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Short entries in a half page a day format. Raymond describes her academic activities at Vassar, including studying and tutoring in Latin, and giving, taking, and chaperoning music lessons. Raymond mentions class day, graduation, and the naming of Vassar's new dormitory, Raymond House (Jun 9). Raymond's social activities include taking bicycle lessons, attending plays, and reading to family and friends. Raymond reports the health issues and deaths affecting her and her social circle. She details her religious involvement through attending services and prayer meetings, reflecting on sermons and lectures, meeting missionaries, observing Lent, participating in the Salvation Army, meeting the Booths [founders of the Salvation Army], and attempting interventions with consumers of alcohol and non-Christians. Historical events referenced by Raymond include the imprisonment of Baptist minister [Alberto Jose] Diaz in Cuba (Sept 13), the fire at Mount Holyoke College (Mon 28),the fire on [Railroad Street], Great Barrington, [MA] (Oct 13), and the election of Raymond's preferred presidential candidate, William McKinley (Nov 4). Accounts at the back of the diary include "benevolence" records of her donating money to various individuals and causes.

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Bank book 123694
Springfield Institution for Savings


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Cornelia M. Raymond
Vol. XII

From Minnie,
Dec. 25, 1895


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"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap".
Gal. 6:7

If any man lack wisdom, let him ask God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not, and it shall be given him. James 1:5.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896037
Wea. Wed. Jan. 1, 1896 Ther.

Bertha very sick with asthma. New Years dinner at 2. Harold, Ruth, & Ralph came. 18 1/2 page letter from Reeve. He has gone back to Bible reading & prayer. Ray came from Uncle Gus after dinner. Long call from Alfred Raymond who brought to Bertha from Susie Raymond & Lucy Bliss a brass tea-kettle. We all, except Bertha went to a party at Lottie's.

Wea. Thursday 2 Ther.

Bertha no better. Mother & I went shopping. Met Mrs. Thomes-Allris, Miss Penfield (81), Mary Sharpe, Ralph, Mary Goodrich, Lou Dickerson's cousin. An awful day. Bertha's attack began at about 8 A.M. & continued all day with no relief. She took Oxygen & everything. At 9 Frank & Jus gave her a hypodermic injection & she then became unconscious. Will & I called on Ella Frances & went to the Girls' High School. Ray & Will went to Franks & to Roberts.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896038
Wea. Fri. Jan. 3, 1896 Ther.

Bertha better but still wretched and sore. Ray & Will left this A.M. for Angelica & Ithaca. Day of Prayer. [Soul winning]. Early meeting 6.30 at 10, at 2.30. I heard Dr. Elle's, Cameron, Knapp, Wolfkin Campbell. Eve. went to S.A. Holiness meeting. Met Miss Harnan. Talked & prayed with Mr. Young & Miss Thayer.

Wea. Saturday 4 Ther.

Ralph went to Keuka. I went to see Ruth & she came here. Bertha is better. Call from Mary Sharpe & Will Breeze. Kenmore came to take Minnie & Ruth to the 23rd Regiment Review. Mother, Frank, Russell, & I played History cards. I wrote to Emma Whittemore & to Sarah Lloyd. Mrs. Devins washed my head, Mother's & Mins. Helen Smith called with little Mary [...].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896039
Wea. Sun. Jan. 5, 1896 Ther.

A.M. Mr. Dixon, Deut. 11:12. Albert Orton & Prof. Froelich came to dinner. Albert & Mother called on Holtis Gibson. I went to S.A. Army. There I met Younges again. He did not seem right, & at last I found he was waiting for Holiness. I confessed I hadn't it & he talked to me. He walked to elevated station, promised to send book & to pray for me & ask others. Now the old question came up. Can I ever have it? Albert came back to tea. Harrie Quintin gave Ruth a seal purse. I staid home & read to [Pharen] Dixon & Frank Read [...] [...]. Grace Dixon staid to tea.

Wea. Monday 6 Ther.

Hazel Francis died yesterday of scarlet fever. Bertha went to dentists. She left on the 3.30 train for Vassar. Louis Richardson, Ross Roberts, Miss McC?, Ruth, Lucy Bliss & Clara Aldridge called. Bitter cold. Lucy stayed to dinner. She invited us to Alfred's operretta but I declined. Minnie & girls went to church. Mother, Frank & I stayed home. I read Tom Brown.

Wrote to Mrs. Gibson, Capt. Carrigan, Will Richardson, Will Todd.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896040
Wea. Tues. Jan. 7, 1896 Ther.

