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Vance, Gertrude (Pratt) — to mother, November 23, 1913

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23 Nov 1913
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Sunday Nov. 23 - 1913
5:30 P.M

Dearest Mamma

I have so much to tell you and so little time to tell it in only ½ hr. before supper and then a little while after supper, as this must be mailed at 7:30 & I want to go to the Christians meeting with Margaret Cobb at 7:00.

I will begin last Friday. I got blue again in the afternoon as I happened to be talking to Miss Palmer & when she asked me how I was getting along & I started to tell her I got so blue I cried but she cheered me up and then I did some geom.


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and then went to the senior-junior hockey game. It was very exciting. It was a tie though. There is a ^separate grand stand (a little one) for each of the classes you remember those little portable ones you saw on the athletic circle. All the Seniors & Sophs [crossed out: in …] [on?] one side and Jr. & Fresh. on the other as they are sister classes. Sen. & Sophs. wore red & Jr. & fresh. green the class colors of the Sen. & Jr. It looked so pretty on the green field & I was quite in it with my green coat & stockings


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Lots of girls wore green silk petticoats on the outside.

After the game I went over to see Adele & Marjory for a few minutes, and bought a geom. book from Marjory to be paid for in the future 50¢ for after buying an English book 35¢ stamps & note book & 10¢ [di…?]. I am again reduced to 50¢. I have 3.50 for ticket set aside in an envelope tho.

I went out to dinner with Dorothy Smith a Freshman who is going to spend Thks. in Mtclair with Anna


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& Helen [Ro...?] I had a real jolly time.

That night M. Cobb & I studied in my room not helping each other you understand but just together. Then we made ourselves a cup of tea but there were only two crackers left. It was real cozy tho. Margaret Cobb is a Freshman on the 3rd floor of North & I have [Chummed?] with her a lot this week end at least she has [chummed?] with me too. Sat. a.m. I intended to study & I did do all my Latin for Tues. Then I heard the cheering for the Freshman-Soph hockey


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game and could not resist it. When I arrived in my beautiful blue stockings & blue tie which is our class color (Yale blue & white) the score was 8-1 in favor of the Freshmen. ^[crossed out: & they] ^[...ion?] After the game the Fresh. & Jr, marched & sang in the “dancing line & carried the teams on their shoulders to the Jr. class tree. Then tied our class banner around the tree & put the team around it & cheered them all.

Then I got your nice letter. & then a lot of us


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went to a farm house & got an old wagon and dragged it back to college to pull the team around in after lunch. They decorated it in blue & white and tied a long double rope to the shafts. Then all the class took hold of the ropes some Juniors marched between & we went around to the different halls and collected the girls on the team & cheered & sang all the while. & marched all round campus.

After that I came home & studied in M. Cobbs room till 5:30 & then I had a german


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tutor lesson of a half hour but when I got there my tutor said she had been delayed & Dorothy Smith ^Senior happened to be there getting hooked up. She is Eleanor [Halkin’s?] cousin. She told me Mr. Porter had died. My tutor said she would give me 15 min. lesson then & ¾ of an hour on Mon. to make it = to 2 half hour lessons.
After chapel we had an “appointment with the Juniors which was a secret only we were told to wear rough clothes. We met outside chapel


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-11-23_074_007_008_008
and torches were lighted and sparklers were passed round to all the people in the crowd & we began to march. We went up “Sunset Hill” which is over behind the chapel. I forgot to take you there but I had only been there once myself & it will be nice to go next time you come. Well the line looked a mile long and most of the Juniors were dressed as gipseys in read [sp:red] and freen and had tamboreens [sp:tambourines] and a drum. And we all sang. It was the most wonderful sight. The effect was


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rather weird with the drum & the gipsies. When we got to sunset hill an enormous bonfire was lighted and we made a big circle around it and the front rows of girls sat down & others stood up and we all sang and cheered about an hour. A man kept the fire up by throwing boxes on it. Then we all marched back again.

Then I studied but did not get all my lessons done I spent six hours on my german. I had to do a story


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that I should have done [crossed out: yesterday.] the lesson before and a lot of new [storys?] but the last one seemed easier so mabe I am gaining in it.

I had to study to day but it was only reading [Fr.?] & german.

The swimming pool is open but I have not had time to go in yet.

I wanted to get all my studying done before I wrote you so thats why I left it so late and this letter is so rushed.

I studied in M Cobbs room & wrote this letter


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there. I am finishing it in Main & I must say good-bye & go to Christians. It is a lecture. Margaret C & Elizabeth are saving a seat for me.

I am just so excited about coming home & seeing you all. I am going to bring my best black satin slippers and perhaps a nice dress. I will bring some laundry but it will be all right to have it done the week after as I do not need it. Well lots of love to my dear Mamma & Daddy & Don. Goo.


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