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Ordway, Katherine Gretta. Diary, 1912-1913

Entries every day. Ordway details her experiences at Vassar College between January of her junior year and May of her senior year. Her academic involvement in English, German, Economics, Biology, and American History is a central theme of the diary. Ordway mentions attending concerts and dances, and participating in debates (Mar 23 1912, Mar 31 1912, and Feb 1913). Entries in 1913 refer to Ordway's first applications for teaching jobs. Ordway makes note of many Vassar events and traditions, such as Washington's birthday, scholarships, the Vassarion election, changes in Vassar policies, class elections , boat races, the election season political paper she started at Vassar, Vassar's mock presidential voting, the introduction of an honor system for exams, the New Jersey club party, Easter, the senior May Pole and sophomore Trig Ceremonies, the Wake Robin trip to Slabsides, Field Day, and her final papers. Ordway describes her involvement in religious life through meeting missionaries, hearing sermons (usually by her father, or by Vassar's president), attending Lyman Abbot's sermon on college (May 19 1912), and summer Bible and mission classes. Historical events mentioned by Ordway include the sinking of the Maine (Mar 16 1912), the sinking of the Titanic (Apr 16 1912), the death of the "Mikado" of Japan (Aug 1 1912), the Kaiser's visit to Schweiz (Oct 2 1912), a threatened anti-Muslim "outbreak" in Macedonia (Oct 8 1912), the Republican campaign speeches in Collingwood Opera House (Oct 8 1912), the death of Elizabeth Mylod (VC 1913) (Feb 4 1913), and Wilson's assumption of presidential duties (March 4 1913).
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K.G. Ordway. '13
(Katherine Gretta)
Feb. 8, 1912.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912004
g. Catherine A. Parnell


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912005

Wed. Jan 31
Biology exam in N.E.B. Then second hour J. English exam in 32. Spent the afternoon doing German dep't work. It occurred to me while working that it would be great fun to go home this week end.

Thurs. Feb 1
Did more German dep't work. Received for F. German. Got my first leave of absence from Miss Landon at noon in North.

Fri. Feb 2.
F. German (drama course) exam. first hour in 19. A very nice exam. Took the mail & then packed my suit case and left at 12.50. Evelyn Noble rode with me to Yonkers. I reached home between 4 and 5. Papa came to the door and when he saw me said "Sh. Go in and sit down and I'll speak to Mrs. Ordway." So I did. Mama came down thinking to find a saleswoman and was greatly astonished to find me. It was great fun to surprise them. This A.M. I rec'd a letter from home. [Yesterday was Claire's promotion day. She left Miss Keylor and now has Miss Smallstick for her teacher. Mrs. Pugsley spent the day at 25 West End Ave. yesterday. My Teachers Training class is organized with 28 members. Isn't that splendid! "Mama has 10 in her mission study class." "Now I suppose this week is examinations


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912006

and remember your failing say what you mean and make no mistakes." Papa enclosed the last two bulletins.] - [ I told the family I loved Dr. Baldwin yesterday as a woman, for the first time. She gave me my 7th serum injection. I told her my plan for surprising my family and she said "That's right. Go home every chance you get."].

Claire was delighted to see me and exclaimed "Now I can have somebody to sleep with me." We had early supper and I enjoyed some of goodies of yesterday's entertainment for Mrs. Pugsley. We also retired early. I was just taking down my hair preparatory to retiring when the door bell rang. Papa got out of bed and went to the door. There stood James Stewart and Miss whom he is visiting in New York. Papa showed them to the parlor and the entire Ordway family then made a record in dressing and soon appeared. We had a splendid visit. Miss knows Sanborn in 1915.

Sat. Feb. 3
Mama, Claire and I went downtown, did some errands and at 1.p.m. Claire had her 3rd violin lesson in the studio of Mr. just beyond Hahnes. There are ten in the class. I met Mr. who told me a little


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912007

about the violin. I did some mending. Papa and I staid up and talked college. I got some information from him and from mama as to my family tree. He and I looked over the 1884 class book. He gave me Mr. Belknap's name who lives in Poughkeepsie.

Sun Feb. 4.
Went to church. Papa preached on this text. "Be not drunk with wine wherein is excess but be filled with the spirit. I surprised the church people too. Mr. Axt played two violin selections and the singing was particularly good. Packed my suit case. Had chicken and biscuits for dinner. My, how good (I have had muffins, chocolate sponge and gelatine jelly since I have been home, in addition to bananas & peanut salad, and potato salad). Left home about 2 pm. Papa went to the car with me. Arrived in Grand Central 3.40. Left 4.03. Sat with Mrs. Acheson Lyons from Yonkers who knows a 1915 girl from Hudson Ann Kennedy. Reached college about 6.30. Went to Christian's. Chapel was held in Assembly Hall tonight at 7.15. I went to that too. Wrote to Ida & wrote Home.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912008

Mon. Feb. 5. Second semester begins.

Rec'd a note from Prof. Palmer asking for my schedule if I intend to take N. Latin. This semester Economics meets in 35. Saw Miss Buck today for the first time. Louise Boynton told me in B.B. English today that this summer she is going abroad with her aunt. How fine. Had F. German also today. Rec'd a notice of the Spring Maid which is to be played in town Thurs. Went out for track 8th. Swung quite decently on the horizontal ladder today. Helped Prof. Whitney unpack our new German books.

Ice Carnival in pm. grand. Sat on fence & ate peanuts with H. Hess.

Tues. Feb. 6.
Prof Treadwell just kept us a few minutes today in Biology. Had 8th serum injection. Miss Wood read parts of two Platonic dialogues to us in JJ. Rec'd a note from Miss Palmer stating that the second section of N. Latin will meet at the 6th hour Mon. beginning Feb. 12th. Class meeting 8th.

Wed. Feb. 7.
Was summoned to the messenger room for a note which proved to be my pay ($8.00) for being monitor in Philosophy. Heard a little of the concert given by Prof. Griggs. Then went to clubs. P.S.U. meeting at 7.30 p.m.

Thurs. Feb. 8.
Discussed Ibsen's "Nora" today (Das Pupperchein"). Donned my good suit and went downtown to Lyndon Hall to call on Miss True but she was not home. So I left my card. Got back in time to hear A. Leslie Walker 190 lecture on her own


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912009

excavations in northern Greece. I can smell antiquities! Went to Christians in p.m. Dorothy Stinson led. Subject "Finding one's self". 1. "Cultivate a sense of proportion." 2. "Forestall our friends' wants." Went to Miss Doane's tea for a few minutes.

Fri. Feb. 9.
Discussed Shelley's "Alastor". Student's meeting 7th. I was a teller. Nominations made for the members of the Founders Day committee. Ruth Cutler reported that the Maids' Club House fund is complete and urged us to be more considerate of the maids and also to take a deeper interest in the club house. From 8 p.m. - 9.30 p.m. Prof. Francko lectured in German on Durer and Holbein & showed several pictures from each. Result of having the lights turned out (Drop light turned out. Miss Stroeb, Prof. Whitney, Prof. White and Dr. T. Ha!Ha!) I went with Louise Boynton.

Sat. Feb. 10.
9th serum injection. Worked some in Lib. Borrowed E. Holloway's skates (Hockeys with shoes) and had a glorious time skating from 2.30 - 4.30 p.m. A. Rowlands, L. Myers and R. Robinson skated with me. I had a splendid time. Read part of "Die Stutzen der Gesellschaft" also Shelley's "The Cenci." -8 degrees today.

Sun. Feb. 11.
Rev. Tompkins of Trinity church Philadelphia spoke today on "The beauty of holiness."


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912010

[To A. Christianity we owe 1. our appreciation of Beauty in art, music and literature 2. hope. 3. Endeavor. B. Possible objections are really the benefits of Christianity. 1. confession of sin. 2. struggles. 3. pain. C. Because of Christianity we should have 1. magnificent cheerfulness. 2. magnificent courage 3. wear ourselves out in God's service. Not see how long we can live but give forth what we have and see how much we can do. 4. Forty wrestlers wrestling for the Lord.]

Walked around the lake with R. Rowlands with whom I went do dinner. Read the articles in the Jan. & Feb. "Century" on the American undergraduate Chapel. Christians. [at which Prexy spoke of Christ's three times asking Peter if he loved him. 1. When we are in doubt or discouraged or in trouble then work, lose ourselves in work, there is no cure like it. 2. We long for Christ and then do not recognize him when he comes. Helen Landon spoke of the pleasure coming from understanding a person. Prof. Shattuck spoke of the importance of loving the Master.] - wrote home. Tried to write a sonnet on the Library.

Mon. Feb. 12. Lincoln's birthday.

We were seated in Ec. Sight Latin N. met today for first time this semester. Handed my blue card in. Track practice 8th. After chapel in assembly hall to [Taud M] and Qiu Vive was announced the sub-


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912011

ject for the big debate. Resolved that the New York State constitution should be amended to include the initiative and referendum. Miss Yost announced it and then gave us all some most helpful suggestions.

Tues Feb. 13.
Rec'd home letter containing papa's endorsement of my application for a scholarship. Handed in thru (the unstamped mail) my application for a scholarship of $150.00 for 1912-13. Sent a valentine to Claire and one just like it to Melda Shannon. Had first Biology Lab of this semester 3rd & 4th today. Class meeting 8th [Chairman of Senior parlor com. Bernice Marks, the nominees for the nominating board were reduced to 6. Caroline Johnson elected track manager. I asked if we might have a list posted of the time when new songs were needed and a little idea given as to what kind of song is required.]

Wed. Feb. 14.
Jane Farley said today while I was waiting for the noon mail "You're the only cheerful mail-carrier Gretta." Miss Stroebe had two girls stand up at once before the class. One translated, the other corrected. Had to go twice with the a.m. mail. Went to the first vocational conference for Juniors & Seniors & heard Rev. Elmer [of 1st Bap. Ch downtown]


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912012

speak on
After 9:15 p.m. worked 1 3/4 hrs. on "Deutschland" (Germ. dep't work) I didn't get one Valentine today.

Thurs Feb. 15.
Wrote a theme for Desip. on "The Art of Criticism" Discussed "Die Stutzen der Gesellschaft" in German. Did my first work on the Big Debate spending two hours in the Lib. getting references, read two articles. In my Copenhagen dress called for first time on Prof. Whitney (241M). Van Duke, Henriette Walter, Eliz Garner, were there when I came and Louise Boynton came soon. Went to Christians which Eleanor Blackman led. Subject Psalms. She read a passage from "The Song of Our Syrian Guests." Did Ec.

Fri. Feb. 16.
Rose at 6 & read more Spenser. Ec. quiz section met 35R. Enjoyed Biology Lab. this p.m. Rec'd a nice letter from mama. Claire was pleased with her valentine. Meeting of the Raymond Juniors to elect another member of the nomination board. Evelyn Noble got it. I voted this a.m. before breakfast for the Chairman for Founder's Day Com. and for two girls in addition from each of the four classes. ["What organisms can withstand the lowest temperature?" ans. given in Biol. guiz today "Those that have fur."] Had to write for 20 min. in J.J. English on the metre etc. of Spenser's Hymn of Apollo and Hymn of Pan. Went to Gym 7th hr. & had the apparatus room all to myself. Kicked 6 ft. 2 in. very easily with each leg and succeeded in kicking it


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912013

five times with a hitch kick. Wrote card home. Attended Choral Club Concert in P.M. Concert good. Visiting men and their girl hostesses were very interesting. [Miss Eliz. Sherman Clark, contralto of New York had a fine voice but too little dress. It was pale blue satin but [diagram] oh. and there was quite a gap between the ends of her white kid gloves and the short sleeves.] I wore pink dress. N.B. [In Papa's Tues letter he enclosed clippings of the deaths of
Frank T. Percy. Benjamin Felker
Corrydon M Hulett Augustus J. Foland
Mrs. Cornelia Buckler. Mrs. Katherine (DeNief) Plyter.]

Sat. Feb. 17.
Spent A.M. on Debate. Studied in afternoon. Wore pink dress and watched the dancers in Main for 1 1/2 hours. They looked very pretty. Saw one man I knew Howard Cummings. I looked at him hard but didn't quite dare speak to him as I knew him only from his debating on the West High Team in Rochester. Worked on debate in p.m. Semester bill came out today. From 9.30 to 10 p.m. Peggy served tea downstairs in the temporary reception hall and we enjoyed sitting in the wicker chairs.

Sun. Feb. 18.
Rev. of Broadway Tabernacle preached on Prayer. [1. Our conception of the universality of law. 2. Not sham prayers but true prayers are answered. 3. Our true prayers are


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912014

always answered though not always granted. Sunlight melts wax but hardens clay. 4. We can change God's action by changing our hearts. A little boy asks his mother a hundred favour during the day but at the end of the day when he is tired out he clambers upon his mother's knee and putting his arms around her neck and laying his cheek against her whispers I love you, mamma, "This is prayer at its highest."]

H. White did my hair in an 8 for me. Heard Jeanne Mordoff sing after dinner. M. Kelsey's mission class met today for first time this semester. She read us an article on John R Mott from the Outlook for Nov. 25, 1911. I went to the Lib. Saw some of the big Indian pictures in the case at the north end of the North wing, found out that the big stained glass window in the Lib. had a particular significance & read Wm James little book on "The Energies of Man".

H. Clevenger called. Heard Dr. Roe of Colony Oklahoma speak on "The Indians" a fine address ["We have destroyed the fabric of their life" The effect of the gospel in 1. making them (1) clean. Indians got the Theological student at St. Louis to clean up the Pres.'s back yard. (2.) sober. coffee - Indian- hot. (3) Christian - man refused to jump on the American who hit him because it isn't the Jesus


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912015

way to fight, altho the man had his pony and wouldn't give it up.] Then in Senior parlor Mr. Roe told of I. The little deaf & dumb boy to whom he said I am your friend - slicke hands. [nickel] dog (miserable [cur]) "I hope I may be forgiven", & whom he taught to read by the sign language. II. Camping with Mrs. Roe when 3 men driving a herd of horses camped near them. Prayers - Mr. R. knew the man - waving hat. Met Mr. Roe afterward. Faith Merriman 1915, has an aunt who was a missionary to the Indians Miss Robertson and her mother was until she was married.

