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Constance E. Anthony '17 Date Book for 1915 Trademark K & T Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. 1915 Friday 1, Jan.
Had a shampoo this morning and in the midst of it, "Tibby" called over and wanted me to go snowshoeing and take luncheon with her. [K. Starbuck] and [W.E.A.] we left about 12 and went up to water tanks. Made good fire and had oysters, coffee, crackers, olives, jelly sandwiches. Jessie Elliott came up after I got home and we went down town and over to see the H.S. Boys cause to take us to sleigh ride at 7.30 and are left when our party called - [Bligh] and Ruth Abbott, Louie Callahan and [Jes...]Carpenter, [seg} abd pete, Cas and Harry [Bockers], Jonnie and gregory- we were 14 of (...) not particularly large sleigh. Reached Mary Bush about 9.30 and three boys held vaudeville entertainment-[giving] no names of asters. used spot light on unfortunate performers - sang "Sister Suzie"! (...) to dance in Richeville. Molly there - met [Dale Beamont] and Alice Spooner. danced much and also quadrille and Portland Fancy. Left at 1.30 and had sandwiches and coffee at Mary's. Left there soon and had lovely time on way home. Everyone cross and uncomfortable. Pete ran half way home - reached town about 4? Jan. Saturday 2, 1915
got up in time for lunch! Doris, Issy and Helena came up this afternoon and we had a talk - regret et cetera at parting. Went downtown but nothing exciting happened. I mailed note to J.D.W. regreting trouble over dance episode at Athenian Ball but it probably won't do any good; strange I should want it too. "King" came up this evening and after conversing with the family a while, (me [brutling] half asleep) all went up to the dance. small crowd, mostly those on sleigh ride (which was incidently, chief topic of talk.) [Haroy] Bockers was very wrought up about it. also zeb (...) was there with [cac]! [Louis] devoted to Cornelia [Hatmaker]. She looked very pretty too. I didn't say much when I danced with him but thought he acted confused enough when I talked of far away impersonal matters. Enough sed! "King" certainly had his share of dances. Out at 12 of course and King came in. Didn't forget he wanted my picture - I felt just tired enough to be silly - seemed to have had good time. 1915 Sunday 3, Jan.
I awake at 2.p.m. very much astounded because I had entertained thoughts of going to church in the morning! After dinner, deciding not to snowshoe on account of zero weather, I mended and brought some order to belongings prepatory to packing. I got lunch for family and played victrola till Tim and "Zeb" came - we made fire and told stories and Tim played card tricks while Zeb and W.P.A. made some "old maid's delight" a new "concoction" on the chaffing dish which was very edible - Tim made me promise to write often and also to send him my picture if he sent his down to me -Tendency towards prosaic-ness? no. L.L. Jan. Monday 4, 1915
got up for 7.30 train and said good-bye to [Dot] Fish and [Doris Ramson]and then went to school with Marion - left 4th period and packed all afternoon and evening partly - went to library and talked with Helen (Loveland) and Jessie - J-and I went to Wonderland to-gether. not much good. Then downtown and home to eat a bite and go to bed - wish I had let Tim come up now for note didn't have desired effect. 5 1915 Tuesday 5, Jan.
Left on 7.30 train. Pete and [Gle...] Priest rode all way down me With M- and me. We played cards, had mandoline music from "Bob" and Pete and ate candy to Utica - (changing at phil.) just caught train (no.58) at Utica and got pullman seats. Boys insisted on pilloting us thru everything. Pete left at Schenectady and [Gle...] and I went into the diner for luncheon - had pleasant time to Pokeepsie. Much ice cutting and ice boating on Hudson. Reached Pokeepsie at 3.54. Train on Time, for a wonder. Went up to Smiths for oysters, Tea and sandwiches. Then up to college at 5. Over to Main - I went to Davison for dinner and talked with Teddy and M. till about 9 - [h.q]- girls home on 3rd corridor R - and we ate nuts, and vacation candy. Went to bed early, about 10.30 after reading "Vanity Fair". 6 Jan. Wednesday 6, 1915
Slept till 8.30 when grace came dashing in with appropriate and usual noise. We decided To breakfast - and in time for fourth hour I got dressed and went over to chemistry lecture. Wednesday afteroon meant 6th hour. Curses! or I would have gone downtown. so went over to Davison and watched G.T. unpack- This evening [Ge..Gay], and I read "She" till about 11. and then I read "Their yesterdays" by Harold Bell Wright - was 1.30 when I finished it. Went over to main after chapel for express and found enourmous line of girls (waiting to sign for trunks) 7
1915 Thursday 7, Jan.
[?] classes this morning and all deadly and dull. After lunch I studied in library on Hist. G. and then went over to Davison and watched G.T. unpack while waiting for M.P.A when she came I did up bath robe and she dress and we took them over to janitors office and sent back to N.Y. Then I went over to Strong. Visited Bessie Callow for a while and then Genevieve Lyon - After Dinner I went over to Strong with Bessie, Gertrude and M. and we made Bessie try on her Prom. dress - a dream in silver and rose color! She has some lovely xmas gifts. After 9.30 we started in reading "she" and when a young mob of people came in to drink cocoa we fled to my room for peace. 8 Jan. Friday 8, 1915
Grace's friend (and cousin incidently) came this afternoon and this evening we had "cheese dreams" this evening also cocoa and cracker-jacks. All made "c.d." in Jenn's room and served them in our room. simply delicious. afterwards, when bunch departed, I read till all hours, Genevieve, Gay and I have been reading "she" all day 9
1915 Saturday 9, Jan.
Went over to the library and studied history for Tuesday. After lunch we read "she" in Helen - Arthurs' room. Then I dressed and went downtown with Marjory - we shopped industriously then went to "Cohans"- rather enormous, queer place. We wandered around and finally found seats - vaudeville rather good. Went to Smiths and Woods - got candy. Stopped at "Sloshs" - went to dinner with Genevieve Lyon. Had rather good time. Had more Cheese Dreams to-night in Harriet's room - "Lizzy Bell" was invited poor child and Elsa came of her own accord - Marjory came over about 9.30 and staid all night with me - I put her in bed and then went up to Dorothy Ferris' room with Harriet and we had a [secluce] with [Jameses]. More fun. 10 Jan. Sunday 10, 1915
Awoke at alarm, set by the thoughtful Marjory and we went down to breakfast. After which study till chapel and listened to a wonderful sermon. Read Cosmopolitan to Helen Arthur Davis part of afternoon and then studied and to Gertrude Finleys for supper - Grace with M.P.A and we went up to G.'s afterwards and saw her prom dress and also Teddy's. Much green drops. Went into Harriet's room for cocoa and cracker jacks after 10 and latter discovered Harriet and Mildred guiltily discussing [Ramases] but I was too tired to join them. 11 1915 Monday 11, Jan.
Classes 8.30 - 12.30 Class drill - 2.45 Off Campus - 4.45-5.45 sundaes and ham sandwiches at flag shop with Anne. After dinner studied Spenser's Faeire Queen and after 10 went into Genevieve's room for tomatoe bisque and cracker [jaurs]. Much conversation over Elsa, Dot [Bolt], acident in Main, Grand Rapids Furniture Co. etc. etc. skating on the lake to-day -gym - 7th hr..Deans Office .
Jan. Tuesday 12, 1915
With [Alice] I went to flag shop and we had sundaes topped off by a ham sandwich! Got a light blue, silk, quilted bath robe from N.Y. To-day shall keep it - Any more express charge on returned packages will break me! 13 1915 Wednesday 13, Jan.
Went to flag shop with Mildred and ate sundaes and sandwiches - in the gym - we met K. Hobbs and she had news from Mike Hayes for me. Very exciting indeed. Tendency toward [aceptisive]on my part? Anyway much trepidation at possibility of mistake? Mais, Oui. The Captain of a fire that might be/Is our friend dear and cute Connie/There's Morris, Pat and Lee/Each of whom she longs to see./Notice the Unity/(there might be) 14 Jan. Thursday 14, 1915
Wickedly cut all four classes this morning and staid in bed - surrounded by many books and wrote letters and read the "Faerie Queen". Got up for lunch and 7th hour. Dorothy, Harriet and I went to flag shop and slosh's and Careys - D and I didn't go to chapel but rushed over to library to get books before mob arrived - after 10, had tea and Choc. in my room
-Harriet, Joy, Grace and I. Judge, and Red Book equally prominent. Got letter from Tim and his picture To-day. 15 1915 Friday 15, Jan.
No lab this morning gave me 2nd, 3rd and 4th hours free and I did topic for history of Far East. It proved to be a long job. After stupid 6th hour class I went over to Davison and visited with M.P.A, Teddy and Gertrude. M - has a a 5 lb. box of chocolates from ["T---k"]to-day which I helped eat. Teddy, Gertrude and Peggy came over for dinner to-night. There was a lecture on "Heredity and Responsibility" which everyone rushed over to expecting a treat but I went to library and toiled on Soph. Lit. topic in co. with Bianca Shewer. Went to fudge-party in Anne's room - much discussion of world-wide topics - I left at 12 min to 2 16 Jan. Saturday 16, 1915
Got up for breakfast and then went right to Library and worked on topic all morning. After lunch toiled away all afternoon - fixed up Mildred's room - (it is her birthday) with an effigy of her on her couch and many funny things hanging from ceiling. Also ordered flowers for her. After Chapel (in which M. presented me with bottle of tonic!) I wrote letters and helped m. get spread ready - at 9.30 we began to eat. wonderful eats! Chicken creamed, a big choc. cake, cocoa, olives, nuts, dates, candy, "rusks" and jelly - we sang and talked so loudly that Miss Raymond came up and complained - also [Web-Rean]. In bed by 11 .17 1915 Sunday 17, Jan.
Got up for breakfast !!!! I made out ?'s for history preparation for Tuesday, wrote one letter, cleaned my silver, read "Thru the Looking Glass", and talked with Anne while rest of college was safe in chapel. At dinner Fran, Patty B. and I had quite a confab over Emily Dickinson's "I offered Being for it" etc. ???????? Music in parlor and then Ruth Anne and I did chem - for better of afternoon- Mlle. Reau complained to Peggy Woolsey about the noise last night and we were all warned of the [fast]. Mrs. Tillering has spoke to the "social laws" group this evening in the parlor and I went down. Very Interesting discussions - Gay, Grace and I had cocoa in 310 - and bed by early hour of 10.45. 18 Jan. Monday 18, 1015
Met Kitty Hobers this morning and she had gotten a letter from Mick Hayes prophecying one for one which didn't come!! This afternoon, (after lunch with Marjory) I went to gym - main and all about in misty fog; and also to north to see [B----] and new room. (Very attractive). Had tea in 310 7th and 8th hours and played auction bridge with Genn and Gay. No chapel to-night and much fine dancing. Wrote letters and read and trifled with studying. forgot till too late that
my intentions were all for shampooing hair!! 19 1915 Tuesday 19, Jan.
In morning mail a letter from J.S.W. very bewildering and in noon mail a stunning [mer--] in black leather - In afternoon mail a letter from King. Went over to M.P.A's 4th hour and again 8th - she was in bed resting and I had much candy -also she approved of my policy toward men in general and in specific!! Did geology Topic and Bridge for two - this evening - at 9.30 began Chem Review with Alice and Ruth - Betty Crabtree was here for dinner and worried the freshmen extremely by not considering "good-bye girls" a good Fox-Trot!! Wrote much mail and got packages ready .20 Jan. Wednesday 20, 1915
There is a paper being passed around to subscribe to for two concerts up here next semester by two of four suggested musicians - Bauer [Tim Elliot], Kreisler, Hoffmann - The last two are the ones most every one wants? Quite a heavenly plan to have concerts privately up here, je [peurse]. Went down town this afternoon with Grace - we merely shopped around and went into Wood's for sundaes and got back just in time for dinner. 21 1915 Thursday 21, Jan.
Four hectic classes as usual this morning. Went over to M's after lunch and read and dallied a while. Then back here for 6th hour and 8th M. came over and read my accumulated mail. This evening, I shampooed my hair and then Helen Arthur created a bit of amusement by dancing around the halls in my gossards and girdles!! Went in Gay's room for tea about 10.30 and met Miss Raymond in the hall - she seemed convinced that is I who makes the "most disturbing noise" she hears on first!! Reviewed for History test after 9 got in bed - very much sleepy .22 Jan. Friday 22, 1915
Many free hrs. this morning during which I read a lovely 24 page letter from the girls and answered it. After 6th hour English this afternoon I went over to D - then Eight Helen - Arthur and I went to the Hampton Institute quartette and lecture - Splendid! After dinner and chapel I read Peter Ibbetson and went to Carey's with Gay. confidences concerning Grace! Oh Lord! Hot choc. and cracker- [jaurs] when we got back and after a brief survey of [Louw - Bungery] I fell asleep.
January 31 Days 23 Saturday 22-342 1915 Rainy - 23 Snow! 1915 Saturday 23, Jan.
Slept till 11.30 - Delicious fact. After breakfast of cocoa and cracker-Jaurs went down to lunch! Tendency toward sleepiness. Went to Flag shop for sundaes and there stopped in to see M - with letter from Bob - There decided to go to
N.Y. the Saturday after Exams. With M- and Teddy and Gertrude! More darn fun. I staid at DAvison for supper in Gertrude's room - we had chicken (minced) lobster, chicken soup, olives, pickles, jelly, fruitola oranges, hydrox, Van Camp's beans. Bliss! Ruth Moulter, Pat s. (who had man come unexpectedly to see her in the midst of our meal and she fled!) Teddy, Gertrude, M. and I. Ruth told us our character's by our faces! More fun - I did Suzanne's, Gertrude's and Teddy's hair in french twist. I decided to stay all night so rushed back at 9.30 and got my things. Ruth kept telling things about us and five or six girls came in as her fame spread. She also told photographs splendidly! I slept in M's room on Teddy's extra cot.Ruth's remarks: I am not spoilt/aristocratic/reticent/apt to get blase in time meant for social life/not athletic/very artistic/vain - I think alot by myself. Have no [bu--p] of "brains"- " Good will power/ " determination/ my heart sometimes rules my mind.
Jan. Sunday 24, 1915
M - and I got up for breakfast and afterwards heard Ruth read Katrina, Gertrude Folks, Carlotta [Browall's], Mildred Allen's faces in the reading room - more fun - I cut chapel! - and read and wrote letters while others were listening to Robert Speer's eloquence - After dinner agonising music by [W-Mc J]. in parlors - and study of More's "Utopia"- went off campus to the "U and J" for supper with Ruth Wood and Grace .Sop. Lit Exam 25 1915 Monday 25, Jan.
Soph Lit. exam at 8.20 - 10.20 It was a one question-affair which took in the whole semester's work. Afterwards went for mail found letter from J.L.M. which was rather eerie (but I answered it directly in a flippant manner!-) This noon I went to lunch with Genevieve Lyon and afterwards we studied chemistry. Dilegently. There went off campus to the flag-shop and had sundaes and chocolate cake. This evening [--] Helen Arthur, Ruth and I did chemistry and eating and drinking and I hastily perused geology notes. It is rainy and slushy to-day and we had no chapel .geology- 26 Chemistry Jan. Tuesday 26, 1915
Geology came at 8.20 in Room 35. It was a picturesque affair and very short - I was thru at 9.30 and got my mail (a letter from Tim) and then went for a walk with "Davie" Farish - then went over to her room and had ham-(minced) sandwiches - after lunch (fright over chem. [---]) Helen-Arthur, "Davie" and I went for a walk on sunset and watched
M.L. Streyer and Another Senior coast down the hill on chaffing dish trays, Chem-exam was not frightfully hard. After which H-Arthur and I made cocoa and read - I went coasting on box covers on Sun-set after chapel - started out with Madeline, H.A., Grace, [-] Davie and soon there were dozens of girls up there using everything to coast on from toboggans,trays,large and small boxes, boards to dustpans and brooms!! It was gloriously icy and heavenly sport - left at
8.45 .27 1915 Wednesday 27, Jan.
No exams to-day - I went coasting and studied some french with Mildred - Cora and I went coasting this evening -wonderful moon - light et cetera. French: 2:30- Studio. 28 Jan. Thursday 28, 1915
This morning went downtown after some trays for coasting and after french exam in studio (which was very, very easy and we got the very passage Mildred and I had looked up yesterday! Some luck!) Mildred and I went coasting on Sunset. Made or rather renewed acquaintances with young Paul Williams who used to play around down at Whitlocks last year! This evening Anne, Mrs. [Bowen], Dorothy Claudia, Mildred and I went off-campus to Carey's for dinner -much to eat! Also much snow and no chapel- Marjory has decided to wait till next week-end to go to N.Y. and the rest of us will wait too. History G- 29 35 1915 Friday 29, Jan.
I crammed history all this morning and Jeannette Miller came up and to-gether we collected our knowledge about China, Japan and India. Exam came at 1.30. It was absolutely fiendish! The meanest exam I ever took - 8 long questions. Afterwards I went over to Davison and talked with Gertrude and M.P.A. This evening went very quickly with reading in my room and food. Exams are certainly exhausting. 30 Jan. Saturday 30, 1915
Slept till 10.30 or later this morning - got letters from J.P.M and "King" on [sauce] mail! This afternoon [Alice], Mrs. Bowan, Dorothy, Mildred, Harriet and I went down to see "[Tevrie]Beds" - It was very, very funny and for a road company very well done - we all laughed incessantly - went to Woods afterwards for sundaes - Dead tired this evening. Claudia spent the evening and night - we read the "Monk" out loud in Harriet's room. Also we read "What became of
Deegan Folk" an eerie story in the Feb. McClures. 31 1915 Sunday 31, Jan.
11.30 Didn't wake up in time to go to Waffle Shop so had to breakfast in room - Wrote letters, read and loaffed all day -this Evening about 9.30 Ruth arrived from N.Y. and found her three [flunk] notes - the poor child had really expected none-so quite a shock - Mildred also got 3 and also Harriet - Cora got Latin Prose and 2 others - Gay got none - she brought much food back and we had some in her room. Every one brought back a [Me ---] from vacation! quite amusing indeed. 32 Feb. Monday 1, 1915
I have same schedule as last semester but lab is changed to mon. and Thurs; 5th and 6th, I have petitioned to have it changed - Dr. McCraken lead chapel for first time to-night and made a short but nice speech . Afterwards everyone gathered at Taylor Hall and serenaded him and he gave another speech. He isn't moved into the Pres.' house as yet. Much show to-day and many were out snow-shoeing. 33 1915 Tuesday 2, Feb.
After strenuous day's work for history map I went to dinner with Kitty Hobbs in 136 Main - she didn't have as much as I expected to tell about Colgate Affairs. We danced in "g" after dinner - then chapel and home to work on map for history some more" 34 Feb. Wednesday 3, 1915
Mildred met me this noon before lunch and broke the harrowing news that she has been told that she must go home. Poor girl- I certainly am sad over it - we both wept. Harriet also must go and feels even worse about it! Ruth also. They are sending home even those who flunked only three things. It's mighty hard for Harriet as her father, Mother, and Sister have just come East for the entire spring. There are, it is rumored, 30 freshman sent home and only 75 out of a class of 400 now passed every exam! 35 1915 Thursday 4, Feb.
Much [wrong or itrony] and various rumors over the calamity which has befallen the class of 1918 - deep gloom has ascended over 3rd corridor. Ruth has decided to fight it out but the other two are going. Miss McC has announced that no more certificated students will be [ex...]. All will have enter on exams. The whole college is aroused over the blow of so many going home - Kitty Hobbs must go - also Eugene, 3 from McGlynns and Margaret Marshall has gone already. Harriet's father is here and she is resigned to going - we had [eats] to-night but they were not uproariously cheerful rather a forced gaiety. 36 Feb. Friday 5, 1915
Harriet left after 2nd hour this morning with her father who is ever so nice. We all said good-bye down in the hall while Miss R. hovered over in the back ground (making untactful remarks!) Mildred feels blue at not hearing from her family but heard this p.m. - Harriet lost her train and returned this afternoon and we had quite a cheerful visit. She and her father staid to dinner, went to chapel, played in parlor afterwards and finally we all accompanied her to trolly about 8.30 and gave her a rousing good send off - I said good-bye to Mildred and went to bed early - I sure do hate to say good-bye for ever to her. 37 1915 Saturday 6, Feb.
Awoke at 5 by alarm and got dressed and left hall at 6 - much wet, deep slush out- still dark and moon out - got very wet and found my self locked out of both halls and went with hunger and cold. when I finally joined girls at trolley at 6:15. We had a rather good breakfast on 6.48 train. Reached N.Y. a little after 9 . Met Carrie at Grand Central went to
Altman's where M- got prom dress a copy of Mrs. [Olreean] Castle's - also went to McCreery's, Lord and Taylor's, Best's and Tiffany's and Vantines - Much beautiful things to see - luncheon at Mary Elizabeths was so nice and then went to [Sort] theater "Wonder Cover" wonderful play with Wm. Courtney and Lily Cahill in it. Met Bob afterwards who took M- to dinner. We went to Manhatten but got sadly disappointed when our plans for a dinner on the train fell through!! Train left at 6:55 and we reached college at 9:30 Dead tired but had one wonderful day!!! 38 Feb. Sunday 7, 1915
Awoke at 10. Had beautiful breakfast and rested at D- with Marjory - Staid there till 4.30 amused by McCarthy, Teddy, [Bunny], [is - turie-]- This evening M- Came over and I had a welsh Rarebit party - made good food. After which I wrote letters and Diary in Gay's room (and had tea incidently) and slept there all night as she is homesick for Harriet .39 1915 Monday 8, Feb.
After lunch I went over to the lab. and finished my 17th experiment - Fran and I in state in the lecture room - hope it's [uear] enough correct so I don't have to do it over again. Then class drill 7th hour - much twirling of clubs in "anvil chorus". No mail today!! Went over to Davison 8th hour and off campus to Slosh's and Flag Shop. After dinner danced a bit and received comforting assurance from Gay that I "am awfully good to her". Much sleepiness but got thru lessons all right - we were re-seated in Chapel and have moved a whole row so I am now opposite the guest seats!! More fun. 40 Feb. Tuesday 9, 1915
Slept with Gat to-night - very busy studying Conny 41 1915 Wednesday 10, Feb.
-Ditto .
Went downtown after 6th hour with Ruth Motter, Teddy, Gertrude and Peggy - They arranged for rooms at Nelson House and then we shopped - Peggy and I staid later than the rest and got stranded downtown - the car line had some sort of an acident. So we went to Smith's for dinner and afterwards started to walk back with A. [McAdowaly], V. Lee,