Came to Springfield. Ernest Sedman called to say good bye. Mother came to the train. We rode to 53rd St. Miss Goodwin not there. Bessie Mullen & Amy Gillette & Lucy Skinner came too. Lena has laryngitis. Found a 12 paper letter from Reeve, pen tray from Bertha Robinson, [Silne] seal from Pauline Day, Veil pin & photo of Lena from Mrs. Griffin, Ethel [Nadis] mother said she never saw any one improve in music as she had. Irene too ill to return.

Wea. Wednesday 8 Ther.

Began school. Edith Homes was detained till this A.M. She has met a Mr. Grubbs at Pittsburg. We began A Singular Life.

Lucy Skiner began music. Mr. strong has returned.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896041
Wea. Thur. Jan. 9, 1896 Ther.

Snowy day. Amy Gillette broke my glasses with a foot ball. Prayer-meeting. Mr. Olmstead & Mip - examined. Talked with Mr. Rice & Mrs. Russel. Nice long letter from Will Todd.

Wea. Friday 10 Ther.

Rec'd wedding cards. Yesterday Grace Learned married Mr. DeWitt. Katharine Bates writes that Fannie has had an operation in a hospital. Rec'd "Vassar" which Bertha bought me.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896042
Wea. Sat. Jan. 11, 1896 Ther.

Gave Ethel Nash her 1st Latin lesson. Called on Mrs. Porter at breakfast time. James came today & Violet & I called on him. Violet asked whether Mother was not coming. Edith [Turtlelotte] & I went down town. Letter from Carrie Moon.

Wea. Sunday 12 Ther.

A.M. Mr. Perry Christ Ch. Lessons of Epiphany Toleration etc. (good).

Lena wants to box D. Abbotts ears.

Brig. Brown at Salvation A. Talked with boy & [D...] girl. Took tea with James. Welsh Rarebit had ale & I stopped eating it.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896043
Wea. Mon. Jan. 13, 1896 Ther.

Edith Holmes does not seem well. They say that they had wonderful meetings at our church & two were saved. Began "[Mugg] [Meginch]" [Finished] "A Singular Life."

Wea. Tuesday 14 Ther.

Periodical class. Bessie Miller took a second examination in Germ. & failed.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896044
Wea. Wed. Jan. 15, 1896 Ther.

I hear that Mrs. Pelham (High St.) died in NY. James Porter wants Miss P & me to come to Boston to the opera. Letter from Capt. Carrigan.

We wen to Hamilton Gibons lecture on Ichneumon flies.

Judge Shunteff died yesterday.

Wea. Thursday 16 Ther.

Alice Kin's wedding. Called on Mr. Hahn for "Contemporary". We talked of church. Strange meeting tonight. He was said to kill the meeting by scolding. Mr. Rice's feeling were hurt. Called on Mrs. Dorn.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896045
Wea. Fri. Jan. 17, 1896 Ther.

Miss P. wants me to get a new coat. We played Crambo this evening.

Put on my green & brown dress. Wore it last the day Will died. Wrote to Frank.

Wea. Saturday 18 Ther.

Wrote to Bessie Libenthal, Grace Learned, Dr. Witt, Fannie Bates. Letter from Mrs. Griffin & John Date.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896046
Wea. Sun. Jan. 19, 1896 Ther.

A.M. Dr. Moxom. Ps. 97:2. Went to S.A. & City Mission. At S.A. talked again to Mabel Dome. Frank Morse has heard from Reeve. Saw at City M. Johnson, Thayer - prayed with him for deeper work & Page - not sanctified. Capt. Cummings says Joe has left the Mission. Read a good deal of the [Disciples].

Wea. Monday 20 Ther.

Took a day off. Edith Holmes & I called on Mrs. Rising, Mrs. Whipple (out) & Mrs. Revel. Then Edith went home with a sick headache & I called on Miss Jacobs. Ray was out, but I saw Mrs. J. Then went to Celia's on Buchingham St. She kept me to tea. When I reached home the girls were starting for South Ch. play. Reeve wrote me about having his nose broken by a Stevens. I answered him.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896047
Wea. Tues. Jan 21, 1896 Ther.

11 yrs. ago I heard of Mr. Porter's engagement. Edith H. & I took tea with Miss Emerson at Mr. Reed's. Talked Theology.

Wea. Wednesday 22 Ther.

Mr. Reed has sent me his book. Miss P. & I went down town & looked at coats. I sent home 7.50 & 12.50. I went down to meet Alice Rothschild who is to take Irene's place.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896048
Wea. Thur. Jan. 23, 1896 Ther.