This A.M. wrote to Margaret Towers and tonight wrote home. H. Herr brought me in some grape juice.

Mon. Feb. 19.
Rec'd letter from Ida. Was called up for an unexcused absence from A.A. Economics Feb. 7, 1912 and I haven't missed one. It is just a mistake. Juniors reseated in chapel tonight. Honors announced in Senior parlor. 34 honor girls and 14 honorable mention. Then at 8 p.m. in Freshman parlor the T & M. committe of 5 and the almost 25 debaters met to get started. At 1 p.m. this noon Helena Doughty & I met in Narola's room to organize our side.

Tues. Feb. 20.
Went to Dr's office for 10th serum injection. Enjoyed Biology Lab. My little "hydra" behaved nicely. Rec'd a nice


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912016

home letter containing one from Mama and one from Claire. "Papa's college class wants him to come to the dinner at the Waldorf in honor of Pres. Hibben but he thinks he cannot go on account of the money." Had a cut in JJ to attend Prof. Scott's lecture on the Ultimate Principle of Literary Criticism, which proved most interesting being in dramatic form at congress of letters in the Republic of China about the year 1902. Our side met for final debating plans before lunch. At 7.30 in Student's room the first trial debate was held.
Affirm. Bassett, Agnes Wilson, Quackenbush
Neg. Doughty, Rivenburg, Ordway
Got home about 9 p.m. & staid up till 12 p.m. & finished my Shelley paper.

Wed. Feb. 21.
Rose at 6 A.M. and read Bullock (Adam Smith on Wages). First Ec. written of second semester and I disgraced myself on it. Today went wrong. 3rd hr. I carried mail, wrote & copied a theme for B.B. English. Rec'd nice letter from Susan Griggs Graybill, the V.C. alumna to whom I wrote in Honglok, Canton, China. She sent views of the Canton Christian college & wrote some of the revolution. (Letter dated Jan. 17). Copied part of my Shelley paper in Biology and finished it in J.J. (a thing I never do as a rule). Clubs 8th hr. No chapel. Louise Boynton & I went over to Assembly Hall at 7.30 to the 2nd vocational conference & heard Miss Brooks, a splendid looking and finely


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912017

spoken Y.W.C.A. Secretary speak on the Y.W.C.A. Read part of Ibsen's "Gespenster". Looked over the courses in the catalogue partly to see what I really want to take next year and partly to put me to shame for my bum Ec. quiz paper of today and finally to give me new inspiration. H. German is giving tutor lessons in Chemistry.

Thurs. Feb. 22.
Washington's Birthday, and the stars & stripes waved in the wind from the flag pole on Main. Eliz. Baldwin 1914, gave me a nice correspondence card box for my debate notes. Rec'd note from C.Johnson about the Indoor meet which comes Mon. Kicked 7th. Saw Frances Jewell. Had Trudell & Galagher meet in my room to organize. Prexy spoke about being familiar with the writings and policies of "the Fathers". Christians, Doc. McKee 1912 led & spoke on the Spirit of criticism distinguishing harmful & helful criticism. Worked on debate in Lib. & then at home till the clock hands were suspiciously near 12 pm.

Fri. Feb. 23.
Wrote most of the hour in J.J. interpreting the first canto of the Revolt of Islam. Had 2nd trial 8th.
Affirm. Trudell Gallagher Ordway
Neg. Wilson Kelsey Erwin
Met Bernice M. & A Rowlands in Lib. to organize & after Prof Clark of Williams lecture on the "Iconoclast of History" [which was good & told how


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912018

some iconoclasts have shown that Washington was not a great general that he did not originate constructive legislation but acted on the advice of others] met M. Phillipe in F. Jewell's room & organized for another debate. Found out this week that Eliz. Baldwin & Eliz. Holloway are both on the Hall play committee. M. Phillips said today in the Philos. seminar room "If I had to choose between a clear mind and knowing something I'd take the clear mind."

Sat. Feb. 24.
Finished 324.73 p.51. Debated at 10 A.M. on aff.
Affir. Jewell, Phillips, Ordway
Neg. McShane, Campbell, Klippel and at 11 A.M. substituting for Ruth Holliday.
Affir. Marks, Ordway, Rowlands
Neg. Sutton, Bassett, King. Rec'd home letter from mamma [Feb. 22 papa went into New York to meet an old classmate (of 35 years ago) from Alfred University at a hotel at 10 A.M. They dined together & after ["reminising"] "reminiscing" separated at 2 P.M. Claire recited yesterday about Washington and did finely. Try and keep well and do well. I feel anxious to know whether you get on the debate] Also rec'd a nice letter from Margaret Towers. Swept & dusted my room after lunch. Worked in Lib. Phil. meeting at 8 P.M. Dorothy Phillips won the prize for writing the best play in. Alone in apparatus room from 5.15 - 5.40 P.M. practiced kicking.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912019

This year's contest. Studied.

Sun. Feb. 25.
Read on account of the evangelistic meetings by Mills & Davis. Rev. Fosdick of Montclair preached on what it is to be a Christian.
1. To follow in the footsteps of Jesus.
2. To imitate not copy, his divine life not his physical life which belongs only to his own generation. Jean Mordoff sang after dinner. Mission class at 2 P.M. in 213S. Mrs. Potter, Sec'y of the Pres. Woman's Board of Home missions was there and told several interesting things. At 4 P.M. I heard her speak in Senior parlor. "Jesus was a gentleman if there ever was one. A gentleman never goes where he is not wanted & Jesus doesn't force us ever." She told some interesting stories which show that foreign & home missions are one. Took short walk with H. Hess. Chapel, Christians - Prexy spoke on the need of having amid the changes of life fixed principles on which we can fall back. The one he recommended is God is. Read Anna Robertson Brown's "What is Worth While". No one appeared at lunch tonight at table 6 so I sat alone in state at the head of the table. Had a whole seat to myself in Christians. Finished letter to mamma which I began this morning.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912020

Very springlike out today. [scratching pimples makes them spread]

Mon. Feb. 26.
Portia Richardson came to me for help in translating part of the Prologue to Wallenstein. Darned white stockings. Did Ec. in Lib for an hour. Indoor meet 7.30 P.M. to 10.45 P.M. Frances Jewell won first place 5 points for high kick and I got second place in hitch and kick. 2 points. I invited Helen Ferris and Lucia Gordy as my two guests.

Tues. Feb. 27.
Read some Keats. Had 12th serum injection. Rec'd nice letter from home [Mama writes that Ida Zetzsche & her college friend Miss Obely of Arlington called Sat A.M. Papa did go to the big banquet in the Waldorf in honor of Pres. Hibben of Princeton. $5.00 per plate. (A.G.Todd) Nearly 1200 men sat down to dinner and the two great galleries of the ball room were filled with elegantly dressed women in evening dress. Mrs. Grover Cleveland was the guest of honor among the on-lookers. I shall be very anxious to know whether you are chosen on the debate or not.] Claire also wrote me. Was called up to Miss MacCaleb who gave me my scholarship slip entitling me to $150.00 for 1912-13. [She said Can't you work a little harder? You're work is not very high. Do you have trouble with any subject? Perhaps you are doing the best you can if you are we can't ask any more. I told her I wasn't doing as well in Economics


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912021

as in my other subjects] I was greatly surprised to hear her talk like this. My marks must be terribly low. Miss Wood gave back the paper written in class on the Interpretation of Canto I of the Revolt of Islam. [Doesn't the woman stand for anything more abstract? What is the conflict then?] Had to go to Prof. Whitney's lecture on Russian Drama 8th hr in Room 14. Marian Tallant was my guest at dinner. Did Ec. in Lib. in P.M. Narola went to Main with me. G. Bassett & I practiced together pronouncing O and U. Portia Richardson wants me to give her a tutor lesson on the Wallensteins Lager. Out of a possible 105 marks M.G. Sweeney has 92 As and Helen Lockwood 100. Prexy prayed tonight that we might not compare ourselves among ourselves as the manner of some is but that we may take advantage of our opportunities.

Wed. Feb. 28.
Spent 1/2 hr. reading 13 p. of Wallenstein's Lager. Rec'd letter from papa containing a clipping of the dinner at the Waldorf Fri P.M. where 1100 Princeton men sat down in honor of Pres. Hibben. Also a draft for $135.37 which I took to Mr. Poll & had my bill receipted. Miss Rourke read John Burroughs' Essay on Nature and the Poets. Wrote a letter to papa & enclosed my receipt for $135.37 and also my slip entitling me to
"You take the neatest notes I ever saw "G. Hill said to me today.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912022

my scholarship of $150.00 for 1912-13. Worked a few minutes on debate. Clubs. Prexy spoke [on our trying to save time & urged us to become readers and use our opportunities. Form now the habit of reading each day something which has been produced by the poets or the great thinkers. Worked 1 1/4 hrs. in Lib. on Debate reading Beard & Schultz. Saw Trix and Gladys Bassett & organized my side. Prexy said that our colleges are lacking in culture. They are turning out efficient men and women but very few cultured men and women.

Thurs. Feb. 29.
Wrote for description a theme on the manner of speech of Mrs. R. Mudd. 3rd hr. did Ec. in Lib. Had to fill in 7 blanks in one of Kipling's sound descriptions. Spent 6th, 7th & 8th in Lib on debate and did not go to Deutsche Verein 8th hr at which charades were given, nor to class meeting. Heard Miss Buck speak in Christians on the Standard of Values in college Life.
[1. Find out what your own standards are. By honestly answering what do I always find time to do?
2. Your working standard is what you actually live up to not what you'd like it to be.
3. Each of us has in memory or in real life some one person whom we carefully watch and whose standard of life we ascertain


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912023

not by his or her conversation but by the life lived every day.
4. Having found a better standard than our own it can be made effective only by applying it.]
My 5th trial debate 8.30 P.M.
affir. McShane, Rowlands, Wilson.
Neg. Ordway, Bassett, Sutton.

Fri. Mar. 1
Rec'd a note from papa who is busy with preparations for the Annual meeting "writing, songs for the occasion and printing tickets etc." "Will you be here Apr. 1. Mon.?" He returned my scholarship slip with his signature & I took it to the office. Enjoyed Lab today, began the earth worm. Discussed "Prometheus Unbound" in English today. Spent all of 7th & 8th and a half hour more making out an affirmative (10 p) brief on Initiative & Referendum debate. Met H. Doughty to organize for tomorrow. Read 40 p. in Hauptmann's "Vor Sonnenaufgang". Papa sent my "Decisive Hour of Christian Missions" so it came today.

Sat. Mar. 2.
Worked out 1st aff. speech. Took mail. Had 13th serum injection. (6th this semester) Had 6th trial debate in Lib. in Bible Seminar room.
Aff. Ordway Doughty Campbell
Neg. Rowlands Lancaster McShane
The debate was not good. McShane did best, she had statistics comparing Oregon & New York in


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912024

population, illiteracy, % of foreign born, % of property owner. The committee reminded us forcefully that big debate is just three weeks distant. From 11.20 - 12.40 gave Portia Richardson a tutor lesson on Act. I. Wallenstein "Piccolomini", which I rose early to read this A.M. from 6-7. Florence Kridel got my Play Ticket (2nd Hall play.). Rachel Whitcomb gave me my individual criticism at 1.30. My delivery is especially poor. Saw the last three acts of Ibsen's "The Pillars of Society" good. H. Rosenthal = Bernick. Wrote home for my N.Y. state civies. Worked on debate in Lib for an hour. Read part of ch. 1 in Zwerner's "Unoccupied Fields". Staid up till midnight & finished reading Hauptmann's "Vor Sonnenaufgang" (all but 10 p.). Peggy borrowed my fruit knives for a breakfast party tomorrow & H. Hess came in to have her German looked over.

Sun. Mar. 3.
Town Sunday. Went to Presbyterian Church. The Battle of the Wilderness. "If thou be the Son of God." 1. Necessary. 2. Must be fought alone. 3. The battle is decisive. Walked home with Helen Van Dyck. Mission class. Then read for 1 1/2 hrs in Lib. Walked around Sunset with A.G. Rowlands. Chapel. Christians Prexy spoke on "The Mind of Christ". It was not self centered but always looked away from self. Wrote to Ida, Aunt Ella & home. E. McShane borrowed


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912025

"Von Sonnenaufgang". H. Hess came in & talked about the modern methods of S.S. teaching which Miss Demming of 1st Bap. Ch. downtown talked on today to Prof. Chamberlain's class. G. Barrett came up to get a note for her brief & talked debate. Retired 10.30 P.M.

Mon. Mar. 4
Met Trix & Neida at 1.15 in 310S to organize. Rec'd letter from Gladys Dutton.

Tues. Mar. 5.
Rec'd nine letters from Mama & Claire. Eight united with the church Sun "About your girl friends, certainly you can have them to dinner or luncheon whichever you prefer & I will do all I can to make it pleasant for them". Claire is doing finely with her violin and quite likes it now. Had 7th trial 8th hr. Aff. Quackenbush Sutton Ordway
Neg. Doughty Vinton Phillips

Wed. Mar. 6.
Handed it outside assignment in Ec, a written answer to a specific question. B. Burns paper on Shelley's nature descriptions was read in class. Met A. Campbell & A. Erwin in a room of library basement & for an hour we "organized". After "Clubs" Today Miss Ballantine said that when she first tried to swing clubs alternately (one hand circle and one large circle at the same time) it seemed as if she never could get it. Keep at it & you'll get it.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912026

Thurs. Mar. 7.
Had 14th serum injection. Rec'd letter from Ida. Song practice 1.10. Had 15 min. written in German F.F. Worked 6th on debate. 7th and until 5 p.m. Althea, Agnes C. & I were downstairs in the Lib. discussing our stand. I had to show that the cause of the present evils is the machine and that the Initiative & Referendum won't break its power. My 8th trial 7.30 P.M.
Affirm - Phillips. Quackenbush. Doughty.
Neg - Ordway. Campbell. Erwin.
Sent a postal to J.L.G. Read "Rent" just in Outlines for Ec. Went down to 104 & had hot beef tea with Gladys, Elinor & Tebbie.

