour. Curses! or I would have gone downtown. so went over to Davison and watched G.T. unpack- This evening [Ge..Gay], and I read "She" till about 11. and then I read "Their yesterdays" by Harold Bell Wright - was 1.30 when I finished it. Went over to main after chapel for express and found enourmous line of girls (waiting to sign for trunks)


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915011

1915 Thursday 7, Jan.

[?] classes this morning and all deadly and dull. After lunch I studied in library on Hist. G. and then went over to Davison and watched G.T. unpack while waiting for M.P.A when she came I did up bath robe and she dress and we took them over to janitors office and sent back to N.Y. Then I went over to Strong. Visited Bessie Callow for a while and then Genevieve Lyon - After Dinner I went over to Strong with Bessie, Gertrude and M. and we made Bessie try on her Prom. dress - a dream in silver and rose color! She has some lovely xmas gifts. After 9.30 we started in reading "she" and when a young mob of people came in to drink cocoa we fled to my room for peace.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915012
Jan. Friday 8, 1915

Grace's friend (and cousin incidently) came this afternoon and this evening we had "cheese dreams" this evening also cocoa and cracker-jacks. All made "c.d." in Jenn's room and served them in our room. simply delicious. afterwards, when bunch departed, I read till all hours, Genevieve, Gay and I have been reading "she" all day


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915013

1915 Saturday 9, Jan.

Went over to the library and studied history for Tuesday. After lunch we read "she" in Helen - Arthurs' room. Then I dressed and went downtown with Marjory - we shopped industriously then went to "Cohans"- rather enormous, queer place. We wandered around and finally found seats - vaudeville rather good. Went to Smiths and Woods - got candy. Stopped at "Sloshs" - went to dinner with Genevieve Lyon. Had rather good time. Had more Cheese Dreams to-night in Harriet's room - "Lizzy Bell" was invited poor child and Elsa came of her own accord - Marjory came over about 9.30 and staid all night with me - I put her in bed and then went up to Dorothy Ferris' room with Harriet and we had a [secluce] with [Jameses]. More fun.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915014
Jan. Sunday 10, 1915

Awoke at alarm, set by the thoughtful Marjory and we went down to breakfast. After which study till chapel and listened to a wonderful sermon. Read Cosmopolitan to Helen Arthur Davis part of afternoon and then studied and to Gertrude Finleys for supper - Grace with M.P.A and we went up to G.'s afterwards and saw her prom dress and also Teddy's. Much green drops. Went into Harriet's room for cocoa and cracker jacks after 10 and latter discovered Harriet and Mildred guiltily discussing [Ramases] but I was too tired to join them.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915015
1915 Monday 11, Jan.

Classes 8.30 - 12.30
Class drill - 2.45
Off Campus - 4.45-5.45
sundaes and ham sandwiches at flag shop with Anne. After dinner studied Spenser's Faeire Queen and after 10 went into Genevieve's room for tomatoe bisque and cracker [jaurs]. Much conversation over Elsa, Dot [Bolt], acident in Main, Grand Rapids Furniture Co. etc. etc.
skating on the lake to-day -
gym - 7th hr.-
Deans Office -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915016
Jan. Tuesday 12, 1915

With [Alice] I went to flag shop and we had sundaes topped off by a ham sandwich! Got a light blue, silk, quilted bath robe from N.Y. To-day shall keep it - Any more express charge on returned packages will break me!


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915017
1915 Wednesday 13, Jan.

Went to flag shop with Mildred and ate sundaes and sandwiches - in the gym - we met K. Hobbs and she had news from Mike Hayes for me. Very exciting indeed. Tendency toward [aceptisive]on my part? Anyway much trepidation at possibility of mistake? Mais, Oui.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915018
The Captain of a fire that might be/Is our friend dear and cute Connie/There's Morris, Pat and Lee/Each of whom she longs to see./Notice the Unity/(there might be)


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915019
Jan. Thursday 14, 1915

Wickedly cut all four classes this morning and staid in bed - surrounded by many books and wrote letters and read the "Faerie Queen". Got up for lunch and 7th hour. Dorothy, Harriet and I went to flag shop and slosh's and Careys - D and I didn't go to chapel but rushed over to library to get books before mob arrived - after 10, had tea and Choc. in my room - Harriet, Joy, Grace and I. Judge, and Red Book equally prominent. Got letter from Tim and his picture To-day.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915020

1915 Friday 15, Jan.

No lab this morning gave me 2nd, 3rd and 4th hours free and I did topic for history of Far East. It proved to be a long job. After stupid 6th hour class I went over to Davison and visited with M.P.A, Teddy and Gertrude. M - has a a 5 lb. box of chocolates from ["T---k"]to-day which I helped eat. Teddy, Gertrude and Peggy came over for dinner to-night. There was a lecture on "Heredity and Responsibility" which everyone rushed over to expecting a treat but I went to library and toiled on Soph. Lit. topic in co. with Bianca Shewer. Went to fudge-party in Anne's room - much discussion of world-wide topics - I left at 12 min to 2


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915020

1915 Friday 15, Jan.

No lab this morning gave me 2nd, 3rd and 4th hours free and I did topic for history of Far East. It proved to be a long job. After stupid 6th hour class I went over to Davison and visited with M.P.A, Teddy and Gertrude. M - has a a 5 lb. box of chocolates from ["T---k"]to-day which I helped eat. Teddy, Gertrude and Peggy came over for dinner to-night. There was a lecture on "Heredity and Responsibility" which everyone rushed over to expecting a treat but I went to library and toiled on Soph. Lit. topic in co. with Bianca Shewer. Went to fudge-party in Anne's room - much discussion of world-wide topics - I left at 12 min to 2