Mabel Cone told me that last night they had a cold meeting. Tonight it was a lovely meeting. Chamberlain spoke. An American minister was there.

Wea. Friday 24 Ther.

Girls had Shakespeare anagrams.

Rec'd 8.00 from Ana Graves. Evan [Ass.]


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896049
Wea. Sat. Jan. 25, 1896 Ther.

Call from Jeannie [Barrows].

Wea. Sunday 26 Ther.

A.M. Pres. Dwight Juo. 1:35. Called on May Hodge. Mr. H. has softened of the brain. At S. Army saw Joe. Talked with a young [actor] & his friend. Letter from Geo. Youngs. He has Holiness. Called on Miss [Rolison], Edith Holmes & I called on Mrs. Porter this evening. No singing, so went to bed early.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896050
Wea. Mon. Jan. 27, 1896 Ther.

Called on Mrs. Bartholomew (she [poured] out about children) on Rose Dulton. She is in Quebec but I saw Edith. Bought music. Edith Holmes taken sick. Lucy & I went to tell Mrs. Bill & Mrs. Dutlin. I am to read my S. A. paper in her [stead].

Rec'd books from Youngs.

Wea. Tuesday 28 Ther.

Copied by S.A. paper at the Union office. Read it at Y.M.C.A. Met Miss Barnard, Lee & many others.

Barton Symphony Concert. Esther [Paletine] brother is dead. Miss Fannie Maltice came.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896051
Wea. Wed. Jan. 29, 1896 Ther.

Periodical class. I wrote a long letter to Mother.

Miss Reilly called to consult me about her studies.

Wea. Thursday 30 Ther.

Miss King is ill so did not come. Prayer meeting. Queer one. Mrs. Bertrand ? spoke of the Indwelling. I have begun "Inbred Sin" & Mr. Reid's book on doctrine.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896052
Wea. Fri. Jan. 31, 1896 Ther.

Neither Dr. Poole nor Miss King came. First [Ch...] letter from Mother.

This evening Miss Maltise sang to us.

Wea. Sat. Feb. 1 Ther.

Edith Holmes had her tooth pulled today & I went with her. Dr. Hurlbut rubbed cocaine on. Miss P, Lena & I went to hear Miss Jordan talk on Ibsen at Mrs. Pillsbury's 55 Elliot before Smith Alumnae. Mrs. Robins came today. Mr. & Mrs. Russell are at the [Dencys] & called this evening.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896053
Wea. Sun. Feb. 2, 1896 Ther.

Mr. Hahn. 1 Pit. 1:8. Communion. S.S. in which we discussed Faith Cure. I spoke to Mr. H. about Holiness. Violet has talked to Miss P. & Edith Holmes to Lena. At S.A. the [Brengles] were there. I had a long talk with Mr. [S...]. Wrote to Mr. Young & Miss Thayer.

Wea. Monday 3 Ther.

Letter from Harlan. Called to see Miss Reilly.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896054
Wea. Tues. Feb. 4, 1896 Ther.

Letter from Mother. Wrote to Fred. Dr. Poole is ill so Edith had gym. Adile Buffington has some [fever].

Lena & Miss P. went to a lecture on Child Culture.

Wea. Wednesday 5 Ther.

Geo. McIntosh sent me his picture. Miss Lukes & Edith Holmes went to hear Mrs. Treat on Child Culture. Adile Buffington was sick yesterday & today with a cold from washing her head.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896055
Wea. Thur. Feb. 6, 1896 Ther.

Pouring rain but cleared some in the evening. Wonderfully impression talk by Mr. Hahn on the leading of the Spirit. I think some did not like it.

Wea. Friday 7 Ther.

Note from Dr. [Fauvre], & Minnie. Fred Reeve writes that he will never live in S. [again]. He is trusting. Miss Julia Nack is here, we had an auction.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896056
Wea. Sat. Feb. 8, 1896 Ther.

Studied & began reports & read. Finished Spencer's "Education".

Wea. Sunday 9 Ther.

A.M. Dr. Moxom Juo. "Loneliness of Christ". Went to S.A. & City Mission. Talked & prayed with Page. He was all off last week. Mrs. Dorn haed had a nice letter from Fred Reeve. I read to girls from A Singular Life this evening.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896057
Wea. Mon. Feb. 10, 1896 Ther.

Constance Copeland has come to spend the night with Lucy.

Patch has had the doctor.

Wea. Tuesday 11 Ther.

Periodical class. Miss Copeland went home.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896058
Wea. Wed. Feb. 12, 1896 Ther.