Fri. Mar. 8.
Miss Wells had our Ec. quiz today & handed back our first "writtens" of the semester [comment 1. how low? Read the question. Limit of min. & max. wage. 2. etc. 3. ? Look up.] Am still on worm in Biol. Lab. Miss Zabriski had to get two fresh ones before she could find an ovary for me. Song practice 1.10. ["Tonight is the night of the year".] Had a whole hour's written in J.J.Eng. on a comparison of Keats and Shelley in respect to their range of interest, general impression. Worked on debate 7th & 8th. Heard Lawyer Demming of New York City speak in P.M. on "City Gov't by Commission". Then met with E. McShane, A. Campbell & Vic Searls in Eliz's room & they discussed debate. Wrote card home.

Sat. Mar. 9.
Spent an hour on debate. Had 9th trial this A.M. at 10. in Assembly hall.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912027

Aff. Campbell, Ordway, McShane
Neg. Quackenbush, Sutton, Phillips.
Rec'd letter from Dorothy Rolph asking me to lead C.E. Mar. 31st. Finished "die Weber" then went to Philosophy Seminar room to see the list of debaters (final & alternates) which the committee posted at 3. P.M. It reads Basset McShane
Doughty Ordway
Erwin Sutton
Marks Vinton
Now I stand 1/3 of a chance. Whoop de do!! Read more Keats in Lib. Bobs Worcester was the first to congratulate me. Then Trix, L. Stanley, Tebbie, G. Bassett, N. Rivenburg, A. Rowlands, H. White, M. Winter, Windy Otis, Otto, Ougletrie, Quackenbush, G. Ryan, F. Burns, K. Vinton.

Prexy prayed that we may "keep our eyes on the things that are before us". quite appropriate. Worked on debate until Lib. closed. Finished Keats then mended for over an hour. Retired about 12 P.M. Neida said this A.M. "Mary [Cumpson] will get more As than I will.

Sun. Mar. 10
Rev. of St. Paul Miss. preached on "Becoming as a little child" 1. Affectionate, Caring. 2. trusting. 3. the world of the unseen is real. Mission class 2 P.M. At 3.15 in Senior parlor Miss Petit & Miss Newman


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912028

of school on Lonesome Creek Ky. spoke on their work there. Narola & I went for a walk round the square. Miss Van Doren a Holyoke graduate who for 7 years has been a missionary in India spoke on the opportunities India offers to college women to do work 1. Educational 2. Industrial 3. Medical 4. Spiritual. I heard her also in Senior parlor. I felt so very small and ashamed and unworthy as Miss Petit told of how the mountain white girls and boys work sacrifice and do at the same time honor work in their classes. What sort of use am I making of my opportunities in comparison with the use they are making of theirs?

Wrote letters Home, to Ellen S, Irene T, Margaret T, Dorothy R, and Ida. Retired 11 P.M. More people congratulated me today.

Mon. Mar. 11.
Had physical exam. I have gained in every thing. Weigh now 165 lbs. a gain of 19 lbs over Freshman year. Had 15th serum injection. Miss Thallon reminded me that it is a very irresponsible attitude to take to bring the mail late on Sat. a.m. Rec'd a nice letter from papa containing $5.00. Spent 7th & 8th in Lib. on debate. At 7.30 P.M. in assembly hall an impromptu debate was held.
Aff. Vinton, Marks, Erwin.
Neg. Sutton, Doughty, Ordway.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912029

Only five different people criticized us. Got home a little before 10 P.M. and retired at 10.30. Papa wrote "you seem to be debating a great deal these days. I certainly hope you will win out in the contest."

Tues. Mar. 12.
Have one more drawing to make of the earthworm. Bought Tennyson's poems. Rec'd letters from Aunt Ella & from Claire and Mamma who writes ["I hope you win out on the Debate. Don't neglect your studies for the debate for I would rather have you on the Honor list and have you get the Key than be on the Debate."]

Went to class drill 8th. Reviewed for Ec. (all hour) written. Tomorrow on Distribution.

Wed. Mar. 13.
"Gut" Miss Stoebe said to me in German prose today. Ec. all hour written on 4 questions. Copied them on Driving, my favorite outdoor sport. Miss Rourke had B.B. Eng. today & had us criticize criticisms. In J. the discussion was on this Does Keats carry out in his poetry a statement in the last stanza of the Ode on the Grecian Urn that "Beauty is truth, truth is beauty" or is it mere rhetoric. Clubs 8th. I swing outside circles alternatingly O.K. Today. Spent P.M. in Lib. on debate. Rec'd letter from Helen Simpson.

[In margin] Phi Beta Kappa. Honor girls and Eliz. Page, Maud McClane, M. Alden, M. Sherwood

"Congratulations! I hear your name is to appear on the program a week from Saturday night. I am tickled to death and feel like screaming 'I told


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912030

you so", at you.

Thurs. Mar. 14.
Read a critique on Hauptmann's "Weber". Wrote 2nd record theme on the library. Rec'd note from Ida 10.10 p.m. is the only time she can come next Wed. Written (15 min. 2 questions) in F.F. German. Spent 6,7,8th in Lib. on debate. Seemed odd to go to chapel tonight having had vacation Tues. & Wed. p.m. because of the rain. In p.m. reviewed Biology notes to earthworm. Read an Ec. reference & article in Outlook on "The Cost of Children". Met K. Vinton & Helena Doughty in latter's room 105T. to organize an original affirmative.

Fri. Mar. 15.
Found out in Ec. quiz what "Single Tax" is. Had a pleasant laboratory period, began the lobster today. All hour written in Biology (4 questions). Talked about how Keats is like the Greeks & how unlike them. Got permission from Mrs. T. to meet a friend next Tues. at 10.10 p.m. I am to take some one with me. Wrote Ida a card. Worked on debate 7th & 8th & in the evening. Asked Louise Boynton to go down to the train with me next Tues.

Sat. Mar. 16.
Worked up my speech for the second affirm. Had serum injection. Cashed $5.00 money order. At 11.30 had my XIth trial.
Aff. Doughty Ordway Vinton
Neg. Marks Sutton Erwin.
Went downtown and did many errands. Bought


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912031

a tea kettle $2.50, a tray $.10 and $.15 bottle of alcohol. Wrote Claire a postal & rec'd one from Mamma. Our flag is at half mast today because the "Maine" was sunk today. Made my first purchase of cocoa and condensed milk at the grocery store tonight. The list of the final three debaters for T and M posted on the T & M bulletin board in Philos. Seminar room after chapel read.
N.B. [drawing of hand] Doughty H.
McShane E.
Sutton T.
Finished Hauptmann's "Die versunkene Glocke". Christened my new tea-kettle tonight after 9.30 p.m. with Albertina P. & Gladys B. I had cocoa and Gladys (who is in training brought up a beef-tea tablet). Albertina had me try as a second cup some instantaneous coffee. New Miscellany (April) out today. Borrowed a can opener of Olive Rowell.

Sun. Mar. 17.
Dean Shaler Matthews of Chicago University preached today.

Mission class. Louise Boynton, Louise Bowen & I walked around Maple Circle. A muddy walk but the air was fine and we enjoyed it. Christians in P.M.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912032

Mon. Mar. 18.
Organized for another debate. Prexy spoke in chapel on the Propagation of Truth by violence of force. He does not approve of such methods. see p.35.

Tues. Mar. 19.
Debate in assembly hall after chapel.
Aff. Ordway Marks Vinton
Neg. Sutton Doughty McShane.
I left before it was all done and Louise Boynton & I went down to the station to meed Ida Zetzsche who came from Mt. Holyoke via Albany. I staid with Ida off campus at Mrs. Knaus's and we had a fine visit. see p.36

Wed. Mar. 20.
Had breakfast in my room the second time I have used my tea kettle. I had five classes today to which Ida went with me. Louise showed her the Library and lake at noon. Open T and M debate 8th hr. in 35 "Rockie" aff. Catharine Gallagher.
Agnes Wilson
neg. C. Oughtree. M. Hulst.
College singing. Chapel. Students meeting after which Ida went to 403 R & I to a debate in Students room. aff. Bassett Marks Erwin neg. McShane, Sutton, Doughty

Thurs. Mar. 21.
Miriam Abbot & Lilian Lang spoke tonight on their works last summer among the Syrians in Boston at the summer Vassar vacation school.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912033

Lilian, Miriam and Helen Lockwood were the Vassar girls. The account was very interesting.

Fri. Mar. 22.
Nothing doing tonight. Gladys Bassett & I spent the evening in the Lib. doing what we found to do.

Sat. Mar. 23.
Rec'd letter from Mamma stating that I wrote the debate was to be Mar. 29th and she would come. I telegraphed her about 10.45 A.M. that the debate is tonight, come as soon as possible. Listened to the final sub. debate in Assembly Hall at 8.30 A.M. aff. Marks Erwin Vinton
neg. McShane Sutton Doughty
A splendid debate. Bernice came down with the measles & went after debating to the Infirmary. At about 11 A.M. the T and M committee, debaters and alternates started forth from Main in a comfortable wagon and at the Lodge were cheered by 1913, 1915, and 1911. First time I have been cheered. We rode for an hour along the river road and then had lunch at the North Side tea-room. The committee received gift's Vic 3 books, other boquet pins and slipper buckles. When I reached 403 R I found a box from Saltford's containing a lovely boquet of dark blue sweet peas and big daisies from Lucy Penniman & Frances Jewell. Stanley came in a few minutes,


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912034

Evelyn Noble borrowed my Biology Notebook. I finished Sudermann's "Die Ehre". Told Louise S. I was going to meet the 6.05 train. I just in front of Raymond when she called to me that mama was in room. I hustled up to find there mama & Evelyn. Was it not odd that I told Louise I was going? Am so glad mama came. Just soon after, two boxes were received & she opened them one was a dozen yellow johnquils from Helen J. Simpson 1911, the other a lovely boquet of pink & white sweet peas from Evelyn Noble & Louise Stanley. Before mama came Ruth Whithed stopped & left a book from 1913. "America the beautiful and other poems" by Katharine Lee Bates in appreciation of my good work on debate. Mama had dinner in Raymond. We were late to chapel so sat in the tower cloister. I met Mrs. McShane & Ruth. Gladys Bassett was at dinner but before the debate began went to the infirmary with the measles. After the usual waiting and after the 4 classes had marched in the two chairmen, the judges, the committee, the alternates and last of all the debaters marched in. We sat in the north side seats which were portioned off by white ribbons. I wore my pink & white sweet peas. Mayor [Segu] presided.
Aff. D.Fay R.Robinson F.Dugan.
Neg. E. McShane T.B. Sutton H.Doughty


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912035

Mr.Sutton & Mrs. Sutton and Mr. Wright sat behind me. The debate was fine. 1912 was not as good as last year, they were sarcastic & their delivery was not pleasant. But 1913 was great, pleasant address, fine arguments, convincing without being mean and we were so proud of them. After the last rebuttal we withdrew while the Judges made their decision in Senior parlor. Vic then came to us in the firewall on third alloted to us and most seriously announced that we were not to be excited, "We've won". My what embracing and exclamations followed. Our three debaters were squeezed & loved. We leaned out the window to watch those in Assembly Hall. Then what a cheer when the decision was announced. Down to the soap palace we hurried & led by Rachel Whitcomb gave vociferous yeas for Qui Vive. In due season we sang our debate songs and 1911 had a cute one too. Then in Mrs. Tillinghast's parlor the T and Mers & the Qui Viver's met 2 of the Judges & Prexy. Here Mama found me and after hearing a few words of one judge I went home and then off campus to Mrs. Knaus's. see p.36.

Sun. Mar. 24.
Mama & I had breakfast in my room. of de Pauw University gave


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912036

a good sermon on "ye shall walk and not faint". Mama went with me to Maud's mission class. Then to the S.S. exhibit in the Library basement. Easter music in the P.M. Very pretty. I staid off campus with Mama.

Mon. Mar. 25.
Who left at 6.30 A.M. & I went back to work. Rec'd letter from Claire. see p.37.

Tues. Mar. 26.
Class meeting 8th hr. Chairman of Junior boat ride com., members of Vassarion board elected. At 5.30 the committee, debaters & alternates met Vic at the Inn and had a nice dinner (Vics treat). Cut chapel. Louise Boynton & I spent 3 hrs. working on our bank-statement for Ec. see p.37.

Wed. Mar. 27.

Thurs. Mar. 28.
Worked 1 1/2 hrs. extra in the Lab. Went in the tank with Alma Klippel 8th hour. Great fun. Did Ec. Took Giverner's "Unoccupied Fields" and the "Atlas Student Volunteer for Foreign Mission of the World" out, and copied some statistics.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912037

Fri. Mar. 29.
Packed, packed my room furnishings away. Took mail. Saw Agnes Rowlands at the Infirmary. Left 403R. at 11.40 A.M. and made the special. Which left at 12.20. Rode with A.R. and H. White. Whom I left at Fulton street. Got in Newark about 4 P.M. Papa met me at Park Place & saw me to Market St. Claire was at home & we sang & she played nicely on her violin.

Sat. Mon. 30.
Went downtown with Claire to take her lesson. Did a few errands. Entre nous met at Chloe Thielmans. Gretta Burgesser was elected Pres., E. Werner Treas., H. Ludlow Sec'y, Vice Pres.

Sun. Mar. 31.
Church - splendid sermon on "If ye serve me follow me." S.S. - review Sunday. Mama spoke before the whole school. C.E. at 7 p.m. I led on this subject "Foreign missions of my denomination, a birds eye view." Dorothy Rolph reported on Mr. White's speech given at the central church last (Fri. Mar. 29) Reid Edwards spoke very prettily on "the home base" church - theme "The alternative" good music at both services. Mr. Axt played.

Mon. April 1.
Ironed some. In p.m. at 5.30 went to church ready to serve with the girls. A fine supper was served. The waitresses & musicians were served first. New tables seating 8 were used tonight for first time.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912038

At 8 p.m. the Annual meeting was held upstairs. A feature of it was two songs written by papa to college tunes. K.M.C. Kilburn Memorial church and . At the end of the meeting the Ordway's withdrew.