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915021
Jan. Saturday 16, 1915

Got up for breakfast and then went right to Library and worked on topic all morning. After lunch toiled away all afternoon - fixed up Mildred's room - (it is her birthday) with an effigy of her on her couch and many funny things hanging from ceiling. Also ordered flowers for her. After Chapel (in which M. presented me with bottle of tonic!) I wrote letters and helped m. get spread ready - at 9.30 we began to eat. wonderful eats! Chicken creamed, a big choc. cake, cocoa, olives, nuts, dates, candy, "rusks" and jelly - we sang and talked so loudly that Miss Raymond came up and complained - also [Web-Rean]. In bed by 11 -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915022
1915 Sunday 17, Jan.

Got up for breakfast !!!! I made out ?'s for history preparation for Tuesday, wrote one letter, cleaned my silver, read "Thru the Looking Glass", and talked with Anne while rest of college was safe in chapel. At dinner Fran, Patty B. and I had quite a confab over Emily Dickinson's "I offered Being for it" etc. ???????? Music in parlor and then Ruth Anne and I did chem - for better of afternoon- Mlle. Reau complained to Peggy Woolsey about the noise last night and we were all warned of the [fast]. Mrs. Tillering has spoke to the "social laws" group this evening in the parlor and I went down. Very Interesting discussions - Gay, Grace and I had cocoa in 310 - and bed by early hour of 10.45.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915023
Jan. Monday 18, 1015

Met Kitty Hobers this morning and she had gotten a letter from Mick Hayes prophecying one for one which didn't come!! This afternoon, (after lunch with Marjory) I went to gym - main and all about in misty fog; and also to north to see [B----] and new room. (Very attractive). Had tea in 310 7th and 8th hours and played auction bridge with Genn and Gay. No chapel to-night and much fine dancing. Wrote letters and read and trifled with studying. forgot till too late that my intentions were all for shampooing hair!!


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915024
1915 Tuesday 19, Jan.

In morning mail a letter from J.S.W. very bewildering and in noon mail a stunning [mer--] in black leather - In afternoon mail a letter from King. Went over to M.P.A's 4th hour and again 8th - she was in bed resting and I had much candy - also she approved of my policy toward men in general and in specific!! Did geology Topic and Bridge for two - this evening - at 9.30 began Chem Review with Alice and Ruth - Betty Crabtree was here for dinner and worried the freshmen extremely by not considering "good-bye girls" a good Fox-Trot!! Wrote much mail and got packages ready -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915025
Jan. Wednesday 20, 1915

There is a paper being passed around to subscribe to for two concerts up here next semester by two of four suggested musicians - Bauer [Tim Elliot], Kreisler, Hoffmann - The last two are the ones most every one wants? Quite a heavenly plan to have concerts privately up here, je [peurse]. Went down town this afternoon with Grace - we merely shopped around and went into Wood's for sundaes and got back just in time for dinner.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915026
1915 Thursday 21, Jan.

Four hectic classes as usual this morning. Went over to M's after lunch and read and dallied a while. Then back here for 6th hour and 8th M. came over and read my accumulated mail. This evening, I shampooed my hair and then Helen Arthur created a bit of amusement by dancing around the halls in my gossards and girdles!! Went in Gay's room for tea about 10.30 and met Miss Raymond in the hall - she seemed convinced that is I who makes the "most disturbing noise" she hears on first!! Reviewed for History test after 9 got in bed - very much sleepy -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915027
Jan. Friday 22, 1915

Many free hrs. this morning during which I read a lovely 24 page letter from the girls and answered it. After 6th hour English this afternoon I went over to D - then Eight Helen - Arthur and I went to the Hampton Institute quartette and lecture - Splendid! After dinner and chapel I read Peter Ibbetson and went to Carey's with Gay. confidences concerning Grace! Oh Lord! Hot choc. and cracker- [jaurs] when we got back and after a brief survey of [Louw - Bungery] I fell asleep.

January 31 Days


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915028
Rainy - 23 Snow!
1915 Saturday 23, Jan.

Slept till 11.30 - Delicious fact. After breakfast of cocoa and cracker-Jaurs went down to lunch! Tendency toward sleepiness. Went to Flag shop for sundaes and there stopped in to see M - with letter from Bob - There decided to go to N.Y. the Saturday after Exams. With M- and Teddy and Gertrude! More darn fun. I staid at DAvison for supper in Gertrude's room - we had chicken (minced) lobster, chicken soup, olives, pickles, jelly, fruitola oranges, hydrox, Van Camp's beans. Bliss! Ruth Moulter, Pat s. (who had man come unexpectedly to see her in the midst of our meal and she fled!) Teddy, Gertrude, M. and I. Ruth told us our character's by our faces! More fun - I did Suzanne's, Gertrude's and Teddy's hair in french twist. I decided to stay all night so rushed back at 9.30 and got my things. Ruth kept telling things about us and five or six girls came in as her fame spread. She also told photographs splendidly! I slept in M's room on Teddy's extra cot-


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915029
Ruth's remarks:
I am not spoilt/aristocratic/reticent/apt to get blase in time meant for social life/not athletic/very artistic/vain - I think alot by myself. Have no [bu--p] of "brains"- " Good will power/ " determination/ my heart sometimes rules my mind.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915030
Jan. Sunday 24, 1915

M - and I got up for breakfast and afterwards heard Ruth read Katrina, Gertrude Folks, Carlotta [Browall's], Mildred Allen's faces in the reading room - more fun - I cut chapel! - and read and wrote letters while others were listening to Robert Speer's eloquence - After dinner agonising music by [W-Mc J]. in parlors - and study of More's "Utopia"- went off campus to the "U and J" for supper with Ruth Wood and Grace -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915031
Sop. Lit Exam
1915 Monday 25, Jan.

