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Vance, Gertrude (Pratt) — to mother, May 27, 1914

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27 May [1914]
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Wed night
May 27

Dear Mamma.
I will begin by answering your letter. I did not say anything to Marjorie [Pa...t?] about the M’s. I will [crossed out: I had] bring the Fr. Dict. home if I have room.

It was terribly hot again to-day as I told you. We had ice-tea for lunch yesterday & to-day. While I was having my German tutor lesson this afternoon. [crossed out: Whe] We had


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a regular wind storm. and rain but no thunder and after that it cooled off a little.

When I got back from that I wrote an English theme a description of the serenade which we gave Mon. night to the Sophs. I will mail it to you, you might be interested.

All the girls in College have received the funniest advertisements for “Piedmont’ red cedar chests”. I will mail you the letter I got there were circulars & a postal inclosed. I think I shall put your name on the postal


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and mail it to them. You read the letter its awfully funny.

After lunch to-day I moved my room round and put the bed in front of the window & the tea table & other table & chair where the bed was. I did it so I could get a breeze these hot nights. I will sleep with my head at the window. I wore my white dress to dinner to night as lots of the girls dress these hot days & it is so simple.

Coming home from chapel Lydia


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Babbot & Dorothy Hand her roommate, admired it. Lydia said she liked that thing round the skirt because it was so simple and pretty. I took the [bone?] in this part of the color [sp:collar?] out
as it made one side go down & the other up. It was not your fault for you put it in beautifully but it is the way it sets on my neck. It goes better now.

What do you think M. C.


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May 27


has gone to the infirmary again! Its appendicitis this time at least they think it is. Not the bad kind that you have to get an operation for but the kind where you have pains in your side. She has had them for a week but only E & Pete knew & she just went to the doctors. to-night.

Its funny the way some people always have something the matter with them -

I have been wearing my diaphanous nightie crochet lace


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[crossed out: for] last night [&?] I also put it on to-night. Then Elizabeth came & told M.S. & I there was to be a serenade the the seniors so as she was undressed to we decide to go in our [...s] with rain coats but as it was to hot for all that I had the brilliant idea to put a dress over our nighties. I put on my pink satine with lace. You can imagine how it look over the diaphanous nightie (Just as if I had


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1917-05-27_074_007_014_007
nothing under it at. all. At the last minuet we were seized with a fit of modesty & put on our [crossed out: green] coats (I wore my green) When we serenaded the seniors made a mistake & gave a cheer for the sophomores. Of course M.S. & I met a man as we came out of North. After the serenade we sang on the steps of Strong Hall & several Junoirs came out to sing with us. They all had on [...s?] & nighties with


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1917-05-27_074_007_014_008
coats over them & the girl who led had on pajamas. The sang one of their songs which is about coming to singing after dinner & the words are “We had not time to eat a thing” & they changed it to “We had not time to put on a thing & then they all stopped singing and began to gigle.

Did I tell you that I think the rain drowned all the bugs as there are very few to bother me to-night. I only squashed one a June bug & killed


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1917-05-27_074_007_014_009

one beetle on my arm & a few little bugs.

Well I must go to bed now as I have written you a lot of news. Such a lot of things have happened to-day. Just little things but you like to hear about them dont you dear?

My German tutor & I managed to have 2 extra lesson on [Th?] & one next week before my exam. So her total will be $7.50.

Well now Good night Darling. Love from your chum Goo.

May 28

Dear Mamma


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I got your letter this aM. I was glad to hear the reception was not so nice and you were so swell. When I get home we might go to [h?]. [T?]. & look at dresses to get idea and then fix my pink satine a little. I dont mean to make it over but just put a few touches oon. So it will look like those all lace waists do. We might do the same to your green crepe de Chenil

Its quite warm to-day but there is a nice breeze so I dont feel the heat,

I have on my


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1917-05-27_074_007_014_011
striped dress with the [...] color to-day. I am going to wear all my nice clothes this last week and make a big splurge. Of course I will be careful of them.

Well I am feeling particularly happy as I have had my last German class. and will have my last French & English classes this A. M. & Lat. & Math. to morrow. My math exam comes first Mon A. M. 10:30. Fr. Mon. P.M.


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Lat Tues A. M. 10.30. Eng Wed A.M. 10:30. and Ger Thurs. P.M. 2:30 to 4:30. Then I will have to have a taxi to catch the 4:44. I will try to find someone else taking the German exam who wants to catch that train.

Well dear a week from to-day & I will be home.

So good bye till to-morrow.

Love from your little Goo


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