Tues. April 2.
Mama & I went downtown in search of a suit, hat, neither of which I found. Bought 2 underwaists, nightdress, 2 pair stockings, corset $2, new yokes for plaid gingham & copenhagen blue dresses. Were gone from 9 A.M. to 3.30 P.M. In the evening it rained hard. Hazel Ludlow & I were the only girls there, 12 men were present. Good meeting. Arthur Mudd was there & spoke. Subject Jesus "The Lord of Life". The power to awaken a dead soul is even greater than power over the physical life.

Wed. April 3.
Claire & I sorted her things. I helped mama prepare for her S.S. class which she entertained in the evening from 8-11.20 p.m. Refreshments were caramel ice-cream, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, sponge patty cakes with white frosting, nuts & figs. Then a guessing contest beginning with "Great Warrior".
Allan Tenney Howard Orben Elmer Towers
Everett Tenney Harold Sherman Willie Weinrich.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912039

Thurs. Apr. 4.
Wrote up my diary from Mar. 17th 1912. Mr. Edwards was here in the A.M. After dinner about 3 P.M. he came with the auto and Lois, Helen, Blanche, Claire & I rode with him down S. Orange Ave. to the garage on St. Then across to and to Edwards house via Sanford Ave. Helen made candy & Claire & I were invited to stay to supper which we did. In the p.m. attended C.E. business meeting which was followed by a social. Lois made a cake for the social. She is a quick, clever little house-wife.

Mon. Mar. 18.
Rec'd letter from Mama ["We had only one letter from you last week the one on Tuesday morning and that was very short, but I suppose you are so tired out from debating you cannot write much.(Sunday) we had the largest S.S. in the history of the church 326. Only one more week after this and then you will be home to help me a few days. I do not get a minute to sew and hardly find time to mend. Give my love to Ida & tell her I want one of her cap & gown pictures. I was made Vice Pres. of the Presbyterial Society. Mrs. Dr. McDowell asked me to make the prayer at the Foreign meeting the Friday you come home."]


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912040

Mon. Mar. 18.
Claire wrote me about the three songs papa has written to be sung at the Annual meeting. 1. K.M.C. 2. The Misses Kilburn's Aid. 3. Our New Building.

Tues. Mar. 19.
Letter from Laura Kemp ["I guess you know what it is to be busy. Last Sat. Night we had a St. Patrick's Party of the Club girls at my house, we had a dandy time"]

Sat. Mar. 23
Letter from Mama. ["The intermediates gave their minstrel show & took in over $70.00. "We received your Tuesday letter and were disappointed at its contents, but perhaps the result is all for the best. Some one must be left out and as the lot fell to you it is for the purpose doubters of Teaching you to bear disappointment gracefully & enable you to congratulate others on their success. Don't feel hurt by the decision but bear it sweetly and it will make you nobler and sweeter for the experience".....
"(You speak about my coming to college. I don't see houw I can afford to come, but Papa says I must go"). "Your letter was so mixed up as to the time. Is the Debate Friday night or Saturday night? You said Sat. the 29th and the 29th is Friday."]


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912041

Mon. Mar. 25.
Letter from Claire. ["Cousin Julia is keeping house for us two. I can hardly wait for Friday to come because then you're coming home. My won't we have a lovely time?"]

Tues(?) Mar. 26.
Letter from Ida ["The very lovely visit at Vassar for which I do thank you most heartily. I called on Anna Katherine Pulver Blanchard at Mrs. Thonton's. Many many thanks again for the pleasant time I spent at 403 Raymond"]

Fri. Apr. 5.
Cleaned upstairs with cleaner. Mended in afternoon & evening. Stayed home with Mama instead of attending the Fresh Air Congress. Papa preached at the Memorial Church preparatory service.

Sat. Apr. 6.
Worked in A.M. Went downtown with Claire who took her lesson from 2-3 while I did errands. She selected her own rabbit, a tall buff one. We bought some candy eggs and a chocolate rabbit for papa and one for Mama. Joke [Springfield Ave. - [anstalt] So. Orange Ave. car] secret - don't tell. Mama entertained at a lovely four course supper Miss Emma Shannon Reid Edwards & Dorothy Rolph. Mrs. Shannon


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912042

couldn't come because Milda has the measles. A lovely supper & a pleasant evening. They were my company & Mamma's. I served. After 11 p.m. Mama & I colored eggs. (8) with Paas dyes.

Sun. Apr. 7.
Claire & I went to the C.E. sunrise service in the auditorium at 7 A.M. It was one of the prettiest services I ever attended. Harry Fox led. Frank Platts spoke about the Servant in the House. The thought of the meeting was so to live that regret & remorse over our past will not be necessary.

Claire filled her rabbit with eggs & mama & papa had their chocolate ones.

Papa preached on the meaning of Easter & showed how we may rise above our present attainments into a new life letting the hitherto undeveloped possibilities in us have a chance to grow.

S.S. I had Bessie Magies class. Papa spoke to the S.S. on Easter.

I read to Claire from the Odyssey just a few lines and she was so tired from being up late this week that she went to sleep & slept till lunch time, very unusual for her.

Church in P.M. Papa preached on "The Alternative". If you dont take Christ, what are you going


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912043

to do? The story of the old shoemaker who gave an Easter lily for each converted person during the last year was beautiful. The Churches had few from him but in the back room where special meetings had been held among men a large number gladdened the Easter and the reporter himself walked home with one on the day after Easter.

Mon. Apr. 8.
Mama and I spent almost the entire afternoon downtown getting me a suit (black and white, whip cord), hat, gloves, shoes and waists. Mama & I walked down to Dr. Davenport's and I paid him for the vaccine [$2.50 for 4 bottles Park Davis mixed staphlococcus vaccine 400,000,000.] We made a short call on Mrs. Prentiss. Papa & Claire were playing fox & geese. Mama & I read some in the newspapers. I cut out the clipping about Vassar possibly abolishing the daisy chain. Vassar stands for scholarship. Claire returned to school.

Tues. Apr. 9.
Ironed my shirtwaists etc. Mama attended the last meeting of that mission class in the 1st ch. on . Papa went to Presbytery. I left at 2 P.M. Mama helped me pack and went to the corner with


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912044


[N.B. in the margin]
"I expect to work as I have never worked before" I remember saying.

Papa is cherishing a splendid plan for us all the summer I graduate from college.

I rec'd a letter containing a pretty lace jabot with velvet ribbon from Mary Thornell, a card from Ida and one from Marian Case during vacation.

Because I made excellent connections I reached the Grand Central in time to get the 3.24 P.M. train. Had a porter for the first time. A woman from Bridgeport Conn whose husband used to work in the Brighton N.Y. creamery under Peter Languell sat with me. Only a few girls came up. Arrived in 403R 5.45. Settled after dinner and read for 1 1/4 hr. in Tennyson. Wrote a letter home.

Wed. Apr. 10.
Prof. Treadwell is ill so we had no Biology. Miss Wood read some of the Sonnets handed in. They were good, Shelley Wordsworth, Lincoln, Womans Suffrage, March Spring were some of the subjects. Prexy's prayer was full of hope & incentive to do the best possible the rest of the year.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912045

Thurs. Apr. 11.
Letter from Agnes Rowlands & a card from H. Germann. More Tennyson reading. Read Sudermann's. "Die Heimat". Cut given us in B.B. English. Maud Kilsey led Christians and spoke finely on this point that God requires us to use the talent's or talent he has given us.

E. Baldwin 1913 gave this quotation "Be as beautiful as God meant you to be." N. Rivenburg said "If life seems too easy it is a pretty sure sign that we are not completely doing God's will." Wrote Helen Simpson thanking her for the jonquils Mar. 23.

[in margin] serum injection

Fri. Apr. 12.
Miss Wells had our quiz section today. Only 1 hr. in Lab today, did 3 larva stages of the lobster & part of the fourth. Required lecture 4th. Prof. Gow on "Principles of musical composition" interesting & it inspired me to go on with my music. No Biology today. Discussed Blank Verse of "Alastor" & "Passing of Arthur". Read Tennyson. Sat in front row of gallery with Alma & Gladys to hear Colonel Fiebieger's lecture on "The Panama canal". Very interesting. The slides were fine.

Sat. Apr. 13.
Read Bks 13-17 in Malory's Morte d'Arthur for J.J. paper. Ready Tennyson's "Holy grail" & started my paper. In response to a little note received on the unstamped mail this noon I went to 301N. (Miss North's room) at 5 P.M. & interviewed her. My bank statement was incorrect


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912046

but that wouldn't have caused the note to be sent. My quiz papers have been low one was C- and another was C. She said she thought I'd want to know just how it stood because I would be dissatisfied to have it as it now is. Never have I received a "doubtful" note before. This must be what Miss McCaleb referred to when I saw her about my scholarship. Miss North was very nice and told me not to be discouraged. She suggested that I read different books for one book gets text booky. She suggested Taussig's and Johnson's. I told her I intended to work my bank statement over and she said "Don't spend too much time on it I'd rather you'd spend it on your current work". If you get confused come to me anytime. One paper was passing C. Yes, but it ought to be A I said. I tried not to cry but the tears would come.

Students meeting in the P.M. nomination's
Pres Vice Pres Sec'y Treas
R. Holliday E. Baldwin Wagner Cartin
V. Searle Heinman Blackman

Maid's club House Chairman
M. Armstrong
E. Noble


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912047

Corrected H. Hess's sentences in German. Wrote theme 22 (B.B. English) on how the principles of musical composition apply to literary composition. Henrietta brought in some salad. Put supporters in my new waist. Retired 12.15 A.M. Until tonight I have been in bed since vacation soon after 10. Suit came today.

Sun. Apr. 14.
Wrote up diary from Apr. 4th. Rev. of preached [on why it is that there is such a difference between our ideals and what we really are. 1. We think too much of the uses to which they can be put. 2. We do not yield our wills to God.] His personality was very attractive. Holy matrimony. At 3 P.M. met in Lib. in a seminar room for Bible study. Life of Christ - book of John. Katherine Otis is the moving spirit. Wrote home. Prexy [spoke in Christians about the individuality which belongs peculiarly to each separate person. No one else knows it, no one else undestands this individual individuality. This secret place known only to the possessor is where God meets the soul.] Wrote to Mrs. Barker, Mary Thornell & Ida. Louise Boynton & I had a talk on Ec. Henrietta Hess passed her German exam & handed in a nice paper.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912048

Mon. Apr. 15.
Asked Miss Rourk for an interview soon. 10 min. written in German F.F. Miss Woods went over my Sonnet on the Library and said it is not passionate the words are prosy, the structure is not clear so the sense is obscured, but she said the couplet at the end is the best part of it "That isn't bad". Bought Brownings poems. Anne Ericsons came up 8th hr. We spent some time looking at our class picture taken freshmen year. Forty of the girls who are in that picture are not in college now in our class. Prexy spoke on the need of care in conversation ["referring to that article which appeared during vacation that Vassar faculty was thinking of giving up the daisy chain which was not official."] He spoke too about the Vassar traditions one of them being that the college is strictly for undergraduates, another that the number is limited to a thousand and he said Did you ever stop to think that you are taking up room that several people are waiting to of occupy? We turn hundreds of girls from here each year. Then with a few final words of what college traditions and the spirit of Vassar are he stopped a very inspiring, earnest, suggestive & helpful talk. Worked on J.J. paper. Retired at 12.30 A.M. Rose at 6 A.M. Splendid Preliminary Student Volunteer meeting 8.30 in 213S.

Tues. Apr. 16.
Rose at 7. Spent first, part of second, fourth and all lunch time writing to hand in my J.J. Paper on


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912049

Tennyson's and Malory's treatment of the Holy Grail compared. Miss Gabriskie lectured today in Prof. Treadwell's place. Miss Wood had us write the entire hour on the underlying thought of "In Memoriam". 8th hr. heard Prof. Shelling of Univ. of Pa. lecture on "New discoveries concerning Shakespeare".

Prexy announced the graduates chosen by the faculty for the fellowships.
Lydia Pratt Babbitt -
Vassar Student Aid Society 1905
These two were chosen from seven
Trustee fellowships.
1. Blake
2. Hurlburt 1912
3. Eliz. Kildredge
4. Helen Lockwood
These 4 were chosen from 14 names.

Word came today in the newspapers of the terrible disaster on the ocean - the sinking of the largest vessel afloat the "Titanic" with a loss of life of over 1400. While 625 mostly women & children were picked up by the Carpathia. Rec'd letter from Ellen. H. Hess brought me lunch.

Wed. Apr. 17.
Letter from Ida and a letter from home. Which contained Pittsford clippings of Charlie, Helen


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912050

Agate and Chester. Helen's grandparents celebrated their Golden wedding. Miss Zabriskie lectured again today. 8th hour heard a splendid concert by a famous Vassar graduate Miss Marta Milinowski 1907. Read Hauptmann's "Einsame Menschen" almost through. Rec'd invitation to Vassar day at the city Y.W.C.A. Scanned 50 lines each from Shelley & Tennyson.

Thurs Apr. 18
Finished "Einsame Menschen". Wrote Record theme VI. E. McShane gave the [Inhalt] of her drama and then Miss Whitney called on me for mine. (She read the answer I gave to the 2nd question of Monday's quiz.) Class meeting 7th at which Miss Haight spoke to 1913 on democracy in college. Then she urged us to stand our Senior year for
1. Honest work.
2. Cooperative effort in student government
3. Sympathetic interest in everyone.