Patch seemed better but he died in a convulsion today. We sat up till about midnight & made out reports.

Wea. Thursday 13 Ther.

Last day of term. Essays, children's poetry, etc. Vocal class in the afternoon. Miss Porter wishes me to take singing, so I had my first lesson. Miss King seems to be a fine teacher but I can't afford it! Fancy dress party tonight to which several day scholars were invited.

Wrote to Reeve.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896059
Wea. Fri. Feb. 14, 1896 Ther.

Edith Holmes, Violet Coen, & Ruth Chapin went to Vassar. I sent Bertha candy & a note. I sent Winfred my muff.

Began the second term today.

Wea. Saturday 15 Ther.

I think Ethel Nash is to take lessons of Mr. Strong. We had a sleigh-ride. The writing lessons have begun. Went to library. Mrs. Webb came.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896060
Wea. Sun. Feb. 16, 1896 Ther.

Letter from Mother.
Dr. Moxom Matt.
Lucy took dinner with the Porters & Miss Toles the soprano. Rickland has left S.Army. Page was there all right. I had to read again to the girls. Went to bed tired & nervous. Edith Holmes & Ruth Chapin returned. Violet went to N.Y.

Wea. Monday 17 Ther.

A letter from Fred Reeve. Studied hard all the afternoon. All the girls but Amy Gillette, Edith [Tristlelotte] & Violet went to Lohengrin. Violet returned from N.Y. Miss P. has had letters from Mr. Hardie & Mary. She has married a Mr. Jones & he has taken the name La Guy & they are going on the stage.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896061
Wea. Tues. Feb. 18, 1896 Ther.

Letter from Bessies Mom. Studied hard all day & retired at 11.50. I feel worried about all my new lessons.
I have
Beginning Lat. 5 times a week
Caesar "
" Prose 4 Rachel, Edith
Cicero 5 Rising & Edith
" Prose 4 Holmes in music
Virgil 5 Edith Nash
Astronomy 2 began with
Eng. Hist. 4 Mr. Strong today
U.S. Hist. 4 &
Physics 2

Wea. Wednesday 19 Ther.

Ash Wednesday. We went to Lentin service at 5. 1 yr. ago today!


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896062
Wea. Thur. Feb. 20, 1896 Ther.

2nd lesson- singing. Vocal class. I have been cross all the week. But I got good (I hope) in prayer-meeting. Joe was there & Mr. Chamberlain. Mr. Rice is sick.

Wea. Friday 21 Ther.

Took girls to Gill's Act Exhibition this afternoon. Edith [Turtlellote's] friend was here. Her name was - .
Edith Holmes Cousin Lillie came to the city. Dr. Poole did not come.

I studied this evening. Reeve sent a card asking why I did not acknowledge money. A new puppy has come.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896063
Wea. Sat. Feb. 22, 1896 Ther.

The papers say that the Booth's have resigned their command & will take no other. We are all [stirred]. Col. Nicole, Eva Booth & Herbert came to see them. They have left & gone into retirement some where. Studied most all day. Long walk beyond the water shops. Miss Hill did not come. Dudley & Mrs. Lewis called.

Wea. Sunday 23 Ther.

Very excited about the Booth's. Saw Mr. Moxom about an auxiliary meeting. Epis. Church. Funny sermon by Langdon [Stewardom] of Worcester. Call from May Clarke. Talked with Rutland & Page at S.A. Capt. & Mrs. Miller on to [learn]. They wish to raise $80. Miss P. finished "Singular Life".


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896064
Wea. Mon. Feb. 24, 1896 Ther.

Contradictory reports from the Booth's. One says that he is to keep command here but will take no orders from England. Rec'd a letter from Reeve & another $20. Went down town. Put $40 in the bank for Reeve. Went to see Will's picture. It came with a crease. Paid Mrs. Lawyell. Mrs. Webb went home.

Wea. Tuesday 25 Ther.

Periodical class. Discussed the theatre. Conflicting reports about the Booth's. I don't know what to believe.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896065
Wea. Wed. Feb. 26, 1896 Ther.

Lenten Service this evening.

Wea. Thursday 27 Ther.

Beautiful covenant-meeting.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896066
Wea. Fri. Feb. 28, 1896 Ther.

We went to Lenten Service.
Address by
Lady fainted.
Miss Porter thinks I write too many letters! Girls played cards & I studied this P.M.
Letter (printed) from Eva Booth.

Wea. Saturday 29 Ther.

Read U.S. History all day. Went to library this afternoon in the rain. Have caught a cold. Miss Hill did not come.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896067
Wea. Sun. March 1, 1896 Ther.

