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Shipp, Margaret M. | to Family, 5 October 1902

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Sunday Oct 5, 1902.
Dearest Fambulee,
It is raining as usual, but nevertheless Polly and I are going in a few minutes to hear our dear Mr. Hopkins. We met Mr Dudley on the street the other day and he said our pew was still ours. He said he might not always be there though for he had sold out his business and expected to travel a lot and have a good time. He’s a


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very interesting little old man. Miss Fowler, his housekeeper is going abroad next month so Polly and I must call on her pretty soon. We couldn’t make our dinner call last year because she went to Milwaukee a day or two after we took dinner there.
Friday and yesterday were really bright days, and Polly and I made the most of them. We played hockey in the circle Friday afternoon,


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and Saturday morning I had a game of tennis and a long row on the lake. Friday night I went to a chafing-dish party in Ruth Underhill’s room, where we had welch-[rarebit] and candy. Ruth Underhill is one of the nicest girls I know. In the first place she is beautiful, not pretty but beautiful. She has a face that is at once very lovely and sweet and strong, and also very animated -- a rare combination. She tells a story better than any girl her age I know, and she is as witty as can be, and “she knows her Alice” and a lot of other good nonsense too. She has travelled abroad, read everything, and in fact knows so much that I feel as if I didn’t know anything. When I get to know her better, I’ll get a picture of her and send it to you. The Ernestine Pattison that sits at our table knows the Fairbanks, and I remember hearing Adelaide


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Fairbanks speak of Alethea Pattison (sister of E. and a Senior) at the little party that Mrs Holliday gave before I started to college. Ernestine is very nice and a splendid student, but I don’t believe she has much go, but perhaps I haven’t seen enough of her to judge yet.
Well, we went to church, we sat in Mr Dudley’s pew, and what’s more he


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took us home to dinner with him! He knew we would come to church on the first Sunday in the month and he said he was afraid if he didn’t have us right away, Miss Fowler would be going abroad before he had a chance to ask us. My dear I never saw a more delicious dinner more beautifully served! Everything was perfect as we simply gorged. And he talked about


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his flowers and Mr. Hopkins, who by the way preached a beautiful sermon this morning, and entertained us to the best of his ability. It certainly was nice in him to ask. He is as truly hospitable as anyone I ever knew.
When I got home I found your nice letter, Marrie, and the collarette and handkerchief for which I am much obliged. To answer your question before I forget it, we have no special seats at the table. We take turns sitting at the head and serving, each girl a week at a time, and the others fill the remaining nine seats in any way they choose.
Yesterday afternoon there were the services for laying the corner-stone of the new chapel, which has at last really been


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begun. The contract is for it to be completed in June, but I doubt if it will be done much before next fall. Anyway I’ll graduate in it! It is being built between Dr Taylor’s house and the lake, do you remember where that is, Marrie? It’s quite a long walk form Davison and Lathrop halls, but it seemed the only place to put it, and its going to look


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awfully pretty from the lake to see this stone chapel through the trees. They are going to build a beautiful library too, someday soon, but goodness only knows where they’ll out it. The campus is getting so cram full of buildings now, one can hardly get around. The chapel makes the fourth building they’ve put up in two years.
Each section in Argumentation has a debate within itself


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next Thursday on the question whether or not the college course should be entirely elective, and as luck would have it I have to take part. There were four girls chosen for each side and I am first colleague on the affirmative side. Now the sad part of it is that I do not believe that the course should be entirely elective. I begin to see how lawyers must feel when they work to win a case they don’t believe in themselves. I’ll have to do lots of reading on the subject, some of which I did last night, in the “periodical room” where are all the magazines published since the year one. It will keep me pretty busy this week I guess, and I have a history quizz[quiz] tomorrow so farewell,
Polly is one of the debaters in her section.


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How exciting it is about Jean Morton. Is Richmond broken hearted?


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What nice times you are having with the Griffiths and Leverings aren’t you Marrie?


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Good [Reech] Underhill. Mrs. Fairbanks. Mrs someday. Mr Dudley
New chapel campus full of [bldg.] Debate
Miss May Louise Shipp
1010 N. Delaware St


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