Soph Lit. exam at 8.20 - 10.20 It was a one question-affair which took in the whole semester's work. Afterwards went for mail found letter from J.L.M. which was rather eerie (but I answered it directly in a flippant manner!-) This noon I went to lunch with Genevieve Lyon and afterwards we studied chemistry. Dilegently. There went off campus to the flag-shop and had sundaes and chocolate cake. This evening [--] Helen Arthur, Ruth and I did chemistry and eating and drinking and I hastily perused geology notes. It is rainy and slushy to-day and we had no chapel -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915032
geology- 26 Chemistry
Jan. Tuesday 26, 1915

Geology came at 8.20 in Room 35. It was a picturesque affair and very short - I was thru at 9.30 and got my mail (a letter from Tim) and then went for a walk with "Davie" Farish - then went over to her room and had ham-(minced) sandwiches - after lunch (fright over chem. [---]) Helen-Arthur, "Davie" and I went for a walk on sunset and watched M.L. Streyer and Another Senior coast down the hill on chaffing dish trays, Chem-exam was not frightfully hard. After which H-Arthur and I made cocoa and read - I went coasting on box covers on Sun-set after chapel - started out with Madeline, H.A., Grace, [-] Davie and soon there were dozens of girls up there using everything to coast on from toboggans,trays,large and small boxes, boards to dustpans and brooms!! It was gloriously icy and heavenly sport - left at 8.45 -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915033
1915 Wednesday 27, Jan.

No exams to-day - I went coasting and studied some french with Mildred - Cora and I went coasting this evening - wonderful moon - light et cetera.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915034
French: 2:30- Studio. 28
Jan. Thursday 28, 1915

This morning went downtown after some trays for coasting and after french exam in studio (which was very, very easy and we got the very passage Mildred and I had looked up yesterday! Some luck!) Mildred and I went coasting on Sunset. Made or rather renewed acquaintances with young Paul Williams who used to play around down at Whitlocks last year! This evening Anne, Mrs. [Bowen], Dorothy Claudia, Mildred and I went off-campus to Carey's for dinner - much to eat! Also much snow and no chapel- Marjory has decided to wait till next week-end to go to N.Y. and the rest of us will wait too.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915035
History G- 29 35
1915 Friday 29, Jan.

I crammed history all this morning and Jeannette Miller came up and to-gether we collected our knowledge about China, Japan and India. Exam came at 1.30. It was absolutely fiendish! The meanest exam I ever took - 8 long questions. Afterwards I went over to Davison and talked with Gertrude and M.P.A. This evening went very quickly with reading in my room and food. Exams are certainly exhausting.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915036
30 Jan. Saturday 30, 1915

Slept till 10.30 or later this morning - got letters from J.P.M and "King" on [sauce] mail! This afternoon [Alice], Mrs. Bowan, Dorothy, Mildred, Harriet and I went down to see "[Tevrie]Beds" - It was very, very funny and for a road company very well done - we all laughed incessantly - went to Woods afterwards for sundaes - Dead tired this evening. Claudia spent the evening and night - we read the "Monk" out loud in Harriet's room. Also we read "What became of Deegan Folk" an eerie story in the Feb. McClures.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915037
1915 Sunday 31, Jan.

11.30 Didn't wake up in time to go to Waffle Shop so had to breakfast in room - Wrote letters, read and loaffed all day - this Evening about 9.30 Ruth arrived from N.Y. and found her three [flunk] notes - the poor child had really expected none-so quite a shock - Mildred also got 3 and also Harriet - Cora got Latin Prose and 2 others - Gay got none - she brought much food back and we had some in her room. Every one brought back a [Me ---] from vacation! quite amusing indeed.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915038
Feb. Monday 1, 1915

I have same schedule as last semester but lab is changed to mon. and Thurs; 5th and 6th, I have petitioned to have it changed - Dr. McCraken lead chapel for first time to-night and made a short but nice speech . Afterwards everyone gathered at Taylor Hall and serenaded him and he gave another speech. He isn't moved into the Pres.' house as yet. Much show to-day and many were out snow-shoeing.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915039
1915 Tuesday 2, Feb.

After strenuous day's work for history map I went to dinner with Kitty Hobbs in 136 Main - she didn't have as much as I expected to tell about Colgate Affairs. We danced in "g" after dinner - then chapel and home to work on map for history some more"


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915040
Feb. Wednesday 3, 1915

Mildred met me this noon before lunch and broke the harrowing news that she has been told that she must go home. Poor girl- I certainly am sad over it - we both wept. Harriet also must go and feels even worse about it! Ruth also. They are sending home even those who flunked only three things. It's mighty hard for Harriet as her father, Mother, and Sister have just come East for the entire spring. There are, it is rumored, 30 freshman sent home and only 75 out of a class of 400 now passed every exam!


