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Slade, Caroline E. | to mother, Mar. 17, 1866:

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March 17, 1866
VC Spec 1865-1866

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: VCLLettersSladeAbigailLCarolineE18651866007001
Vassar March 17/66
Saturday evening

Dear Mother

I have just finished
my composition and have come
to the conclusion that it is worse
than making cake and almost
as bad as making pies however
we console ourselves with the idea
that we only have four more to write
It is real cold and windy tonight
and I do not see but what after
all we have as many changes
here as in New England some
days it is so warm that it is
really uncomfortable and then
again it so windy and disagreeable
that we are hardly able to stand
up when we are out walking


: VCLLettersSladeAbigailLCarolineE18651866007002
Now Mother do not scold, worry nor
do anything when I tell you something
because it is unnecessary I tell
you because I feel it right to do so
I did not tell you before because I
knew it would worry you to no
avail but about two weeks ago I
had a trouble with my heart I can
not describe it only that it was very
disagreeable to bear after I had borne
it about a week I concluded it best
to see Miss Avery gave me some
powders and told me to call again
next day I did and she gave me iron
to take which I suppose helped me
for after awhile it passed off she
asked me a great many questions
but did not tell me what it was
until I asked her if it was my heart
or lungs that was faulty well she
said they were both rather weak which
was not very comforting but I think
it was only the change of climate


: VCLLettersSladeAbigailLCarolineE18651866007003
and now that I have become
acclimated feel assured that I shall
feel nothing more of it remember,
it is past and gone so don't worry
as I am all right now please say
nothing of this to anyone outside the
your own selves please do not to please
me as it is useless and people talk so
much though they mean no harm
Not Aunt Sarah nor any one else
Now as I did not feel quite easy until
I had mentioned it I leave it charging
you not to think much about it
Now I want to say a word about money
matters it seemed when we came that
we had a good deal and that in such a
place we should not be likely to spend
much but we have not been in
town once and there has quite a
sum disappeared I will send the
list we have a little over twenty
left and as we already need some
new shoes, belts and collars and


: VCLLettersSladeAbigailLCarolineE18651866007004
shall have to have our hats fixed
a little in the spring I think we
shall need some more though we
shall not spend any uselessly
One girl here has ordered seven new
spring dresses but I imagine that
I shall be just as happy without
such an extensive wardrobe as that
I suppose Miss Avery's bill will
be something as medical charges
are high here then but then that
couldn't be helped and my dislike
to medicine is sufficient to prevent
anything unnecessary in that line
One other thing which rests heavily
on my mind, that is that thee
gets no girl do you try perhaps if
you commence to look out for one now
you might get a good one by spring
only think how much more there is
to do when spring comes it is useless
to think of thy doing it all thyself
Now I must say good night for a
whole week with much love

[Caroline E. Slade]