An animiated discussion of senior parlor has continued in Freshman parlor. Christians in p.m. Sat with Peggy and Louise. An illustrated talk on Silver Bay was jointly given in succession by Irene Lawrence, Ruth Holliday, Gladys Bassett, Louise Roble and Margaret Tiggits. Read from Noyes - "40 years of American Finance". in Lib. Tried on my new suit which fits perfectly. Wrote home. Retired 11 p.m. Miss North looks at me very knowingly when I meet her now. Good Reason.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912051

Fri. Apr. 19.
Miss Wells had our quiz section today in Ec. Began my locust today in Lab. Discovered six aortic arches in my earthworm when studying its circulation and Miss Mack was greatly interested, looked it up in the best authorities and called Miss Zabriskie and Miss Beckwith to see it. Began the study of "In Memoriam" in J. Miss. 2 showed us some slides today. Studied M. Prose. Visited in Peg's room. Their table all want singles. Peg returned my cocoa (borrowed after Ida was here). At 9.30 gave a chocolate & cracker party.
H. Hess M. Williams E. Toaf
H. Adler M. Gavin M. Howell
G. Macleon E. McShane

Sat. Apr. 20.
Mrs. T. gave me a leave for May 4- May 7. (I saw her yesterday and she looked up my record). Wrote Ida. Heard Gilbert Murray lecture on the chorus. He quoted some from his own translations of Euripedes and was fine. Had serum injection. Hunted singles. Worked from 2-3 p.M. with H. White reading proof. Wore my new suit & shoes to Vassar Day at Y.W.C.A. Enjoyed Miss Alice Stone Woolley's talk on the physical work. Sent my votes for Pres., V. Pres, and chairman maids club house and went to Lib. and studied Ec. outline on Banking and monetary history. Re-did bank statement. Have it now just $900.00 out of the way. Albertina and H.Hess had chocolate with me after 9.30 P.M. I went out


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912052

and helped serenade M. Tibbits tho present president of Students and Victoria Searle the president to be of Students. Each spoke nicely. Vic said I only hope I shall prove to have the ability which you seem to think I have.

Sun. Apr. 21.
Prexy preached [because the minister from Andover Seminary Cambridge Mass didn't appear] from this text - "Take therefore the talent from him". Neglect results in return to the original type (i.e. selfishness). [Disuse] results in degeneracy. What might have been never can be now because the powers weren't used at the critical time. "God measures us according to our faithfulness, not according to our abilities." With the latent comes the power to use it and the purpose to use it. A searching sermon.] Took short walk with Irene Beir and Jeanette Allen. Called on A. Rowlands. Led class on study of gospel of John. At 2 P.M. in Edith Maas' room E. Alma Leslie, Katharine Otis and I were the only ones there but we had a good time. Then I went searching singles for 1 3/4 hrs. Heard Miss Helen Glenn on Hospital Social work at 7 P.M. in assembly hall. Wrote home. Retired 10.15 p.m.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912053

Mon. Apr. 22.
Rec'd card, and a letter from home from mama who begins "My precious Gretta" and closes "With boundless love, mamma." My box of laundry which I left to be sent came today. Mama has shortened my sicilian sleeves for me. All the clothes look very nice. My theme on a fleeting expression called "Irrepressible" was read in class today. More reports of dramas given in German today, L. Rich, A. Plumb, L. Sugden. J. Bernstein. After N. Latin today I asked Helen Hall about Psychology being required to teach in New York state. Miss Palmer told us it is possible to read it up in a few weeks, others have done it. Then after Miss Hall went Miss Palmer said she hopes I'll take Latin next year. And when I told her I'd like to have prose she suggested 2 hr. Tacitus and L. prose. I told her I'd consider it. Class meeting 7th. A plan of simplification was advanced but it was moved & carried that the committee progress with their own plans. Open suffrage discussion 8th hr. E. Prudden was moderator. Hurlburt spoke for the affirmative & Dorothy Stinson for the negative in a prepared speech. Others took part too. A parade was held this noon. Christians election of nominees for next year.
Pres. R. Holliday Vice P.
K. Scribner


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912054

Rec. Sec'y D. Br Cor. Sec'y

Treas. C. Brensinade.
Studied in Lib. Corrected H. Hess's German sentences. Retired 10.45 P.M.

Tues. Apr. 23.
Albertina and I studied for Biology quiz 1st hr. Lab. 3rd & 4th. Serum injection. Oral biology quiz. I was not called on. Some had to draw diagrams on the board. Continued to discuss "In Memoriam". Rec'd from papa 54th Annual Report of the Board of Education of Newark N.J. 1909-10. (borrowed from Mr. McMillan. principal of School Newark N.J.) Also rec'd a Colubmia Univ. Bulletin of Information about the summer session for 1912. 8th hr. in assembly Hall drew a number on a wooden block from a bag held by Mrs. T. I got 65. (good luck) Registered name with number with Miss Dody and then with our committee. Took a final look at rooms and tried to ascertain how many people ahead of me want singles. After Chapel in new gym Room-drawing transpired. I drew 341. (the 21st single drawn) and retained it on the second chart. Peg's crowd will be on second, north. Got home about 10.40 p.m.

Wed. Apr. 24.
Discussed ch, d, in M. Prose. Prof. Mills was a dear to lecture today and not give us a


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912055

written. Miss Rourke had us write all hour in Decription a criticism of one of the dreams handed in as theme 24 today. I had Theresa West's on "The Rajahina's Tragedy." Which read like and Arabian Night tale. Miss Zabriskie lectured on Insects today. Continued In Memoriam discussion. Read proof with H. White 7th hr. Had Lucy Penniman to dinner. Read proof after chapel. Saw Agnes Rowlands about summer vacation Bible school work in New York city among the Jewish children. Of which Burns (V.C.1905) wrote her $42.00 for books of 5 days each, working 3 hrs. a day. Read "The Coming of Arthur, Gareth and Lynette". Corrected Henrietta's sentences. Retired 11.15 p.m.

Thurs. Apr. 25.
10 min. written in F.F. German. H. White & I worked on proof reading. Mrs. Hill led Christians. Good meeting. Subject How to make the prayer-meeting more helpful. Finished Biology Lab.

Fri. Apr. 26.
Finish proof reading of German vocabulary. College singing 9.30. Prexy's address at 10. Then I went into the Founder's museum (for the first time) and saw the pine table which Matthew Vassar used. At 2.30 in Phil. hall 9 scenes from Dickens were splendidly given by the girls and 3 faculty. The harp accompaniment to Miss Robinson's song was


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912056

lovely. Missed the lecture on Dickens by Prof. Axson of Princeton and missed the reception to go down with Agnes Wright and Eliz. McShane to Vassar Institute to hear debated by Poughkeepsie H.S. aff. and Albany H.S. neg. the direct election of U.S. senator by constitutional amendment. Had cocoa in 317 prepared by Mary Gavin and E. Toof.

Sat. Apr. 27.
Returned proof sheets to Prof. Whitney. Met Miss Ethel Burns (1908) at 9 A.M. in Raymond reading room in Main to discuss (summer) daily vacation Bible School assoc. work in New York city. Rec'd letter from papa ["My dear Junior" Building plans progressing. Papa & A.Towers are a com. to see about the pulpit end of the church. Speaking of my going to Mt. Holyoke papa says "Now be good children and let Mass. understand what the great town of Sodus can produce in the way of girls.] "The rose is red the violet's blue
I am hungry and so are you" Much love Pater] Finished "Rosenmontag". Studied Ec. (i.e. did reading & got back statement to come out right.) Read more in Tennyson. Senior May pole dance at 6.30 P.M. Very pretty. Sophomore trio ceremonies at 9 P.M. I saw them from my own window. Very pretty. Spirits of the wind, fire and water


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912057

danced before the others who were clad in white. They didn't begin to sing their marching song until several minutes after all had left the trio. I staid up till after 11 P.M. to read some in Tod's Students' manual. Drew 2nd $3.00 for mail D 1 & 2.

Sun. Apr. 28.
Read in Outlook for Apr. 27, a good article on the ["Chum"] attitude existing between American children and parents. Handed to Miss Ethel Burns at 10.15 A.M. in Senior parlor my application card for a position in a New York city daily vacation Bible school under Dr. Boville. Agnes Rowlands, Narola & I walked around Sunset before Chapel. Pres. Burton of Smith preached a fine sermon Eph. 3:8 "the unsearchable riches of Christ."
Self-realization and then self sacrifice.
Christ is
I. Practical
II. Reasonable
III. Loving - appeals to our affections
IV. Tells us There is a God.
The riches for which Americans work so unceasingly in the economic world are not comparable in value to the unsearchable riches of Christ through which we may become more perfect and attain the full development


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912058

of the "powers talents and potentialities" which God has entrusted to us and which we are to use to "enable others to develop likewise."

Bible Class in Edith Maas' room at 2 P.M. We discussed our ideas of heaven and and eternal life, condemnation etc. From 4-6 P.M. walked around Maple circle with Pauline Allen. Went to Christians. Prexy spoke on freedom - that freedom which because we are God's children frees us from the laws of men but makes us responsible to God. Tried again to call on Miss Stroebe but again found an engaged sign on her door. H. Hess came home about 9 P.M. and shared with me some sandwiches & cake. She very kindly brought me a box of home-made peanut crisp (she made it herself).

Mon. Apr. 29.
Letter from Ida.
Athletics meeting in P.M.

Tues Apr. 30.
Letter from mama. [enclosing the announcements printed by papa. Mama has had another week packed full. The Post-jubilee luncheon at the Orange Club House she attended Friday. Aunt Mary sent mama the "blue & white coverlet of which Grandma spun the thread & had it made in [Auburn] prison. It is 108 years old and is perfectly beautiful." "Is there any prospect


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912059

of your going to Silver Bay?" "Papa don't want you to work in New York this summer, but wants you to come home and help me and spend your summer at home getting ready to do your best during your last year at college". Claire also wrote me beginning "I hope you will enjoy your trip to Mount Holyoke".] Drew two bugs during lab hour. Miss Mack asked me about a German sentence. I wrote to Dr. Boville and told him I would not work in New York this summer.

Wed. May 1.
All hour Ec. written on Audit and Banking, American monetary history and American banking history. Miss Rourke read entire hour from Joseph Conrad's . At 3.45 had an interview with Miss Rourke. She said my punctuation is poor, I should describe more outline of the library in my record themes, I should have made my theme on the application of the principles of musical composition to literary composition entirely independent of the lecture and so illustrated it that it would be clear to anyone. Took a walk with Alma, Gladys and Gertrude off campus. $10.00 money order from papa who writes "We will combine and give mamma a litte respite, we will let her super-intend, and we will endeavor to do the work.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912060

Thurs. May 2.
Finished Biology Lab. 3rd & 4th this A.M. Went down town, called on Miss True at Lyndon Hall. Discussed possibilities of taking Eng. Polit. History next year. Christians elections tonight.
Pres. K. Scribner
Vice Pres. M.A. Wilson
Called on Miss Stroebe. She said "you must come and see me often next year".

Fri. May 3.
Took my Biology field trip 3rd hr. It was lots of fun to go on such a nice walk in the morning. Prof. Touks lectured 4th hr. in the Art building (i.e. museum, upstairs) on the principles of pictorial composition. He showed a number of slides. Mended, packed suitcase. H. Hess & I went down to R.R. station after 8.30 P.M. with my suit case.

Yesterday I promised Gladys Carr I'd give Jane Addams "Twenty years at Hull House" as my Senior parlor gift.

Sat. May 4.
Rose at 4.45. Ate a little bread and drank the milk which Mrs. Crary sent up to me last night on request. Left here at 5.30 and walked down town almost to Luckey Platts. Then there I got the first car & rode to the station.
Ticket P. to S. $3.87.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912061

Left Poughkeepsie at 6.25 A.M. Albany at 8.55 and was due in Springfield at 12.10 but the train was late so didn't get to Holyoke till almost 2 P.M. Ida met me and asked me if I had seen Wilhelmina. Then Wilhelmina, who had ridden out on the same train with me and who had recognized my initials on my suit case, walked up and how surprised I was. I didn't know she was coming, She didn't know I was coming. Ida, and I haven't seen her for 10 years. We lunched in Holyoke, then went by trolley to Northhampton to Smith College which we "did" thoroughly. Went to call on Hester Hopkins and Ethel Curtis (E.H.S. '08) but they were out. Did not find Margaret Burling at home but found her in the gym. drilling for Macbeth. Saw Miss Yost. On the street Fanny Jeurdan who is now Smith 1915, but who started in with us at Vassar passed me and we recognized each other & had a little visit. Had supper in Holyoke. Trollied to S. Hadley and about 7.30 P.M. stopped at the gate by Mary Lyon Chapel and entered the campus of Mt. Holyoke College. Went to 31 Porter Hall, Ida's room, then after doing a few errands, and donning a clean waist, attended a senior party given by the Gerberich sisters. Ice cream


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912062

was served in cones. We slept in the Y.W.C.A. room, Ida & I in one cot.

Sun. May 5.
Breakfasted in Ida's room. Went to church. Rev. Guthrie of Burlington Vt. preached. I staid to communion. It was queer to have women pass the bread and wine. Walked up Prospect. My! it is a beautiful spot. Dined on chicken at a cosy table by ourselves in Mrs. Lovell's house (where Ida got her meals Freshman year). Saw Mr. Skinner's summer home. Called on Helen Yergin in her own room. She is 1915. Lois is at Union and is engaged to Clyde fellow. Howard also is engaged. Walked around the upper lake. Wrote letter home. Wilhelmina & I went up to Maud Fillmore's room and she made candy. Her sister was visiting. Nice supper in Ida's room- dandy sandwiches. Vespers in P.M. over 100 girls in vesture and they looked nice marching in and then at the end they marched out. Prof. Hammond then played & a girl played the cello with him. Tonight we slept three in a row.

Mon. May 6.
Breakfasted at the Gift shop. Chapel at 8.15 led by Pres. Wooley a splendid looking woman. Ida wore her cap and gown. The Seniors


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912063

sat down in front and looked so nice in their caps and gowns. It was particularly impressive as they marched down the aisle by twos. Ida sat with us in the gallery. Then she took us thru the buildings. The new music building is very nice. Bought 17 postals. We 3 went to Springfield where we dined in the tea room of Forbes and Wallace. Then went to station and saw Wilhelmina off. Was sorry to see her go. The reunion has been great. Bought a German silver mesh bag for Claire and Ida & I went back soon to college. Mt. Tom and Mt. Holyoke each topped by a white mountain house stand out in the distance plainly & imposingly on a clear day. Attended one class Education conducted by Prof. who spoke of the possible evil results of a good personality. Supper in Ida's room with Norma and Maud. Ida studied Spanish, I wrote postals to
Agnes R Eliz. McS. Narola R.
Peggy H. Germann R. Robinson
Louise Boynton F. Chaffee Mama
Gladys B. H. Hess papa
Albertina F. Jewwll Claire

[note in margin] Went to see Lois Mott but she was not home.

