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Marshall, Katherine (Manson). Letter, 1910

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1 postcard, postmarked 11 Feb 1910, from Marshall (VC 1910) to Emma Stewart. Referring to the image of the Vassar College campus on the back of the postcard, Marshall asks Stewart how many of the depicted buildings she could identify. Marshall explains that she is too busy at Vassar to write to Stewart every week, as she had at home. The image of Vassar College is credited to W.T. Little and Co. In the foreground of the image, the row of houses and large lake are encircled by trees and divided from the rest of the campus by Raymond Avenue. Several boats are visible on the lake, a horse-drawn carriage on the road, and people on the campus sidewalks. The right side of the image includes the Chapel, the President's House, and a building with chimneys. The center includes a road leading from the main gate to Main Building. The right side includes the Thompson Memorial Library; Rockefeller Hall; and residence halls Raymond House, Davidson House, Jewett House (then known as "North"), Lathrop House, and Strong House. Ely Hall, Swift Hall, and the Maria Mitchell Observatory are visible near Main Building.,VC 1910
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