G. Roper, G Kindred, M. Peck and N. [Salladeis] but finally a Vassar car over took us and we got back in time for chapel .Dearest: .One last fond goodbye. Kiss! Your picture - well it just made me too joyous for words. Thank you bushels and also for the candle. It will help me some dark night. Love, Mildred. 42 Feb. Thursday 11, 1915
Wrote letters all afternoon and made coaco with Helen - Arthur. Got [yearly] all import out letters answered - no mail to-day - did lessons for to-morrow in a hurry. 43 1915 Friday 12, Feb.
Felt absolutely miserable in lab and after lunch - But nevertheless went to 6th hr. English and over to "Lilee" to read afterwards - after a [runny] dinner hors doure in Gay's room and read "the Third Eye" out loud - (a priceless specimen -of R.W. Chandlers!)Then went to the concert in chapel - was boring although not bad in some parts. The [sword of Servarie] was the best and the Volga {??] next - went to bed soon after return to 310. 44 Feb. Sunday [Saturday is crossed out]13, 1915
Arose at 10 and had breakfast in Gay's room - ou. rolls and coaca - Ruth Perry backer and Flora McClellan came in - I
just got dressed in time for Chapel - the juniors and their [?] filled all the junior seats and also the guests seats. Chapel was rather boring - Everyone was tired - preacher was not particularly inspiring. Felt [really] during dinner - Marjory, Teddy, Gertrude (with Valentine figt from Miss Judy!) "Libby", "spooney" and "Pete" came over before dinner and made me promise to come over to Davison afterwards but I felt too "[ruiny]" and merily left a note on his door and fled. Later Gay and I went for a walk and to Carey's for a soda and candy and peanuts! 1915 Saturday [Sunday crossed out] 14, Feb
Slept till 10.45 this morning and after a solitary cup of cocoa and Freud for Mon - [doue], girls came back from glee club concert reporting an awfully good programme. "Pete" came this morning as a surprise to me. I went over to [N's]about 3.30 and helped her get dressed for the Prom. She looked very pretty - Then I did Teddy's hair and fixed Gertrude's a bit - went down to meet "Libby" and "Spoony" - Them as I thought they would be - after chapel Gay and I went over to Student's and stood with our noses glued to the window till 9.30 - Saw all there was to see - Everything looked very pretty - and men were quite presentable. Back to Raymond and had a feast in 310 - Baked Beans, Coaca and crackers - jams - Anne and Lucia [Gording]. Gay Edith Grace and I - bed at 11.30 46 Feb. Monday 15, 1915
A damp, drizzling, exceedingly uncheerful Monday! I almost staid in bed but luckily screwed up enough courage to go to classes for we have a very important lecture in chemistry - Dr. Moulton experimented with NH3 and N and we had to write down the observations and conclusions: "to be handed in"! This afternoon I went over to Marjory's room and heard all about the prom "teddy" was in bed and we fooled around, ate apples and I returned to devour McClures - "the Honey Bee" and "K" are rather interesting but not especially original in their (predicted) endings .47 1915 Tuesday 16, Feb.
This afternoon after 6th hour Gay and I decided to have our grand "spree" before swearing off frivolity during lent. We accordingly went down to the Flag Shop and ordered a luscious feast. Raced over to grocery store and got olives, crackers, and stuff for cheese dreams - we had supper in Gay's room - tea et cetera and about 9.30 made Cheese Dreams
-they were good. Edith Sturgis (gay's new room-mate) also helped us consume them but Gay and I had about 5 apiece! Such food as dreams are made of! 48 Feb. Wednesday 17, 1915
Almost yielded to temptation to stay in but thought of lab 1st and 2nd brought me up. I made (in lab.) Cu(NO3) and NO and NO3 - very interesting experiment - In quiz - learned more of N.Read R.L.S's letters every spare minute of the day I am fully [entrancing] things. Letter from A. L. Kantor and R. Johnsons reports that Mildred feels terribly now she is home - Read french for an hour this evening then K. A. Davis and I took baths and "soaked" and talked of Nero and [Rein casuation]. Thought of letters but they will have to wait till I feel more in the mood .49 1915 Thursday 18, Feb. 50 Feb. Friday 19, 1915
Went over to Mary[Horace's] room after 6th hour. We joined a bunch [steering] for Belgian babys. I [beaued] a diaper and then watched the rest - 8th hour Anne and I went in reviewing - Mrs. Ferris came over with Dot - She is here for a week-end - after dinner Grace and I decided to cut chapel and go to the "Posture League" lecture downtown in Y.W.C.A Miss Bancroft, pres. of the association gave an illustrated lecture which was long but illuminating - got back to college just before 10- Mobs of people went down for it counted as an hour of gym! 51 1915 Saturday 20, Feb.
Went downtown this afternoon with M.P.A Went to "Movies", shopped and went to Smith's - Returning had dinner with Bessie Schotton - in North - the dining rooms are certainly weird there - No news from home - beautiful evening .52 Feb. Sunday 21, 1915
Got up for breakfast and although didn't accomplish much, had a nice, leisurely feeling all day - went to chapel - Dr. Taylor of Chicago - gave enormous prayer - audience in giggles - longer sermon much gesticulating and dramatic effects. Audience convulsed with laughter - At last at 12.25 we were out! 25 minutes later than by rights - went to dinner with Bessie - Afterwards one Margaret Wells, who is studying in N.Y. - and visiting a girl on 1st in Strong) sang
-delightfully. Helen - Arthur and I donned all clothes and took a cross county trip in Hackensack region - dogs and men most frequently seen - Gay, Grace and I went to Carey's for supper tonight - long waits between coarses but food better than on campus. 53 1915 Monday 22, Feb.
Walked downtown with Gay this afternoon. Lovely day - Washington's birthday but all stores open - we shopped - (I got yarn for rose colored sweater for Marion) and went into Woods for lemonade and nut-bread sandwiches. Bought flags, chickens, music, shirts, shoe-laces, peanuts! Incongruous. Walked back and went up to see Mary Messler who spent week-end at Colgate with Phi Gamma [m--] met Markewich but no others. Went to dinner with Valerie Sahnnon who lives now in 200 Davison - pretty room - danced - she is lonesome of course without Kitty (who is in reserve - taking four classes) Bed at 12.30 - Studied Russion History .54 Feb. Tuesday 23, 1915
Got state scholarship letter and one from Leo this morn - [Leo] is to be home from the 2nd to the 5th - studies exceedingly hard all day and feet tired constantly- Miss Smith gave enthusiastic account of Granville Barber's new production of " Mid-Summer's Night's Dream" at Wallarck theatre, N.Y. - hot discussion over drama - went to flag shop 7th and "sloshs" and over to D- a minute afterwards - started sweater - did "Richard III" part of evening - cocoa in Gay's room. oh, so tired .55 1915 Wednesday 24, Feb.
No chapel to-night - rainy - danced - knitted during interval.56 Thursday 25, 1915
Went down town with [Ger]; rain and much shopping - got crepe de chine for Aunt Helen's birthday present - returned to write letters - study history - chapel to-night although moisty out - Letters today form A.L.A.S and M. Collat. 57 1915 Saturday 27 Feb. see over for Friday .
wanted to get up for breakfast but rest didn't- so we arose about 8.30 and went over to Candy kitchen for coffee and toast- Suzanne has a debate try-out this morning- I do hope she makes it. I sewed on Crepe de chine all morning and got it done before lunch- staid at D- and toward 2 Gert (Brown) Matteson arrived from putting her mother on the train at po'keepsie so M- and I went down-town with her- (I ordered flowers for Mlle. Rean -) Went to Cohen's- bum show except funny Idian act - really eerie. Walked to ferry - went for dinner in R- after chapel- Genevieve Lyon came over this evening - knitted usuall banalities. 58 Feb. Friday 26 1915
Had no lab 3rd and 4th so read Hamlet; assiduously and knitted meanwhile on [bonny] rose sweater. After 6th hour went Jean's room and sewed on crepe de chine chenusette - dressed for dinner - M.P.A- dragged me over to Main and then to her room to spend the night. Geraud Foot with two other po'keepsians were down in the parlor and Geraud sent his card up and M- went down - came up after me but luckily I was undressed and sewing - went to bed about 11.30.Senior Canon of St. John the Divine Cathedral in N.Y. - led chapel - wonderful service.
1915 Sunday 28, Feb.
Up for breakfast and cleaned out desk and wrote M. Collat- a distingue letter. Felt incapable of the art of epistolary so didn't do more letters but read Atlantic monthlies and letters of R.L.S. (second vol.) started to read Hamlet over for second time. A soph. table put a gorgeous light green snake into their salad for "Libby" to serve and of course all screamed and had the best little time hence on. After supper Miss Raymond cornered the culprits - much evasion - I went for a walk with H.A.D. before chapel and to Dark Music. Gorgeous day - absolutely - and in dark mmusic the full, new moon lighted up one of the large windows in an inimitable eerieness - tendency towards sentimentality? Not a bit scientific - Gay came back from N.Y. with food and D.I. but I felt cross and fled to study chem. 60 March Monday 1, 1915
Class drill this afternoon - very strenuous. Excepted my Posture Excuse for class drill last week!! Went over to see Valerie Shannon afterwards. She seems anxious enough for company - made all sorts of dates. Dressed for dinner -with Genevieve - dear girl - hard time studying this evening - worn out from class drill, I guess - food in Gay's room about 10 - Wonderful moon but no one seemed to be as moon struck as I and wouldn't go for a walk .61 1915 Tuesday 2, March
6th Soph Lit. and 7th went to flag shop for food with Valerie and ate it on steps Of [couvered ient] way side house. Went to lecture by Miss Lextor 8th hour. Very distinctive as usual - nice pictures - black velvet dress and huge red flower. V- a quaint child - Kitty is very busy at Resever, she says-, takes four subjects and expects to return to V.C. next year. Vassar College March 3, 1915, at 7:45 o'clock p.m. in the Student's Auditorium
Pianoforte Recital by Harold Bauer Under the auspices of the Student's Association 62 March Wednesday 3, 1915
Waltzes: dreary, sad,also melodious. Moonlight Sonata: Conveyed distinct impressions to me. On the whole very gratifying and not at all disappointing. Kinder Stucke - : delightful. Especially ["Traumerei"] prelude etc: weird and not as easily understood. Three Inventions: [nice]. Etude: queer but melodious. Ballade: " and comprehensible. Encores by Chopin, 63 1915 Thursday 4, March
Looked up at chapel to-night and saw Dot Perry - such a surprise! Saw her afterwards - she expects to stay until Monday
-with Mildred. Seems prettier and wiser than ever. Changed room (Swake) all around with bed in front of window which gives a wonderful view of Moon at night. Also [imported] desk. Grace thereupon copies my idea and plants her furniture in exactly the same way! Oh mores, oh tempora! Penalty of independence, I'm afraid.
[map of room] 64 March Friday 5, 1915
Walked downtown with Gay and Grace 7th and 8th and shopped and went to Woods for sandwiches and cool drinks and walked by Hooker Ave - and reached College in time for dinner!Good Time! But all very much exhausted - I went to a
reading of "Othello" to our Soph. Lit. class by Miss [Seville] in [3oo L. Anne Sevaers] room. "Very rapid play" and very exhausting. Left Perry at 310 where I arrived - also Mildred. Dear girls both and so nice to me. After reading R- went down to Gay's room for hot soup and there distinguished myself by spilling a cup over my left hand and getting horribly scalded - much pain - but Gay, being a doctor's daughter, had everything at hand and bandaged me beautifully - tendency toward faint? 65 1915 Saturday 6, March
10.30 up for breakfast in [Candy] kitchen and met Bob and Peggy on campus and after usual salutations hurried over to gym to get tickets for to-night - not especially good ones. Snow and dismal weather. I did french, english for Tuesday and accomplished altogether quite a bit in the way of studies. Dot Perry and Mildred came for dinner tonight and it [reeurs] very nice to see them. Grace as usual very childish and de trop. I would like to have seem more of Dot but the little was very satisfactory. "Candida" was charming - last was disappointing by the rest lovely. Morell and C- nice but personally didn't rave over Marchbank's [alelio] she was a good feminine personification of his character [ wintime] wept. I confess I didn't take it that way altho I do adore Shaw. 66 March Sunday 7, 1915
got up about 8.30 and went to Two Pine Villa for waffle breakfast - mere 3rd and fourth arrivals! (Grace and I) Waited on corner in wet snow storm for car and Edith - Saw M.P.A go by in car to met Bob and go across River to New Paltz for dinner with Howard and Gert. I read Dostoejevsky's "Crime and Punishment" all day and wrote letters and had miserable time with hand. "C. and P " is a horrible book - Had pineapples and oranges in Dots room this evening and cocoa in Gay's. 67 1915 Monday 8, March
Went downtown with Teddy and Peggy - 6th and 8th - descended by Gov. Clinton house but found it closed for repairs so we walked the rest of the way into business section and ["rubbered"] at all the shop-windows. Beginning at "Lucky's" shopped all down street - got back in time for dinner. After chapel did french and Peter the Great. Went to Doctor's office for hand and she bandaged it beautifully. Feels considerably better but is very bad still - got an excuse from gym this week. Much satisfaction. 68 March Tuesday 9, 1915
After 6th hour class Gay and I went to the Flag Shop and to see the Wanamaker Collection of gowns etc. at "Two Pine Villa" very poor - Then to the Russian lecture by Prof. Lextor on Moscow very good; and bought materials for cheese dreams - This evening was devoid of work so I read and knitted and later made cheese dreams and gradually a whole mob [footed] in to get some. Helen Shaw, Mary Bacon, [Jeu}, Anne, Dot, Grace and Jean! I left early and got to bed by
10.30 - feeling very cross but the Dreams were good - Went to Doctor's office for hand - better. 69 1915 Wednesday 10, March
Lab. very easy this morning - mail - letter from J.S.M (answered at noon) danger of scarlet fever imminent - also a delightful letter from Miss [Tilley] urging our coming West this summer. Quiz fourth hour was a cinch. Then [] Lit. and 7th I read "The Life of Man" by Andreiev - A weird thing and has a harried effect on me the rest of the day. Went to lecture by Madame Rosika Schwimmer of Hungary, 8th hour with Dot Ferris - much dramatic screaming and pathetic minutes and quaint broken english and a few jokes. Rather a feminist speech after all. We young women of America were asked to do all to stop war! Dinner with Lucile Miller very painful - went over to see M.P.A - disappointing visit -Saw Vanity Fair and letters. 70 March Thursday 11, 1915
Cut classes this morning - was ill and wickedly and shamelessly spent day in bed and wrote letters and other trivial
things - went to doctor's office to-day and she removed bandages entirely - this afternoon spent in reading "Crime etc." and languishing on various couches - went down to dinner and also to chapel for simple reason of not knowing the history assignment for tomorrow. Went over to see M- who with a bunch of others cut chapel - was in Suzanne's room -we laid on the couch, sang favorite hymns and looked at Vogues - returned to R- to go to to bed early - 9.30 such an accourance - went to sleep learning a sonnet of Wm. Shakespeare's!!!! 71 1915 Friday 12, March
Lab.[blowing] good! Went to vocational conference this afternoon at 4.00 with [Genn]- Lalcott Williams spoke on "Journalism", Arthur Dean on "Education" and J. Franklin Paris on "Interior Decorating" - ! Very good - Dinner a bore .I detest open tables - Anne and I went to song recital by Charles Clark - baritone of world fame. He was a lamb, absolutely - Especially nice were his french song and Homer's "Prospice, How's MY Boy" etc. Returned to Raymond Anne, [Ge] and I went up to D's room and played Victrola - [Geune] left early but after the "Kin" stage, 10.30 or so Anne and I returned to try "Just a Little Love, A little kiss" over again and read Cosmopolitan. At 1.00 A.M. We made a forage for food - got home from Gay's room and felt happy again. 72 March Saturday 13, 1915
Up for breakfast and spent morning in French prose, Main wards for food and money and Vain trip to White's for pictures with M.P.A. Plans for walk to town cut short by same with news of my imperative attendance at tea at S. Moores - about 2.30 M and I started [sleyad] a bit, took So. car and reache Moores soon - delightful hospitable welcome
-Mrs. M. so very nice and cordial - delicious "eats", nice people and "Peggy" Simpson, Patti's sister [all to be - 1920] - a dear. An intimate of Putnam Hall said that there are Eight freshman there! Walked to Main St. for Car - just in time for dinner at D- This evening went to lecture to hear home folks on "Dependent Children" and returned to D- to spend night with M- "Lis" arrived as dear and jolly as ever - much re-[]! 73 1915 Sunday, 14 March
M and G and G. and "sis" got up about 9.30 and went to the waffle shop for breakfast. They "cut" chapel" but but unfortunately we had to go - I staid at D- for dinner (Valerie being under the weather) with M- and afterwards we four read "Snappy Stories" with much expression in M's room - flutter, flutter - "Sis" and I went to Carey's for butter and milk and returning to G's room made fudge and ate many cakes. Left about 5. Supper very prosaic. Played [Din] in D's room about 7.30 and Eleanor has again informed us of the rules! I have suspicions - Grace arrived about 9.30 with hat and tales of N.Y. I read "Loves Labout Lost" amid much conversation and eating of pine apples in Anne's room and finally about 5 min. to 12 was ready for bed.74 March Monday 15, 1915
Woke at 10 minutes to eight! so of course no breakfast and I decided rush for 1st hour class. Very busy outlook from now on to vacation. Will make time go quicker how ever. Helen Arthur and I, deciding to go downtown, left right after lunch - shopped up and down and looked at hats, went to "movies" - one film a trifle risque and another Roselyn started beautifully with a tantalizing view of a satin slipper! ("Naomi Childers"right good)- then hurried back to college - I found that "funk" in on the scene - around at one and M- had brought things over - thrills - G. Lyon and Bessie Callow came to dinner with me and after chapel "Sis" and Gertrude brought the [tur] girls of S.B. over to see me - right attractive 75 1915 Tuesday 16, March
Have three seats for "Chin chin" Evening of March 26th Will be looking for seats for you both - Best [wish}
[C--luck] 82 March Tuesday 23, 1915 Ethics elective next year! Phyllis Corbell won Elizabeth E. Dana Reading prize - 1917 85 1915 Friday 26, March
M and I left college after 1st hour and shopped and had lunch at Smith's - wild dash in taxi to train - Teddy, Dot and Ruth Moulter and Gertrude saved seats for us - soon reached N.Y. special train about 200 or 300 girls on it - Carrie met us and we went shopping - got suits at Altmans' after a weary search Everywhere - Had dinner at Martha Washington and left for "Chin Chin"- (G.T. Withers) it was lovely, absolutely original and M and Stone so good. Tool GT. to Pennsylvania Station afterwards and then had some thing to eat in Tea room at hotel - queer, good, place-! 86 March Saturday 27, 1915
Breakfast at Martha Washington. Several V.C. girls there. Then shopped! 3 waists at Stewarts - Shoes at [Camigers] -hat at Bonwit and Tellers - dresses at Franklin Simons' s (met cousin Anne) more gowns at Altmans and skirts. Returned to hotel to pack and left in taxi for Belmont where we had luncheon with Aldricks and then went to matinee with Ruth and college friend, "The White Feather"- very clever and amusing. War plot. Then shopped a bit and in stores met Harriet Katz! Many shrieks and embraces. Left Carrie there - she certainly is a dear to chaperone us. " [Telluk] and Noreen Marsh took us out to dinner and dancing at church - bills. We just made the 11.30 train - tired of course but after a wonderful time in N. Y. one always is. 1915 Sunday 28, March
Home at 10.55 - Breakfast at Richland - stroll at H2O town [Watertown]. Mrs. Carpenter on train family at station -much embracing - slept all evening - "dead" tired .March Monday 29, 1915
Sewing ...
W.L. with Jessie this evening. Packages arrived all day - mere fun opening them. 1915 Tuesday 30, March
Bessie Callou came this evening - I went to W.L. with Jessie - Visited school with [Jamie] & ... to-day. Went to Chem (poor place) & Miss Bowman's 3rd year English - old memories brought back by that!!!! Then went to Library and ... home to sew.
Went to W.L. March Wednesday 31, 1915
Much snow -/ Busy -/ having good time./ Went to Wonderland/ this evening with "Tim" -/ who condescendingly called not very exciting - mostly raved of future life and St. Law.
This P.M. Miss Dean took us over to see the new H.S. It's a Beauty - thru & thru. [Finished] much like new art building at College. 1915 Thursday 1, April Sewing and much business. This evening "Tim" took [me] and [Louise] C., Bessie & Hugh [Peggy] & Morris - "Lobby" to a ...masquerade in ...
More arm fun - "Tim" being around constantly. I wonder if he is getting a case - dances well but not a la mode ... doesn't improve a bit - I tried to hammer a few such ... into his head but failed, I'm afraid - We all went over to Jerry's for lunch after wards - Much soft snow on ground - [Disgusting] weather: absolutely.
April Friday 2, 1915
Very busy with superintending of sewing all day. In afternoon tea for Bessie. This evening unexpected phone for [Leo? Lea?] - who later came up also "Tim" - but the latter refused to come in and was alto-gether grumpy - he demanded Sun. night or [none] and I think it only fair to ask for it. Misunderstanding on both parts. [J.L.M] not at all exciting but rather prosaic. I frankly got sleepy. 1915 Saturday 3, April
Lea at Bun's this P.M. fortune telling and sewing. Pat came up this evening. & Erwin Miller arrived on their motorcycle from Malone, then went with us to the rehearsals of the minstrel show - quite droll in parts - "dragged" in others. Went right home to sit by fire - nothing exciting. Mob arrived and left about 12 after enforced singing of "Perfect Day." April Sunday 4, 1915
Went to Episcopal Church. All of us singing very good. Sermon not as good. Went for a walk after dinner and then donned old clothes and went for a ride on the back of "Bunny's" motorcycle. More [darn] fun! Way to ... - M.P.H. on [Erwin's] - very dusty - met all of our friends, I guess! Pat came up this evening & Pete and the boys (Malone) & the other girls had a rabbit ... Pat & I called on Helena - lovely night. After we got back they all tried "parlor stunts" -"crossing scissors" spoon photographs etc. Much consternation.
"Tim" phoned this noon - expected to be refused and didn't care about another date. 1915 Monday 5, April
Tea at our house for Nina Starbuck. Easter Ball this evening with Pat. Rather a good time. Gunnison a dear - and a cute dancer - ... man also attractive - [Hall cock] - '18 Syracuse. Staid over at our house during interval after supper - back at
3.00. Pete had a beautiful grouch!
[Program folded in between pages: VIOLA, THE BEAUTIFUL] April Tuesday 6, 1915
Up about 10 - terribly sleepy and packed and went down town for necessities. All P.M. packed and then M, Bessie, & I went to tea at McAllister's - much discussion of the dance and show to-night - after dinner picked up odds & ends and left for train 7.48. Kids dressed up for show - Leo and Pete came up to see us off - (...also). Leo offered a fat train letter & a box of Liggetts. Very touching.