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915041
1915 Thursday 4, Feb.

Much [wrong or itrony] and various rumors over the calamity which has befallen the class of 1918 - deep gloom has ascended over 3rd corridor. Ruth has decided to fight it out but the other two are going. Miss McC has announced that no more certificated students will be [ex...]. All will have enter on exams. The whole college is aroused over the blow of so many going home - Kitty Hobbs must go - also Eugene, 3 from McGlynns and Margaret Marshall has gone already. Harriet's father is here and she is resigned to going - we had [eats] to-night but they were not uproariously cheerful rather a forced gaiety.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915042
Feb. Friday 5, 1915

Harriet left after 2nd hour this morning with her father who is ever so nice. We all said good-bye down in the hall while Miss R. hovered over in the back ground (making untactful remarks!) Mildred feels blue at not hearing from her family but heard this p.m. - Harriet lost her train and returned this afternoon and we had quite a cheerful visit. She and her father staid to dinner, went to chapel, played in parlor afterwards and finally we all accompanied her to trolly about 8.30 and gave her a rousing good send off - I said good-bye to Mildred and went to bed early - I sure do hate to say good-bye for ever to her.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915043
1915 Saturday 6, Feb.

Awoke at 5 by alarm and got dressed and left hall at 6 - much wet, deep slush out- still dark and moon out - got very wet and found my self locked out of both halls and went with hunger and cold. when I finally joined girls at trolley at 6:15. We had a rather good breakfast on 6.48 train. Reached N.Y. a little after 9 . Met Carrie at Grand Central went to Altman's where M- got prom dress a copy of Mrs. [Olreean] Castle's - also went to McCreery's, Lord and Taylor's, Best's and Tiffany's and Vantines - Much beautiful things to see - luncheon at Mary Elizabeths was so nice and then went to [Sort] theater "Wonder Cover" wonderful play with Wm. Courtney and Lily Cahill in it. Met Bob afterwards who took M- to dinner. We went to Manhatten but got sadly disappointed when our plans for a dinner on the train fell through!! Train left at 6:55 and we reached college at 9:30 Dead tired but had one wonderful day!!!


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915044
Feb. Sunday 7, 1915

Awoke at 10. Had beautiful breakfast and rested at D- with Marjory - Staid there till 4.30 amused by McCarthy, Teddy, [Bunny], [is - turie-]- This evening M- Came over and I had a welsh Rarebit party - made good food. After which I wrote letters and Diary in Gay's room (and had tea incidently) and slept there all night as she is homesick for Harriet -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915045
1915 Monday 8, Feb.

After lunch I went over to the lab. and finished my 17th experiment - Fran and I in state in the lecture room - hope it's [uear] enough correct so I don't have to do it over again. Then class drill 7th hour - much twirling of clubs in "anvil chorus". No mail today!! Went over to Davison 8th hour and off campus to Slosh's and Flag Shop. After dinner danced a bit and received comforting assurance from Gay that I "am awfully good to her". Much sleepiness but got thru lessons all right - we were re-seated in Chapel and have moved a whole row so I am now opposite the guest seats!! More fun.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915046
Feb. Tuesday 9, 1915

Slept with Gat to-night - very busy studying



: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915047
1915 Wednesday 10, Feb.

- Ditto -

Went downtown after 6th hour with Ruth Motter, Teddy, Gertrude and Peggy - They arranged for rooms at Nelson House and then we shopped - Peggy and I staid later than the rest and got stranded downtown - the car line had some sort of an acident. So we went to Smith's for dinner and afterwards started to walk back with A. [McAdowaly], V. Lee, G. Roper, G Kindred, M. Peck and N. [Salladeis] but finally a Vassar car over took us and we got back in time for chapel -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915048
Dearest: -
One last fond goodbye. Kiss! Your picture - well it just made me too joyous for words. Thank you bushels and also for the candle. It will help me some dark night. Love, Mildred.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915049
Feb. Thursday 11, 1915

Wrote letters all afternoon and made coaco with Helen - Arthur. Got [yearly] all import out letters answered - no mail to-day - did lessons for to-morrow in a hurry.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915050
1915 Friday 12, Feb.

Felt absolutely miserable in lab and after lunch - But nevertheless went to 6th hr. English and over to "Lilee" to read afterwards - after a [runny] dinner hors doure in Gay's room and read "the Third Eye" out loud - (a priceless specimen - of R.W. Chandlers!)Then went to the concert in chapel - was boring although not bad in some parts. The [sword of Servarie] was the best and the Volga {??] next - went to bed soon after return to 310.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915051
Feb. Sunday [Saturday is crossed out]13, 1915

Arose at 10 and had breakfast in Gay's room - ou. rolls and coaca - Ruth Perry backer and Flora McClellan came in - I just got dressed in time for Chapel - the juniors and their [?] filled all the junior seats and also the guests seats. Chapel was rather boring - Everyone was tired - preacher was not particularly inspiring. Felt [really] during dinner - Marjory, Teddy, Gertrude (with Valentine figt from Miss Judy!) "Libby", "spooney" and "Pete" came over before dinner and made me promise to come over to Davison afterwards but I felt too "[ruiny]" and merily left a note on his door and fled. Later Gay and I went for a walk and to Carey's for a soda and candy and peanuts!