Enjoyed looking at the Junior year book the "Lamarada" (corresponding to our Vassarion). Slept once more down in Y.W.C.A. roon in Wilder


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912064

Have met Attena Norma A. of Suffern N.Y.
Bradbury Dora J. " Fort Kent Me.
Bronk C. Louise " Ansterdam N.Y.
Fillmore Maud J. " Palmer Mass
Gerberich Grace H. " Lebanon Pa.
" Pearl S. " " "
Howe Marion G. " Orange Mass.
Marr Clara L. " Rochester Junction N.Y.
Pease Marian C. " Pringfield Mass.
Richardson Edith M. " New Bedfore Mass.

Tues. May 7.
After eating an orange and a cookie I left 31 Porter and Mary Lyongate at 6.30 A.M. for Holyoke. Ida slipped out last night and returned with a Mt. Holyoke song book for my birthday present. I've had a glorious time here and now goodbye Mt. Holyoke which I have seen on my first trip to New England and 7.54 A.M. I left Springfield and at 12.05 left Albany and arrived at V.C. 2.40 P.M. and was just a few minutes late to G. Eng. Studied Biology on the train. Found awaiting me a letter from Dr. Boville also a letter from home. It has been voted to "proceed at once and begin the new church". "I went down Sat. and paid Bamberger for your things. Now papa must have a new suit." "I don't know whether Claire and I


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912065

can come to Vassar or not, all these things take money." 1912 Vassarion out tonight.

Wed. May 8.
Recited in the corner of Room 19 "Du Bist Wie eine Blume." All hour sprung written in J. on First Impression of Browning. Prof. Mills read several selections from Ruskin today. Oral quiz in Biology on Crustacea. Injection.

Thurs. May 9.
Class meeting to nominate next year's officers. "Fruhlings fest" in Deutsche Vereim B. Zahner and M. Mac Noughton were dressed up ridiculously and sang a comic dialogue. Adeline de Sale led Christians tonight. Subject - Minding the rests. Fine meeting.

Fri. May 10.
Studied hard 2 hours on Annelids & Crustacea. All hour written in Biology on Annelids & Crustacea. Basket ball game 7th. 1913 vs. 1912. Score 28- in favor of 1912. Had Agnes Wilson to dinner. Athletics in P.M. Nominations for next year. Wrote card home.

Sat. May 11.
Finished "Alt-Heidelberg". Read Browning. Wrote theme and a record, did prose. Turned in to H. White the $4.25 I collected from my group of German Sum. Readers. Took short walk with Frances Jewell & Irene Bier. F is such an inspiration. Letter from A. Rowlands. Sent postal to Goldie.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912066

Sun. May 12.
Rev. of Harvard preached on "We know not whither thou goest and how can we know the way." The educated person is not technically trained to do one specific thing but is so developed that he is able to be master of unforseen circumstances as they arise. Bible class in Edith Mass's room. Stopped in K. Otis's room a minute. Wrote letters to
Aunt Vira Wilhelmina
Aunt Lillie Aunte Ella and Mamma.
Aunt Mary Laura Kepm
Music - tonight from Wagner's Lohengrin - Chapel. Christians. Prexy spoke on the faith that believes in that which is not seen. Reason alone is insufficient, the heart too is necessary. H.Hess brought me some lemonade.

Mon. May 13.
10 min. German written. Read B.J. Richardson's "The Woman Who Spends". Phil. meeting. I was chief teller for the Vice-Pres vote. Officers elected
Pres. E. Fatman Sec'y Prop. Mngr.
Vice Pres. M. Avery Treas. Ass. " "
Spent over a half hour helping H. Hess by looking over her German sentences.

Tues. May 14.
Corrected Biology notebook in the Lab. and Miss Zabriskie said it is better than my last


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912067

Mama sang "Hush my dear" last Sun. Mothers' Day in church. Semester's notebook ["Papa went to Pres. Hibben's inauguration at Princeton last Sat. & sat down to dinner with 1600 of the alumni. Just one month from today you will be home for the summer and that month will soon pass away".] so mama wrote in her letter. Claire wrote me also. Mama enclosed a newpaper clipping giving : Hester Hosford's opinion of Woodrow Wilson. [ She says "I am very lonesome all by myself". With love from your little Kissing Bug."] Prof Treadwell began his Evolution lectures today. It was his first appearance since Easter and unclapped. Are discussing Browning now. Went to Lib and browsed. Discovered a little book written by Vassar 18 called and read the Chapter on Friendship.

Wed. May 15.
German prose sentence was marked up before Miss Stroebe got through with it today. Prof. Mills began the Tariff today. Had to write for B.B. English today a letter to the Principal of our preparatory school asking him for a position to teach. Handed in a summary for my Tennyson paper, in which I compared his treatment of the Holy grail story with Malory's. Read Browning. Rec'd letter from Laura Kemp.

Thurs. May 16.
Read more Browning. Made appointment with Miss Wylie for Mon 11 A.M. Discussed "Alt. Heidelberg"


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912068

in German. Class meeting 7th. Election of Silver Bay delegates Mary Bliss Eliz. Ingersoll.
Officers for next year.
Pres. Lucy Penniman
Vice Pres. Gladys Bassett
Sec'y. Elizabeth Thelberg
Treas. Elizabeth Howson
Staid to Students' recital. Frances Jewell here to dinner. No Chapel. Staid down in parlor & talked with Jeanette Allen & Jean Mordoff. Christians. Louisa Myers led. On "We will see Jesus. Spoke of Hawthorn's "The Great Storm Face". Serenade practice at 9 P.M. at gym 9.35 went marching to Strong & serenaded Ruth Holliday and then Lucy Penniman. Each made a short speech. 1915 sang, then 1912 came, sang and departed and then 1914 came sang & went and finally we sang & went home happy over the election. I staid up till after one writing my J.J. paper on Browning as a popular poet.

Fri. May 17.
Rec'd card from Goldie Granger. Is a girl who spends her first year out of college in social gaiety a social parasite? was asked in Ec quiz this morning. Spent over two hours copying J.J. paper. Went to North side tea room when at 5.15 P.M. the N.J. Club girls gathered for the annual feed. Chicken on toast, jelly, rolls, coffee, tomato on lettuce,


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912069

Sat next to Helen Ferris 1912. [They just grind, don't make any friends etc. Honors really aren't anything. Ask for it & you'll get lots of things.]

ice cream with chocolate sauce and those delicious little round two layer chocolate cakes. Got back in for chapel. Athletic elections.
Pres. Caroline Johnson.

I was a Teller. Sewed on my white belt.

Sat. May 18.
Rec'd letter from Agnes R. Wrote her a letter before 7.30 A.M. then looked up her schedule of exams & wrote her a card. Wrote card home. Had serum injection. Read "Das Konzert". Washed hair. Worked an hour printing cards. Went on lake rowing with Henrietta just before dinner. Beautiful out there. Worked in Lib. after chapel.

Sun. May 19.
Am attempting to do my hair in an 8 and wear a halo over the front part pulled down a bit on my forehead. Am far from adept yet. Put up four little labels in Reading room for keeping the odd magazines, Outlook, Harper's and Atlantic in order and in a definite place. Read newspaper of Friday and yesterday. Chapel. Lyman Abbot preached from Luke 15:12 "Father give me the portion of goods that falleth to me". [We have an inheritance of a land rich in material resources, liberty which you have done nothing to gain, though I lived through the Civil War and did


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912070

what I could at that time. You have exceptional educational facilities. When I was a boy of 13 years of age I was ready for college, standards then weren't as high then as they are now, and my father gave me the choice of his paying $500.00 a year for my college expenses or giving me that amount each year for 4 years putting it in the bank and I go into business at once. I chose college and I'm glad I did. I have a great deal of respect for Vassar College but it can't give you an education. All it or the faculty can do is to open the door and say "go in". You have the most beautiful library I have ever seen and I have seen the libraries of Yale, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Berlin. There is Plato and Aristotle waiting to talk to you about Philosophy, there is Browning and Wordsworth waiting to talk to you about poetry. This library is your inheritance. What will you do with it? What are you doing with it? You have a Collection of Hebrew literature in the Bible. I can understand the girl who says I want to know it and have it a lamp to my feet and a guide to my path, I can understand the girl wih says I don't believe it but the girl I can't understand is the girl who says I don't care. God has given us the heathen for our inheritance. I can't understand why a man who has the chance of being a college


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912071

President wants to be Pres. of the U.S. and make laws when he might make men. The most beautiful sight I know is a holy family with the little children clustered around the mother looking up into her eyes and getting her courage and teaching. And the next most beautiful sight is a kindergarten. Probably most of you will have the making of men and women in your hands either as teachers or mothers.
Your inheritance is
a land in material resources
educational facilities
the Bible
the heathen
What are you doing with it?]

Bible class. At 3.25 Narola and Henrietta & I went to Lovers' Leap, a beautiful walk then through a large private estate from which the double row of hills across the river is glorious. The view up and down the river from Lovers Leap is magnificent. We waited just a few minutes there. Henrietta rode home. Narola & I walked. It took us just an hour to go down and just an hour to come back. Chapel.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912072

Christians. Prexy spoke on Christian Joy. [Obtainable thru Faith, Taking account of our spiritual assets (keeping in mind the vision of the highest) remembering God's promises. Of value, to us and our fellow men Joy is power.] Good meeting. Wrote to mamma, Helen Ferris 1915 and Louise Bowen called. Enjoyed looking again at my class picture and Vassarions. Retired 11.15 p.m. The weather has been just perfect today.

Mon. May 20.
Rec'd letter from mama. [Reid Edwards is now a Rev. Mama had a fine time in Conn. where "they said I was a wonder & want me to come again". Rev. Yates (Horatio) is dead. "I suppose you are working hard for your exams & I hope you will do well." "We cannot come to Po'keepsie on account of money."] Rec'd letter from Aunt Lillie. At 11 A.M. had conference with Prof. Wylie in 24. She said "Why my dear take what you want". The subjects you have chosen for next year are just good "intermediate" subjects that any Junior could take. The business letters were read in Description. To the applicant of only one would Miss Buck give a position surely were she in the place of the person addressed. And that one was alas! not mine. Discussed "Das Konzert" in F.F. German. Spent 40 min. fooling with my schedule then read more Browning finishing it


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912073

in the evening. Worked in the Lib. H.Hess just loves science. I could see it in her eye as she talked of her elections. 1913 beat 1914 in basketball today score 14 to 8.

Tues. May 21.
Fire drill at 6.20 A.M. Wrote papa and mama each a congratulatory letter for the 22nd, their twenty fourth anniversary. Read in last Miscellany (June) Rhoda Warner's (1914) excellent essay on Parallels in Music and Literature (written for B.B. Enlish after hearing Prof. Gow's lecture on the principles of musical composition). She gave splendid illustrations.

What is the matter with me and with my writing that I never produce anything worthy of publication?

Went to Lib. studied on Ec. Looked up definition of net-profits for Hazel Edison. Wrote out a description of L.G.O.'s mind for theme 33. Saw Sylvia Tryon at the Infirmary. Song practice 7th. T&M 8th Agnes Campgell neg. Agnes Wilson aff. had joint discussion on Rotating Senior tables for first semester of next year. Gladys B. came up and we thought out examples for M.M. Prose.

[in margin] Agnes Wright is the new speaker.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912074

Wed. May 22.
Papa's and mamma's twenty fourth wedding anniversary.

Last M.M. German prose class. Sent cards to Maud Fillmore and Dorothy Bennett. Hazel Edison came up after lunch to have me tell her [Paracelsus]. 8th hour song practice. M. Underhill came to me for Browning references. Annabel Roberts here to dinner. Worked more on outlining German topic. Returned 2 borrowed books. Asked Narola if she thinks it probable I may yet be told I can go as a delegate to Silver Bay. Stopped a minute to see Peg and Buntie. Retired 10.50 p.m.

Thurs. May 23.
My twenty first Birthday.

Rec'a a card from Claire, a picture of two deer which, she says, "represents you and me out for a walk". Mama sent me a card and also wrote me a lovely birthday letter "I have tried to be faithful to my trust and be a good mother, God only knows how I have succeeded and today she is a Junior in Vassar college and mamma is proud of her. What she makes of herself in the future will be the crown of our glory and on this your twenty first birthday darling may God give you a vision of the world's need and the share you should have in meeting that need and give you grace and strength to be true, pure and helpful."


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912075

Ida wrote me a congratulatory note. Described the view through the central archway of the chapel cloister for Description. On noon mail received from mamma "Eben Holden", a book I love. Bothered several people concerning elections for next year, enquiring particularly about English Political and French Revolution. Saw Janet Golden, Tebbi, Helen Lockwood and Eliz. Page. Went to north & talked with Eliz. Stumpf. Christians led by Helen Landon (1910) good meeting. Subject The Building of a Temple. Talked over my course with Miss Yost after Christians. She suggested taking R. Eng. instead of K. and American Hist. with Prof. Salmon instead of French Rev. Regarding German she said it depends on what you want to do. German and English are not a combination for which that is likely to be a demand when you are looking for a place to teach. She suggested American Literature for second semester and Charities & corrections as being an especially good course for one expecting to teach in a high school. She told me how to apply for a position as English tutor next year, & spoke of the Honor reading which I may like to do this summer. If you expect to teach English it is wise to get in as close touch with the English department as possible, and have them


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912076

interested in you. Miss Yost is so dear.

Fri. May 24.
Rec'd birthday card from Tom Dye and a letter from Aunt Ella. Had 21st serum injection. After J.J. went to Ruth Robinson and talked over elections. She thinks I'd be foolish to drop German. Tho she has been an official tutor this year she has given but 6 English tutor lessons, and she has doubled in English through college. A severe thunderstorm came up while I was in Main. Had Alma Klippel here to dinner. After chapel was the annual song contest, this time on the chapel steps and 1913 Won. I'm so glad. Helen Scobey wrote the words and the music. Talked with Miss Zabriskie and Anna Blake about 15 hours and tutoring. Henrietta brought in some lemonade. Handed in my schedule for 12 hours.

