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Pratt, Mary (Morris) | to mother, Jan. 26, 1879:

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January 26, 1879
VC 1880

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Vassar College -
Jan 26, 1879.

My dear Mithery-

I was very happy to receive that long letter & much needed ,"where with" yesterday. I don't believe that my skates will hurt my new shoes much. The others gave way in the leather, the soles didn't come off, and all the others in the parlor wear club-skates without particular detriment to their shoes. I had long nails put into the heels where most of the strain comes. I have never enjoyed skating so much as I do this winter, and just now I am


: VCLLettersPrattMary1880004002
trying my best to learn that
outer edge. Now I must tell you of all we have been doing this week. On Wednesday evening about one hundred and fifty of us went in town to a concert. Rumenyi played on the violin. Madam Rive-King on the piano, & a Miss Franklin & Rimmertz Lang. The violin playing was the best part of the whole performance - It was the best I have ever heard. We expected a great deal of Rimmertz from his performance at the college two years ago but he had such a cold that he disappointed us very much. You must be sure to hear him the first chance you have. He is a great big


: VCLLettersPrattMary1880004003
fair German with a magnificent baritone voice, that almost sings of itself.

On Thursday the physiology class met in evening study hour so that we could have magnified views of the eye thrown on a sheet, & when we were through Dr. Webster invited us up to her room to have some coffee. Of course nearly the whole class went & we spent a very delightful hour & a quarter with her, regaled on coffee sandwiches & apples & listening to her stories. She told us all about the crazy Russian girl who was here when we came, & who has since gone home raving mad.

On Friday we all went in town to have the parlor


: VCLLettersPrattMary1880004004
group taken. We cant decide whether to take one of the proofs, or go in and try again.

Saturday was a dreadfully busy day. We expected Jane's box, & the parlor had to be put in order. We had to work ever so long on the new cover of the sofa & then we resurrected an old collapsed chair from under Ida's bed, braced it up & made it look quite presentable. Then we (Jane & I) hurried over to the studio to work a little while on a flower we were painting, & after half an hour of skating had to go in to lunch. After
lunch there was a class meeting & the rest of my exercise to take, & very soon Jane's box came, as large as a trunk & only about half an hour before the company was invited


: VCLLettersPrattMary1880004005
How we did have to dance around! The dishes hadn't been ordered from the steward's department because we had to find out first what we should need. I never saw anything like what that box held you could hardly think of a thing that didn't come out
of it. Our cot-beds were soon covered as well as the window-sill & table & floor. There were nineteen people at the spread & we had a very jolly time. We broke up at Chapel time, & as soon as I came back I had to slide into another dress with all possible speed as I was to be an usher in the hall that evening at the Hall-meeting. Before they went over the girls made up seven large plates of dainties to take to different people.


: VCLLettersPrattMary1880004006
The programmes for the entertainment were little opera-glasses tied with different colored ribbons. After the debate, an orchestra appeared & we witnessed the operetta of "The Last Will & Testament". The actresses were four very good singers, two of them remarkably pretty But you should have seen the clothes that one of them wore. An elegant black velvet dress with a long train, a diamond cross that flashed gloriously, & diamond earrings & ever so many finger-rings of the same description. Where she raised them all I cant guess, but they looked more than pföu.


: VCLLettersPrattMary1880004007
After this was over we came back to our dreadful room. We hadn't had much dinner we had been so busy & as the lady in black velvet & diamonds was in the same condition we had a second little spread on the spot. We had permission to stay up & get the room to rights which we did & consequently didn't get to bed very early. It was just grand this morning to think that we needn't get up until the breakfast-bell. Jane's birthday cake was perfect triumph. I hope she will feel moved to cut a little more of it this afternoon.


: VCLLettersPrattMary1880004008
Just think I have to create an essay for Feb. 22. I haven't a thing to write about or any thing to say on any subject!

I haven't heard from Rob yet, he sends me the "No" every week
though. How many teeth has the baby now? I'm afraid he'll be ahead
of me before I get home-

Love to all and write me all about every body-
M. S. M.
(Mary S. Morris,)