Dr. Moxom. Keeping of Lent. Rom. 14 Col 2:16.17. At Army great talk about [sticking] by the Army. The Millers have been told to wait for orders. Cameron was there all discouraged. They say Smith has been drinking.

Wea. Monday 2 Ther.

Mr. & Mrs. Booth's "letter to friends" was published today. Miss P. is urging me to withdraw.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896068
Wea. Tues. March 3, 1896 Ther.

I composed a cutting letter to Edith Marshall in the night & sent it this P.M. Miss P. liked it. Letter from Rob saying he thought of me every day, from Esther, & from Bertha.

Miss Hill came.

Wea. Wednesday 4 Ther.

Lenten Service. Mr. [Leries] of New Haven on Conservation for the Sake of others. Juo. 17: -.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896069
Wea. Thur. March 5, 1896 Ther.

Harlan writes that Marguerite is engaged to Howard Benedict of N.Y. 3rd singing lesson. Prayer-meeting. Joe brought Mr. Martin. Mrs. Packard went. Sarah is to leave. I feel worried about Lena. She seems [sober] & tired. Geo. [Greenhalge] is dead.

Wea. Friday 6 Ther.

I rec'd a beautiful letter from Capt. Carrigan. She is with the Booth's. Dr. Poole considers Mr. Hahn for friend minister in Springfield. Girls played cards. For a short time I played Character Cards.

Susy Swift is to come tomorrow to settle things. Ethel Nash has gone with her mother to N.Y.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896070
Wea. Sat. March 7, 1896 Ther.

Studied all day. In the evening I went to see Mrs. Porter & read letters. Miss Hill came.

Wea. Sunday 8 Ther.

Mr. Gerald Stanley Lee Matt. 17:19. Juo. The Bapt. The young man is clever but conceited. Letter from Mother. Cousin Lizzie's [Cin. stick] sold for 1500. Quiet prayer-meeting in S.A. I took tea with Cousin Helen, Etta, George, Miss Clapp.

Fannie [Ring] has a baby.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896071
Wea. Mon. March 9, 1896 Ther.

Last night the Booth's had their Cooper Union meeting, very enthusiastic. The auxiliary league is to be called the defenders' league. Called on Mrs. Baldwin (out), Mrs. Chamberlain. Her husband has not drunk since I prayed with him. Mr. Porter's birthday. Mr & Mrs. P. took dinner here then went home to a suprise party. Reeve writes that he is blue & not doing well.

Wea. Tuesday 10 Ther.

Long letter from Edith Marshall which I liked. OUtlook class. I retired with a sick headache.

Capt. Miller came to ask if Mrs. [Bre...] might hold a parlor meeting here!


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896072
Wea. Wed. March 11, 1896 Ther.

Letter from Capt. Carrigan. She has returned to the Army!

Met Ethel Nash who returned from N.Y. at 3 P.M. Almost a blizzard tonight.

Wea. Thursday 12 Ther.

4th singing lesson. Prayer-meeting. Mr. Rice looks sick & queer.

Alice Rothschild's father has failed but She doesn't know it.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896073
Wea. Fri. March 13, 1896 Ther.

We played games downstairs.

Wea. Saturday 14 Ther.

Studied all day & all the evening. Lucy told me that Violet said I made the girls nervous nagging them. I spoke to Chas. this A.M. I talked to Ethel about her [impertinence]. She passed her Eng. History.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896074
Wea. Sun. March 15, 1896 Ther.

Mr. Fergusson preached but Dr. Moxom preceded it by a talk about the drama. Not an agreeable S.A. meeting, boys very rude. At the close Capt. Miller stated his side for about an hour. I came home with a sick headache & went to bed before supper.

Wea. Monday 16 Ther.

Snowed hard all day. We talked about S.A. Edith Holmes is 26; rec'd a box.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896075
Wea. Tues. March 17, 1896 Ther.

Josie Bostwick writes that Jessie Bostwick is married.

Miss Hill came.

Wea. Wednesday 18 Ther.

Mother sent me a sweet letter from Marguerite. Mr. Hammond 1st organ concert.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896076
Wea. Thur. March 19, 1896 Ther.

Pouring rain. Did not go to meeting for we had home concert. Miss King, Mrs. Porter, Lena & Glee Club sang. Then had birday cakes. I had one candle. Very happy because Reeve wrote about his mother & sent her letter. He says I am his only true earthly friend. 5th singing lesson.

Wea. Friday 20 Ther.