[in margin]
E. Ec.
R. Eng.
E. Germ.
Rc "

Sat. May 25.
Helped Henrietta with German indirect discourse. Worked all day on German semester topic on Di Frauenfrage. Carried mail at night in north Main for E. Baldwin 1914. Wore shrunk cotton skirt & waist on Junior-Senior boat ride. 1914 took off several Juniors as well as Freshmen. We left about 7 P.M. on 8 or more special cars. Waved to the V.C. people and the Inn waiters who waved flags at us. All the way to the pier people stared at us.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912077

Our boat the Reynolds, was placarded the House boat on the Styx and as we crossed the gang plank the fierce yelps of three headed Cerberus, with a feather duster tail, greeted us. We passed by Charon and on into Hades where we saw the 1912 celebs ten years from now in 1922. Most of the take offs were fine. The moon came out and the ride down the river was beautiful. Several trains went by, their lights flashing through the darkness like a bright ribbon. Henrietta & I sat together near Rachel W., Frances V., Pauline T., Lilian Lee, Mary Miller and Mary Tracy. After a ghost chorus (of the Junior members of the choir) sang two splendid songs we had coffee, sandwiches and ice-cream cones. Returned to the Poughkeepsie dock soon after 10 P.M. I staid up till 12 p.m. to finish my German paper. Rec'd a letter from Margaret Towers.

Sun May 26.
Lyman Abbott preached again today. His text was "The living god is among you". [God shows himself 1. In nature, each day he creates the world anew. 2. In history, of the Hebrews, English & present Americans 3. In his companionship with all kinds of people of all kinds of temperaments. We never can get away from God. Where love is there God is "God is among you" is the last verse I'd like you


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912078

to hear from my lips and the last word is ["Immanuel"] Bible Class in L. offered in 213S. to teach a mission class next year but Maud said they have enough teachers and moreover they try to get for teachers the girls who have been to the conferences, like Silver Bay. Wrote letters. Called on Ethel Strohm. Music. Chapel. Christian. Prexy spoke on "the love of Christ which passeth knowledge." think on 1. His sufferings for us 2. What he is now doing for us.

Have written to mama, Gladys Sutton, Gladys Dutton, Ellen Sergeant, Ida and a note to Prof. Salmon asking for permission to listen next year in A. History.

Mon. May 27.
Rec'd letter from mama ["Only two more Sundays and you will be home with us and I am so glad." Mrs Shannon leaves next week for Virginia. "Aunt Mary and Aunt Ella were so pleased to hear from me." A letter is about all the brightness they have and I am so glad you wrote them.] Last N. Latin class today. Reviewed German prose. Gladys B. came up before 10 & we did a little together. Last P.S.V. meeting at Maud's 213S. from 8.30 - 9.30. "Have you heard the latest news Gretta? You've been elected to go to Silver Bay." Maud say when I came in. She read to us some from Decision of Character. Had Prof. Mills today for last time in A.A. Economics.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912079

Tues. May 28.
M.M. German (prose) Senior exam (as Gladys & I are the only Juniors in the class) at 10.30 A.M. Class meeting under our class tree at 8th hr. Lemonade served afterward. Studied in Lib. in P.M. reviewing Distribution and jotting down points for Ec. paper due tomorrow. Got note to call at messenger room where found my note to Prof. Salmon approved and a note that she would be glad to see me before I hand it in. Returned the cards which I printed to Miss Stroebe who was much pleased with them.

Wed. May 29.
Miss Wells had Ec. today. Handed in outside prepared paper on Division of labor. Then she gave us a written. Wrote for last B.B. English quiz filling in blanks in class for Miss Rourke. Most everybody was on time to Biology today. Rec'd the postals from Ida which I sent her the money for. Last Students' meeting in P.M. and "Vic" Searle received the gavel and read the election returns & dismissed the meeting. Louise Boynton left today & I wished her a grand time. She sent back a note by Narola.

[in margin] No chapel had nice time in Bessie's room with M.L. Strayer, Peg, Agnes and Helen (Wright)

Thurs. May 30.
Saw Prof. Salmon at end of 2nd hour and she said she had enquired about my striking qualities for she feels something is lacking when a girl


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912080

is absent and her seat empty. Showed Louise's slip to Miss Stroebe, Whitney, North. Wrote last B.B. English theme on the course itself B.B. English. What is it? The entire class hour was spent in the reading of themes and they were splendid. Miss Whitney lectured on the English and the American drama of today. She asked us to use our influence to better the drama and told us of an organization. Dramatic League of America, started in Chicago which is working for the best drama. [This is the first actual appeal, enthusiastic and spontaneous I have heard in a Vassar class room from any instructor] Finished copying my German semester topic on "Die Frauenfrage" & also handed in the Geschichte der D. Literatur, pasted, ready for printing. Christians in P.M. Agnes Wilson led.

Fri. May 31.
Last Ec. quiz - Miss North. Rec'd letter from Louise. Gave her Ec. paper to Miss Wells also a note. Saw Miss Rourke for her. Wrote her a card & sent her theme paper to the pier. Saw E. Kittredge in the German office in Rockie about the lists for the German summer reading. Last Biology lecture. Then 6th hour last J.J. English class, my last class as a Junior. We had a written on the selections we had memorized from Shelley, Keats, Tennyson


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912081

and Browning. An interesting task to locate the quotations. Corrected bank statement. Watched for a half hour the Senior dance. Pd. Senior parlor due $2.75.

Sat. [Ma] June 1.
Called to Secy's office. A friend wrote Miss McC. of a position for the summer paying a living & travelling expenses in a neighborhood house in Keen Valley N.H. Reviewed Ec. most of the day. Finished German summer reading book lists. Sang on steps of Strong & we went along in a line & let the Freshmen play Juniors. Talked over an Ec. point or two with Helen R. & Helen A. in 405. Reviewed German. Retired 12 P.M. Handed in application slip for Silver Bay to E.C. Baldwin.

Sun. June 2.
Went downtown to church. Heard Mr. MacNab at Pres. Ch. preach on a Timely anointing - good.
"Love knows no sure tomorrow
It only has today"
Walked home, part way with E.C. Baldwin and Edith Jamieson. Last Bible class after dinner in E. Edith Maas's room. Katharine Otis, Alma Leslie, Bernice Marks and I were there. Then spent over two hours rereading Eben Holden. Chapel. Christians. Which Prexy threw open to the girls to tell what college has done for their religious life. I said the mission classes next to the exceedingly practical & inspiring


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912082

Sunday evening meetings, had had the strongest influence in making the Bible more real and showing that today the call to us is just as real as the call that came to Paul to "come over into Maudonia and help us". Wrote home.

Mon. June 3.
F.F. German exam at 8.20 A.M. in 19. Nice paper but I couldn't place the first quotation which was half of the first question and there were only four. Took mail. Studied Ec. Rec'd letter from mama [Shall Ida's present be a Shakespeare set or a picture? Theda (Rogers) Alling has a daughter born Saturday. "We received your letter containing the good news for your election as a Delegate to Silver Bay and we rejoice with you and are so glad you can go". "I hope you will do finely in your examinations."] A.A. Economics exam in 35 "Rockie" at 2.30 P.M. A very fair and interesting paper. Under the tree by the walk. R. Evelyn Noble was sitting with Margaret Armstrong and Mary [Nowrse] soon came. Agnes Wilson sat down and we commented a bit on the exam. in the shade, a cosy group. Got Senior photograph sale pictures this noon $1.60 worth (30 pictures). College singing on Rockefeller steps. Varsity basket ball team did a "stunt". Florence Taylor gave the girls their "V"s. and held the basket ball


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912083

tied with a yellow ribbon on a tray and each girl had to kiss the ball. Walked over to chapel with Lucy Penniman. She was talking with Elinor Prudden about the Presidents' book (Senior Class). At my request Elinor Bliss walked up to the Arlington Post office with me to mail a letter to mama telling her to get the Shakespeare for Ida. Studied on the Evolution lectures. [Mary Ross 1915, 401R was packing today and I asked her why she was taking all those books home and she said Why they're mine. They are not study books. I want them home so I can read them. I said that I didn't have but two or three books here that are not study books. I don't have time to read them. Oh I do she replied. I keep them to pick up when I'm tired.] If she, a Freshmen gets time to read, play, swim, go walking, have a good time, write poems for the Miscellany why do I, a Junior, not have even more time for reading etc and study even better as a result?

[in margin] Answer K.G.O.

Tues. June 4.
Reviewed Biology in the morning and after lunch. Delivered the German summer reading books. Rained. No Chapel. Studied J.J. English reviewing Shelley. Did more Biology. Returned E. McShane's copy of Poe (containing the Black Cat). Retired about 10. Applied for mail route.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912084

Had 25th serum injection. Took mail. Finished J.J. English review. Had J.J. English exam in 34 at 10.50. Two questions, a nice exam. H.Rosenthal took the noon mail for me. Studied more Biology reviewing drawings in laboratory note book. H.F.R. came in & asked a question or two, N. Rivenburg asked me a couple of questions on Biology. I feel shaky about this exam there is so much to remember in detail. A.A. Biology exam. in lecture room of N.E.B. at 2.30. Choice of 5 questions out of . I saw Frances Jewell after the exam. and she said "I wanted to hand in an A. paper". "So did I Frances I said You're the first person I ever heard express that wish." [I know I made three mistakes on the paper 1. 2 of the 8 drawings to show sexual reproduction in the Paramecium wrong & I said 2. that the result of the conjugation is one cell instead of 2. 3. I did not know any experiments to cite as conclusive proof for the present position of biologists as to spontaneous generation (i.e. of course negative) 4. Failed to mention the thread cells as being important in connection with the hydra's obtaining food. 5. Did not state Ehrlich's theory of immunity with absolute precision, did not know exactly what the haplophores do.] Played some on the piano. H.F.R. said I didn't know you could play. I played Titania, La Madonna. She said


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912085

"You play just like you think" "How is that?" you strike each note so clearly and precisely. After dinner the baton was given by Doc Smith to Gretchen Thayer, our new college song leader. Then we gave our Strong steps to 1914. Ruth Butterfield ran to tell me that Mrs. Morris (Vovo) has a boy born Sunday. Walked over to Main from chapel with F. Jewell, told her what a blunder I made on the Paramoecium and she said "I'm ashamed of you". We discussed working for A's or marks in general and she said I just try to do my days work as good as I can "My day's work today was an exam" and I tried to do it as best I could, center my attention on my work and not think about the result. Her 15 yr. old brother is coming Fri. I read 80 more pages in the Life of Alice Freeman Palmer in Raymond Reading room. Have finished the chapter on marriage.

Thurs. June 6.
Mended. H. Rosenthal sewed with me in the afternoon. Made chocolate in P.M. for Henrietta and myself. Saw Gladys Bassett off and bade Helen Ferris, Louise Bowen, Lucia Gordy and Narola Rivenburg good bye.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912086

Fri. June 7.
Took mail, claimed underwaist, got bathing suit. Went off campus to Mrs. Knaus, to see about rooms for next year. $1.00 a night, $.50 a meal for each person. Went downtown with Henrietta Hess. Bought a box and 2 rolls of films. H. treated me at Smith's. Rec'd letter from papa enclosing a money order for $10.00. Cashed it depositing $5. with Mr. Polk. Cashed my check for $20.00 at the Farmers' bank. paid Tebbie $5. and left the $15.00 with Mr. Polk. Agnes Rowlands' table went on a picnic so she invited herself over here to dinner as my guest. Chapel. Finished rereading "Eben Holden". Juniors met at 4.30 on north side of Rockefeller to line up for class day. Only a few came out. Gladys Sutton called in P.M. and returned my 2nd semester Horace notebook. She took the exam in it this week.

[in margin] "Help us to rise above our failures and our successes".

Sat. June 8.
Last payment on the mail D1 & 2 ($6.00). Went to Dr's for serum injection. Mended. Henrietta tried 8 pictures of my room and she took one of Alma, Gladys, Mildred and me and I took one of her. Went downtown about 4 P.M. and walked back. Met many people coming from the circus "Buffalo Bill". Davison people were over here to dinner for 1907 had its class supper in Davison 1862, '72, '77 are in Raymond. In Room 14 ("Rockie") Alumnae Headquarters, saw a list of the


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912087

Vassar Alumnae. We have 38 and 22 are deceased. Found the address of the Hedden girls in this catalog. Last chapel service. I sat in my own pew no. 21 off the middle aisle the fourth one in, alone. I wanted to sit one more in my own seat. Prexy read psalms "I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord". and he made a prayer full of feeling. Paid G. Johnson for mail. Called on 210 D. Clara Hill was there. Agnes's father started the playground movement in Flatbush. 1912 Tree Ceremonies at 9 P.M. They burned a Vassarion & class records. It was quite different from the ceremonies in 1910. Made hot cholcolate which Henrietta, Albertina, Lilias Wheeler, Rosalie Feder, & Eliz. McShane shared with me. Lilias said (I remember the first time I saw you. I had heard about you how you were wild about college, wanted to know peoples names and addresses, & what they were going to do. I said there's a woman with some sense, I found out you had a sense of humor and I liked you.)

Reflected after in bed on the quality of my present friendships. I like to lead. I hate to butt in. Everyone has some good trait.

But I want to learn to know these girls


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912088

who can teach me and from whom I can gain socially. Lucy Penniman, Frances Jewell and Ann Van Winkle from Strong. Agnes Wilson, Ruth Holliday, from Lathrop, Victoria Searle, Sylvia Conant, Sydnor Walker from North, Alma Klippel, Marguerite Elvin from Davison and Gladys Bassett, Elizabeth Ingersoll, Bobs Worcester, Elizabeth Holloway, Peg Wead, Dorothy Williams, Eleanor Greenberg, Peg Ruddiman, Louise Boynton, Albertina Pitkin, Evelyn Noble, Betsy Baldwin, Myra Williams, Elsie Bogert, from Raymond.

