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Ryerson, Margary A. — to father, April 23, 1906

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23 Apr 1906
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Vassar College April.

Dear Papa,

I have a few minutes before chapel, so I guess I will start a letter. The minister this morning is to be Dr Vance from the Dutch Reform church in Newark, so not that where Aunt Maggie used to go?

[Is not?] it funny they are all coming East, where are they going to live and is Harold going to live with them? I went to dinner with his Bailey girl again the other day. She is queer looking, but lots of fun.

Monday night I took dinner with Elizabeth Halden. Every night before chapel now the girls get together and sing. That night the juniors first sang on the steps of Strong and then when they began to march to chapel, four or


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five abreast, the [crossed out: fr] Freshmen, who had collected opposite the steps, joined hands and facing the side of the Juniors escorted them to the chape. Something like this diagram. [Crossed out: Last …] The seniors and Sophomores did the same thing on another [part?] of the grounds. You see the sister classes went together. Last night, everybody, all four classes sang on the steps of Rockefeller together, then we formed ranks of six and marched, singing. Almost every ^one has on white, so all these things are very pretty.

Tell Mama there was a lecture the other day on American art, so I thought I would go, but the woman was so affected and they began so far back, with Washington, that, although the steriopticon pictures were pretty good, I did not stay.

It is perfectly lovely here now. I spent the other afternoon under the pine trees, reading or rather studying with the [...s].


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This noon [crossed out: after] before dinner we walked up on [sunset?], it is lovely up there, because you can see all over for miles.

Friday we were to have had a lecture by Miss Weiley, as she is the professor of English. I suppose it was about what English courses to take next year, but she could not meet us, so likely we will have it next week.

To night Mrs Ballington Booth is going to speak, so all of us are going, to see what she looks like. We have just all been in Jane’s room talking, and now I guess I will go to the campus to see some girls.

Is Mamma’s old fountain-pen there with you. Won’t you please look and tell me, for if it is I want the top as I broek the top of mine and it is a great nuisance to carry it without any or in a box. Mamma can send it with the undersleeves, when she sends them.

I had a long letter from [] yesterday. They have no girl at present, so she is having


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quite a hard time working. That is, they are without two, and I think that is all they keep.

What do you people hear from Cousin Anna? Are Auntie B and Auntie Alice going on with their school until July.

You know I thought perhaps I would try to make up my conditions this summer at Rochester University. Well, I wrote for a catalogue and there is no summer school. I guess the year they did have it, it was not a success. Anyway I don’t believe they would have had the courses I wanted.

Monday ---

Tell Mamma I got her letter this morning and that she need not telephone Miss McCabot, and that I can’t drop my German if I wanted to, and that I guess she need not come up at present, I don’t think there is anything she could do.

Mrs. Booth was very interesting last night. She talked for nearly three hours ---

With lots of love to you & Mamma


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Mr David [Q?] Ryerson
107 Second Street
South Orange
New Jersey


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