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915052
1915 Saturday [Sunday crossed out] 14, Feb

Slept till 10.45 this morning and after a solitary cup of cocoa and Freud for Mon - [doue], girls came back from glee club concert reporting an awfully good programme. "Pete" came this morning as a surprise to me. I went over to [N's]about 3.30 and helped her get dressed for the Prom. She looked very pretty - Then I did Teddy's hair and fixed Gertrude's a bit - went down to meet "Libby" and "Spoony" - Them as I thought they would be - after chapel Gay and I went over to Student's and stood with our noses glued to the window till 9.30 - Saw all there was to see - Everything looked very pretty - and men were quite presentable. Back to Raymond and had a feast in 310 - Baked Beans, Coaca and crackers - jams - Anne and Lucia [Gording]. Gay Edith Grace and I - bed at 11.30


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915053
Feb. Monday 15, 1915

A damp, drizzling, exceedingly uncheerful Monday! I almost staid in bed but luckily screwed up enough courage to go to classes for we have a very important lecture in chemistry - Dr. Moulton experimented with NH3 and N and we had to write down the observations and conclusions: "to be handed in"! This afternoon I went over to Marjory's room and heard all about the prom "teddy" was in bed and we fooled around, ate apples and I returned to devour McClures - "the Honey Bee" and "K" are rather interesting but not especially original in their (predicted) endings -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915054
1915 Tuesday 16, Feb.

This afternoon after 6th hour Gay and I decided to have our grand "spree" before swearing off frivolity during lent. We accordingly went down to the Flag Shop and ordered a luscious feast. Raced over to grocery store and got olives, crackers, and stuff for cheese dreams - we had supper in Gay's room - tea et cetera and about 9.30 made Cheese Dreams - they were good. Edith Sturgis (gay's new room-mate) also helped us consume them but Gay and I had about 5 apiece! Such food as dreams are made of!


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915055
Feb. Wednesday 17, 1915

Almost yielded to temptation to stay in but thought of lab 1st and 2nd brought me up. I made (in lab.) Cu(NO3) and NO and NO3 - very interesting experiment - In quiz - learned more of N.Read R.L.S's letters every spare minute of the day I am fully [entrancing] things. Letter from A. L. Kantor and R. Johnsons reports that Mildred feels terribly now she is home - Read french for an hour this evening then K. A. Davis and I took baths and "soaked" and talked of Nero and [Rein casuation]. Thought of letters but they will have to wait till I feel more in the mood -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915056
1915 Thursday 18, Feb.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915057
Feb. Friday 19, 1915

Went over to Mary[Horace's] room after 6th hour. We joined a bunch [steering] for Belgian babys. I [beaued] a diaper and then watched the rest - 8th hour Anne and I went in reviewing - Mrs. Ferris came over with Dot - She is here for a week-end - after dinner Grace and I decided to cut chapel and go to the "Posture League" lecture downtown in Y.W.C.A Miss Bancroft, pres. of the association gave an illustrated lecture which was long but illuminating - got back to college just before 10- Mobs of people went down for it counted as an hour of gym!


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915058
1915 Saturday 20, Feb.

Went downtown this afternoon with M.P.A Went to "Movies", shopped and went to Smith's - Returning had dinner with Bessie Schotton - in North - the dining rooms are certainly weird there - No news from home - beautiful evening -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915059
Feb. Sunday 21, 1915

Got up for breakfast and although didn't accomplish much, had a nice, leisurely feeling all day - went to chapel - Dr. Taylor of Chicago - gave enormous prayer - audience in giggles - longer sermon much gesticulating and dramatic effects. Audience convulsed with laughter - At last at 12.25 we were out! 25 minutes later than by rights - went to dinner with Bessie - Afterwards one Margaret Wells, who is studying in N.Y. - and visiting a girl on 1st in Strong) sang - delightfully. Helen - Arthur and I donned all clothes and took a cross county trip in Hackensack region - dogs and men most frequently seen - Gay, Grace and I went to Carey's for supper tonight - long waits between coarses but food better than on campus.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915060
1915 Monday 22, Feb.

Walked downtown with Gay this afternoon. Lovely day - Washington's birthday but all stores open - we shopped - (I got yarn for rose colored sweater for Marion) and went into Woods for lemonade and nut-bread sandwiches. Bought flags, chickens, music, shirts, shoe-laces, peanuts! Incongruous. Walked back and went up to see Mary Messler who spent week-end at Colgate with Phi Gamma [m--] met Markewich but no others. Went to dinner with Valerie Sahnnon who lives now in 200 Davison - pretty room - danced - she is lonesome of course without Kitty (who is in reserve - taking four classes) Bed at 12.30 - Studied Russion History -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915061
Feb. Tuesday 23, 1915

Got state scholarship letter and one from Leo this morn - [Leo] is to be home from the 2nd to the 5th - studies exceedingly hard all day and feet tired constantly- Miss Smith gave enthusiastic account of Granville Barber's new production of " Mid-Summer's Night's Dream" at Wallarck theatre, N.Y. - hot discussion over drama - went to flag shop 7th and "sloshs" and over to D- a minute afterwards - started sweater - did "Richard III" part of evening - cocoa in Gay's room. oh, so tired -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915062
1915 Wednesday 24, Feb.