I made a mistake in taking in Pittsford Anna Mann for a friend. I had nothing to gain from her and the result of the friendship was in loss, a giving on my part, with no receiving socially and with a distinct loss in the loss of a [form] friendship with my own class of people, the high school boys and girls my own age, Helen Agate, Una Hutchinson, Margaret Becker, Mary Grump, Ruth Doane, Charlie Wadhams, Chester Reed, Howard Bacon, Alice Kitchen. I was content to drift with the good and handy which was easy to have instead of being alert and persistent in getting the best I could have. We had our own horse and carriage and


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912089

drove by ourselves, and enjoyed ouselves together a happy, home-loving family, devoted to each other but a bit selfish because our happiness demanded only our four selves to be complete. Papa's college mates were faraway. Those that did live in the city (Rochester) he never came in close touch with, no family friends but Cassie Smith, Mrs. Barker, Mary Thornell and Sarah Barker came in and Mr. Todd and no one of these demanded and obtained from us our best efforts. Mamma entertained beautifully I wonder if the entertainment was too carefully planned, so the individuality of the company was repressed. Exciting discussions of current topics seem to be a minus quantitiy either we don't follow them closely enough or other things are of more importance to us, or we don't make the effort.

I am like papa in being careless about my ordinary appearance, but like him my best clothes are becoming and I can look nice. It's so easy to not be spick and span absolutely clean, just as you ought to be. I am also careless of the little, but important social courtesies. Don't talk about yourself like A.R. does but learn how to be an interesting


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912090

conversationalist. Don't talk all the time like A.R. does, let a lull come occasionally. Don't with an apparent show of modesty, tell the big things that have happened to you. (may be an assistant, highest standing, etc.)

"Strengen Sie Sich ein bischen an", Gretta, and find out how to be socially agreeable and before it is forever too late make a firm, frindship with a girl who will give you something and who will always make you be your best and do your best and appear your best in every way.

You are lazy, Gretta Ordway, you are also a slow poke and you are unjust to your excellent physique in not being an athletic (and an excellent athlete) girl. Why don't you play the piano, recite, use your talents. Why haven't you been a tutor all this year, earning money and winning praise and admiration from faculty and your friends like Lucy Penniman has done? Know your own mind, have decision of character. Get the best, not the good.

June 9, 1912.
[in margin] Get it.

Katherine Gretta Ordway V.C. 1913, the best is yours, if you will have it.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912091

Sun. June 9.
Heard Prexy's splendid Baccalaureate sermon to the graduating class, sat in the gallery with Henrietta Hess. Returned Alma Leslie's book. In Raymond reading room read Arnold Bennett's "How to live on 24 hours". Also read a bit in the life of Ellen S. Richards where her years at Vassar are described. Looked over the Vassar books in the Lib. Found a funny picture of Prof. Bracq, Dr. T. and Prof. Mills in one book. Walked with Harriette White & H. Hess around the upper walk of the lake. Met the Lockwood family. Music at 8 P.M. It was a request program and was splendid. The combination of the organ & piano was just wonderful. Wrote to Ida and wrote home. Went down and watched Agnes Wright pack. She is also going to silver Bay. Agnes Rowlands & Clara Hill came over to make plans for driving.

Mon. June 10.
Bought ticket home. At 2 P.M. Agnes Rowlands, Clara Hill and I left Travis's livery downtown on Clinton St. and went on a three hour drive down the Hyde Park road and back via a different route. I drove part of the time & it was lots of fun. 'Twas a glorious day. Clara and I started to walk home and were invited to ride by Charlotte Wilson in her automobile. Met her brother and mother, and


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912092

Miss (Biology) Beckwith was with them. Heard a fine address in the evening to the Phi Beta Kappa Society by Pres. John Finley of New York . "Mobility and transmissibility" were the keynotes of his lecture. 1912 repeated its Maypole dance at 6.30 and the spade was presented to Lucy Penniman by Elinor Prudden on Rockefeller steps. After the lecture Dorothy Williams, Margaret Wead & I went over by the chapel and saw part of 1910's ceremonies for their new tree. They marched over to 1908's tree, took their 1910 banner and went back to their own tree each girl carrying a sparkler. They looked lovely. 1912 gave some songs to 1914 on Strong steps and each 1912 girl had a stick with a lighted Japanese lantern. They marched from Strong to Rockie and sang there then filed off the steps by twos in a long line, gave their lanterns to 1914 who marched back with them and they went to the north side of Main. I have never seen such lovely processions. Rec'd letter from papa telling me not to bring home a carload of books & stating that he will meet me at the Grand Central.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912093

Tues June 11.
Engaged a room with a cot at Mrs. Knaus's and board at Mrs. Millard's for my family for next year. Glee Club concert on the steps of North about noon. It was fine. Formed in line for class day in the open space north of Rockie at 3.30. The Seniors looked beautiful in their delicately colored dresses, the sophomores and 1913 were all in white and the daisy chain looked so pretty. We marched through Rockie [Diagram of route for marching] over to 1912's class tree. The girls stood up and there were two large platforms on which many of the guests sat. I could see & hear well by standing in the middle aisle. After dinner a few 1913, Neida, Carolyn, Madeleine, Taylor and I marched around the triangle trying to get 1913 out. Picked up Julia Lovejoy. Went to circle & practiced a serenade (Neida's Baton). Serenade 1872 and 1882 who were having their class suppers in Strong. One of them threw a little Mortorboard candy hat dish to us. Sat on the Lib. steps awhile. Sydnor Walker and Hughes were there. Went over to the reception in Main about 9 P.M. Had ice cream etc. Watched the participants from the stairs. Spent all the morning packing.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912094

Wed. June 12.
Trunk went this morning. Commencement procession began at . I tried three pictures of it for Alice Louis Plumb then the film slipped. Henrietta and I got a good seat in the gallery and I staid all through the commencement exercises which were fine, the gifts to the College are generous, the 6 speakers did finely and I love Vassar more and feel my own unworthiness more. Will I belong among the honored ones of 1913 next year? Will a star be after my name for honor work on the commencement program next year? Went down to get the 3.44 but it didn't leave till 4.30 P.M. Sat with Harriette White part of the time and with Madeleine Winter too. Papa met me at the Grand Central. H. White said goodbye on the subway. Got home about 8 P.M. Nice supper. Porch is freshley painted, the screen and new curtains in the dining room & the curtains that were in the dining room are now in mama's room. A pretty new mahogany pedestal in the parlor.

[in the margin] Papa has a nice new suit.

[in the margin] (announcement) Rec'd invitation to Ida's commencement.

Thurs. June 13.
Mama and I went downtown in the afternoon. Bought a new pink gingham at Bambergers and a blue & white [lawn] with black poka-dot at Hahne's. Very pretty. Tried on a lovely pink chiffon evening dress in Hahne's parlor. It is now $20.00 regular price $29.75. I don't think I


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912095

really need it. Besides I have run in debt almost $30.00 for having my face treated by serum injection. E.C. Poverty social in P.M. Harry Fox was judge & Al. Clark inspector, a musical program by Hazel Ludlow and the Heilmanns was given and Lois Edwards spoke. Frank Platts & H. Fox gave the quarrel scene from Julius Caesar. Al. Clark gave a comical socialistic campaign speech. It seems good to see the young people again.

Fri. June 14.
Mama spoke at Montclair in afternoon. I visited Clarie in school. Heard the Flag Day exercises, met Miss Smallstick, her present teacher and saw Miss Keyler her former teacher. Then helped papa print 300 bulletins. Mrs. Edwards and Helen came in the evening. Trunk came.

Sat. June 15.
Spent most of the day unpacking my trunk and getting my closet and bureau in order. Where oh where shall I put my winter clothes? Helped Claire with her bath after which I gave her a "piggy back ride".

One night since I came home papa was talking about honors. Mama said I shall be awfully disappointed if you don't get honors but I'm pretty sure that when you get to teaching you'll be a successful teacher. Then

[in margin] N.B.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912096

Papa said "O you'll get honors all right" I sincerely hope I do. Claire gave a concert violin & recitations papa was accompanist.

Sun. June 16.
S.S. at 10 A.M. I had Bertha Eschenfelder's class & also opened the exercises of the Primary dept. I had boys from 3 other classes, cute little fellows. Papa's text was Luke 18.14. We each have our own pedestal of pride and self esteem from which we must come down if God is to completely control our lives. Read from Odyssey aloud to Claire. Started my German book. Mrs. Davenport led C.E. "The duty of being pleasant". Good meeting. "If I knew how to whistle, mama, I would". Text in P.M. Amos 8: 11, 12. Splendid sermon. Take the Bible as it is, never mind the higher criticism and know it, study it daily, teach it, talk it. Had popcorn for lunch. All sat on the porch (which has two nice new rockers, and the two old ones have been painted green. The screws are up. Walked down with Mrs. Davenport. Met her sister who is at the Hastings orphan asylum on the Hudson this P.M. as Sec'y. Mrs. D. suggested I go to see Miss Johnson, an old lady who is well travelled and who would greatly appreciate it.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912097

Mon. June 17.
Worked. Rec'd letter from Agnes Rowlands. Mama had Reid Edwards come to talk about Mrs. Shannon as a possible grocery store keeper.

Tues. June 18.
I ironed almost every garment I own for summer wear. The gasoline iron refused to work after it once went out so the gas stove & irons had to be substituted. Prayer meeting in P.M. claire took violin lesson at 9 A.M.

Wed. June 19.
Mama went downtown and I ironed for her. Papa in afternoon went to the conference on Social Problems at the First Church & in the P.M. he & mama heard the conference on Dance halls and Amusement Summer Parks.

Thurs. June 20.
Films from Raymond's came today 3 fair, rest no good. Packed for Silver Bay. Mama went to Miss. meeting at 3 P.M. I left home at 4, at 6 P.M. the pier 32 on the "C.W.Morse" in company with about 20 other Vassar girls for Silver Bay. Had supper with Betsy Baldwin, Eliz. Pringle & Marcia Livermore. Sang on deck. Serenaded Barnard. Roomed with Marjory Howell. My first night in a state room & I slept well.

Fri. June 21.
Reached Albany soon after 6 A.M. & left on the train about 7.15 A.M. arriving at Lake George station (Caldwell) 10.30. Spent almost 3 hrs on steamer "Sagamore". Reached Silver Bay after 1 P.M. Dined. Gave up convention certificate. Got room assignment.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912098

Beech 4 to which a Bell-boy carried my suit case. Found to my glad surprise that Elizabeth Baldwin is to be my room mate for the 10 days. Visited book store. Supper. Big crowd came on night boat. Saw Rhoda Starr. After supper Hazel Lush came to me. Walked down birch walk with B. Pringle & Marcia Livermore. Auditorium meeting led by Miss Davis. Announcements. Informal reception. Hung up clothes. Retired by candle which has to be out at 10 p.m. Miss Thoburn asked me to be attendance keeper (secretary) in Dr. Brown's class.

Sat. June 22.
Breakfast at 7.45. Bought Bible class & mission book.
The Social Teachings of Jesus.
The Chinese Revolution.
Paid board $15.00. Bible class 8.30 A.M. Exhibit hall. Mission class 10.00 A.M. B. Sec. Hall. Methods of Teaching 11.00 Cox Hall. 11.45 Mr. Potter not here, we just sang. Wrote mama, and a card to Ida and Claire. Song practice after 1st dinner. I am to be on the crazy chain. Saw Dr. & got 2 quinine pills & some gargle. Dr. McDowell 7.45 fine address. Read in bookstore part of Prof. Jenks "Boy and High School". Treated to ice cream cone by Freeman, Sutton & Lesher. Delegation meeting. Had nice visit in afternoon with Hazel Lush and the other Rochester girls. Heard first whip poor will.


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912099

Sun. June 23.
This certainly an ideal spot for situation. 9.30 song service on the hill beyond Forest Inn. 10.30 church. Rev. Grannis preached. Walked south a short distance with the Curtis girls. Read Dent 1.12. 4 p.m. Denominational meeting led by Mrs. Potter in Exhibit hall. Met from Brown University a Miss Bosworth who knows Theckla Jones very well. 7.45 Dr. McDowell again gave a fine address. 9 p.m. Delegation Meeting. caught mouse.

Mon. June 24.
Rose to study at 6.30. Dr. Pendleton took Bible Class today for Dr. Brown who had to preach in his own church in Bridgeport Conn. Passed attendance card. 10. A.M. Miss Margaret Burton's fascination mission class on the Chinese revolution. 11 song practice on the pier. Told M. Davenport I'd like to try rowing. 11.45 Mr. Potter gave his first lecture on the Essentials of our Faith. In his story of his Union College Professor Henry Whitehorn. Mr. Potter made me see just what my ideal is. Read in Lake George guide book. Watched Basket ball & base ball games. K. Scribner treated me to a cone. Watched swimming, incoming boat dock, Vic and Ethel row. Auditorium meeting led by Rev. Guthrie who looks like a mere boy. Delegation meeting.

Tues. June 25.
Bible class. Dr. Brown back. Conference picture


: VCLDiariesOrdwayKatherineGretta1912100

taken at 9.30. Letter from mama. Mission class. Rev. Potter. Song practice. Tied daisies on the chain. College day in the afternoon. The stunts were clever. We had a daisy chain mock and crazy. My partner was Diantha Lapham. 6.30 Evening sail in the Oneita which got as far as the stone arch and then the engine stopped so we really rode only for 15 minutes. 7.30 Y.W.C.A. work explained. No delegation meeting.

Wed. June 26.
Bible class. Mission class. Delegation picture taken under the apple tree in front of the hotel. Betsy went to Ticonderoga. I went in bathing. Borrowed Nectar hat.

Thurs. June 27.
Bible class. Mission class. Hunted up Simmon's College delegates [Miss Stevens, ] who know Margaret Becker & Helen Agate. Also hunted up Miss Lockhurt, delegate from Keuka who knows Ruth Sergeant. 5 p.m. party for the Prep. school girls expecting to come to Vassar. Vassar beat Mt. Holyoke at basket ball. John R. Mott spoke in p.m. He is God's instrument for God works in, through and with him. Ruth Burns & Louise Roble came tonight.

Fri. June 28.
Bible class. Mission class. Mary Bliss talked a few minutes with me. Spoke in miss. class.