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Slade, Caroline E. | to parents, Feb. 24, 1866:

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February 24, 1866
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Vassar College Feb 24/66
Saturday Evening

Dear Father & Mother

As I have
nothing particular to do this evening
I have concluded to commence a letter
to you It is a stormy night and has
been raining all day the snow is fast
disappearing and such mud as is taking
its place not black heavy mud like
that home but a light yellow color
that to me looks very strange indeed
It is about seven and I can imagine
you all sitting around the table (if
Father is not gone out) with the usual
complement of papers our paper comes
every Saturday and affords us a great
deal of pleasure it was very interesting
this week, has Perry Brayton outdone
the whole neighborhood In the pork line


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I have not said anything about it before
because there was nothing certain about it
but the report was circulated around the
college that we were to have two or three
weeks vacation in the spring some of
the girls were delighted at the idea
but I did not like it as I knew that
if we went home it would spoil us
for the remainder of the term but all
those hopes were dispelled one day this
week by the announcement that there
would be no spring vacation but there
might be a recess of two or three days
Six months seems a long while to
study without stopping it is something
I never did before One night this
week Dr Hayes the Arctic explorer
favored us with a very interesting
lecture on icebergs and Washington's
birth day we had no school with
tableaux in the evening so we have
had two deviations this week from the
usual course


: VCLLettersSladeAbigailLCarolineE18651866006003
Father does thee ever go to see Sydney
Bateman Laura Chaee speaks of him
as failing and being low spirited I think
if thee would go and see him he would
think much of it and carry him
something nice he has a very bad
cough and no appetite I suppose he
cannot live a great while

We were going in town to meeting
tomorrow as we have not been but
the weather is so bad that we have
given it up. Mother I am very sorry
that thee has been sick I am afraid that
thee works too hard why don't thee have
a girl they have real nice girls here some
of them are as good looking as the students
Father did thee go to the Oyster supper
I shouldn't care If I had a few, Thursday
we expected a better dinner than usual
but all we had extra was a plate of oyster
soup mine contained the exact number
of four oysters so that it was only an
aggravation I am sleepy so good night


: VCLLettersSladeAbigailLCarolineE18651866006004
Sunday Morning

It is a splendid morning it cleared
off in the night clear and cool
I am glad that the barn is progressing
I suppose that everything will be in
order by the time we return. I think
it will be real nice to have a silver
wedding at Mrs Chace's though I suppose
that it will be quite expensive is it to
be a surprise party. I think every one
is very kind to inquire after us please
give our love to any that may inquire
particularly Uncle Abner's family is Aunt
Sarah any better or is she as delicate as
ever. Father did thee have any pictures
taken when in Boston I hope so we
want one ever so much. I had a letter
this week from Rebecca Mitchell she has
not yet recovered from her cough she said
that Cousin Hannah was delicate she was very
sorry that you didn't come up Quarterly Meeting
time Abbie is writing so I will not say

I remain as ever your loving daughter
(Caroline E. Slade)