No chapel to-night - rainy - danced - knitted during interval-


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915063
Thursday 25, 1915

Went down town with [Ger]; rain and much shopping - got crepe de chine for Aunt Helen's birthday present - returned to write letters - study history - chapel to-night although moisty out - Letters today form A.L.A.S and M. Collat.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915064
1915 Saturday 27 Feb.
see over for Friday -

wanted to get up for breakfast but rest didn't- so we arose about 8.30 and went over to Candy kitchen for coffee and toast- Suzanne has a debate try-out this morning- I do hope she makes it. I sewed on Crepe de chine all morning and got it done before lunch- staid at D- and toward 2 Gert (Brown) Matteson arrived from putting her mother on the train at po'keepsie so M- and I went down-town with her- (I ordered flowers for Mlle. Rean -) Went to Cohen's- bum show except funny Idian act - really eerie. Walked to ferry - went for dinner in R- after chapel- Genevieve Lyon came over this evening - knitted usuall banalities.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915065
Feb. Friday 26 1915

Had no lab 3rd and 4th so read Hamlet; assiduously and knitted meanwhile on [bonny] rose sweater. After 6th hour went Jean's room and sewed on crepe de chine chenusette - dressed for dinner - M.P.A- dragged me over to Main and then to her room to spend the night. Geraud Foot with two other po'keepsians were down in the parlor and Geraud sent his card up and M- went down - came up after me but luckily I was undressed and sewing - went to bed about 11.30-


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915066
Senior Canon of St. John the Divine Cathedral in N.Y. - led chapel - wonderful service.

1915 Sunday 28, Feb.

Up for breakfast and cleaned out desk and wrote M. Collat- a distingue letter. Felt incapable of the art of epistolary so didn't do more letters but read Atlantic monthlies and letters of R.L.S. (second vol.) started to read Hamlet over for second time. A soph. table put a gorgeous light green snake into their salad for "Libby" to serve and of course all screamed and had the best little time hence on. After supper Miss Raymond cornered the culprits - much evasion - I went for a walk with H.A.D. before chapel and to Dark Music. Gorgeous day - absolutely - and in dark mmusic the full, new moon lighted up one of the large windows in an inimitable eerieness - tendency towards sentimentality? Not a bit scientific - Gay came back from N.Y. with food and D.I. but I felt cross and fled to study chem.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915067
March Monday 1, 1915

Class drill this afternoon - very strenuous. Excepted my Posture Excuse for class drill last week!! Went over to see Valerie Shannon afterwards. She seems anxious enough for company - made all sorts of dates. Dressed for dinner - with Genevieve - dear girl - hard time studying this evening - worn out from class drill, I guess - food in Gay's room about 10 - Wonderful moon but no one seemed to be as moon struck as I and wouldn't go for a walk -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915068
1915 Tuesday 2, March

6th Soph Lit. and 7th went to flag shop for food with Valerie and ate it on steps Of [couvered ient] way side house. Went to lecture by Miss Lextor 8th hour. Very distinctive as usual - nice pictures - black velvet dress and huge red flower. V- a quaint child - Kitty is very busy at Resever, she says-, takes four subjects and expects to return to V.C. next year.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915069
Vassar College
March 3, 1915,
at 7:45 o'clock p.m.
in the Student's Auditorium

Pianoforte Recital
Harold Bauer
Under the auspices of the Student's Association


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915070
March Wednesday 3, 1915

Waltzes: dreary, sad,also melodious. Moonlight Sonata: Conveyed distinct impressions to me. On the whole very gratifying and not at all disappointing. Kinder Stucke - : delightful. Especially ["Traumerei"] prelude etc: weird and not as easily understood. Three Inventions: [nice]. Etude: queer but melodious. Ballade: " and comprehensible. Encores by Chopin,


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915071
1915 Thursday 4, March

Looked up at chapel to-night and saw Dot Perry - such a surprise! Saw her afterwards - she expects to stay until Monday - with Mildred. Seems prettier and wiser than ever. Changed room (Swake) all around with bed in front of window which gives a wonderful view of Moon at night. Also [imported] desk. Grace thereupon copies my idea and plants her furniture in exactly the same way! Oh mores, oh tempora! Penalty of independence, I'm afraid.

[map of room]


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915072
March Friday 5, 1915

Walked downtown with Gay and Grace 7th and 8th and shopped and went to Woods for sandwiches and cool drinks and walked by Hooker Ave - and reached College in time for dinner!Good Time! But all very much exhausted - I went to a reading of "Othello" to our Soph. Lit. class by Miss [Seville] in [3oo L. Anne Sevaers] room. "Very rapid play" and very exhausting. Left Perry at 310 where I arrived - also Mildred. Dear girls both and so nice to me.
After reading R- went down to Gay's room for hot soup and there distinguished myself by spilling a cup over my left hand and getting horribly scalded - much pain - but Gay, being a doctor's daughter, had everything at hand and bandaged me beautifully - tendency toward faint?


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915073
1915 Saturday 6, March

10.30 up for breakfast in [Candy] kitchen and met Bob and Peggy on campus and after usual salutations hurried over to gym to get tickets for to-night - not especially good ones. Snow and dismal weather. I did french, english for Tuesday and accomplished altogether quite a bit in the way of studies. Dot Perry and Mildred came for dinner tonight and it [reeurs] very nice to see them. Grace as usual very childish and de trop. I would like to have seem more of Dot but the little was very satisfactory. "Candida" was charming - last was disappointing by the rest lovely. Morell and C- nice but personally didn't rave over Marchbank's [alelio] she was a good feminine personification of his character [ wintime] wept. I confess I didn't take it that way altho I do adore Shaw.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915074
March Sunday 7, 1915

got up about 8.30 and went to Two Pine Villa for waffle breakfast - mere 3rd and fourth arrivals! (Grace and I) Waited on corner in wet snow storm for car and Edith - Saw M.P.A go by in car to met Bob and go across River to New Paltz for dinner with Howard and Gert. I read Dostoejevsky's "Crime and Punishment" all day and wrote letters and had miserable time with hand. "C. and P " is a horrible book - Had pineapples and oranges in Dots room this evening and cocoa in Gay's.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915075
1915 Monday 8, March