We had a stateroom on sleeper and felt very luxurious indeed. Had more darn fun (queer letter - very readable). I couldn't sleep as usual on a sleeper and never spent such a long night. 1915 Wednesday 7, April
Arrived in Poughkeepsie 4.47. Dark, misty. Cab men following. Another V.C. '18 on train and we all had breakfast and then took taxi to College. 5.30 Day Light - rang till Mrs. Creery came to door - M - out or slept (in her room) till 7.30 when Bessie came over for breakfast. All were dead tired. No classes till 4th. Went to ["Slosho"] - Also Estelles in P. We unpacked & sewed; at 5 went over to [M's] room and we slept thru dinner till chapel. Rumor of 10 cuts???? Beautiful evening - quite warm. I unpacked and read french. Bed at 10.30 after pasting in photos in book. April Thursday 8, 1915
Miss Whitney lectured to us in "Russian History" on the Drama. Very interesting. She knows a lot about it for one whose specialty in something else.
I wrote letters and studied this afternoon. Prosaic life - but beautifully busy.
Went to the Glynn's this evening. Afterwards read "Smart Set"* till 2.30 and then tried to study but couldn't do much of course.
*The Smart Set was a literary magazine founded in America in March 1900 by Colonel William d'Alton Mann. Under the editorship of H.L. Mencken and George Jean Nathan, The Smart Set offered many up-and-coming authors their start and gave them access to a relatively large audience. 1915 Friday 9, April
Letter from [J.L.M or T.L.M.] this A.M. - very sweet. ([T.U.E] pin?) After Lab & 6th hr - class - had to go to Mc Glynn's and staid with M. for dinner. Very uneventful day, altogether. We read Snappy Stories* and Suzanne captured a cat and brought it into Dot's room where we were. Squeaky fellow, quite a farce. Then returned to R- to read and write letters - principally to [J.L.M. or T.L.M.] till 1.30 o'clock. Package came from mother and another from Wanamaker's**.
*The first issue of Snappy Stories was published in August 1912 under the direction of William C. Clayton. The magazine ran for a total of 321 issues, featuring roughly 128 pages of mildly provocative stories, serialized novels, bawdy jokes, racy pen and ink drawings, and letters from readers.
**Wanamaker's was the first department store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and one of the first department stores in the United States. April Saturday 10, 1915
Absolutely the warmest Spring day we have had. After breakfast Grace and I went downtown to shop - which we did steadily till 11.30. Then went to the train to meet Ruth Wood who is coming back to take her re-exam in English I. Ruth is at Delphi now. Jessie [Niles] & Merle Moore were down to meet her also. After lunch I went over after M. and we went down a minute to meet Tom Rankins who is here to see Ted. He is not as handsome as his pictures but very nice.
M. & I then [met] Lil at the theatre and rushed in, in dark to our seats. Orchestra!! "7 Keys to Baldpate" was very clever, especially "[Hermie]" - whole cast was original except Hero and girl. Then we went into Smiths for sundaes - shopped a bit. We went back to college and Lil and I went to Mary Elizabeth's for tea and then "bathed". Rode back to college on front seat of an open car - we both like lots of things in common. She knowing [italian or latvian] & A.T.O.s very well. It started to rain after chapel so I didn't go to "All-of-a-Sudden Peggy" but read Snappy Stories.* Went to spread in Anne's room and knitted. Thunder & lightning later on.
*The first issue of Snappy Stories was published in August 1912 under the direction of William C. Clayton. The magazine ran for a total of 321 issues, featuring roughly 128 pages of mildly provocative stories, serialized novels, bawdy jokes, racy pen and ink drawings, and letters from readers. 1915 Saturday 17, April
Lil Suzanne and Teddy came in and woke me up at 8.05 to go down town to Breakfast at the Morgan House with Mr. [Murdoch]! So they went on and dressed in a rush and went down on the next car. We had a nice breakfast and then came up to college. Teddy, Lil & Mr. M. & I went over to Senior Parlor and saw students. At 11.30 Ted & I went over to senior picture sale where I managed to [break] myself beautifully!! After lunch I brought some order into the chaos of my room & talked with Helen Arthur until 2.30 when I went to Slosh's* & McGlynn's for an hour. Oh, such a beautiful day! H.A.D. and I went up on top of library tower and read. ("Me" in [century].) No mail at Main - altho this A.M. and noon letters from J.L.M. and mother. Dinner in 310. H.A.D. and I had trays sent up and cut chapel. Played Victrola till
8.45. Mostly [dreamy] pieces. I read the "7 who were hanged["]** till almost fell asleep. Then
*Cleaner and dressmaker **Published in 1909, The Seven Who Were Hanged by Leonid Nikolasvich Andreyev is the story of the last few days of seven condemned prisoners. 1915 Sunday 25, April
Peggy and I pick Violets near chapel - then go to Library and look at Theater Magazine. [dried flower pressed and taped to page] April Friday 30, 1915
No bathing today - did french map this afternoon and evening. 1915 Saturday 1, May
Scarlet Fever in town. Studied. Are forbidden to go to movies and advised to remain away from town for present. Gay Ford and I went down town to canvass for "Equal Suffrage League of Pokeepsie["]. We had a hopeless region between No. Clinton and Hamilton Streets. Nearby saloons & Barber Stops (from which we carefully keep away!) and various curt receptions by one Stein and [Lench]! We were ready to finish finally. Walked home by way of Hooker Ave. Rain began, lost one glove and my temper. Went to Song Practice. Marching Song a peach. Went over to M's room after lunch ready for town again! but she staid to develop a scandolous film of Suzanne and her and then Suzanne, Peggy and I went to town and met Betty. Returned to Davison for dinner and after Chapel climbed library tower and Suzanne played rag tune for us in Davison. May Sunday 2, 1915
Longest Day ever at College! No one went to Church of course on account of Epidemic. I went over to M's and had dinner. Day seemed horrible long some how. Got a telegraph from Lil in A.M. to meet her at 5.59 so, went down then and we went to North Side Tea Room for dinner, a luscious affair well served and very lush indeed. Went up to 403 Main afterwards and heard all about N.Y. "Trilby" et cetera which Lil had been seeing, finally dispersed. May Dance [...]
1915 Monday 3, May
Lil and I walked down town starting about 4 and went by way of Hooker Ave. Stopping in to see Mrs. Frank, had dinner at Smiths. Knew there would be no chapel on account of May Dance so took time coming home, walking and reached College about 8.30. I rushed over to gym but S.T.C. pratice was over, (big fine?!) and got measured merely and came back to work. Very tired and [begrimed]. May Tuesday 4, 1915
Lil stopped in to take me to Prof Riley's lecture on Mediaeval Universities, rather weird. Song Pratice 1.10.
S.T.C. Rehearsal all 7th and Song Contest Rehearsal 8th. 1915 Wednesday 5, May
S.T.c. Rehearsals 7th & 8th. May Thursday 6, 1915 Rehearsal all time. Medea Founders 1915 Friday, 7 May Awoke at 6.30 and went over to Lils. We went for that early a walk and had breakfast & at Miss Annes saw Dot Smith. Dr. Wanacker spoke at 9.00 and Song Contest was at [7.30]. Juniors won with glorious song. Silver Cup besides banner. Movies taken by Prof. [Shattuck]!! Doris Ramson there. Luncheon at Miss Anne's with Lil, looking at Vassarion, very good.? Basket-ball game between 15 & 18 in which '18 beat them 30 to 9. Many men around looking so incongruous. Lusitania was sunk by German torpedo this morning near Ireland with [1900] on board and 120 Americans killed. (about 900 on board) War?
Rehearsal this evenign with Costumes for S.T.C. Dedication etc. of Art Bldg. took place there at 3.00 P.M. Wolvine with camera a nuisance - pictures in exhibition marvelous.
Dinner with [Bun] and Doris. S.T.C.
May Saturday 8, 1915
At 8.30 awoke but didn't get over to Lil's till 10.30 or so, "Jenny" Waldorf is a dear '14 with Lil this week-end and we
went to track, as usual only more men around and '16 won. Close match between '16, '15 and '17. Had luncheon at Miss Annes with Lil, [Jan] and [Corny] Haverland. Much talk, good food, played bridge all afternoon with Lil & [Jane] wonderful players both. We ('17) went to Students or Gym early at 5.15 dressed and had lunch and were made up. The ceremonies took place at 6.30. [...] mob to watch, very thrilling for '17 at least, '15 perfectly dear to us, escorted us all over campus and we were trilled to death, of course at marching and ringing, did that till 10. Singing on "rocky" and dear speech at tree by "Tooky" Thorpe. 1915 Sunday 9, May
Breakfasted heartily, then went over to M's and saw new gowns thence to Bun's where picked up her and Doris and went out for a walk and to take picture in glazing globe etc. Beautiful Day, as ever, was here. Chapel quaint. "Eventually, why not now?" Dinner in Ray- I have gotten so I hate common every day meals here! Too much "gadding" around to other places. Over to library and more pictures with Helen & Arthur. Down town to see Doris off on 4.58 and picnic lunch on sunset with Grace, Helen, and Peggy. Good time but cold. May Monday 10, 1915
Lunched in Main and then returned to find Soph. Free pictures were being taken so ran over and failed to find costume so didn't appear. Went off campus 8th with Lil and ordered lunchs for picnic to-morrow. Dressed in hurry for dinner and went over to Pegg's at 10 to sleep on her balcony all night. Katrina, Gertrude talks, Joe [Sailes], Edwd. Taylor went to roof of Student's to sleep with huge bundles of pillows etc. Had wonderful sleep on balcony. 1915 Tuesday 11, May
Stopped in at Lil's for book and staid to lunch. Then played ["Ruin"] till 5th. Made Iced Tea 5th and read and prepared well on Topic which I gave in class 6th. Do not understand predestination theory! Lil and I went off to Miss Anne's for picnic lunches and with tea, pickles and those started up Hackensack road but finally turned in Creek and land up in College grounds after all. Lovely time eating. Got back for chapel alright and afterwards (I went to McGlynn's) and then we played "High, Low Jack, in the game" in 403 Main till 10. I made a wild rush across campus and wasn't locked out luckily. May Wednesday 12, 1915
'16 beat '18, 32 to 20. Mostly every one was pleased.
O! features fair! O! form divine! Just take a look at that Mug of thine! A look before and after meals. Thy future beauty firmly seals! 1915 Thursday 13, May
15 beat 17 to-day! Much Surprise on all parts. Probably defeat on all hands now since '18 beat'15 and '16 '18!! [Here] hoping not. This Evening went over to P- and read and talked, purposely avoiding studying or writing Soph. Lit - paper due to-morrow.
Still Scarlet fever. Slide Mt.
May Friday 14, 1915
Special cars took us from College to ferry at 3.45. 75 of us linned up on the " and were counted by Prof. Shattuck!! Peg, Suzanne, Teddy and I went ensemble - at Highland we linned up again and the station agent counted us - Chaperones & all - took west shore train to Kingston - Mts & lovely scenery nearer & nearer - at " we had 1/2 hr. got ice cream comets, magazines, and explored station & vicinity; sent postals. Mts. more beautiful from then on. Went past the Croton Reservoir for severals miles. Reached Big Indian - at about 6.30 - a swell, cute village in the midst of the mts. Piled into a brand new Studebaker and sped to Thomson's - a lovely big farm house [a] [...] [out], grabbed rooms Peg, Ted, Sue and I slept to-gether in one room & two beds! Were overwhelmed by abundance of food on table but bravely ate - and ate. Thompsons lovely - truly rural. All walked in to town (19 of us) singing College songs and met rest of crowd at a hall and danced furiously. Shattuck as big a sport as, usual. Cold in the Mts. very evident. Slide Mt. 4,220 ft. 32 [degrees] !!! 1915 Saturday 15, May Rising - All rang at 4.30 and we breakfasted at 5.00. Light out but very, very cold. Many "barges" about 6 or 7 in each "barge" about 15 barges - a wonderful drive to Mt, flowers on way-side. Much singing. Sun out and evidence of clear day - finally road got to steep for horses to pull us all so we walked from then on up steep road along woods, etc. to open space on side of Mt. past "Winsook Lodge". Reached clearing at last and waited for all to assemble. Took us 2 hrs. to climb Mt. highest in Catskills - 4,220 ft. a fairly easly trail with many slabs laid down to make climbing easier -many flowers, but as we got higher most of bells not out! Shattuck hustled us right along and we got to top in 2 hrs. very hot and tired. Wonderful view - ever saw Mohonk & Hudson, miles away - lots to eat - pictures and visit to Spring - Peg and I ran all way down in an hour before rest of gang then waited for hrs(?) to get off. Dot [...] and Dot [Beardley] in our carriage, so slow- passed many nice cottages - one in which Cornell yougths were conspicuous - and we sang their alma mater to much applause. Hustle to get Dinner at Cottage - pictures outside and dash for train 3.45. Bewilderingly beautiful ride back on platform then Mts.- weeps! 45 min. at Kingston again. Reached Pokeepsie at 6.45. All dead tired and dirty but after a truly heavenly trip, found huge box of flowers from Mother, and took some over to 306 D. May Sunday 16, 1915
Luxuriously lingered in bed all day - read - wrote letters. Sleeping till 11 - rather a wreck after the strenuous events of friday and Saturday. Read, McClures, Ladies Home Journal, ["Le Ble jui Leue"], Judge, Life. 1915 Monday 17, May
[folded blue paper- looks like a receipt- attached to page] [Receipt/bill for Miss Constance Anthony dated May 20 1915, from The "Saltford Flower Shop" in the amount of 1.50] May Tuesday 18, 1915
[Ruth] Chatterton in chapel to-night with O. Archibald - very demure, sweet etc. - no one is going down to see "Daddy Long Legs" on account of the epidemic. There are still deaths in town and 6 cases in infirm. 1915 Wednesday 19, May
ESTELLE's SHOP (AT VASSAR) Going Out of Business This Week. will close entire Stock of DRESSES, WAISTS, HATS, COATS, etc. BELOW COST.
ESTELLE'S SHOP. 48 Raymond Ave. Arlington, N.Y.
But Estelle never went! May Thursday 20, 1915
Harry Landle in town - Irony of fate. Date 5/25/15 MISS C.E. Anthony IS REQUESTED TO COME TO THE DEAN'S OFFICE AT THE FIRST OFFICE HOUR AFTER RECEIVING THIS CARD. to see Imss Ingersoll.
OFFICE HOURS: - 8:30 TO 12:45 1:30 TO 4:00
Handed my slip of Election in late. 1915 Friday 21, May
[...] [...] [...] that Peachy has consented to wear Herb Hutchins frat-pin! More darn fun. Soph. Tree Ceremonies picture sale. [Quite] [all] small kodack pictures. May Saturday 22, 1915
This afternoon Teddy, Peggy and I bathed down town it felt like the biggest lark after not having gone down for a couple of weeks - We acted right foolish and certainly had some fun out of it. Genevieve Hamlin drags me to Students -last Meeting at which - speak: Rita Brooks - pres Athletics. [Lalitha] Folks - pres Students. Mary Malton - Editor of Miscellany. Dorothy Cobb - pres. Christians. And [Lalitha] gave gavel to Irma Kellers who was much embarassed but showed sense of responsibility. 1915 Saturday 22, May
Miss Palmer gave report of Wardens on recommendation of Students -granted: Men on Sunday Guests in room .
-permission of Warden Boating on Sunday .-small lake Leaves from College -at Warden's discretion. Men at tea-houses. etc. Much applause.
1915 Sunday 23, May
Rev. Dr. Lyman Abbott preached lovely sermon - Read "Before Adam" by Jack London for Geology and went off Campus with Grace for dinner at "N- and J-" not much good, I thought. May Monday 24, 1915 Rain again and yet and still - Much disgust. Varsity B.B. Announced Betty Johnson '15 Rita Brooks '15 Eleanor Goss '16 Slibby Hardin '16
R. McAffee '17 Helen Carter '17 C. Bradshaw '18 18 for all their talk got only one man on the team. 1915 Tuesday 25, May
Rain again and cleared up for Chapel. To-night I played "Old Maid" in Ruth Moulter's Room with Gertrude, Peggy and Dot Stabler. Much Excitement over nothing. Seniors with many sparklers serenade the rest of the campus, proudly calling themselves "Educated Seniors" and "Alumnae"! May Wednesday 26, 1915
Rain again to-day and as usual it cleared up beautifully in time for Chapel - so we all cheerfully went. Seniors all over place having best little time doing no work and creating a very disturbing atmosphere for the rest of the College. Went off campus 8th. After dinner played what I am crazy over "That Syncopated Walk" from "Watch your step" and "Oh those Days" from "Maid in America". Did chew to-night and wrote letters. 1915 Thursday 27, May
Went down town with Peggy and Grace. The latter as usual was too much for me and as a result I returned tired out and feeling sarcastic, blue and pessimistic.
Seniors start to get ready for Senior Prom. and canvass all rooms for furniture. Mary Bryant and her "heavy suitor" much in evidence - many machines around. Peggy, E. McCarthy, M. [Reichel] and I go over to "Make Up" Committee try-outs and look a lot and learn lots about the gentle art of making up. I was a lovely old lady when peg got [thru] me. May Friday 28, 1915
Beautiful day - All wonder whether it was a mistake! Went to Soph. class meeting where Mary Stuckslager - Pres was elected : also Alice Saitherwait Elizabeth Kreeze Kim Tyler
Much singing and marching.
Rehearsal of pagents 7th 8th till 6.00 - back of tennis courts. Different episodes very attractive costuming rare. Driver at Davison "dressed up" and went to watch at Senior Prom and criticized dancing, gowns, men etc. Marjory staid all night with me. Grace went to Annapolis (with Ralph). 1915 Saturday 29, May
Went to Glee Club Concert (after morning of study.) and to-gether with Miss Smoll and H.A.D. - talked. All Men & Seniors over again. Cute Songs - After lunch study more and later on about 5. M.P.O. came over and we went down town - back for dinner, how ever, at D- and this Eve. M.P.A. came [abt] again to study. Staid all night.
[newspaper clipping - To Read Senior Essays.] GOUVERNEUR, May 26.- Charles W. Lewis, superintendent of the High School, to-day named those who are to read senior essays at the commencement exercises June 23. They are : Elizabeth McAllaster, Marion Anthony, Venita Fuller, Doris Jones, Mabel Patton and George Skinner. Miss McAllaster leads the class. The selections were made on scholarship merits. May Sunday 30, 1915
Up for breakfast. Every one advised to not go to church in town or Arlington. No Chapel here. Studied - all morning -dinner at D - read "Gulliver's Travels" out on M's balcony and enjoyed glorious air & sunshine. Supper at D - then Suzanne, Gertrude, Peg, and I went to music in Chapel. It was, to my opinion, very poor - at least disappointing. Priscilla Whiley, Miss Fitz, & Miss Woodruff- Returned to R. and discussed [Exams] out in corridor with Anne & G.
Hamlin & H.A.D. Genevieve Lyon came over and I persuaded her to stay all night with me. 1915 Monday 31, May
A day with G. Lyon - After breakfast: under a tree to study chem till 11.30. Then Main and Strong for luncheon - some poor people have both Ec and Psyc to-day - ghastly!
After luncheon: under tree near gym to study french & History H respectively - at 5.00 went off campus to Sloshs, flag shop, and Carly's for sodas & sandwiches. Davison for dinner with G.T. Peggy ill and had Exam in Psyc in Infirmary. In Chapel we heard all about plans for 50th Anniversary Celebration - many nice things. Returned to D - to hear about Teddy's room check at Colgate and [invite] to Carrie and put Peggy to bed. June Tuesday 1, 1915
Soph Lit. Exam.-8/20 - 10.20 Room 35 - Rocky .Very long exam - much discussion as to whether it was hard or easy. Gulliver's Travel's used. Chemistry Exam .Sander's Lab.
3.30 - 4.30 .Weird Exam .1915 Wednesday 2, 1915 Geology Exam-
French Exam-June Thursday 3, 1915 Russian history Exam-
Helped Jean Webster pack all afternoon - she wanted to leave at 3 - but had to wait.1915 Friday 4, 1915
Grace had her last Exam to-day and departed for California avec Eleanor Tompkins. She left numerous things for me to do. This Evening Anne, [Genie] and I got books at Library and read in 310R - with [pam]-crackers, and cocoa. I read part of "Under Western Skies". June Saturday 5, 1915
This P.M. went over to D- and helped Marjory pack for Senior week at Union College, Schenectady, N.Y. We are going to use the same milage Monday A.M. and Wednesday night - Respectively - some system! This p.m. I went down town with M- to shop and get milage exchange. After dinner- in Davison- we saw 13 in blue smocks marching and singing. '17 chased them to Lib' steps and '15 arrived to see them soon- 1917 formed by Josselyn and marched all across campus singing. I met Lil' in dusty road by lake. ('15 was marching in lines by us) and I left '17 and joined 15 on sunset. '13, '15, '17 north - Lake-canoes '''''''' Rest of people '15 gave us all their songs - many thrills - choir in boats on lake sang them first, then '15 sang. Last was "[jaunt] jolly Juniors" and '17 marched away singing that. I went with Lil to Main and met her mother and sister Alice, both disappointing. 1915 Sunday 6, June
This morning early I went down town and had breakfast with Lil and Ruth Rise - '13 - at the Morgan Hotel. Then back
to college and about 11 Peggy came over and we went down to meet the train and Lil's brother "Bus". We accosted perfectly strange young man in street and he was "Bus" - a queer, happy-go-lucky youngster of 17 or 18. We took him back to college and met Lil, Susanne, Mrs. Murdock and Alice after the Baccolaureate Sermon. I had dinner in Davison and afterwards walked and at 5 went to a tea given by Bessie [Callaro] for Beatrice Bishman's family - brother, and her fiancee. I staid for dinner with Genevieve Lyon. Afterwards we walked and talked and I came over to Strong and staid all night - with me - She is very naive. June Monday 7, 1915
This morning Genevieve and I knit and soon she [gos] goes to pick daisies for chain - some went at 5.30! about 10. I go down town with [Marjory] to see her off to Schenectady. Lunch is not half over when maid announced a "Gentlemen in Parlor" - thrills! He is "Bus" and we go downstairs for luncheon - with his family at hotel - afterwards he takes me "movies" and soda-fountain - very amusing chap - we return to college at 4. and see may dance from window of 403M -Lil's room - between packing of her trunks. I [sup] in Raymond and go to Senior Tree Ceremonies with Betty, "Davie", etc. Look for Murdocks and reach R- to find a note from Lil asking me to go motoring but I telephone to hotel to find them all out already - Deep-Gloom! 1915 Tuesday 8, June
All the re-union-classes have a very amusing parade in the rain this A.M. - With a huge brass-band. It clears up by noon. I frantically pack - much to do - and at 3 - leave for Rocky where lives for chain forms. Every one in white and Seniors in colors - adorable gowns: Chain is dear: March is long- :hot - : band awfully loud and slow - I am with C.[Slingerlind]. Shattuck with "movie" camera!!
[Sketch of chain and guests on page]
Afterwards Lil gives me her adorable bouquet and begs me to go to class supper in circle but I remain in R- and pack. She comes over to say good-bye about 8. I have to telephone to poughkeepsie after my milage. Leave on trolley at 11 -and am put off at Car-Barns with prof. Mills & wife. I reach station as train pulls in and agent at station porters put me on train as it pulls out. Home!!
June Wednesday 9, 1915
