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Vance, Gertrude (Pratt). Letters, 1913-197

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12 letters from Vance (VC Ex 1917) to her family, and 3 letters to Pratt. Vance's letters, written during her freshman year at Vassar College, often reply to letters, telegrams, and telephone calls from her family. In most of her letters, Vance describes her classes in German, English, Latin, French, and geometry. She includes diagrams from geometry, textbook expenditures, and a schedule for the final exams. Traditions mentioned by Vance include the "maids'" club [Good Fellowship Club], the serenade on the steps of Strong, singing with the Juniors at Sunset Lake, and Alumnae Prom. She explains that at a class meeting, the Freshman class attempted to select an infant as their class mascot, but rejected the infant because of his race (Nov 20). Vance also discusses news, social visits, temperance activism (Nov 20), cooking, making crafts, shopping for Christmas presents, sharing cake, swimming, and watching hockey games. She provides diagrams of clothing, furniture, and her room.\nThe letters from "Rosa," Vance's brother Don, and Vance's mother share social and family news, express affection, and discuss Vance's coursework. Vance's brother also mentions moving pictures, sports and fraternity news, writing for the newspaper, and Vance's studies in German.,VC Ex 1917
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