Went downtown with Teddy and Peggy - 6th and 8th - descended by Gov. Clinton house but found it closed for repairs so we walked the rest of the way into business section and ["rubbered"] at all the shop-windows. Beginning at "Lucky's" shopped all down street - got back in time for dinner. After chapel did french and Peter the Great. Went to Doctor's office for hand and she bandaged it beautifully. Feels considerably better but is very bad still - got an excuse from gym this week. Much satisfaction.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915076
March Tuesday 9, 1915

After 6th hour class Gay and I went to the Flag Shop and to see the Wanamaker Collection of gowns etc. at "Two Pine Villa" very poor - Then to the Russian lecture by Prof. Lextor on Moscow very good; and bought materials for cheese dreams - This evening was devoid of work so I read and knitted and later made cheese dreams and gradually a whole mob [footed] in to get some. Helen Shaw, Mary Bacon, [Jeu}, Anne, Dot, Grace and Jean! I left early and got to bed by 10.30 - feeling very cross but the Dreams were good - Went to Doctor's office for hand - better.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915077
1915 Wednesday 10, March

Lab. very easy this morning - mail - letter from J.S.M (answered at noon) danger of scarlet fever imminent - also a delightful letter from Miss [Tilley] urging our coming West this summer. Quiz fourth hour was a cinch. Then [] Lit. and 7th I read "The Life of Man" by Andreiev - A weird thing and has a harried effect on me the rest of the day. Went to lecture by Madame Rosika Schwimmer of Hungary, 8th hour with Dot Ferris - much dramatic screaming and pathetic minutes and quaint broken english and a few jokes. Rather a feminist speech after all. We young women of America were asked to do all to stop war! Dinner with Lucile Miller very painful - went over to see M.P.A - disappointing visit - Saw Vanity Fair and letters.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915078
March Thursday 11, 1915

Cut classes this morning - was ill and wickedly and shamelessly spent day in bed and wrote letters and other trivial things - went to doctor's office to-day and she removed bandages entirely - this afternoon spent in reading "Crime etc." and languishing on various couches - went down to dinner and also to chapel for simple reason of not knowing the history assignment for tomorrow. Went over to see M- who with a bunch of others cut chapel - was in Suzanne's room - we laid on the couch, sang favorite hymns and looked at Vogues - returned to R- to go to to bed early - 9.30 such an accourance - went to sleep learning a sonnet of Wm. Shakespeare's!!!!


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915079
1915 Friday 12, March

Lab.[blowing] good! Went to vocational conference this afternoon at 4.00 with [Genn]- Lalcott Williams spoke on "Journalism", Arthur Dean on "Education" and J. Franklin Paris on "Interior Decorating" - ! Very good - Dinner a bore - I detest open tables - Anne and I went to song recital by Charles Clark - baritone of world fame. He was a lamb, absolutely - Especially nice were his french song and Homer's "Prospice, How's MY Boy" etc. Returned to Raymond Anne, [Ge] and I went up to D's room and played Victrola - [Geune] left early but after the "Kin" stage, 10.30 or so Anne and I returned to try "Just a Little Love, A little kiss" over again and read Cosmopolitan. At 1.00 A.M. We made a forage for food - got home from Gay's room and felt happy again.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915080
March Saturday 13, 1915

Up for breakfast and spent morning in French prose, Main wards for food and money and Vain trip to White's for pictures with M.P.A. Plans for walk to town cut short by same with news of my imperative attendance at tea at S. Moores - about 2.30 M and I started [sleyad] a bit, took So. car and reache Moores soon - delightful hospitable welcome - Mrs. M. so very nice and cordial - delicious "eats", nice people and "Peggy" Simpson, Patti's sister [all to be - 1920] - a dear. An intimate of Putnam Hall said that there are Eight freshman there! Walked to Main St. for Car - just in time for dinner at D- This evening went to lecture to hear home folks on "Dependent Children" and returned to D- to spend night with M- "Lis" arrived as dear and jolly as ever - much re-[]!


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915081
1915 Sunday, 14 March

M and G and G. and "sis" got up about 9.30 and went to the waffle shop for breakfast. They "cut" chapel" but but unfortunately we had to go - I staid at D- for dinner (Valerie being under the weather) with M- and afterwards we four read "Snappy Stories" with much expression in M's room - flutter, flutter - "Sis" and I went to Carey's for butter and milk and returning to G's room made fudge and ate many cakes. Left about 5. Supper very prosaic. Played [Din] in D's room about 7.30 and Eleanor has again informed us of the rules! I have suspicions - Grace arrived about 9.30 with hat and tales of N.Y. I read "Loves Labout Lost" amid much conversation and eating of pine apples in Anne's room and finally about 5 min. to 12 was ready for bed-


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915082
March Monday 15, 1915