Train got in H2O town about 7.30. I expected to meet uncle Allie but he was no where to be seen. So I flitted over to station and purchased some choc. for breakfast. Arrived home about 8.55 and descended in gala attire plus bouquet. On corner of Sterling Street met Charles with Broad Grin and mother farther on. They expected me after all and my awful nights trip was for nothing. 1915 Thursday 10, June
I am positively lonesome for college. It's terribly dull here at [Gouverneur] except that home is great. Commencement at College certainly makes me love it more. June Friday 11, 1915
Went to school in P.M. with Marion. Think new H.S. is singly ripping - saw all old teachers. Last day of school and Songs and cheers were in Auditorium - more fun! and lots of pep for G.H.S. I thought. Then there was a dance in gym -which is very complete and quite large.
"Neptunes Daughter" at Wonderland - went with Mother and Mrs. Sullivan - Miss Grant and Mr. Hale Oh-La! 1915 Monday 14, June
Regents week! Marion had 9 Regents - four in one day - poor girl. Stood splendidly in all. [picture on page] June Thursday 17, 1915
[picture on page of Levis House on State St. in Carthage, N.Y.] 1915 Friday 18, June
[Folded piece of paper on page] 1915 Friday 18, June
[Contents of paper on previous page. Letter "To the Students Association of Vassar College" dated August 3, 1915 from Irmarita Kellers] June Saturday 19, 1915
[Folded pink paper on page with "5th" on it] 1915 Sunday 20, June
Goddard drove entire family to Canton - first ride under his steering was wild and wooly. Baccalaureate Sermon in Pres. Church. Rev. Braithwaite preached and I went with Iss and Helena and we walked for long while after wards. [Card with name "Miss Jessica Rockwood"] [Contents of pink paper on page dated "June, Saturday 19, 1915"] ["5th Annual Harvest Dance!"] June Monday 21, 1915
Class Day in P.M. - went with all girls - very much fun, I thought - hot as [...] in H.S. auditorium - stood up all time -sewed afterwared on G. Sheldon's porch.
Evening: - Senior Reception but did not go-! Iss and I went to W.L and watched dance thru windows -Awful sensation to be manless. 1915 Tuesday 22, June
Grammer School Graduating in Eve - But didn't go - Peach & I went to W.L. - "After the Storm" started on and we walked for hours in rain - talking juicily and laughing at skipping nonsense. Herb tells us all sorts of nonsense. June Wednesday 23, 1915 Mother held "do-dink" in p.m. - much cards and talk - but good 'eats' and much exhaust. Graduation in p.m. .speakers - Mable Patton Tib McAllister Venita Fuller George Skinner Marion
[0] boy, [splugs] - much thrills - fainly ensemble [...] large portion of seats. 1915 Thursday 24, June
Band Concert to-night - and J.L.M. & I attend - Too much Colgate - [Rah] - for pleasure. June Friday 25, 1915
Alumni Ball - In P.M. - I go with J.L.M. - and Peggy with Bob - All dance - all bunch there - I dance muchly with Glen Dowling - Claude [Jears], Brownie, and others - queer time. Walk in glowing - Home about 2.30. Addis Whiting is there with white [...], lemon colored gloves and cane - (which he clasps between dances in the balcony.) He looks like a regular sport - calls each young girl stunning and holds her hand for endless time on introduction - [Deep] Disgust. There with [Marion] Holmer Whitney. 1915 Saturday 26, June
I [...] [...] - meeting for date and regretted it of course. He is expecting to be on the road for the Fuller Brush Co - and wasn't coming home until I wrote him? Such devotion is touching? Has joined [T.N.E.] Quite an honor of course. .
June Sunday 27, 1915
Chippewa Bay avec La Tub - arrived at noon. Went to Chambeau Island in two motor Boats - Guided by old guide of fathers duck-shooting days. Mother, Marion, and I camped for couple of hours while rest fished - M.E.A. and I loafed in bathing suits but didn't swim much. Dressed and read "Hamlet" aloud. The guides cooked a fish dinner. After dinner departed for home via Odgensburg state road [all] way. Reached there nearly 8.45 and "dolled" up for date but waited in rain. 1915 Monday 28, June
This Evening [J.L.M.] - Deep Gloom - because I hadn't telephoned last night for to-day concerning broke engagement!! June Tuesday 29, 1915 [envelope addressed to Miss Constance Anthony - post marked Aug 14 1915] Miss Constance Anthony Oak Point on the St. Lawrence R. New York 1915 Wednesday 30, 1915 [envelope addressed to Miss Constance Anthony - post marked Aug 7, 1915] Miss Constance Anthony 140 East Main Street Oak Point New York Hammond We have just had two wonderful bright days and now it is pouring again and not even fishing can tempt me out. Yesterday I had a grand time; aquaplaning in the morning, tennis in the afternoon, and dancing in the evening. The day before that was similiarly filled but for the evening when we had a grand bacon bat, with a paddle in the gloaming. Our new aquaplane is very light and very exciting. It took me three days to stand up on it but when I finally succeeded I was repaid. It shoots beautifully from side to side and bucks if you get back an inch too far.
We had quite an exciting trip in the old tub of a launch we have rented. The engine has a will of its own and then the boat suddenly started leaking like a sieve. Papa didn't dare to leave her here overnight so I said I'd go around the point to the harbor with him. We pumped her out and started. She would go a little way and then stop. In the course of his attempts at adjustment Papa launched the pump over-board. So there we were out, in the briny deep. Finally he got the engine going and when it next stopped I, brainy one, found out the trouble and we went lickety split into the harbor with the fly wheel making a lovely fountain with the water in the boat.
I have been dressmaking, knitting, and smocking in between other things, and altogether I have been occupied most of the time. My latest is to make a pair of stilts on which I am going to perform in the circus here. I trust I don't kill any one in my attempts of amusing them. I am sure you will agree that a clowns costume is most suitable to me.
But now duty calls.
Too soon, I fear, I shall see you in the beautiful metropolis of Pough or else in that beautiful palace. Did you ever hear the joke on Papa? When he was up there once a lady asked him "Do you know where Raymond Hall is?" "I never have met him" answers Papa.
Yours as ever Gen 5 Clover Street Ansonia, Conn. August 6, 1915
Dearest Constance,
I've got to hand it to you, kid, you sure can write nice, newsy letters! Also, thank you for the picture, it was just what I needed to help me decide that a camera is absolutely indispensable to me in the future. I think, however, I'll wait until Christmas and give the family a chance to show their affection.
You could never guess what I am doing at present to improve my time - for Ansonia is not exactly bubbling over with excitement during the summer, I am reading German! Also I am knitting the most facinating muffler, gray with trimmings of white stripes. It is going to be just precioius when it is all fixed up with fringe.
I simply must tell you about Dad and my Chemistry. We were talking one evening and I asked Dad to take me down to see the smelting furnace some day. He at once started to explain it at great length and said "It is just like the furnace used in the Besserner process". Well, then I began and told him all about the Besserner process and he asked me little questions about steel and iron, because he just couldn't realize that I had learned anything as practical as that. He just nearly wept with joy and reproached Louise for never talking over Chemistry with him. Gee, a college education is a grand thing!
Isn't it strange, we enjoyed that same moon at Laurel Beach that you saw on the St. Lawrence? I just pined for a canoe and I am so thrilled because Dad speaks of Laurel Beach for all next summer and a canoe. He what generally sits on the shore and trembles when his daughters ride lightly over the glassy waves!!
Louise and I found some fairy stories this morning that we wrote when we were about eight years old. Such fun! I had only written a little poem. Some poem. I wish A.I.P. Wood could see it. Do write soon.
Lovingly, Anne July Thursday 1, 1915 [envelope addressed to Miss Constance Anthony - post marked Jul 8, 15] Miss Constance Anthony 140 E. Main Street Gouverneur New York 1915 Friday 2, July
[card with Miss Elizabeth Rockwood] 155 N. Walnut St. East Orange N.J. c/o Mr. J.S.Laughlin My Conny dear, I'm a little slow in answering but I have been thinking of you just the same. In the first place on my way to Rob's, Mike Hayes asked me to stop off at Colgate with the presidents daughter for a few days but Mother would not it was no use. I don't know what is the matter, I guess he is just cross again. I wrote to Mitch afterwards in answer of his first letter about Pat but he did not pay any attention to it & looks right over his name when I speak of him. I don't know whether he & Pat are not writing to each other or not. Mitch certainly writes different letters than the one I told you about. I do like him a lot. I had a glorious time up at Rob's & I lost my heart again up there. I'm afraid I'm an awful pickle lady, corny but it let me. But she did give me permission to stop over a train at Utica. So I had a lovely dinner with him there. He told me that Pat was going up to Norich to work. I spoke to him then about him going home but Conny, dear, he said can't he help, I'm just naturally bad. I expect to leave her a week tomorrow or Friday for Philadelphia & then go to [Uniontown]. After that go to Columbus. Finally & then go up home. It certainly is wonderful, Conny & the whole trip would be just that much better if I could have seen you but maybe you may be coming up to Cleveland or something. I hope you are having the best time ever as I know you must be. Do write me when you get a few weeny minutes all to yourself & don't forget. Your Kitten
33 Fay Street
E. Cleveland Ohio July Saturday 3, 1915
Ruth Aldrich came down with us we left home in the car about 3. After exploring - in Cottage and point and having supper we began to think about going to the dance altho' it was raining "cats and dogs". We all went over and found a large crowd there for the 4th of July dance. A machine full of men from Odgensburg - H.Simmons, Murphy, Joe Wells, Lawrence, J.Wells danced with Ruth all Evening. H.Simons came home with me and F. Lawrence with Peg. The dance was lots of fun. Saw Blanche Selleck with a young man in tow. By [hand] Gallivan. I had several dances with him and he was around all during inter mission and forced quarts of grape juice on me! Question - Is Blanche engaged? She is wearing a fraternity pin!! Thrills - [Gilmore] goes to Maryland Ag. College. Forester was there with a fair maiden! He is Cornell '18. 1915 Sunday 4, July
Charles and I were up for a swim in icy water this A.M. All went in this p.m. Uncle Ollie and I [motored] over to Morristown for some Sunday papers, and Bought them of a man [reposing] on his front porch!
Met "Claddy" and Morris Welch when we got back. Looking like all dressed up and no place to go. July Monday 5, 1915
Got home about five, holiday and many crowds in town. Base ball game etc. Met Isabelle and had to stop and ran over Oak Pt. She said [Dish] and [Auveray] McGregor were in town to-day.
In Evening - J.L.M. - called and we watched Charles' fire-works for a while. Then went to Wonderland and a stroll. No celebration in town to amount to anything. 1915 Tuesday 6, 1915
[card of "The Inn, Oak Point, N.Y.] 1915 Tuesday 6, July
["The Oak Point Inn" info on inside of card] July Wednesday 7, 1915
[J.L.M.] came up this evening and peter S-, peg and I insisted on going to Wonderland to see "Who Pays". Then met G. Starbuck and Haley with the two Rockwood girls and we all went to the crystal and fooled around there a while then came over on our porch. The boys sang, quite a quartette - and finished up by the "Booze family Song". Haley is quite nice although a trifle difficult I expect. 1915 Thursday 8, July
J.L.M. came up this Evening and also pete! M- & I went right down to the Band Concert the first thing and that started a row - then we insisted upon Wonderland again. Every now and then I would ask, "are you having a good time"? no answer! much Sarcasm et cetera. J.L.M. didn't ask to come up to-morrow and seemed very calm at parting but M.P.A -said he could come up again and he reluctantly agreed - he expects I spend the summer on the road for the Fuller Brush Company? July Friday 9, 1915
Instead of Wonderland as usual we went for a walk - and talked on porch. Big squabble - "Hurt from Sarcasm" - release from Resolultion - "hopeless uncertainty". I was mad - but like an abject idiot controlled my retorts and let him ramble on and agreed to be as good friends as ever at the end of it. I shall write one letter from the river - and - as it were - give a piece of my mind! Talk about concert and pure imagination! That I was mad expresses it mildly. Said pete noticed how cutting my remarks were!!?? 1915 Saturday 10, July
Dorothy Fish came down with us this week-end - swimming and canoeing as usual all day. Dance at pavilion was "more fun". There was quite a super [...] dance of partners. Forester was around most of the Evening. Gilmore thought he could dance the fox-trot right, "claddy" and some others got up a tag-two-step which was fun. I couldn't dance a minute with one man - Bill and Bligh Dodds appeared on the scene just then - Bill said A. Stacey wanted to be remembered to me!! Gilmore came home with Dot - Forester with me - Bill with Cac - Wight and Bligh with peg. We talked awhile on the steps. July Sunday 11, 1915
Charles and I got up at 7 for a very cold dip. After Breakfast we canoed and later dived handsomely. Hot to-day - we packed up again in p.m. and left at 5.30 for home - no one wanted to come but I felt advisability of keeping date with Mr. [Morne] - we had the loveliest ride home - by way of Rosie and Hammond and the scenery was ideal - the most beautiful flowers and ferns imaginable. Blue Ragweed all over the hills like a fairy cloud. Much thrilled - Back at 7.30 -[more] fun not having a date. 1915 Monday 12, Julyu
I had a head ache to-day and felt awfully miserable but decided to take a singing lesson never the less. [J.L.M.] telephoned and announced he was in Carthage but came up in the Evening and [proved] he was still in town- we went for a walked and talked - he was very serious and offered pin, hand, and heart promise of willingness to labor- Gee-Gosh, I let him ramble which was perhaps not wise - Except for [squekling] for his presumptiousness friday Evening -he wants me to come down to his Prom next Spring - rather nice of him to do that but unnecessary to ask so Early. Conventional enough at [home] wasn't that queer. July Tuesday 13, 1915
Up Early - for a change! and sewed and packed in Morning. This afternoon we went down to Nellie Burdick's and hemmed napkins and towels for [ATCR]. Lots of fun - then had luscious lunch on porch. Lively repartie? This Evening [J.L.M.] called and pete and peggy, Haley and Ruth A and me went to Fairyland to see the Hawaian singers who were good as to playing but bum singers. Then to Crystal and then over on porch for a while. Leo went soon after they did. Expects to be busy this summer and won't be able to come down to Oak point to see me but I expect to survive loss. Invited Lacy down for Week-End. 1915 Wednesday 14, July
Left Rowe at 6 A.M. in the car - [Is], M.P.A., Uncle Allie, Mother and I had a lovely ride and got to Oak Point and were settled by 9!!! We went in swimming about 11. and after lunch slept. All felt rather weary after exciting morning. Went over to see Boat in at 4. Saw Gilmore greet Issy. Then went in swimming and floated around in canoe most of time. Rain ceased by that time and calm water. After supper [one] girls went out in canoe and explored shore line. Then M-and Iss went over to store for cones while I slept - dead tired and read between dozes - "Snappy stories" and "Smart Set". July Thursday 15, 1915
Is and I take "Sievette"(or skiff) out among white caps in Middle of drink and ride waves - family frantic on shore -gesticulation brings us to land - car arrives with family in Machine and they leave her for stay with us. We all swim and after supper "doll up" to go over to Store - as we stand in the Middle of the floor with lantern and coats on - a tramping is heard and in marched Mr. Wight and "Dish"! laughter - We tell ghost stories and - tales of frogs, suckers, mice, and so on - till Boys must have thought us crazy - Wight is mild indeed and not at all entertaining. After they go (about") we abandon hopes of "bat" to Inn or store and go to bed. 1915 Friday 16, July
Nothing unusual all Day - We meet boats swim - eat, and Write Letters - "Is" gets a fat letter from one Edmond Ingles -(Syracuse) a Romance? "Monty" is at Bay (but doesn't agree with family!) In p.m. - Wight, Vincent and "Butter" Leanard go in swimming with us and we play with cork Ball - then have a sunset bath on rocks and take pictures -
shelling "Dish" in trench. In the Evening "claddy" and mom's come up and we talk on porch and eat some very inferior fudge - "claddy" can't talk enough of his western trip - and wonders he was instructor for three years at Cornwall-on-Hudson prep. school for Boys. July Saturday 17, 1915
Morris, "claddy", and Dish go in swimming with us this p.m. - Gilmore, at store, asks Issy if she is wearing a frat pin! he is a naive chap. We go over to the dance this Eve - Forester attentive to me and Dish to Issy. The former is naive -lovely slush if one would permit it. Likes to waltz! Simple - Butternut Bay is there in all the glory of white duck trousers. Always seem to have a good time at those dances - and most always a perfusion of partners - after the dance -"Too much family".
[clipping on page] Miss Caroline McAllaster of Clinton Street is the guest of Miss Marjorie Anthony at her summer home at Oak Point. In P.M. - Hugh, Adelaide, Leanard, and Joe arrive and go in swimming. Hang around awhile and then depart with car. 1915 Sunday 18, July
A wonderful day - we swim and laze - About 5. Issy, Marion, and I start out in skiff with plenty of magazines for a shady spot up river to read - we reach a shoal and look back to see two canoes madly pursuing us - Lorelei Effect - they arrive and are claddy, peg, Morris and Wight in 257 - Iss and I changed to 257 and Marion goes with Morris - claddy & peg arrive in Pontiac and we set off for "Blind Bay" - a superb Sunset and the moon rises - a crescent - we have a glorious paddle and find Blind Bay very attractive indeed in the moonlight. Reach the Point about 9 - Ravenous, absolutely - so feast on ham sandwiches - Van Camp's Beans and much Water melon - more fun. July Monday 19, 1915
This after noon Iss has a visit from her grand mother and paddles around Bay while we swim - "claddy", Morris, Wight and Dish - have fun with raft - Marjory drops me in ooze by dock and I stay until Wight & Dish draw me up by my arms in astonishing short time! Much laughter at my expense - Take pictured in canoe - after dark Wight and Dish come over and "Dish" and Is canoe & Wight, M- and I - fire works in the Bay - two Chaps tip over near Boat house. Ice cream cones at Store and a squabble between M- and me. She acted too silly for words. The moon light was wonderful - a pure golden sphere - went to our heads and conversation lagged. 1915 Tuesday 20, July
We were thrilled to tears when Wight asked us over to his camp for a Welsh-rarebit party to-night! More fun! He, claddy, and Morris canoed over for us and Issy, M- & I departed - Wight's camp is adorable - plans: .
[sketch of camp plans]
We - met Rev. Wight - a jolly, fat, man- his wife - thin and agreeable - and Mrs. Welsch. We had a dandy fire in their huge cobblestone fire place - and listened to Mr. Wight's Ford jokes - also a screaming Eskimo - Lapplauder story. Then we had a rarebit - and horrors-! cocoa and Cake! Finally we went home in canoes - and paddled for a while in Moonlight before going in. July Wednesday 21, 1915
Wight and claddy came over and after a while took peg and me over to the dance - we met Lawrence and Si and they were just coming over after us - were surprised to see us with attendant [...], I expect - I had a swell time - many partners
-good music. Murphy and another O- man played smashing music during intermission and we neglected Eats and moonlight and music to watch - "claddy" & peg foxtrotted - Si and I - Wight smoked and watched but he is really a nice lazy - sort of a person to be around with. Claddy looked awfully handsome but is hard to dance with - Uncle Ollie arrived this p.m. and is going to take us back home to-morrow. 1915 Thursday 22, July
We rise Early and leave for home about 8. Reach Odgensburg and pick up Mr. La Fontaine and Mc Donald - armour men - when we got home (Is departed) and Marion, Marjory, and I got lunch for them. Is had the films developed and about fine [Hugh] about took [cac], peg and me down in his machine and we saw the films - very good indeed - and very funny. Queer supper and controversy over desert.!! J.L.M. came up and received a lecture for not writing sooner -he is not going to be away at all this summer and is having hard work finding a job. We went to Wonderland and heard the Elk Quartette - Very clever - then home. July Friday 23, 1915
Up at 9 - and washed and ironed. After lunch Issy came up and watched me make my galatea skirt. Brought the prints of our films - we laughed continually over them - We wanted to go on a 'bat' this evening but I had a date and Pete phoned. But peggy refused him and she and Issy went to Wonderland since pete claimed he couldn't find Haley!! J.L.M. took me to Wonderland and returned we were fed rarebit - Then I played and he sang and we walked home with Issy. I wore my yellow knitted - angora [packet] to his [woe]-!
Lawrence & Si asked if they can come down to see us Wednesday! We willingly consented! 1915 Saturday 24, July
A Bustling Morning - Parking - and getting ready - Goddard stopped for luncheon and took Miriam and us to Oak Point. Went in Swimming - Wight there and after supper came over in 257 and took peggy and me to dance. We landed at Billing's Rock - Met Lawrence & Si - mix up all Evening - had dances way ahead- Forester surprised not to be chief-favorite??? about 10. Si persuaded me to go for a canoe ride - and I cut three dances (ahead) we went in Kit's canoe and explored shoals. Heard peg calling on shore and landed to find Every one mad at us - a crowd came up to scold for cut dances!! Lawrence & Forester rec'd others - Fox-trotted muchly with Si - he was good enough to say I danced well. He went home with me and Wight with peg. July Sunday 25, 1915
Miriam and Marion play around to-gether. Later we three go out in Sievette but she leaks 3 ft. of water and we return to terra firma after time of bailing!! Wight, Morris, and claddy go in swimming with us- play Ball - They ask to repeat moon light paddle; but when they arrive find M, M & "Charly" Barber on dock. There is no love between Welsh's and "Charly" Barber so there is a grand mix up when peg and "claddy", Wight and I start off leaving Morris with three girls on his hands!! Finally Miriam gets in and other girls depart. We go down river opposite Light house and float out in middle of chanel to listen to a Canadian victrola - Mostly "Dublin Boy" - Wight not so stupid as usual?? 1915 Monday 26, July
Uncle Allie, Marion and Miriam departed in car - early.
[Newspaper clipping - "Boldt Castle Proposed as New Summer Capitol"] July Tuesday 27, 1915
There is a musical at the Inn to-night - 'claddy' takes Marjory and I follow with Mother and Charles - in porch Morris approaches but I flee inside and leave him. The concert is for benefit of United helpers home in Odgensburg - by young people of PT .
Mr. Kirkpatrick Mandoliln solo

