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Shipp, Margaret M. | to Family, 15 October 1902

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Wednesday night Oct 15
Well dear people,
I’m all right, how are you? I had the most glorious time last Saturday I ever had in my life. Six of us, M. Stan, E. Tallant, E. Pattison, E. Hobson, R. Underhill and myself, set out at nine oclock in the morning for a walk. We walked around till twelve and then finding ourselves on a tall rocky cliff overlooking the Hudson, we sat down and ate that which we had brought with us—which included all sorts of nice picnic eatables. At one we resumed our journey, and three o’clock found us in Wappinger Falls a small town, having walked ten miles! Proudly we walked through the town, saw them try a new fire engine, their only one I imagine, and then got


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us into a trolly car which all too soon whizzed us back to college.
Friday night Emerance de Sallin du Pin had a birthday spread to which she invited yours truly with some seniors. Such luscious things to eat and I never tasted except those in my own birthday box of last March. Emerance’s fondness for me is too amazing for words. Think of a senior and a nice one too, who rushed up to say “how-do-you-do” to Peggy, a sophomore, almost every night after chapel!
Yes I do know Violet Kauffman very well and am very fond of her. I suppose she’s the girl Mrs Bennett meant.
Marie Honeycutt visited college for two or three days last week and was too sweet and happy for anything. I went to dinner last


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night with Margaret Elder, the girl with whom Marie was to have roomed this year if she had come back.
I got a dear letter from Eloise in which she said among other things that you were an angel. The poor child seemed blue and ill. I wish I could get hold of her and cheer her up. She has such a finely tempered disposition


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that only a person who has known her long and well can understand it and guide it safely over a sea of blues.
I have been put on another debate which is to come off two weeks from next Friday before the whole class of a hundred girls. The subject has not definitely been decided upon but it is to be about the coal strike, so for pity’s sake, if you


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find any good editorials about it send them immediately. Debating is far harder than anything else I take, but I’d rather do it than any of the rest of my work. I shall have to work very very hard for the next two weeks on it so don’t be surprised if you get snippy letters from me.
I simply must stop now and do some studying, so farewell
Slews of love to you both
I asked Ruth to come up next Friday to see me, but she wrote back that she had used up all her privileges for the month of October and couldn’t come till next month. I’ll certainly have her then.


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Long week Wappinger Falls
Miss Shipp
1010 N. Delaware St


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OCT 17


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