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Vance, Gertrude (Pratt) — to mother, December 11, 1913

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11 Dec 1913
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Dec. 11 1913
10 P.M.
& a little after

Dear Mamma

You see I am writing earlier to-night & I have my lessons all done. I want to get in bed by 10:30.

This AM I added that post-script to your letter in an awful rush I hope you could read it. I liked the pictures [crossed out: yo] quite well but I did not have much time to look at them. Let me tell you a funny thing I did. I wanted to send them by special delivery and I rushed in the P.O. & plunked down a quarter and asked the girl for the stamps she pushed out


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-12-11_074_007_012_002
12 cents change and as she was getting the stamps I said wont you please put them on for me I am in an awful rush (you see I had to get to a class) so I grabbed the change and ran. When I got home I found that I had taken the quarter too so instead of paying 13¢ I had received 12¢. But I will take it back to-morrow as if I did not the girl would remember it probably. I hope she mailed the pictures alright after my doing that way but I guess she did.

After I mailed them I made an [a...ful?] discovery. The big pictures (where the face is big) are $7 or $4


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-12-11_074_007_012_003
a doz. & the little ones $2.50 so if you have chosen a big one & think it very good I might have 3 prints of it done and then have 9 or 12 of the small one which is the best. If I get very much perplexed as to what to do I might telephone you changes collect so if I do at about noon Sat. why tell whoever answers the phone to say its allright if Central asks if you want to pay the charges. Of course if I can’t get you why it wont cost anything & I can try again. Dont bother to make Don or Dad stay home for it as it is not so very important & if I should try to get you & Central should tell you [...] why dont


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-12-11_074_007_012_004
bother to try & get me as I may have already decided about the pictures by that time. if I should call up it would more likely be at 12:45 or 1.

This morning in the free period which I had I turned my room around just the way we plan^ned it. [] by door
tea table
[crossed out: … ch.] wicker chair
food table
book case
bureau 9. mission [...] chair
bed 10. closet.
The bed is great there because the cushions [lean?] up against the walls so nice & where it was before you could not lean up


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-12-11_074_007_012_005

against the window & there was a draft.

This after noon I did Latin prose for next Tuesday. Its written so I wont forget it. Its really the lesson for Fri & Tues. all in one. Then “Margie” Cobb I went went to take her wash to “[Schloshes?]” & she treated me to an ice cream sundae & sandwiches at the flag shop. I might get some flags and some of those cute little pins there for Xmas presents & change them I you think it would be all right & then pay the 1st og Jan. If you are hard up for Xmas money I dont think I will have any to


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-12-11_074_007_012_006
spare from my allowance for Xmas presents, except materials for little bows I am trying to make. (I only put 3 roses on them). After chapel I did my math. and then Margie & I went swimming at 9 o’clock we [undressed?] put on nighties bathRobes & coats & went to the gym then we [did not?] home to get dressed again. Dont think it is frivolous to go swimming in the evening as I have to do 3 hrs. excersise a week (dancing & class drill) & that counts for 1. although we only stay in about 20 min.


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-12-11_074_007_012_007
I got your letter this a.m. tho. I forgot to mention having received it I was so taken up over the photos. We had a hard time to make out the list for the dance we either had to ask the whole college or limited the no. We asked 24 the first time & them we thought we should ask those other 2 freshmen Madeline Hunt & Hilda [Mamet?] & we asked [T.?] [Leshn?] because she only asked me to her tea after we had sent our invitations out. We did not ask Evelyn Heath because we dont go with her hardly at all & I asked Helen West once & she has to


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-12-11_074_007_012_008
Room -- allowance Photos

been to see me since & although she is very nice & we could not ask every one we asked E. Bird & M. [Cr...ell?] only because E. Bird goes with [Dorothy?] Hand all the time but D. Hand is going to be away & the others have not accepted yet. You see counting M. & I there are 30 people invited. We will have about 12 couples I guess

Well I guess that explains the invitation list to you dear. Now I must say good night and go get in my little bed in its new corner. I have been [crossed out: with?] writing this in Margie’s room while she does her hair. [Margie?] did not get wet. Well good night dear with love from your little chum Goo.