Walter Feris. recitation.

Charlotte Barber vocal solo.

'Babe' Werner Recitation

Walter Ferris "

Helena Gallager vocal solo.

Florence Wilson ....... " "

'Babe' Werner Recitation.

Paul " Violin solo.

Florence Wilson ...... Vocal " They made 17 dollars!!

We talked with Mrs. Barber, Mrs. Bell, etc. on hotel then homewards. 1915 Wednesday 28, July
About 4. Marjory and I start on hunt for eggs!! Come back to find Lawrence and Si - we go in Swimming - more fun -but awfully cold and rainy. We have dinner finally and wait around on porch in several swings - for dance - It rains awfully - Si is bound to break my "glim" - Thinks I'm slangy - we talk of Bill Shakespeare - about 8.30 we go over pavilion-wards but find it black - no lights - no dance! Deep Gloom - go to store and ask Archie about it. Then to store and found piano and wait around but no excitement. Return to cottage. Boys were nice - and L- improves on acquaintance. They depart about 12. July Thursday 29, 1915
[Newspaper clipping - "Low Water in St. Lawrence"]
There is a north wind [not] all the while - and it blows all the water up into the lakes. 1915 Friday 30, July
To-night Marjory, Marion and I rowed out to "Whale back" Shoal and landed - we gathered up all the drift-wood and reeds - and made a roaring bon-fire - our tresses were still wet from swimming and we looked like Ancient Druids bending over the blaze. It lighted up the water for a huge way around about. We planned to hold a dance on the flat rock when our Victrolette comes. Returned to find Bobbie and Charles making a fire on the point too. July Saturday 31, 1915
All day Ralph Wight paddles Helen Smith around - 2.57 is very prominent. We go in swimming at Douglas' with Kit and Leland Gilmore. Good place for swimming. Then Marion and I depart in skiff and splash water on each other. Later we tip the skiff over and I splash around in rain-coat. More fun! In Evening. Marion and I go over to Inn and gather up Charlotte. We three go to dance. There is not a big crowd there but we manage to have a good time - She bates Morris and claddy and couldn't talk enough against them. Claddy took peggy and 2.57 took H. Smith. 1915 Sunday 1, Aug.
Things to remember ............... . summer of 1915
Mrs. Dake and her intimate friends Mr. Wight and his rain coat. Mike (Conger). Mottoes on the walls of Tower's Cottage. Maude. Ice cream cones at the store. Archie Billings and Fran. Mr. & Mrs. Werner dancing. "Far View". The shoal. "Whale back". "Stony Lonesome". Maggie of the House Boat -her dog and motor boat. "Walt [Plantz]" - her man! "The Riverside" - "The Island Belle" Vanophone and Little Wonder Records. Aug. Monday 2, 1915
To-night Mrs. Welsh, claddy and Morris came over. We all separated into cliques. Morris, Marion and I discussed art, books, artists etc, he draws very well and he and Marion took models and copied them. I made some fudge which helped keep things going some-what. Mrs. Welsh broke her right arm when she first got down here and she is just beginning to use it again. 1915 Tuesday 3, Aug.
Claddy and Morris came over this morning in the Sail boat and took peggy and me sailing - "Gee - What fun!" We went down river and had exciting time among waves. Almost capsized? After lunch they were going up river to Chippewa Bay and they did tip over! Every one rowed on paddles to the spot - much excitement. Claddy held me aloft in air and Morris straddled canoe - we wondered what we would have done if we had been in them!!!!!!!! Quite [rowetic]. Aug. Wednesday 4, 1915
Didn't swim to-day, it was too cold. In Evening Marjory and I start out in canoe and meet Marion and "Charly" - they offer to go on picnic but we want to get rid of them and succeed to their disgust! They start a Marshmellow roast on the rocks about 9 - while M- and I tie lighted Japanese Lantern on canoe we startle the cottagers with stunning effect. Meanwhile an unknown damsel paddles around singing slushy songs to a guitar and among them principally at Walsh's?? We try to chase her but conclude she is [Jodsson] from [Bockville] - at Largo Lodge? She sings song to Margery when mother calls "Margery, want some marshmellows". 1915 Thursday 5, Aug.
Bright and fair. Goddard arises at 4 and leaves at five and meanwhile family groans as house shakes beneath mighty footsteps. Arise about 9 and [...] - speds with letter writing, have nine letters to answer! Forrester on horizon but never a chance a [rencontre]! About 12 we three ['sorces'] go over for mail. Wait till 2.15 for it, amused by Rev. Wight who executes penny sale! Claddy, Morris, Jack O'Brian, Gilmore and others kept up interest in mail (& male?) We went in swimming after giving up hopes of a sail. After dinner we three paddle past Douglas' and are invited to Marshmellow roast for Douglas & Max, all kids on point are there and we play "Hi-Spy" and latter "Poor Pussy", fire is glorious. Afterwards we light lanterns on canoe and try to spy on others on river. Aug. Friday 6, 1915
Up Early. A Rainy day. I knitted and read Dicken's "Tale of Two Cities". Ruth and Toby arrive in machine about 5. Robert decides to remain with us. Lovely flowers from Cousin Anne. (Mr. A - is worse-) We don't go in swimming as it's so cold Robert and Charles have to be rescued from the "drink". Marion started guest - "pig" - book and "claddy" is first to register. In the Evening it still rains and Claddy appears, we decide to make fudge. Marion and I go over to store for ingredients and bring back Gilmore. We play "Rum" and eat much fudge. Ruth wins, but Gil is close second. Tobe and I are the "dunces". In P.M. Walter Ferris stuffed Chuck and Robbie about N.Y. and the city wonders! 1915 Saturday 7, Aug.
Marion and I got up at 8.30 and took a very cold dip in river. This morning I made a choc. cake and mayonnaise dressing, very industrious, family all surprised [pink]-delicious lunch. Afterwards bought Indian baskets - from member of [Smoke] family!! $6.45 worth. Marion and I went in swimming. A South Wind made the waves and temperature fine. The Sheldon's came. Marion and fiancee. We five girls went dance-wards at 9 and stopped at Inn to see Mr. Y, Mrs. S. At Dance were Lawrence, Murphy, V. and D. Bill, usual Oak Point bunch, Murray McGregor. I danced with Forrester most at first. Then "claddy" and I began to joke about him and he got peeved. Morris had all the dances later on, he dances well and I really enjoyed fox trotting with him. We went out for grape juice and after the end for ice cream, he took me home and "claddie" Marjory. Aug. Sunday 8, 1915
Up Early as always when - Goddard is around!! After breakfast we began to talk about dinner!! Marion is writing a Documentary family history! and having guests sign in a "blind pig" guest book. Marion and I canoe to hotel and see Sheldons. Get Bread and return to get dinner - chicken's: good. Finish at 4.15 but depart with a fleet for down River, 5 girls & Charles, Bobbie and "Waltah". We land on woodsy shore and get quantities of Bird-Bark for covers for photograph books, guest books - etc. It begins to rain and we hasten home. Tease Charles about getting milk and water. Marion and I go in swimming altho' it is 7 and getting dark. 1915 Monday 9, Aug.
This p.m., we swim off pier, Claddie, Morris and [Funk] Potter have big time diving but we girls slink into water -! Another dip in Bay when we get around. This Evening Marion and I go over to store meet claddie and Morris who ask to call and we return willingly after [vainly] asking G. Sheldon to come - ! The boys bring a box of candy and we play Vic most of while. Get an awful case on "Underneath the Sheltering palms". Question' How old is the piece? Peg and
[Funk] return from canoeing to find boys - [Tableau]!! Aug. Tuesday 10, 1915
In afternoon, "claddie", Morris, [Funk] and we three girls canoed to the pier and went in swimming, more fun. Then took long time to paddle back; great discussion over who should furnish power to move canoes! This Evening (Funk told peg something about a party at Welsh's) we girls went out on the drink in canoe. Lanterns lit and vic going, "Underneath the Sheltering Palms". When we saw a canoe slide into our dock and had to return. It was "Funk" and Morris and we spent evening playing vic and telling jokes and playing cards and watch tricks. Quite a lot of fun. Claddie didn't appear after all, was it a tutor lesson or not? 1915 Wednesday 11, Aug.
This morning wrote huge letter to Issabelle and walking over to mail met Jack O'brien and we talked over old High School days, he has changed immensely. Told me that "Biddy" [Wickers] is married on $8.00 a week!!! We saw Gertrude at hotel, then waited at store for mail. Letter from Peachie who is to be at Lorrain Park Aug. 20. After lunch Marion and Claudio to hotel then walked up road and met Willers & Harry in car who has wild tales of his adventures. About 4. Funk, claddie, Morris, Harry, and we girls went in swimming off hotel Dock "Mower fun". Mr. Gates arrived with catch of 17 Bass. Uncle Allie Brought some peachy dance records. At dance, had bully time, hoped to see S. but he wasn't there. Forrester as gay as ever, only Lawrence and others. Funk is a bum dancer, had many with Morris - claddie
-Harry is good dancer. G. Sheldon says she isn't having uproarious time. Mrs. Swift, visiting Mrs. Welsh is a prominent
V.C. Alumna. I think I am getting sort of tired of Oak Pt. dances. I wish there were greater variety of people. Morris came home with me, is very cordial. Aug. Thursday 12, 1915 Swim off pier .1915 Friday 13, Aug.
This Evening [Ham] takes us three girls to Odgensburg and in hills we meet Lawrence. He disappears to reappear with "Sammy" and we talk on corner for a while. Sammy is going up river Monday and offers to bring me up some steel needles. Surprise and yes, pleasure to see him. We depart about 10, have blow-out about a mile from city, arrive home at 12. Sleepy ride .Aug. Saturday 14, 1915
We swim in Bay. Marion and I and Claddie & Morris go to dance about 9, and to my surprise the bunch from Odgensburg is there, thrills. I have five dances ahead then Sammy procures, promise to go paddling. We leave for hotel where they refuse to rent canoe. Return to hall to seek [McClear] but finally decide to risk getting ours out. Which we do and paddle around Bay. Quite prosaically, return to dance about 11.30. Immediately Ham and claddie apply for dances. Claddie of course is peeved because I had gone over with him! We leave early and traverse dark path. Exceeding complicated way to put things. Si hopes to come down again and I hope so too. 1915 Sunday 15, Aug.
Rain this A.M., so we merely ride up to Chippewa and around about. Stop at Light House and go thru it. Met Mr. Hills family of 5, Helen and Pearl, John, Frank, and ? Return for huge dinner. Take sunset pictures and go out Boating with Ham, no much excitement. Gertrude [Sleedon] is coming down again so Issy's letter says .Aug. Monday 16, 1915
Marjory and Marion tease me about going in swimming off dock as the 4. Boat comes in, so I refuse to meet it with them, altho' expecting needles. They return with " - and tales of H.S's anxiety. Deep Gloom. We finally swim in Bay, needles are right. Gilmore reports also of H's trials. 1915 Tuesday 17, Aug.
Millers departed .Aug. Wednesday 18, 1915
As usual [Knit]. Swim and Eat. Meet Boats, Mail. We gather Gert Sheldon and Thelma Gallager at Inn and wander to dance, a small affair. Archie Billings [begs] us to enter. We do and nearly have a ripping time. I dance mostly with
Morris, Edgar, Mr. Farley makes, not as good an impression as last year. Mr. Clark, Chandler, claddie, and an yougth, Norman, a good dancer. Chandlers, Ferris depart, leaving us and a "risky" bunch from Canada the only ones left. Orchestra plays "Under Neath the Sheltering Palms", for us, over and over. [Take] a dandy 1-step avec Morris .1915 Thursday 19, Aug.
Go in swimming with Gert Sheldon to-day. Mr. Clark present. Kay, Tib and M- [omnipresent] knitting. Ferris at hotel [even] on, postal from J.S.M., giving adress" if I still wish to write" Nobody home"? This eve, Marjory paddles me and we talk of Ham and his love affair till late. Girls play vic on rocks. After some talk, we talk vic and go over to pavilion and dance and carry on. The inevitable Morris and claddie appear. Not much "pep" to them after all. I have more fun dancing with Gert Sheldon who is easy to lead. Return to cottage and play Bridge .Aug. Friday 20, 1915
Marion departs for "Scharlys" in the A.M., and M- and I see Kay and Tib off on boat, at 11. It rains dismally in P.M. Marjory paddles me in Evening but refuses to go to Point, for Excitement so I come in and knit, finish Sweater, a thing of Beauty and joy forever. Really a success. Walter and Charles go out with M- on drink. Even [S.F.] would have been welcome but having been squelched so much doesn't want to appear, I expect. 1915 Saturday 21, Aug.
Mrs. McAllister and [Adlie] Burdick start to leave at 11 boat but as it doesn't stop they lunch at hotel and depart amid rain at 4. Mother's dissipation has deteriorated temper of all? Prepare dinner at 5.30 for Carpenters but car gets stuck 1 1/2 miles off and they walk in. A.G.S. comes at 11.30. M- and I go over to store and talk to Gilmore. Buy "Gold" pins. Return thru jungle and arrive at Hotel. Find Gertrude and Ruth Aldrich (who came to-day with Bobbie and nurse) and we play cards. Every one at hotel doing likewise, of course no signs of a dance. Claddie and Morris accompany us home for Cake, that's all. Aug. Sunday 22, 1915
Arise with sounds of Breakfast about 9.A.M. It rains and is showery all day. Ruth Aldrich comes over and we swim in Bay about 4. Canoe back to hotel. No-Body home. Bunch in store, ice-cream cones. Plans for water sports the 23th. Bashfulness on Morris' part is peculiar. Marjorie and I paddle and [trawl] for fish to shoal and I explore, cute place to have a picnic, vegetation plentiful and view sublime. Return to read "The Second Generation" by David Graham Philips, finished about 11.30, I guess. 1915 Monday 23, Aug.
Carpenters departed this A.M., with A.G.S. M- and I meet Boat at 4, after knitting with Blanche all day. She has started a rose-sweater. Marion arrives on Boat avec Jack Van [Kenere]. [Call] but [yougthful]. We go off Selleck's Point. Rocky and very deep. Wally and Jack only brave ones. Tendency toward discontent? anyway co- is desired. No letters. Wonder whethere J.L.M. is Busy or, waiting perhaps? After Dinner the Moon is glorious and thoughts continue. Marion invites on canoe trip, M- and Claddie go out on "Drink". The latter brings me a "Good Book", "Miss Billie" by Eleanor Porter which I finish. Eat [Hylers]. [Dock], Marion, Charles and I go in for a moon light Swim at 11. More fun. Aug. Tuesday 24, 1915
This P.M., wrote letters under trees, took pictures, went in swimming with Jack and rest. The idea occurs to us to have a corn-roast, so we go over to 4 Boat and purchase materials, and invite Forrester and Gilmore. Mother has Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. Wheeler, and Mrs. Welsh over to play bridge and we others have a corn-roast on rocks. There are Charles, Jack, Marion, Morris, "Claddie" and peggy, Edgar, Blanche and Gilmore and Kit, Marion and Me. More fun. We roast marshmellows, and corn and Eat and Eat. Then lie around on sofa cushions and listen to Vanophone and watch moon, much discussion over "Mackerel sky". Morris rests on "classics". Edgar, Jack, & Charles on rug. Kit and Gil depart, then Blanche but the rest of us stay till 1 when it begins to sprinkle and we run for shelter. Quite a lot of fun. 1915 Wednesday 25, Aug.
That windy a day. About noon we give up all hopes of water sports. Wild waves. We swim at 4. Helen arrives on "Island Belle". Edgar, Forrester, Morris, "Claddie", Jack Van, and we girls, awfully windy as well as cold. Waves hard to swim against. M- returned from store reports "Si", and usual bunch are in for the dance. We go over about 9. Small crowd for Harvest Ball. Have Bully time. Many dances with "Si", also Max Miller, Clark Bournan and Freddie
Lawrence. Go for a stroll in moonlight with "Si" and sit in machine for a while. All prosaic. Tendency toward disgust at that? Return to ball and continue nonsense. They leave before two and Edgar comes home with me. Morris with Helen. Claddie with Peggy, Jack [with] Marion. We all sit out on lawn for quite a while talking altho' it is freezing cold. I always like Si better just after I have been with him some how. If one or the other of us had more "pep" we might have a bully time to-gether. Aug. Thursday 26, 1915
Jack Van K-, suddenly decided to quit "Towers" Tenament deed go over to Douglas'. We breakfast about 11 and decide to abstain till Dinner. Blanche and her sister come over and knit, they have 1/2 of pink sweaters done. We go to 4. Boat. Hunt for 4 leaf clovers and return to go in swimming. Helen and I, while M- and M- go sailing with "Claddie" & Morris. Water is absolutely frigid altho' a wonderfully bright day. After dinner, Helen, Marion, and I decide to go on a "bat" so go over to store and get that interested in a gambling game but win no candy. Morris W- there, and has trick we "swipe" matches and have a scrap. Marion goes back after "Moguls" and we take the "Woz" up to "Little Blind Boy" and feel that devilish smoking. 1915 Friday 27, Aug.
This A.M. we arise about 10 and Helen talks about going home but we persuade her to stay. At 2 Ms. Hills new boat arrives with "Claddie", Morris, and Mrs. Welsh. We embark and have a glorious ride to Alex. Bay. Marion and Helen leave on trolley for Redwood, and the rest of us go thru the Japanese store while the boys go Barber-wards. (Charles' jungle disappears!) We go in for ice-cream and candy. Boys look awfully attractive. Take several pictures. Ride back very nice, take Moonlight picture of Dark Island. After supper Charles and I go to store and I win a pound box of candy in peg game the first chance. Morris is there and comes along home with me. We find "Peg" and claddie playing Rum and we all go out and take flash-lights on the porch. Then Morris and I talk of books, music, slang and other impersonal subjects till 11.45. Aug. Saturday 28, 1915
