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Slade, Caroline E. | to grandmother, Feb. 2, 1866:

VC Spec 1865-1866
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February 2, 1866
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Vassar College Feb. 2, 1866

My Dear Grandmother,

I have been intending to write thee for the past week but I have so much to occupy my time that day after day goes by and I do not write to any one hardly except to those at home We had a letter from home to day and I was glad to hear that thee was better but I was sorry that David's eyes were no better and that Aunt Emeline was not well. We are having very fine weather here and I do not realize that it is colder here than at home the temperature is so much more uniform It is very fine sleighing and has been nearly all the time we have been here but we do not enjoy it as we should were we
somewhere else we have been out once about thirty of us hired a large


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sleigh one Saturday and took a ride into Poughkeepsie which is about two miles distant Perhaps thee would like to hear something concerning our school I do not feel competent to give much of a description one thing I can say with out doubt that is that the building and everything connected with it is immensely large the halls or corridors are nearly 800 feet long the building is five stories high our room is in the fourth and the dining room is in the second there is a very large library and reading room which contains a great many books, magazines and newspapers there is also a very fine picture gallery and geological cabinet. The chapel where we go every morning and evening is very much like any common sized church the organ is very fine The president of the college officiates he is a very fine man but his


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sermons are very long and tedious he is a firm Baptist. In town they call this the baptist nunnery because they are so very strict but I suppose that is necessary as the school is so large the students this term number about 350 We like our school very much indeed and there is nothing to complain of still sometimes we wish we could be at home six months seems so very long but they say that the longest day will have an end so I suppose that these six months will have one also Mamie wrote that they were going to have a tin wedding at George Read's I hope that they succeeded and that everything passed off pleasantly I should like to have been there Mary Hooper I suppose has gone back to New Hampshire I should think that you would miss her she has been with you so long and is so lively


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Abbe sends much love and would write but thinks there is not enough to write about for two to write at once Give our love please to Uncle Jonathan Aunt Emeline and the rest of the family Hoping that thee will soon recover thy usual health I remain thy
affectionate granddaughter
Carrie E. Siade [spec. '65-66,]