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Slade, Abigail L. or Slade, Caroline E. | to "my own dear wifey," Jan. 14, 1866:

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January 14, 1866
VC Spec 1865-1866

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Vassar College Feb. 4, 1866

My Own Dear Wifey

I don't believe but what I could hug you so that you would cry for mercy if I could only get the chance as for writing it is almost impossible for I have enough to fill six sheets and the time would be altogether too short let me tell my numerous Sunday griefs for what is for one is for all In the beginning you cannot sleep any longer than any other morning every single morning we have to dress by gas light right after breakfast private devotions next chapel then Bible Class by that time it is most eleven from then until one is our own after dinner Chapel (hour and a hall sermon)


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then supper then chapel and devotions again after the girls have prayer meetings "but dis yar chile dont see dem ar" I always did like to go to church twice Sunday but where it is continual from early morn to dewy eve it destroys my equilibrium so just as soon as I attempt to write away I have to go We have just come up from afternoon service and we have a half hour until tea time It has been a splendid day but is growing colder to night we have had very moderate weather so far we thought this morning that we would give a considerable to have been home to breakfast (and the rest of the day) they have very good fare here indeed we have very nice coffee in the morning and as
much milk at tea time as we want nice bread & butter and everything very nice for a boarding school but of course not like home (prize your cream)


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I wish you Father & mother and Mamie could be here one day just to see how things are carried on it is wonderful how such an immense establishment can be carried on the way that it is every thing goes on with perfect harmony and regularity Miss Lyman says that she has not taught school twenty years for nothing and I believe it she is about fifty I should think tall, quite handsome, wears short grey curls in front and dresses elegantly it is wonderful how she hears of everything that is done wrong throughout the entire school and in the evening forthwith comes a lecture on various and sundry themes The examination was not so terrible one Professor questioned us in History & Grammar then Miss Scott commenced to examine us in Arithmetic and Geography some one called her away and she said that she would call


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for us another time she never has and I doubt if she ever will Dr Raymond said he thought she must have forgotten and I hope she will continue to as it will make no difference to our studies we are going to study English Literature, Rhetoric, Geology and Music we are going in for recitations tomorrow morning for the first time they
give very long lessons here but then I don't care we want something to keep us busy There goes the tea bell Well here I am back from Chapel once more and the bell has rung for devotions and I am going to devote the time to you. We haven't a parlor with
Laura but we are on the same corridor quite near we have an outside room and all the fault I find with it is that it is rather small but then it is so much better than a corridor room those only have a window opening Into the corridor There are two other girls besides ourselves in the parlor with us one is real nice her name Brown the other is always in a fever about something she hardly ever comes Into the room without she opens the window I never heard of having the windows open in winter that is all
the time so we generally retire to our room...

(Abigail L. or Caroline E. Slade)