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Vance, Gertrude (Pratt) — to mother, December 7, 1913

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7 Dec [1913]

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Sunday evening
Dec. 7
10:30 P.M

Dearest Mamma

I am just ready for bed and tho I just wrote you a little while ago I cant help writing again so you will get it Tuesday. I hope the last part of my Sunday letter was not awfully disconnected because I wrote it when 2 girls were talking and I am fraid I made some bad mistakes I should have read it over


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1917-12-07_074_007_010_002
before I sent it. But after this I want you always to promise to telephone me when you are worryed about me & then I wont worry for fear you are worrying & you wont worry [...thes?].

I did not go to the teatime but went to see my faculty adviser Miss [Shaver?] I stayed about an hour & a half and had an awfully nice talk. She said she asked my French teacher about me and she said I was doing all right and my work


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1917-12-07_074_007_010_003
was satisfactory & she expected me to pass the exam all right. I am glad she thinks I am bright because I really am tho I dont show it in class. But Miss [Shaver?] says Mlle. [Vemony?] (Fr. teacher) has a special method of guessing how much girls know and she thinks I know something. So I am glad about that.

I came home and went to see Marion [Peterson?] with E. & R. & them stopped in to see Mar. Cobb. at 10 I did not stay as I wanted to get to bed early. I have not answered Pussy’s letter yet


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but I will when I get a chance. She told me about her dress and how the house was just “loaded” with flowers and how K. Arthur, Helen […?], Helen [Von?] [...leck?], Helen Harrison and some others helped out at Wed. the 3rd & how the “older” set would help Wed. the 10th and she expected to see you there & she wished I had been home to help. Well I will mail you the letter if I can ans. it . But I am going to crawl in to-night. Dont say not to write you [but?] to write her because I would not miss writing you for any thing. Because


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I love you so and you are the dearest mamma. And dont you worry about my lessons because I dont. I am so cheerful I dont know what to make of myself. So I want some nice cheerful letters from you saying how you enjoyed Mrs. B’s “[...ry?]-sandwitches” and telling me about the little things home and planning for Christmas.

Love from your little

Mon 8 A.M.

I forgot to tell you that when we were telling ghost stories and burglar stories last Sat. night, I told that story of Daddy’s about the bank robbers in Yonkers. There were 3 Yonkers girls there and they got [very?] excited. When I said there were moving picture men all round. They said I had got one over on them. Well the bell has rung for classes but I may add to this when I get your letter later. Goo.


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Dear Mamma

I got your lovely long letter this A.M. the hair pins will do all right thank you so much for them. I have only had time to [crossed out: anywhere?] read your letter [th…?] [b...idly?] and I will answere it more to-night. If you go to N.Y. you had better take Don with you [...t?] we can do a lot of shopping in these 6 days before Xmas. Love from Goo.