Woke at 10 minutes to eight! so of course no breakfast and I decided rush for 1st hour class. Very busy outlook from now on to vacation. Will make time go quicker how ever. Helen Arthur and I, deciding to go downtown, left right after lunch - shopped up and down and looked at hats, went to "movies" - one film a trifle risque and another Roselyn started beautifully with a tantalizing view of a satin slipper! ("Naomi Childers"right good)- then hurried back to college - I found that "funk" in on the scene - around at one and M- had brought things over - thrills - G. Lyon and Bessie Callow came to dinner with me and after chapel "Sis" and Gertrude brought the [tur] girls of S.B. over to see me - right attractive


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915083
1915 Tuesday 16, March

Have three seats for "Chin chin" Evening of March 26th
Will be looking for seats for you both - Best [wish}



: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915086
March Tuesday 23, 1915

Ethics elective next year! Phyllis Corbell won Elizabeth E. Dana Reading prize - 1917


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915089
1915 Friday 26, March

M and I left college after 1st hour and shopped and had lunch at Smith's - wild dash in taxi to train - Teddy, Dot and Ruth Moulter and Gertrude saved seats for us - soon reached N.Y. special train about 200 or 300 girls on it - Carrie met us and we went shopping - got suits at Altmans' after a weary search Everywhere - Had dinner at Martha Washington and left for "Chin Chin"- (G.T. Withers) it was lovely, absolutely original and M and Stone so good. Tool GT. to Pennsylvania Station afterwards and then had some thing to eat in Tea room at hotel - queer, good, place-!


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915090
March Saturday 27, 1915

Breakfast at Martha Washington. Several V.C. girls there. Then shopped! 3 waists at Stewarts - Shoes at [Camigers] - hat at Bonwit and Tellers - dresses at Franklin Simons' s (met cousin Anne) more gowns at Altmans and skirts. Returned to hotel to pack and left in taxi for Belmont where we had luncheon with Aldricks and then went to matinee with Ruth and college friend, "The White Feather"- very clever and amusing. War plot. Then shopped a bit and in stores met Harriet Katz! Many shrieks and embraces. Left Carrie there - she certainly is a dear to chaperone us. "[Telluk] and Noreen Marsh took us out to dinner and dancing at church - bills. We just made the 11.30 train - tired of course but after a wonderful time in N. Y. one always is.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915091
1915 Sunday 28, March

Home at 10.55 - Breakfast at Richland - stroll at H2O town [Watertown]. Mrs. Carpenter on train family at station - much embracing - slept all evening - "dead" tired -


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915092
March Monday 29, 1915

Sewing ...
W.L. with Jessie this evening.
Packages arrived all day - mere fun opening them.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915093
1915 Tuesday 30, March

Bessie Callou came this evening - I went to W.L. with Jessie - Visited school with [Jamie] & ... to-day. Went to Chem (poor place) & Miss Bowman's 3rd year English - old memories brought back by that!!!! Then went to Library and ... home to sew.

Went to W.L.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915094
March Wednesday 31, 1915

Much snow -/
Busy -/
having good time./
Went to Wonderland/
this evening with "Tim" -/
who condescendingly called not very exciting - mostly raved of future life and St. Law.

This P.M. Miss Dean took us over to see the new H.S. It's a Beauty - thru & thru. [Finished] much like new art building at College.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915095
1915 Thursday 1, April

Sewing and much business.

This evening "Tim" took [me] and [Louise] C., Bessie & Hugh [Peggy] & Morris - "Lobby" to a ...masquerade in ...

More arm fun - "Tim" being around constantly. I wonder if he is getting a case - dances well but not a la mode ... doesn't improve a bit - I tried to hammer a few such ... into his head but failed, I'm afraid - We all went over to Jerry's for lunch after wards - Much soft snow on ground - [Disgusting] weather: absolutely.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915096
April Friday 2, 1915

Very busy with superintending of sewing all day. In afternoon tea for Bessie. This evening unexpected phone for [Leo? Lea?] - who later came up also "Tim" - but the latter refused to come in and was alto-gether grumpy - he demanded Sun. night or [none] and I think it only fair to ask for it. Misunderstanding on both parts. [J.L.M] not at all exciting but rather prosaic. I frankly got sleepy.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915097
1915 Saturday 3, April

Lea at Bun's this P.M. fortune telling and sewing. Pat came up this evening. ...& Erwin Miller arrived on their motorcycle from Malone, then went with us to the rehearsals of the minstrel show - quite droll in parts - "dragged" in others. Went right home to sit by fire - nothing exciting. Mob arrived and left about 12 after enforced singing of "Perfect Day."


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915098
April Sunday 4, 1915

Went to Episcopal Church. All of us singing very good. Sermon not as good. Went for a walk after dinner and then donned old clothes and went for a ride on the back of "Bunny's" motorcycle. More [darn] fun! Way to ... - M.P.H. on [Erwin's] - very dusty - met all of our friends, I guess! Pat came up this evening & Pete and the boys (Malone) & the other girls had a rabbit ... Pat & I called on Helena - lovely night. After we got back they all tried "parlor stunts" - "crossing scissors" spoon photographs etc. Much consternation.

"Tim" phoned this noon - expected to be refused and didn't care about another date.


: VCLDiariesAnthonyConstanceE1915099
1915 Monday 5, April

Tea at our house for Nina Starbuck. Easter Ball this evening with Pat. Rather a good time. Gunnison a dear - and a cute dancer - ... man also attractive - [Hall cock] - '18 Syracuse. Staid over at our house during interval after supper - back at 3.00. Pete had a beautiful grouch!

[Program folded in between pages: VIOLA, THE BEAUTIFUL]