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Slade, Abigail and Caroline Slade. Letters, 1866

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Many letters in this collection are written by Abigail L. Slade or Caroline S. Slade, and noted accordingly; when letters were co-written, this is also specified. For some letters, it is impossible to determine which person wrote the letter, noted by "Slade, Abigail L. or Slade, Caroline S."\n\n18 letters, each written by either or both of the Slade sisters to family members, about their 1866 experiences as special students at Vassar. The Slades discuss their studies in music, Hannah Lyman's discipline, construction of the riding school and gymnasium, chapel requirements, and their experiences as Quakers at Vassar (Mar 18 1866). Abigail Slade describes the planned reception for Matthew Vassar, fashion, and social news. Caroline Slade describes her poor health, which she attributes to the climate. She also discusses family news and compositions. Several letters (April 11 1866, April 14 1866, May 20 1866) imply that the Slade family was involved in establishing a school for the "contraband" individuals who escaped slavery during the Civil War.,VC Spec 1865-1866
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