Letters this morning. Goddard arrives for lunch with new records. This afternoon "Claddie" takes Peg down river paddling and [latter]later Morris comes over in 257 and we go down also. Very calm, peaceful "drink". M- more attractive than usual. We meet the others and take pictures along picturesque slope. Sort of a quiet, lazy ride. Return to cot to find Marion there with Libby, and Kaleen [Connoway]? We have dinner and fool around till time for dance. There is a good bunch from Odgensburg. But not "Si". Max Miller dances with me and says couldn't come because Freddie car has a broken axle. Deep Gloom. I have a bully time. George Skinner introduces two Eustis boys. The Elder, good dancer, and their friend [Wakeman], also attractive. Morris there as usual. Edgar gives me coffee and sancwiches and goes home with me. We go out paddling, till it [rains], he is really very calm now. 1915 Sunday 29, Aug.
Another misty Sunday, there fore no shore dinner. We [hie] to 5 Boat and meet Edgar, Claddy & Morris on dock and hunt 4-leafed clovers. Edgar leaves on boat and we return home. No hopes of a dance next week? Little Blue [Gloom] -Marion and I [hie] out for Excitement, and return to sit on porch-swing. Take lamp upstairs and roast marshmellows and crackers over it, and read. Aug. Monday 30, 1915
Marion and I arise about 6 and depart avec A.G.S. in the machine, also George Skinner. We reach Hammond and there purchase a few things and sit around waiting for A.G.S. and watching natives. Leave at 8.15 and walk back to Pt. not a bad tramp altho' road was wet and much clay. Reached pt. about 10.30 and found a wind in evidence so we had to abandon Bat to Blind Bay altho' Boys were over and ready. Swim in A.M., and rain in p.m. This Evening Marion and I are store-wards and find Gil and Morris very suspicious. Also Claddy and Peg whom we meet. We go to [Feunst] Inn and unfurl umbrella! Then leave box of fatemas and spearmint gum in Morris' canoe, and return to find it wasn't his and Gil discovers us! 1915 Tuesday 31, Aug.
Up about 11 and heard varied reports from them on as to when we'd start for "Blind Bay". Martin Von seemed a stumbling block for us! Finally Claddie and Morris arrived about one and we departed. A calm paddle up. Built fire on point by Blind Bay, and cooked corn, potatoes. Much trouble over coffee. C- borrrowed it from friend in cottage. At last
we ate, and ate! played vanophone later. Then for a walk thru gorgeous wood's while the Queen of Love & Beauty held court. Much [Sigust]. A stiff paddle home. I was [faulsly] bored. Mother greeted us with news of Brockville's Little Blue Moon Tea room. This Evening no callers. Sept. Wednesday 1, 1915
"Nobody home" till ten. Marion's scholarship came this noon. We have bought Tower's Tenement. Now for a name? "Anthony's 'Aug out"? Much "[ruin]" to-day. Mostly avec Charles. He and I go in swimming. Marion and I plan a ripping "toot" to-night and have more fun carrying it out. At store get ice-cream cones, then light lanterns on canoe and play vanophone as we paddle away, this interests Morris and Chandler and they pursue in M's canoe. We float on Bay and play, then start off, extinguish lights and evade pursuit. Enter Blind Bay 2nd and Enjoy "toots". Come out and light lanterns to find M- and Chandler close at hand. They remain with us till the Moon rises (about 11?) and we play vanophone and talk. 1915 Thursday 2, Sept.
Cheerful sounds of Goddard and Bedell wake us about 6.30. I am up about 7.30 and after breakfast concentrate on duties around camp. Later we go over to 11 boat. Meet Ralph Wight with Bill Gills the renowned. Arrived for week-end. I am asked to swap pictures of bunch in Motor Boat which went out to see 200 mile canal race pass. Marion and I conceive plan of Jones Creek, but instead take "Wog" and lunch of limburger cheese, sandwiches, frankfurters, iced-tea and go down river pass fascinating palisades. We land on a birch [pt] for lunch. Enjoy "toots" and get some bark. After we reach home we swim and go over to see the Welchs off on the 5 Boat. "I'll see you next summer". Sept. Sunday 5, 1915
About 9 Marion and I were awakened and told to pack, pending Mr. Hill's arrival. This we did and then had a beautiful ride in the "Nautilus" up to Morristown where we checked 4 pieces of baggage homewards. We came back along Canadian shore and it surely is attractive. Many beautiful cottages, and many perfect "friglets". Marion VanKeven and Helen Smith (of Wights house party) called. After dinner we pulled cottage to pieces and packed. At last every thing was wedged in car. Walter, bade us farewell and we quit the point. A nice ride home by way of Rossie. Sorry to leave Vacation behind. Home seemed good, and oh! So huge. 1915 Monday 6, Sept.
J.L.M. came up to-night. Disappointed at my not accepting [T.N.O.] pin? Seemed to be, but I didn't feel in the mood for him as yet. He has heard of "Some one Else". I didn't know he was in town till he phoned, but he apologised for lack of letters. We go to W.L. Sept. Tuesday 7, 1915
Such a horrid letter from J.L.M. this morning. Which I answered immediately and got madder and madder as I wrote. Marion and I went to
[Clipping of "The Spendthrift" Irene Fenwick on page] 1915 Wednesday 8, Sept.
J.L.M. called and we "made up" nicely, "sadder and wiser?" Tendency toward trepidation anyway. Went for a walk.
M- departed for Pokeepsie [this] A.M., was sort of homesick, I guess. [Folded paper on page] [Vassar College Department of Art - notice of terms for semester from the Dean's Office, August, 1915] Sept. Thursday 9, 1915
Marion and I decide not to walk. Busy all day with packing, mending, etc.
J.L.M. called, also Helen Potter to plan for gypsy trip. [Band from a cigarette] 1915 Friday 10, sept.
Helen, Marion, Mother and I start with Potter's [...] for Carney Falls, ladden with many provisions about 5. We arrive before dark. Couch Mother on Bungalow and prepare supper over log fire on beach. Afterwards we three girls are sitting on a log enjoying ["..."] when a terrible screaming occurs. We rush back and decide it was some boys trying to scare us. They succeeded!! House then acts frantic all night. About one we decide to sleep, gather much firewood and lie down on beach, wrapped in blankets before fire. During night waken several times and replenish fire. Watches stop and we lose track of time. Sept. Saturday 11, 1915
Awaken to sounds of breakfast making over fire. Everyone very cindery but happy. After Eating we take a walk to other beach and look back to see strange & weird man near our haunt. We return rapidly! He appears to be hunting bees! of all things! We lose halter & blinders! Grand search. Deep suspicion. They are found in bushes. We embark for home. Reach there about 10.30. Miraculous return. This Eve, [Demonette] dinner at Helena's. We eat muchly, then make a pretense of telling events of last year. Peachy's Engagement and Bunny's affair only sure one's. The rest refuse. Another vow! Then entertainment by Gertrude, Issy, Doris & [Jonnie]. 1915 Sunday 12, Sept.
I sleep till three P.M.!!! After dinner couldn't find ambition for anything. J.L.M. called this evening. Brought candy and we sat before fire. Lovely gush tendency toward good time. I lost headache, at any rate. Sept. Monday 13, 1915
Met Helena to-day and asked her & Bab up but it didn't seem possible. J.L.M. came and we went to "Movies".
To-day I packed and sewed. "Cooked-up" plan to have Mother and Marion stop off at V.C. on their way thru to Barnard. Think it will work.
[note card with name - Mr. Homer G. Mowe] 1915 Tuesday 14, Sept.
This Morning spent at dentists, deep gloom. Dr. McCumber very nice, how ever. This P.M. packed, et cetera. After dinner went for baggage checks & milage. Then Helen L. Fosgate came in to see how to knit a sweater and then Issy to say "good-bye". She asked me up to Syracuse, which I thought very, very sweet of her. Then J.L.M. came and I hurried down. We "cooked up" a scheme to go to "Uncle Tower's Cabin" and got Helena & Bob and did so. A rotten but funny show. J.L.M. very pathetic, especially when he asked if that was the way I chose to spent our last evening? not especially fervent good-bye. I await developments, however. Sept. Wednesday 15, 1915
Leave home at 7.30. Ride to watertown avec "Brownie" Hutton. Meet "Uncle Hallie", who puts me on train. I leave a [pullman], [all] way to "poky" by this changing, very convenient, [hot as blazes] on train. No comfort. I read Cosmopolitan all way and feel mighty languid. No one I knew on train!! I had hopes other-wise. Had lovely luncheon in dinner. (quite some companion too). Reached poky at 4.4. Very hot and dusty. We, met all and we flew to Whitlock's, where there were several V.C.girls. Katrina Jaggard, Helen Schwaker '15, Marion Bogel '19, Christine Barnes '16, [charlette] [Near], Mary Hendrickson, E. [H...] so on- also Miss Pearson. I walked over on campers and ["crawed"] this evening. 1915 Thursday 16, Sept.
Letter from G. Lyon says she isn't coming back to college and Carolyn is to be off [campus] ( I must look Carolyn up!) More changes around College. Many new side-walks, some flower-beds removed. Main parlors done in futurist style in white, black, and gold, and also "Engaged Parlors". Raymond Parlor being redecorated also (all white wood-work). This
P.M. we move from Whitlock's to 310R, and I spend rest of spare time fixing it up and unpacking closet. M. and I dine at Carey's, where there is being built a huge new dinning room for 120 and new colored waiters. At the flag shop we have long chat with Mr. Bussing. M. stays all night with me. Sept. Saturday 17, 1915
Up for breakfast with Grace. Met many arrivals and all. Then Grace and I went down-town for [sundry] shopping, purchased a very attractive tea-table and lamp, ($5.00) ouch! Returned for lunch. Then we unpacked trunks and g's door had to come off its hinges before she could get in closet! Then we went down to the "Movies". After dinner I went for a walk with Genn who was home sick or sentimental? or had a crush? We sat under a maple and talked of past summer. To-day I got a most thrilling letter from J.L.M. to-day sort of premature demand on his part and I don't know how to answer. This Eve, latter, we had chicken soup and peanut butter sandwiches in my room. 1915 Friday 18, Sept.
Arose for breakfast. "Sis" and Gertrude having arrived about 7, they came over to see M- and me and we went off campus to Carey's for breakfast. Gertrudes beau was continual, sis being here and much fraternity pin in evidence. Then to 310, and Davison to collect some of G's belongings, which Sis and I carried in a huge bag slung over a pole, across campus to Main. At Main we helped unpack and settle and lunch at Main. Dot, Ruth, & Ted arrived and Suzanne. Sis and I and G, went to the "Movies". Owen More at "Berts". Returned to find Grace at 310R. I went to dinner at Main with the bunch. Unpacked huge box for 449. At Raymond talked to Jenn and raved of summer and then to Grace, till 15 to one. Sept. Sunday 19, 1915
Grace had a tray and Genn and I devoured cocoa and rolls for breakfast in 310. Then Genn and I walk around by the amphitheater, very attractive. Mostly turf and very little concrete. Genn persuaded me to go to Chapel, very nice sermon by Pres. McCracken. After dinner Genn, Helen, Arthur, Grace and I call on freshmen. Nancy Baily in 408 with pictures of 10 men! Much [...] and [long] talk; in 200 Margarite Miles very attractive. "Toll" and room-mate in [112], not so nice, on 3rd Helen Schwaher friend of Katrina Jaggards (who rooms with Marion [Welltier] all this year). Grace, Genn, and I go over to 449 and have jolly time. M- has another exciting letter from "Claddy", and was going down to Betty Carnet's in town. Helen, Arthur and I go for a walk around Amph. and then to supper at Miss Anne's. Nine to eat. [Fooled] away Evening. 1915 Monday 20, Sept.
Helen Grill '18, is a Pi Phi who was in [...] Colorado freshman year. Very nice, is in my French Rev. Course in which we had written lesson first time this A.M. Academic Convocation 8.45. Classes of 10 min. periods 11.30-12.50 My schedule all changed. Gertrude & Peggy over for lunch. After 6th hour Botany we all decide to go down town and do, Lee "Hearts Ablaze" in 'Movies' and Eat much candy. Purchase Cocoanut, grapes, saltines, pretzels, strawberry [...] and return to Main to have supper in their room. Bessie arrives and we hide fun over atic. B. Bushman and Sarah Smart call. I go over to 'sis' to hang pictures. Tired as a dog but read till 12. Sept. Tuesday 21, 1915
[Chart drawn on page of classes] Lab in A.M. and home for vacations on Thursday appeal to me!
Philosophy lecture extremely brief. I visited Gertrude in 449M. Then Library for French Rev. After lunch we all went over to Biology together, no lecture. 'Sis' and I went to Davison and waited for 6th when we both have French. My B Course seems to be promising. Miss Conrow is mild but interesting. We conversed all the hour. Ruth Johnson, Anne Farr, Florence Barr, Isabel [Lague] also there. I returned to library to finish French Rev. and devoured "Life". At dinner hunger left, some how. Grace, 'Sis' McCarthy and I went to 1917-19 singing and to Chapel. More Library - felt [distingues], perhaps - very feminine, tendency toward [Einsaurbeit]? 1915 Friday 24, Sept.
If you have any time (about 10 minutes) when you can't be with your mother today will you initiate me into the mysteries of making out History slips? Be sure its convenient though if you do come. H.G.
Have gone over to Main & taken cups and saucers. Grace Sept. Monday 27, 1915
[newspaper clipping] OUT-OF-PRINT BOOKS FURNISHED - E.R. Robinson, 410 River St., Troy, N.Y. Sept. Wednesday 29, 1915 [piece of paper with writing - 4 question marks around paper] From H.L.Sammons B.O.[TT.] House Union College Schenectady NY 1915 Thursday 30, Sept.
After staying at home for her sister's wedding, ["Darcie"] Tarish arrives, with adorable Maid of Honor gown, blue brocade & silver girdle. Oct. Friday 1, 1915
A rainy day. In Biology quiz every one scared out of her wits by Prof. Treadwell's questions, regular cross questioning. French a farce as usual. Sis and I went to Main after food, and returned to [210] Davison woth Mary Walker '18, to whom I have not much to give, some how. Sis unpacked box from Sweet Briar. Mary Horne came to dinner and afterwards dancing, also stunt party by freshmen, quite clever. More dancing, (no chapel). Read Arthur Young, stupid stuff when one is sleepy, impossible to take notes.
Weird postal from Sammy to-day. I wonder if he tries to be weird? 1915 Saturday 2, Oct.
Morning devoted to A.[Y.] after a song practice in [phil]- Hall at which we marched & sang alma mater and ["gandeamers"]. After luncheon dressed for down-town and went over to sis' where were also Gertrude & Peggy. We all went down and looked over the billboards of "The Revolt"- Petrovia, and spurned it for Cohen's - where were: "The Redemption of David Corson" and "Love's Way" (Edith Storey). Gertrude had "cold feet". We did some shopping and got some groceries & returned to college. Donned Evening Gowns and hastened over to Main for dinner with Peg, Grace with Gertrude. Afterwards, Suzanne showed us Senior parlor - 4 ale blue rugs - Tiffany lamps, dark oak furniture; tapestry curtains and cushions on chairs, many books. I like it muchly. Danced in [p] after Chapel - and went up to 449 to look at Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. Return to [300] to write six letters! Oct. Sunday 3, 1915
Breakfasted at 8 and then resumed study of 'Arthur Young'. It's a fascinationg book but the length of time required to really read it is horrible. Didn't quit until 1.15. Dinner was punk. After wards we had victrola music and coffee in the lobby; but so much talking one could scarcely hear music!(which wasn't especially good, 'punky' Schauer's vic) After that I studied till 3 and finished the book. Helen [Brill] then started in on it and announced happy news that - Grace Roper spent 11 hours reading it alone! gee, gosh! Went for a brief walk with Jenn and Grace, and then made Scotch wood cock in 310- Galumptious goo! More to eat. A bit of rough house with jammy hands, then plugged some more on
A.Y. This time to put in topic form: finished that about 11.15. And couldn't resist reading House-keeping magazine till
12.15. Just about done up with a cold et cetera. 1915 Monday 4, Oct.
"The Return of she arrives". Much glee, also Doris' picture, and letter from [H.L.S.] apologizing etc. Quite a nice letter not what I had expected at all.
I stay in bed to-day and finish topic. M.P.A. comes over in P.M., and takes it back to Room K Main (Miss Ellery's room). I read and write letters and am generally lazy all day. 1915 Wednesday 6, Oct.
N.Y. Times
[Newspaper clipping from the N.Y. Times - President Wilson announced his engagement] 1915 Friday 8, Oct.
Walked to Cider Mill 7th with Carolyn Lyon and Grace. Carolyn is ever so pretty and quite a "peppery sort" just as Gennevieve said she would be.
[Newspaper clipping from the N.Y.Times - London, Friday oct. 8 - Article about Austro-German army and attack on Serbia] Oct. Saturday 9, 1915 Down-town and "Movies." 50th
1915 Sunday 10, Oct.
Some church's have Vassar Day.
3.30 P.M. College Sermon by Pres. Faunce of Brown U. In Chapel.
5.00 - 6.00 P.M. Informal welcome to student delegates. In the circle.
8.00 P.M. Organ recital by T. Tertius Noble of St. Thomas' Church, New York city. In chapel. 50th
Oct. Monday 11, 1915
Alumnae Commemoration Exercises.
10. A.M. Intercollegiate student Conference. Speeches and discussion by student delegates on the fruition of Non-Academic Activites, (Student's Building)
N.Y. University man made many faux pas.
12.30 P.M. Alumnae luncheon. I guide at pageant.
3.30 - Pageant of Athena. Out door Theatre.
8.00 P.M. "Vassar College Milestones" Alumnae play .speech by Inez Milholland in front of Opera House. 50th
1915 Tuesday 12, Oct.
10. A.M. Conference
2 P.M. Historical exhibition physical training at Vassar College - In the Circle.
(3.00 - 6.00 P.M. Reception)
3.30 - Orchestral Concert by the Russian Symphony Orchestra. 50th
Oct. Wednesday 13, 1915
10.A.M. Academic procession Inaugaration of Pres. McCracken I go over to met McDowell and Weppner, Colgate delegates.
3.30 P.M. - pageant of Athena-I go down town with Sis and the Sweet Briar delegates; to Movies etc.
7.30 P.M. dinner for students and delegates in all the halls. speeches .
Then I went over to dance in J- saw Martha Morehouse, a dippy freshman. 50th
1915 Thursday 14, Oct.