I told fortunes to the girls tonight. Wrote to Susan Smith.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896077
Wea. Sat. March 21, 1896 Ther.

Rec'd a letter from Lill Brengle just "going for" the others. Went down town with Violet. We saw Mrs. Griffith. This afternoon call from Bessie Moore. Went to a "Merriam" tea at Cousin Helen's to meet Cousin Lucy.

Miss Hill came.

Wea. Sunday 22 Ther.

I went to State St. Church. [Vicarious] [Atonement]. Heb. 2:9. Mr. Foster stopped Mrs. Church talking about 2nd Advent. Capt. & Mrs. Miller farewelled today. I went from S.A. to Mission. Talked & walked with 2 girls down Water St.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896078
Wea. Mon. March 23, 1896 Ther.

Lucy has told them that she may not come back. We are talking of Fannie Bates. I went to see Capt. Miller & say we won't invite Susan & I met the new Capt. Mrs. [Wilmont] took dinner here.

Wea. Tuesday 24 Ther.

Last periodical class. I went with Edith Holmes to hear her paper at the Bliss St. home.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896079
Wea. Wed. March 25, 1896 Ther.

Wrote to Fred Reeve & to Fannie Bates. 2nd Hammond recital.

Wea. Thursday 26 Ther.

Susan Swift spoke at Y.M.C.A. on recent trouble. Drunken man put out. Did not go to vocal class. 6th singing lesson.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896080
Wea. Fri. March 27, 1896 Ther.

Last day. Lucy Skinner, Amy Gillette, Bessie Miller, Laura White & I came together to N.Y. on 1.45 train, & Bertha Robbins came to Hartford. Ethel Skinner met us. I found Bertha here & Will came soon after.

Wea. Saturday 28 Ther.

Read Tom Brown to United Society of Bachelors (Frank, Russell, & Phason). P.M. Mother & I went to Mrs. Stephens (dressmaker) & [Jerry] Gibson's (out). Will Trann & wife called. They & Monford took dinner at Sharpes. Bertha, Ruth, Will went to Armory with Kenmore. I read Singular Life to Mother & Minnie.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896081
Wea. Rain Sun. March 29, 1896 Ther.

A.M. Mr. Dixon Spirit-Filled Life. Wonderful sermon. A.M. & P.M. on the same subject. Miss Bradley the girls teacher was invited but did not come. Dr. Judson spoke most interestingly in the afternoon on his father's life. Read to Frank & Phasm.

Wea. Monday 30 Ther.

Minnie & I went to Dr. Stearns Bible Lesson on the Resurrection. Mrs. Stevens. 2nd time. Evening. Read a Singular Life.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896082
Wea. Tues. March 31, 1896 Ther.

Went over to N.Y. I went to S.A. Headquarters. Susan had gone to Chicago but I visited Edith Marshall & saw Miss Clarke. Miss M. says that Mrs. Booth would never speak to her after writing that letter about Carnegie Meeting after lunch. I returned to daily meeting 12.30 led by [Corrine] [Castleton]. Called on Mrs. Favre. Mrs. Stephen's 3rd time. Mr. Adams called this evening & stayed 8.30-10.45. Called on Lucy Skinner & Aunt Susan. Lucy is not to return.

Wea. Rain. Wed. April 1 Ther.

Cousin Darwin's wife is dead. Called on Ruth & Harold & talked on S.A. matters. Rain. P.M. I called on Capt. Carrigan & I feel that she did right to stay in the Army. Minnie, Winnie, & Ruth went to church & I read Tom Brown to Frank, Bret, & Phason.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896083
Wea. Rain Thur. April 2, 1896 Ther.

Mrs. Stephens 4th time. Letter from Cameron. Wrote to Clara Morse, Cousin Lizzie, Rob Bliss, Geo McIntosh, Fannie Roney, Fred Reeve, Kate Foote, Wm. Cameron.
Eve. Read alound A Singular Life.

Wea. Friday 3 Ther.

Wrote to Dudley Lewis, Jessie Bostwick Hume, Lillian Higgins, Stella Hitchcock. Winnie & I bought materials for my hat & she trimmed that & an old one. Mrs. Stephen's 5th time. Prayer-meeting. People gave one reason for thinking themselves Christians. I requested prayers for Charles.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896084
Wea. Sat. April 4, 1896 Ther.

Letter from Fred Reeve. He rec'd mine Friday A.M. & answered that evening. A good letter. Wrote to Carrie Moore. Went to Mrs. Stephens 6th & last time. Called with Mother on Alfred. Lucy Bliss is there. Ross had had 2 operations for piles. Saw pictures of little Alfred & heard stories of him. Bought shoes & Gloves. Read aloud. Girls went to Young Men's League. Sharpes came in.

