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Vance, Gertrude (Pratt) — to mother, November 23, 1913

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23 Nov 1913

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Nov 23 1913
10:50 P.M

Dear Darling Mamma

I feel as if I ought to write you tonight & finish my Sunday letter which I sent off in such a rush. Then too, you will get this Tuesday and it may be the last letter I write before I come home, just think of it. I did not tell you about a little trouble I had because I wanted to wait to see if it would not clean up & it did. Perhaps you


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noticed I did not mention Luella much in my last letter. Well we had a little quarrel over a Harvard & a Yale banner. or at least she got mad. All the girls hung banners out of their windows on the day of the Harvard-Yale game and I helped another girl put a Yale banner between her window & the girl next door she was mad because she is for Harvard & [crossed out] quite often she gets real mad at other people for little things they do & she got mad at me. I felt


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-11-23_074_007_007_003
badly because I only meant it for a joke and I told her so but she was so peeved because she wanted to put a Harvard banner there. We scarcely spoke to each other until to-night & to make it worse somebody took her Harvard banner & has it now, but she knows I did not because I was with Elizabeth all the afternoon. But to-night I went in her room and she was all right again. She said she was going to make a fuss about whoever took the banner but she did


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-11-23_074_007_007_004
not say a thing about [crossed out: my part] my hanging out the Yale one. And she was just as pleasant and nice as usual. So it came out all right & I am glad I waited to tell you so now you wont have 24 hrs. of worry. The talk-to-night was so good & interesting. After it Margaret Cobb & I went to see Miss [Ballard?] my English teacher. We stayed all the evening & had the best time. We both have a crush on Miss Ballard. We talked about dreams & she told us all the different kinds of dreams she has and we discovered we all have the same kind of dreams.


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Margaret Cobb is real nice and I like her very much she is just like I am I guess. She is a Freshman & has a [...h?] and is not in with any special crowd although she knows lots of nice girls. Off course I go round with Elizabeth & Luella & even when L. was mad & I went with Margaret Cobb, Elizabeth came round a lot & went to chapel & the lecture with Margaret & I so I we all get to-gether we will be a crowd & then I will be in one. Margaret C. comes to get me to go places with


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-11-23_074_007_007_006
her even more than I go to her so I feel as if she were running after me & not me after her. you know how I mean.

Well I have told you all about it now and I will kiss you good-night after our little good-night talk.

Smack kück love

P.S. Rosa [Sharp?] came to see me to-day as you will see by the enclosed note. Last night the sophomores in Raymond had a dance in the corridor on the 2nd floor. Half of the girls were dressed as men. Rosa made a stunning


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-11-23_074_007_007_007
West Point cadet. I was over looking on for a little while with some other Fresh men after the bonfire.

Love Goo. Good night again. I just counted up & I have 51 dear letters from you & a telegram. I will bring them home Thurs. if I have room or if not then Christmas. You remember you said to but I love them so I like to keep them. Go.


I just got your letter. I am so glad about the [ma…?] game & that you had such a [...] time. As this may be my last letter. I will say that I will take a special train leaving at 3:50 and which will


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-11-23_074_007_007_008
[Yale Harvard]
arrive before 3:54 [which?] arrives at 5:55 & which I took before. [...] So it will probably get in a little before 6 o’clock. The will be lots of other girls and [if] the time of the arrival of the train is uncertain Dad had better meet me in [Hoboken?]. I will try to get the 6:35 from Hoboken. and I will look for Dad on 1st car before the [smoker?]. If I dont see him I will just go on. & if it [...] late & I miss the 6:35 tell him not to wait. In haste Go.