No classes to-day of course - (delegates begin to depart.) about 11. Genn, Grace, and I get some food and go up on sunset for our lunch. More fun. An alumna class of'72 arrived to tell us some of her reminiscenses. We leave at 2, for I have to go down town, dress in a hurry. Met Peg, and Sis and Suzanne and go to the Fashion show, ("Mrs. Whitney's) at the Collingwood. Very small crowd, beautiful gowns and all.
Went to woods. Oct. Friday 15, 1915
Classes were so boresome to-day. We had a lecture instead of a Biology quiz. Much relief. 1915 Sunday 17, Oct.
Dined with Peggy. Afterwards Music in Senior parlor. (Pageant music by Miriam Marsh and Joe Elsworth sang). Then Peg, G., Sis, Eileen Moore and I went for a walk around circle and took pictures in the gazing globe. G. & Sis can't abide Eileen which I think is narrow. We read "Snappy Stories" in 449. Much fun. I start a huge letter to Mother and finish it after supper. Go to dark Music but there is none, so visit Raymond to see parlors. Meet Miss Raymond and go to Christians with her. Mrs. Sherwood Eddy speaks. I finish letter to Mother and join Peg & Eileen in her room. [Newspaper clipping - "The Boomerang"] Saturday 16, 1915
Left Po'ky on 6.48 train with Grace for New York, study (after breakfast in diner) french and talk to a sophomore. Reach
N.Y. at 9 and find M.E.A. waiting in Grand Central. She had to cut a class to do it. We went up to the Belasco theatre for tickets for "The Boomerang". Then to Altmans I got Miss Reegan for Grace and did most of the deciding for her here after. She took an age to decide on everything. Especially hat. We met Marion at "Mary Elizabeths" and had luncheon. Then to [Bonnist] and Zellers for G's hat, hence to "The Boomerang" which proved adorable. Martha Hedman and Wallace Eppinger were the best, altho' the doctor improved. Then we went into Hylers for sundaes and candy. Hence to train, which left at 6. Met Mrs. Bowers who left on Express at 6 also! Arrived at Raymond we made some Pink [B...] with A.A.D. 1915 Monday 18, Oct.
Bobbie [Armstrong] was called home on account of the illness of her father. Seems like there is a lot of that happening. An awful tale of Barbara Preble's Mother and Grandmother being burned to death in an explosion. Oct. Tuesday 19, 1915
Bessie C. came over to Dinner. Suffrage is beaten in New Jersey. Betty Crab called home on account of the very sudden and unexpected death of her father.
Serbia joins allies against Bulgaria (aided by Germany). Hard pressed, women and children fighting. Greece refuses to join Serbia, thereby breaking treaty. 1915 Wednesday 20, Oct.
A rainy day. Deep Gloom. Much signs & at classes and academic pursuits in general. Wander in 449 Main, for 6th hour till interview comes, then a chat with Miss Ellery, who is not formidable exactly but still I'm not attracted by her. Maybe I'm disappointed with whole coarse. 8th there is a T & M meeting but I remain in Main. Bessie goes out for hockey and loses her [grouch], (but dislocates her finger & elbow!)
Letter from Mother enclosing a check for $50.00, just like that, out of a clear sky. Maybe M.B.A. wrote for it, though. Oct. Thursday 21, 1915
I felt positively lost this afternoon with no classes and nothing postively necessary to do. Went over to Main also Davison. "Nobody Home", so I read Ladies Home Journal till 7th hour, just as lazy as possible. Went to Main and found loads to eat, talked to Peg, G- & Sis for an hour. Then back to R-. I dined with Mary Horne. No Chapel on account of rain. I wrote to Si to-night. Now it rests on the lap of the Gods whether any thing'll pan out or not. I certainly hope so.
Letter from Marion to-day saying she wasn't coming in this week-end to see me. Deep Gloom. Another history topic for Monday! I'm never going to take another history course! Hall-picnic
1915 Friday 22, Oct.
[Spirogira] Spirogyra in Biology lab this A.M. Bot quiz a joke. M.P.A. asks if the peanut is a berry! Biology quiz ia also funny. 7th a crowd of about 25 Raymonites start for Cider Mill picnic - Ing Pond, Lucy Merz, Fran. Garner, Betty Wickes, and several sophomores and freshmen. We have a jolly view from top of hill is lovely. I pine for a house there,
except that its perhaps too near civilization. I should get sentimental over the place. We all have cider and doenuts then find a lovely stop in fields.
[diagram drawn on page of fire, trees, moon and mountains]
We camp on the side of a slope and have an ideal view of blue mts, pink sky and yellow moon. After supper we build a fire and have charades in the moonlight among the trees. Its an ideal spot, fun to dream about. We return about 6.30 by moonlight, singing, rather messy but go to Chapel. I work all evening in library. Oct. Saturday 23, 1915
Up with the dawn, at least at 7, and after breakfast hustled over to Buns with posters. There I read "The Round Robin", (much [...] over work on parts of all the girls) and then retired to Library, where I froze and did history topic all the morning till 12.30. No mail. J.L.M. makes me peeved not to write, a very unsatisfactory affair, all around. Helen, Arthur, Grace and I went down town to the "Movies". At Best, they were fairly decent, a George Ade fable with a lovely, fat orator. Maurice Costello etc. Shopped a hint.
After Chapel every one hurried over to students. I with Jane Einstein and H.A. and Grace. A short students meeting, then Shattuck appeared to announce the [Main's].
1. Cow barns & cows - 2. founders day 1915 - Song contest in Circle; Marching to Pres. house. 3. Academic procession, Oct. '15 - Athletic Exercises in Circle. - 4. and pageant and procession afterwards . Really stunning. Much applause. 1915 Sunday 24, Oct.
I mostly read news papers and did some work on topic this A.M. After Chapel (Dr. Brown of Union Theological Seminary was truly inspiring) dinner in R and Joe Elsworth sang in parlor afterwards. Then H.A.D., Grace and I played "Davies" victrola. Bun brought Harold Glazier over but I had gone to Library to do topic. At 4.30 Grace and I went over after Peg, etc. and then down to Dot Stabler's tea for her Mother. She is very attractive, (matronly sort of) supper in R-was vile. Afterwards I read "The wall of partition" (by Florence Barclay) aloud to H.A. and when she went to bed I finished it reading till 12. Oct. Monday 25, 1915
Hustled over to Library to finish topic. Never again, a stiff History course. Everyone toiling over topics. No mail to-day, deep Gloom. M.P.A. and I decide to postpone trip to N.Y. till Oct. 5. After 6th hour Genn and I get some "bikes" and go down the Manchester roads for a ride. Regular young speed demons. (All this for Gym-) Curses. Genn goes so fast, I follow bumping, much fun. Genn wants me to visit her Thanksgiving vacation, think it so nice of her mother to want me! ["Teddy"] [Badman] comes to dine with me and afterwards we go to 17-19 singing. New quiet, system in [pratice] practice outside of Chapel. Go over to Main but all the mail we got was a letter from "Pete". Return to R- to read philosophy and [studdy] study French Prose. 1915 Tuesday 26, Oct.
Letters from "King" & J.L.M.
[4 newspaper clippings - All about the Suffrage Parade] The Suffrage Parade, Saturday, Oct. 23, In New York Oct. Wednesday 27, 1915
[Note on page] Will meet you after 7th. Be Ready. Gen
Gen and I roller skated all over campus. We caused much comment, and had quite a time eluding Mrs. T. and Mrs. R- !! I have a French Rev. Topic for next Wednesday. Not so bad, though, and philosophy topic due Nov. 5, oh woe. All the books are deep. Newspapers, (Buffalo) arrived from "King" with pictures of Vassar.
I went to "flag-shop" with "Sis", Gertrude and Peggy, 6th hour. 1915 Thursday 28, Oct.
Only four hours to-day but I decided to sacrifice P.M. to course of learning. In Botany this A.M. terrible Mussy, nuts of all sorts! Phil- quiz on "Continuity of Monads". Went to lunch with Gay Ford in Josselyn. Then to Library where from
1.30 to 5.30 I did philosophy topic on "Hobbes" - Life, Works, etc. Much Exhaustion - Anne brought back my mail, a letter from J.L.M., which I ought to answer? and still, I don't know! Gertrude & I to dinner and afterwards Chapel. She, Peg, and I went to Flag Shop for pictures (at St. Law.) and then over to their room where I admired new rug, a thing of beauty, forsooth. Bessie's arm still is acting up and the doctors advise her to have an x-ray taken down town. Oct. Friday 29, 1915
A "written" in Biology this afternoon, a real cinch. After 6th (French class) I go to Lib and do Topics, and in Eve, also. Really exhausting to sit at those tables so long at a time. I am doing "Hobbes" for philosophy and find him most interesting. Go on a hunt after [Crakers] crackers about 10.30 and eat and read. A letter from J.L.M. to-day, sort of apologetic? 1915 Saturday 30, Oct.
Wrote letters for an hour then took them over to mail. A letter from Mother was all for me. Then to Lib. to do French Rev. topic. It rained a bit during spells of sunshine. About noon Jen and I roller-skated around and over to Main, and looked at Burgess Johnson's Magazine Illustrations Exhibit. (Grace in bed) I have to usher at Edith Wynne Mathinson's reading of "Alcestes" (Which I read in A.M.) It is a queer tragedy staged. Her voice is wonderful & she is really beautiful. But such a reading is more or less disappointing. Get a special delivery from Marion. She is coming up the Hudson on a trip tomorrow. This Eve. dance in J after dinner and after Chapel. Grace reads "The Hollow of her Hand" to H.A. [and] me, serving (cocoa). Oct. Sunday 31, 1915
Colgate beat Yale yesterday 15 to 0. (would have been a sight to see the game.) A perfectly heavenly day. 1915 Friday 5, Nov.
[Newspaper clippings of Violet Heming in "Under Fire] Nov. Saturday 6, 1915
[Newspaper clipping - Victor Herbert's biggest hit - "The Princess Pat" with Eleanor Painter at the Cort Theatre] Nov. Thursday 18, 1915 [Newspaper clipping - Jury of Surgeons Studies Babe's case] JURY OF SURGEONS STUDIES BABE'S CASE
Holds Second Examination and Finds More Defects in Chicago Child.
Appeals for Rule of Reason and Deplores the Life Which Defectives Lead.
Much discussion in philosophy class as to the Ethics of this case. Drake rather rambles now and then in quips and I don't get much from the hour. The written work is quite fairly hard. 1915 Friday 19, Nov. [Newspaper clippings - Dispute Doctor who Let Baby Die] DISPUTE DOCTOR WHO LET BABY DIE
Chicago Jury of Surgeons Finds
No Proof That Child Would Have Been Imbecilic.
Operations, Jurymen Assert, Might Have Improved the In-fant's Physical Deformities.
Could Decline to Perform Operation Which Conscience Forbade, but Highest Duty is to Save Life. Nov. Saturday 20, 1915
[Newspaper clipping - "Harvard Crushes Pigmy Yale, 41-0"]
Genn unexpectedly went to game, so [smashs] smashes our date to drive. M and I go down town. Nov. Friday 26, 1915
[Newspaper clipping - Obituary of Daniel Hamilton Brooks Davis] 1915 Saturday 27, Nov.
[Newspaper clipping - "Fighting in France" at the Fulton Theatre] 1915 Monday 29, Nov. [Newspaper clippings] From H.C.MacCracken, President of Vassar [Vollege] College: Your telegram referred to Faculty for action. May I suggest you invite my father, Chancellor Emeritus MacCracken of New York University, Vice President of the New York Peace Society?
Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Nov. 29 .President Henry Noble MacCracken and several prominent Vassar students received telegrams today from Henry Ford, inviting them to go on his peace mission to Europe. Dr. MacCracken said he would withhold a reply.
Pres. McCracken announced that the faculty etc. have decided to refuse invitation to send delegates to ship, because [aim] of College would be detracted. Nov. Tuesday 30, 1915
[Newspaper clipping - "More Delegates Announced" 1915 Wednesday 1, Dec. [Newspaper clippings] Poughkeepsie, N.Y. - Dec. 1. Miss Katrina Brewstier, daughter of the Right Rev. Benjamin Brewster, Episcopal Bishop of Colorado, today was selected by Henry Ford to sail on his ship of peace. Miss Brewster, a Vassar senior, wired her acceptance, conditional on permission of her father, to whom she also dispatched a telegram.
State Department Will Restrict Expedition's Passports to Neutral Contries. DELAY IN SAILING EXPECTED .....
Dec. Thursday 2, 1915 [Newspaper clippings] BRITISH JESTS GREET THE PEACE PROJECT No Chance of Ford's Getting to Trenches - Troops in No Mood to Hear Pacificator.
Chicago, Dec. 1. - Mrs. William I. Thomas, National Secretary of the Wo-man's Peace Party, said today that she had no intention of sailing with the Henry Ford peace expedition to Europe, although she was going to New York to carry messages from Miss Jane Ad-dams, who was prevented from joining the party by illness. 1915 Friday 3, Dec.
"The Hawk" With [Wan]. [Faver] Favor [shame]. Lasting impression of a not at all skippy, but fearfully intense action. Rene as an actor good but not personally fascinating, the hawk magnetic keeps all eyes on him while on stage, his wife clever actress. All, very rapid in action and dialogue and impression left vividly of the Hawk-broken in will, a drug-fiend and the wife who loves Rene - going to do her duty by her husband. Miss [Schwooll] chaperoned Gertrude, Sis, Peggy and me. It was really so absorbing that I could not get to sleep for a long while. Dec. Saturday 4, 1915
[Suzzanne] and M- and I go down town to movies after 3.30 this afternoon. Then to Smith's for hot choc. Maids Clubhouse fair with Suzanne and M. Auction of jewelry etc. Dec. Wednesday 8, 1915
Helen Arthur returned to-day, rather tired and thin looking but very brave and cheerful to all. Brought Mildred Thompson with her. 1915 Thursday 9, Dec.
'Sis' and I go down town to 'movies'. Anne and I proceed to Wolvins first where Anne's picture is taken. The 'movies' were (at Best's) rather commonplace. Do some shopping then return. Dec. Friday 10, 1915
Went to Gym office where Miss Ballantine gave me a warning and regular threatening in gym. Seems I'm back in work, "take no interest, etc.". I am certainly not fond of work [...]! Oh, so [mad]!
Grace and I go to lecture by Prof. Phelps of Yale on a literary Pilgramage in England. Many amusing anecdotes of very famous men, and of some now alive. Jean comes in after our return and she and Grace study Biology (for a special quiz to-morrow) while I make cocoa and knit. Jean stays all night on our couch. 1915 Saturday 11, Dec.
Went to Library for French Rev. till 10.30. After lunch rollerskated with Genn. Ethel Dunmire is here for it with H.A.D. Go over to Main and Marjory and I read in Senior Parlor "Widowers houses" by Shaw. M and I go to talk given by Miss Moore in N.E. Bldg. on her So. African experiences. Much punch and sandwiches served, also (cooky) animals; and lantern slides of plants and scenes in So. Africa. Many native ornaments, (especially noteworthy bridalness!) This Evening: H.A. Grace and I in front row gallery for [I] hall play, "The Melting Pot" by Israel Zangwill, a radical propogandist play, but some parts were acted well and it was at least not merely light. Anne [Alvery] was David, the
star of it all. Not many of '15 were back. We ('17) had a cute song. Dec. Sunday 12, 1915
Slept till 9 or so, decide not to go to Chapel along with Anne and H.A.D. and about 1/3 of the rest of Raymond. So stay on my bed all morning and read. What? Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass", and Smart Set and Sunday papers. Every one stirred up over "Leaves of Grass". Get up for dinner and in P.M. read some more. Louise Hamelin & Dot Hazen here, about 4 I dress and pour tea for Genn. Guests of honor being Louise Hamelin and Dot Hazen. I drank 3 cups!, and then go down to supper. Go to Xmas music to-night with Grace. Carols were the best of all. Rest made me sleepy. Blizzard
1915 Monday 13, Dec.
Blizzard all day starting early this morning, very light and soon very deep; blinding even. After 6th M.P.A. and I start down town and foolishly don't think of getting back. Shop and get some Xmas gifts. Go to peacock shop to meet Davie and Grace, in vain; so we have tea. When we get out to corner no car tracks to be seen, no chance of riding back. All Pokeepsions walking home, so we join Indian file. Soon no walks and we take to [rode] road. Then that become unbroken and we flounder thru drifts up to knees, snow blinding in face. About the longest 2 miles ever out to College. Nevertheless make good time (perhaps 40 minutes). Arrive covered with snow, not a soul stirring on campus, all inside. Take hot bath, have eats with Davie & Grace, bundle up and knit in Genn's room till 10.30, hot lemonade and bed. Very exciting but exhausting day. Blizzard over.
Dec. Tuesday 14, 1915
After the storm! Campus one sea of unbroken snow. Men appear up to waists and start shoveling about 8.30. Message from office forbids us to leave building till paths are shovelled so we stand in window and [...] at rest of halls as they go by to 2nd & 3rd hrs. classes. Some snowshoe or [skie] ski, paths very narrow & bumpy. I stay in, swathed in blanket all day, of course no mail or trolleys or sleighs thru. Davie and Grace and I all have trays for dinner with special omelet and milk toast and pineapple ice made with snow! Then I read and knit in bed. No mail able to go out even and no chapel because those walks aren't shovelled. We are literally snow bound. Cut off from everything. Even news-papers can't reach us. I feel some what the worst for walk last night and Dr. T's pills gave me a headache.
Rumor going around that Lalitha Folks is dead. !College Closes Early!
1915 Wednesday 15, Dec.
Awoke with a nice throat and head but really feeling better as a whole. Went to classes of course and handed in excuses to Miss Davis who warned me not to be late again. Staid for lunch with M.P.A. Mail came in about 12.45, heaps of it, and all the college crowded before boxes. I get check from Mother in letter and a letter from 2 1/2, "Sis', Bessie, G.T. and M- & I lunch, then 5th & 6th and after asking [...] M- and I go off campus to Flag Shop for Xmas presents and to Inn to pay bill. Traffic hard on narrow paths. Snow about 3 feet deep everywhere. In Chapel Pres. M.C. announces that there will be No Classes on Friday and people can go home as early Thursday as possible. We spend frantic 2 hrs to candy kit then trying to get Hill & N.Y. station and arrange to take 11.34 P.M. Thursday, but finally find that they won't reserve births for us so Marion Day, M. & I and Mayble Bun (whom we go to North to see) are going home Fri. 8.55. Xmas party in R. Variety box from H.A.D., [pepper] from Genn. Dec. Thursday 16, 1915