Wea. Sunday 5 Ther.

A.C. Dixon Matt. 28:20. The professor came to dinner. I went to Capt. Carrigan's S.A. meeting. I took up the collection, read the lesson & talked to a young butcher, but saw no effect.

Staid home this evening. Call from Leila [Dunlap] & Lucy Hague. I had not seen the latter for years.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896085
Wea. Mon. April 6, 1896 Ther.

Dr. Stearns lesson. Before that Will & I called on Ruth, Harold, & their cousin. The "Beans" did not come. Russell came to say that if John had diphtheria his father would like Russell, Marg. & Belle to [bored] with [Min.]. Mr. Hadley's 1st meeting tonight. Mrs. Dixon would like to send Phasen & Marg in, while Grace has measles.

Wea. Tuesday 7 Ther.

Will left at about 7 & I at 10.45 (the 12 o'clock train). Lucy, Bessie Miller, & Laura White came with me. Bertha Robbins got on at Hartford. Saw Josie Cleveland in station. Her father has just died & she is teaching in Boston. Met Miss Jordan & she told me about Miss Healy. Mrs. Packard has had a [bed] full. [Medal] [...] [to] [P...] & Lucy.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896086
Wea. Wed. April 8, 1896 Ther.

School began. Amy Gillette came today, Ethel Nash, Alice Rothschild, Gloria Russell, Edith Turtlelotte. I met Alice in the evening.

Wea. Thursday 9 Ther. Egypt

Prayer-meeting. Long talk with Joe & Mr. Rice. Joe said in meeting he didn't want [Moses] to read his Bible for him. 7th singing lesson.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896087
Wea. Fri. April 10, 1896 Ther.

Dr. Poole did not come. Went to hear Miss Frasen lecture on Pisa, Florence, Venice in Miss Emerson's School.

Wea. Saturday 11 Ther.

Letter from Mother. Studied all day. In the evening I had my corns cut, took a book from library, & went to S.A. for [War] [Eng]. Nice talk with Smith but not satisfactory. He drinks still. He promises to come to prayer-meeting Thursday night.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896088
Wea. Sun. April 12, 1896 Ther.

A.M. Judgement by Revelation. Dr. Moxom.
Went to dinner with Cousin Helen & Etta. Ned Merriam has pneumonia & Alice is with him. At S.A. nice talk with new Capt. Violet & Morse gave me photos. Man who drinks some argued with me. Fear Johnson is tramping again. Martin gave me letter. Man met me & gave "Gosh I'm glad to see you". Read Supply at St. Agatha's to girls. Read Constance Jones letter about Miss Hastings.

Wea. Rain Monday 13 Ther.

Nice letter from Reeve. Strong statement by Ballington Brothers in paper today.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896089
Wea. Warm. Tues. April 14, 1896 Ther.

Gertrude Besse came with her Shetland pony & took me driving to Fred Park. Bessie Miller has slight symptoms of measles has gone home.

Wea. Very warm. Wednesday 15 Ther.

Letter from Will Todd. He does not wish to be Auxiliary Sec. He says Mr. Benedict is the cleanest man he ever saw.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896090
Wea. Thur. April 16, 1896 Ther.

8th singing lesson. At prayer-meeting Mr. Hahn spoke strongly about the effort for Christian Unity. Lucy took 3 girls to see Rip Van Winkle. Joe Jefferson.

Wea. Hot, then thunderstorm. Friday 17 Ther.

It was so hot that we didn't go out but later we had a thunder-storm. We had Violet's play "Love will find a way", & then raspberry [shrub].

Girls liked my dress.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896091
Wea. Hot! Sat. April 18, 1896 Ther.

Read a good deal today: Lord's Beacon Lights, Henry V., Count Robert of Paris etc! Sent Alfred the song In a Manger. Took Clara Russell to the [Devreys]. Took Edith Turtlelotte to the dentists.

Miss P. & Mrs. Webb took dinner with the [Sutphens] at the Poole's. Violet asked for Mother. We had a cold dinner, eggs, fruits, & sardines.

Wea. Sunday 19 Ther.

Beautiful service by Dr. Moxom Luke 12:15. Wealth & Life.

Reeve has come here on his way to N.Y. He met me on the way to S.A. & then walked home with me. He spoke beautifully there. I talked with a little girl & a poor old man who was a back slider from drink. He wouldn't pray, but cried & said "I will".


