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Vance, Gertrude (Pratt) — to mother, November 20, 1913

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20 Nov 1913
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Nov. 20 1913.
Thurs. evening.

Dear Darling Mamma.
I sewed the button on my petticoat it did finely.

There was a class meeting this afternoon and I intended to study Latin all the rest of the time but after lunch it was so warm and lovely out that Luella & I went out on the lake & took our Latin books to study. Some girls had an alcohol parade right after lunch. The had some banners which said “Down with King Alcohol” and they marched all around the campus singing.
We are marching we are marching
Our Brave little band
On the Right side of temperance
We will now take our stand

It [m…?] the use of alcohol for


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-11-20_074_007_006_002
chafing dishes.

Then Luella and I rowed round the Lake for [crossed out: a little] about 1 ½ hr. & we did all our Latin as we had a very short lesson.

Then we went to the Jr-Sr. Hockey game. It was very [] & a tie. There was no cheering allowed until near the end of the game because there were still classes going on in the afternoon. So the cheerleaders would stand up & go thru the motions & the girls would whisper the cheers. It sounded so funny. Then between the halfs we whispered songs.

Then I took my sewing to the class meeting but did not get much done. We are trying to decide on a class mascot


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The comittee wanted something original & they found a little pickininee baby (a real live one) & his mother brought him to the class meeting for us to inspect. The baby was very cute & well dressed. But we did not like the idea of having a colored man for our mascot when we came back for our 25th year reunion. So we have not decided yet. This evening I did my geometry. So all my lessons for Fri. are done. I began to write [Henrietta?] this evening but I did not get very far when the chapel bell rang. I do hope Freddie gets a job.

I don’t know whether I told you or not but I am going to have [crossed out] two lessons


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a week in German ½ hr. Each instead of one, one hr. lesson which will help me more, I mean the new way will help me more.

Tonight Margaret Cobb came in to get me to boil her some hot water to take her medicine with. She is a real nice girl.

I have not worryed a bit since yesterday afternoon which I wrote about. & I have had a nice time to-day & got my lessons all done. So Have I been a good girl to-day. Good-night Mamma Dear. I love you Good-night.

Fri A.M.

I just got your letter. I may bring my german home to do but I dont want to study at all over [Thanksg…?] as german come Tues & then not again til Mon after [Thangs.?]. I [crossed out: dont] think I can get it all done. This is another perfect day up here so you probably have it [fine?] for Mrs. J. Don’s [report?] is staggering. Love from Goo