Trolleys start running this morning but few and far between. I long to go home to-night and this P.M.. Grace and I go down town and see "movies', then go to station . Grace leaves for Cal. and they promise to give us births on the 11.34 if we try to make it. So I dine with M.P.A. and persuade her. We see Bunny Mary McGregar, Grace Pratt and Margaret Kinney in J- and they are all going so we hasten home to pack and phone for sleigh. I dismantle room and pack all before 10. Then meet girls at North Gate. Embark in "Barge" and journey to station by way of Church St. total = $5.00, have much time to wait. Miss Ellery also going on 11.34. When we get on couch-porter tells us no births! Puts us all in
drawing room. We sit up till Albany 2.30, porter, "[Great Caesar]", brings us coffee & rolls. At Albany M.M. & M.R. get a section and the four of us the drawing-room. 1915 Friday 17, Dec.
Reach Watertown very late, about [9.30], and Marjory and I hunt up [...] Allie who takes us to breakfast. Much surprise, not much [snowing] here. We reach home about noon and leave Grace to journey on to Massena. Surprise Mother muchly also Charles. Everything very dull at home. Our unexpected return stops lots of preparation. 1915 Sunday 19, Dec.
Marjory, Bill Drury, Charles and I go snow-shoeing out in country towards Hailesboro, not good enough going so return just as a storm comes up hoping it'll bring more snow and make possible some fun. [Jonnie] has come home tired and ill and family fear complications, her room mate (last year) [Joe] Purt, died this fall of Tuberculosis and of course everyone is worried on account of that. Dec. Monday 20, 1915
I serve tea to Marjory, Ruth and [Tobe] this P.M. Henry Walthall in [Ibsen's] "Ghosts". 1915 Tuesday 21, Dec.
We go up to train this Morn because I couldn't persuade family. Marion is coming Wednesday. Dec. Wednesday 22, 1915
Marion came this A.M. Also Bob Mason, as debonair as ever. Marion thrilled to be home on first vacation. Adelaide McA. announces her engagement to beau and R- to [unown] unknown. 1915 Thursday 23, Dec.
This evening Hugh and Peg departed for basketball game in rain, and latter Pat came up and Took me, the game was in the H.S.Gym and was between G.H.S. and St. Law freshmen, the former won, then dancing. At which some how I tired easily, danced mostly avec L. Legate; "Bat", George Skinner, Peter Ramsey, Funk Potter, Harold Bowman; Herb Hutchins, Babe Dodds, Pete S. It was a very slippery night to be out and J.L.M. was very reluctant about going out at all-! Dec. Friday 24, 1915
Much sewing on M.P.A's Teddy Bear and rushing down town and tying of packages. At dinner Marion and Marjory introduce some practical jokes. We have the tree after wards. Much excitements and many surprises. 1915 Saturday 25, Dec.
The packages and cards to-day. We have a beautious dinner with Turkey and all. Outside it rains [lite] but about 4.30 I go out with Marjory and Tobe and leaving then distribute my Xmas packages to the girls. Meet Doris, Helena, and Gertrude at G's, who has had a cold. She is wearing a very good-looking pin (with ATA letters) from Phil. This evening Bob and Leo come up. There is a dance small and impromtu but Leo Frankly didn't want to go, the others did. Dec. Sunday 26, 1915
Was going to church but didn't awake until 1. We dined at 3 and after a hugeous feast Marjory and I went down to call on Cac and Jonnie McA. Ruth and Toby were there and we cussed and discussed everything, chiefly Mary Margaret Gregor. Jonnie seems much better. We staid till almost 7. Pete and Pat came up this evening. We had some 'Eats', curried Tomatoe, and then told stories by the fire. Every one in G- much aroused over our summer romances, while we are all over them "old affairs". So Pete and Pat mostly harped on Claddy and 'Sammy'. 1915 Monday 27 Dec.
Literally a Blue Monday, we all ate too much over the week-end and our tempers are suffering now. The girls come up this afternoon. We merely talk and after tea look at photographs. Jonnie is much better, and may go to the Fri dance with Jack Warwick whom J.L.M. has suggested having out. Marion is invited to Odgenburg H.S. dance Thurs. by Ralph Chandler, and she is going to have Rob Markwich out to the dance here Friday. Robbing the grave Effect's.
Mother and I go to W.L. Bum show, then I read "Diane of the Green Van" till Early Morning. Dec. Tuesday 28, 1915
Much discussion over a new frock for dance (Fri) brings me up to Madame Rawsons who promise's to make one. Chat with Doris. Then call on Cousin Anne (who is recovering from Bronchitis, also Robert.) Ruth sewing. Met Mrs. Cunningham and Isabelle on street. Not enough snow for snow shoeing. Marjory went to Odgensburg to Century Ball with Hugh. Go to see Jonnie and find her better but must be very careful, doesn't know whether she'll return to College or not.
Leo comes up this Evening and we go to Wonderland. 1915 Wednesday 29, Dec.
Luncheon at Deans to-day. At which were: Adelaide, Cac McA., Ruth A, Kate & Toby, Francs Kennon, Nellie Burdick, [Dor Tish] and we three girls. We had an amusing time. Afterwards a little dancing and jokes provided by Jennie Dean. Snow storm begins. We depart. Marion and I to find Helen Potter at home and we arrange a snow shoe trip for Sunday. We should like to go to Oak Pt. but that can't be done I'm afraid. Dec. Thursday 30, 1915
This morning I go up to Rawson's for a fitting and then Doris and I go down to Jonnie's but she is sleeping and we talk to Cac. a few minutes and go on. Decide to go to Recital this Evening, so Issy, Gert, Helena, and I go. Doris recites " [Any] Italiens" to music and "The Littlest Rebel", and "My ships" ([by Ella] Wheeler Wilcox) and Harold Bowman plays. I was much disappointed in him. Bab takes Helena home and 'Pat' appears and come in. He is in a very blue mood, and finally it comes out, he wants me to go to the party to-morrow with John Markwick. I agree because it the nicest way out since John can't take Jonnie and Pat hates to dance. 1915 Friday 31, Dec.
This P.M. Leo brings Bob and John Markwick up and we all go up to the train with Peg and Cac to meet Marion Van Keven and K. Spears and the rest of the St. Law. people. Atwood Mauley, Chic Ford, and several others came. Don't know whether I like Bob or Jack the better. They come rather early in the Evening and we go over to dance about 9.30. Jack seems perfectly at home and arranges programme beautifully he has no many fraternity brothers. I have the best one-step of the Evening with Bob, and an episode with Chic Ford who is they say, a heart smasher. Cac says he wanted to meet me so it was fore warned my dress was delightfully short to dance in. It was really an awfully nice dance, music and all and I like all the people I danced with. Bill Dodds asked for a dance but didn't find John in time. "Poke" C danced better than usual. Had 2 with Chic but on account of time I was cut. Marion went with Bob. Perhaps because I've known Jack before I liked him a trifle better. We danced till three and talked till 5. My hose were worn thru! Notes for 1916
Spring Poem. Glad ab I that sprig has cub Soon the liddle bees will hub, Ad the robids id the dree Will be sigig sogs to be, Sood the gampus will be green Where the studeds may be seen Wid their rain-goats gast aside Shoaring all their raiment fide. This sprig Poem must now close, So the boet may blow his nose.
Port is wine Wine is red Red is left therefore port
E Erie, Eidolou, Abecedarian. sequacious. powder orotund. Memoranda
"Nous n'vious plus au bois."
We'll walk the woods no more, But stay beside the fire, To [avep] for old desire And things that are no more. The woods are spoiled and hoar, The ways are full of mire, We'll walk the woods no more, But stay beside the fire. We loved in days of yore, Love, laughter and the lyre. Ah, God, but death is dire, And death is at the door. We'll walk the woods no more.
Robert Louis Stevenson. To Mrs. Stilwell Chateau Revard, Loiret August, 1875 MEMORANDA
The poems of Eugene Field Complete Edition .New York - Charles Scribners & Sons 1911. MEMORANDA
"2 who were hanged".
"My task was to point out the horror and the inequity of capital punishment under any circumstances. The horrors of capital punishment is great when it falls to the lot of corageous & honest people whose only guilt is their excess of love and the sense of right loveness, in such instances, conscious revolts. But the rope is still more horrible when it forms the noose around the necks of weakened ignorant people, and how [very] strange it may appear, I look with a lesser grief and suffering upon the execution of the revolutionists, such as Werner & Musya, than upon the strangling of ignorant murderers, miserable in mind and heart, like Yarson and Tsiganok. [Men] the last read horror of inevitable approaching execution Werner can offset by his enlightened mind and his iron will, and Musya, by her purity and her innocence. " But how are the weak and sinful to force, it if not in madness, with the most violent shock to the very foundation of their souls?" MEMORANDA
Mildred Collat Ruth Wood
Harriet Keator
Feb. 23 - $4.60
1.50 (Bauer & Kreider) 3.10 Lucy Merz 1917 1916 Suzanne Howe Davie Farish Helen Shaw Margaret Cobb Hilde Everich Joe Glascot Connie Andrews Mary Fox Lucila Miller Agnes Smith Miriam Watson Fridea Maynard Marjorie Bacon Frances Carter Katherine English Hannah Maycock Debby Hardin Betty Brown Betty Heath Dorothy Krause Betty Johnson Madeleine Hunt Lois HollowayWinifred Woodman " Williams Anna Scull Rachel Beamer 1918 Dorothy Joninlock Anne Bower Helen-Arthur Davis June Hamlin Dorothy Picksley Jean Webster Jeanette Miller Gay Ford Letha Stevens Flora McClellan Jeasie Niles Ruth Penny Backer Kathrine Jaggard Dorothy Ferris Alice McTheaury Ethel Lee Hazel White Grace Hatch Dorothy Crawley Irene Vaneman Libby Hinks Cora McClay Fran Garner Elsa Stiefel Dorothy Carter Helen Carwithers Inz. Pond Marion Wetherell Grace Hyde
E. Wickes January-Cash Rec'd Paid
"Their Yesterdays" Harold Dell Wright. "Peter Ibbetson" Du Marier "Tono - Bungay" H.G.Wells "The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne" Wm. Locke "A sportman's Sketches"Ivan Turgenev-Vol. 1. N.Y. Macmillan & Co. (Trans. Constance 1895 Garnett) "The Monk" 18th Cent. "Letters of R.L.S." vol. I - II. "Crime and Punishment" Dostoievsky "Life of Man" Andreiev May '11 "The Turmoil" Booth Tarkington "The Seven Darlings" Gouverneur Morris
"The 7 who were hanged" Leonid Andreyev "Me" (Century) anonymous "The Garden without Walls" Coningsby Dawson "The Storm" Alexander Ostrovsky "Before Adam" Jack London "Empty Pockets" Rupert Hughes "Widowers House" G.B. Shaw plays Wilfred W. Gibson Poems. Eugene Field Alcestis Euripides February - Cash Rec'd Paid
710 Miles - September 20, 1915 495 Miles - Oct. 1915
Stories Bret Harte "Mrs. Warren's Profession" G.B. Shaw "Diane of the Green Van" [Hagar] Johnston Captain Courageous Kipling The Light that failed " March - Cash Rec'd Paid Shoes 3.50 Middy 1.00 Skirt1.00 April - Cash Rec'd Paid 20.00 Skirt .98
.59 Dorine
.35 Tooth Paste
.15 Ticket ("7 keys")
1.00 Bill Luckeys
1.95 Tea .35
April 7 Car fare
.35 May - Cash Rec'd Paid
A Book of Old English Lore Songs
drawings - George W. Edwards
McMillan Co. (1908) August - Cash Rec'd
Paid Charles 6 12
Constance 15 17
Charles Anthony Constance Anthony
Constance Emerson [Envelope addressed to Constance Anthony - dated Jun 8, 1916]
Miss Constance E. Anthony Main Street Gouverneur New York [back of envelope] Wednesday [...]
My Dearest Conny, I suppose you will think that I have forgotten you and the good times we used to have together but such is not the case. I have worked very hard these last few months and had a lot of ill luck. A furnace exploded and I was burned and was in the hospital for a while and spent the alumnae banquet and ball which I thinks come June 30. With me I certainly would be delighted to take you and we could have a mighty good time together. And dining the next few days we could have some good times together. Go up to Sylvia or to the river or some such thing as that. Now please save me your evenings during those days because there isn't anything that I look forward to than seeing you and listening to all the news and good times at school. So if it isn't asking too much Conny I wish you could spare those few days and I will try and give you the best time that I can.
I have seen Harold Glazier a number of times and he has told me about nearly all the people I am interested, namely a few of the Demonetts and a few fellows. He has had a bad attack of Xmas day flat on my back and later I had a slight attack of pneumonia so I haven't felt much like doing anything. But there is no reason to look on the dark side all the time so our many good times we have had together change views.
I tave ten days vacation starting June 30 and lasting until July 9 and [Sodds] has asked me to come up there with him so I [though] thought perhaps you would like to go to appendicitis since he has been here and he looks rather pale and pekid. I suppose you had a wonderful time at Vassar this year and from what I read in the N.Y. papers about your plays and etc it must have been grand. If I am not mistaken Peggy has graduated this year. Gee I am getting old. Just think five years since I graduated. It hardly seems three and three years from this June or four at the latest I hope to have D.D.S. attached to my name.
Monday is my birthday and I nearly forgot it. I tell you Conny what will be the best surprise of all on that day would be a letter saying that you will go to the dance.
It is nearly one o'clock and the last train from Buffalo is just pulling in the station so I close this letter. So please pardon me Conny if I have been too bold in asking for your company while I am at home but I sincerely hope that you can go to the dance and would be more than delighted and pleased if you would say yes. So please write me at your earliest convenience and let me know your answer.
Sincerely, "King" 211 Third Street, Niagara Falls, N.Y. [front of postcard "Moonlight on the St. Lawrence, Oak Point, N.Y."] [back of postcard - blank] [envelope addressed to Constance Anthony - dated June 26, 1916]
Miss Constance Anthony East Main Street Governeur N.Y. [back of envelope] Sunday P.M.
My Dearest Constance,
Received your most welcome letter a few days ago and am very glad that you will go to the reunion and I wish to thank you very very much.
I am sure that we can have a very enjoyable time reviewing old friendships and also that you and I may have some good times while I am there.
Will probably arrive in g. on the early train Friday morning. We are awful busy now and I have been working all day and just returned home.
As it is just mail time I must close and hope that it may at least be nice weather at least. So heres hoping anyway. So goodbye until Friday.
Very Sincerely, Your "King" [Front of postcard]
"An Ideal Place for Canoeing, Oak Point, N.Y., St. Lawrence River." [back of post card - blank] [envelope]
Miss Constance Anthony [back of envelope - blank] [note card] Mrs. Henry Noble MacCracken President's House Vassar College
Wednesday evenings January 12th and 26th [back of note card - blank]
[Envelope addressed to Miss Constance Anthony, dated Jul 15 1915]
Miss Constance Anthony 140 E. Main Street Gouverneur N.Y. [back of envelope - blank] Christmas Cove Me July 15, 1915
Dear Connie, I receive your letter in the worst storm I was ever in. I came home exceedingly wet and cold and tired and in a minute after opening your letter all my woes had disappeared.
I'm glad I wasn't in your place when you went for your Train, but I'd bank on you any day to get out of a scrape all right.
The [quater] quarter fell ringing onto the floor. Thanks. I had entirely forgotten that I was owed a cent by anyone, but I'm glad that was the case for then you felt it your duty to write me.
The skirt came out a great success and is now patiently waiting to be laundered. We are indeed listening to the "music of the sea" as our house is built on the very edge of the cliff. A girl visiting Hilda (my sister-in-law-to-be) and I made an attempt at a surf board and yesterday tried it out. I was the brave beginner but feared to stand up and only sat but the other girl was wonderful and soon stood up.
[diagram drawn of girl on surf board being pulled by launch]
Do you see the idea the launch tows the surf board and one has to balance the board by a rope in each hand attached to the front. The launch turns in circles and the surfboard tips alarmingly. However our surfboard is more like a raft and being heavy is easier to manage. There are dances at the casino three times a week and between that and tennis and a motor boat I am quite busy. The walk to the casino is very thrilling owing to the muddy condition of the road, and one of us usually loses off a pump or some such thing on the way but all excitement is gladly welcomed.
I got a very amusing letter from home written on the house party, she certainly had a good time.
[Fon] has a friend up here and so have I and things are very lively as a consequence. Poor papa is the sole man of the house with six ladies to make his life miserable, but he is equal to it and refuses to be henpecked.
I do hope that you will write me even if you no longer owe me a [quater] quarter.
Lots of love from Gen [photograph of a girl] [photograph of a girl] New Year's Ball
Friday, Dec. 31, 1915 New Year's Ball St. Agnes Guild
December thirty-first Nineteen hundred and fifteen Order of Dances GRAND MARCH
ONE STEP - Araby

ONE STEP - Everybody Rag With Me

WALTZ - Phantom Follies

FOX TROT - Bird of Paradise

ONE STEP - Sweetest Girl in Monterey

WALTZ - Celestia

ONE STEP - It's Tulip Time in Holland

FOX TROT - Scaddle-de-Mooch

WALTZ - Geraldine

ONE STEP - Circus Day in Dixie INTERMISSION Engagements





[Bum] Dodds

Leonard [Koten]




X Order of Dances

ONE STEP - My Little Girl

WALTZ - Wonderful Thing

FOX TROT - Beets and Turnips

WALTZ - A Little Bit of Heaven

ONE STEP - Chinatown

WALTZ - When I Was a Dreamer

ONE STEP - In the Glory of the Moonlight

WALTZ - High Jinks

FOX TROT - Universal

WALTZ - Perfect Day Engagements








Skinner 19 Daddy

20. X Extras
WALTZ - Barcarole

ONE STEP - My Little Dream Girl

WALTZ - Little Cafe

ONE STEP - Down Among the Sheltering Palms Extras



Pete Starbuck