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896092
Wea. Mon. April 20, 1896 Ther.

Patriots Day. I went to hear Miss Bostick Address the Junior Guild on Cleanliness. Had a nice time with Miss Lizzie Chapin.

Wea. Colder. Tuesday 21 Ther.

Letter from Cameron, Mrs. Gibson & Mother.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896093
Wea. Wed. April 22, 1896 Ther.

Marion says "Aunt Carrie some morning Auntie Packard will say Auntie Carrie is dead". Mrs. Webb went home. Worked hrs over my Eng. History & 1st Prose papers. Called on Miss Hill.

Wea. Thursday 23 Ther.

Lucy seems miserable with a cold. 9th singing lesson. Reeve was at prayer-meeting & spoke beautifully. He wants to stay here & go on the electric R.R. Of course he walked home & I spoke about his grammar. We went on an errand to the drug-store.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896094
Wea. Fri. April 24, 1896 Ther.

Allen R. has lost his position. Both Rob Raymond & Will Raymond's [misses] have expectations. I called on [Maud] [Bourrer]. Mr. Strong lectured on the Orchestra. He had 12 refreshments. Mr. Hildreth & Mr. Blodgett played on 6. Mr. Strong, Mr. Cournen, Mrs. Scott, Miss Greenleaf played.

Wea. Saturday 25 Ther.

Very busy day. Mrs. Chapin & Ned called. Met [Reeve] with the Sawyell baby.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896095
Wea. Sun. April 26, 1896 Ther.

Dr. Moxom. Lecture on the Conference for Arbitrater. Saw Parsons at S. Army. He & I talked to a man. Reeve came home with me. He thinks he must go to N.Y. Acted a little blue about it.

Wea. Monday 27 Ther.

Tried to find Mrs. Chamberlain to get Joe's address but her house was closed. Met Reeve on the Street. S.A. letters published in [War] Eng.


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Wea. Tues. April 28, 1896 Ther.

Mrs. Porter's 10th wedding-day. We took over roses, candelabra lantern.

In the evening, went over & cut wedding cake.

Wea. Wednesday 29 Ther.

1st Annual Union Conference in South Ch.

Mrs. Packard & I heard Dr. Hodges & Mr. Fauvre. The other teachers in the evening heard Lyman Abbott.

I met Mr. Hahn afterward.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896097
Wea. Thur. April 30, 1896 Ther.

Letter from Reeve about Mrs. Langrill. He is going to N.Y.

Prayer-meeting. I felt blue. Talked with [Newhell]. 10th singing lesson.

Wea. Fri. May 1 Ther.

Card from Reeve with his address. 261 W. 20th St.

Mr. Strongs 2nd illustrated lecture. He, Mrs. Scott. Mip Allen, Miss Greenleaf played Beethovens Coriolan, Schubert Symph. in C. Wagner [...] to [M...].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896098
Wea. Sat. May 2, 1896 Ther.

Mr. the Syrian Harvard student came today to sell his embroideries. They are beautiful & cheap. We all fell in love with him. Letter from Reeve in N.Y. He hopes for work. He was very blue. Called on Mrs. Dorn & we talked of Reeve & his past life. She thinks him very good, perhaps not very spiritual. Saw Mrs. Lawyell. Library. Wrote to Will Todd.

Wea. Sunday 3 Ther.

A.M. Communion in Bapt. Church. Mr. of Grand Ligne Mission. Early prayer-meeting. S.S. class. Found letter from Fred Reeve enclosing one for Mrs. Lawyell. At S.A. meeting I prayed with a Rom. Cath. who drinks. Had a long solemn talk with Smith. Reeve has had a nice welcome from Dr. Judson. He hopes to get $250.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896099
Wea. Mon. May 4, 1896 Ther.

Wrote to Mother. Called on Mrs. Lawyell with clothes.

Wea. Tuesday 5 Ther.

Miss King came today. Vocal class. 11th singing lesson. In the evening Lucy, Edith, & I went to Rehearsal of Lily Hymph & Eve. I got up to speak to Mrs. Reed & fell flat in the aisle. Miss Witheridge altered my collar.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1896100
Wea. Wed. May 6, 1896 Ther.

Evening. [Masserats Eve.], Chadwick's Lily Nymph, Mme. Juch, Barron [Berchald], Campanari.

Ada Morse's wedding day.

Wea. Thursday 7 Ther.

Nice note from Dr. Judson about Reeve.

P.M. Schubert's Symphony, Barron [Berchald] [...] of Williams.
Eve. Nordica & Heinrich. [N. San] Tristran & Isolde elegantly.