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Shipp, Margaret M. | to Family, 28 March 1902

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Friday morning Mch 28.
My dear people,
You may perchance have read in books, of girls at school getting boxes but no book, not Shakespeare or even Booth Tankington, could adequately describe the sensations of one Peggy Shipp as the lids came off of hers, as she pulled out of the big box one little box after another! For the


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love of Mike, would ye have me die of joy! The boxes came just as I was starting to go to the Algebra exam (which I’m afraid I flunked) so I couldn’t open them till afterwards. There were three of them and in the meantime I was dying of Algebra and curiosity. At last the time came. First I opened the one with the boa and collarettes in it. When I was six or seven


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I used to dream of having a boa like that when I was a grown up young lady, but I never really expected to possess one! It is so pretty that I don’t even like to touch it. I just sit and look at it -- and at the adorable little collarettes. Oh I forgot to say that I got your present dad, the money for the tennis-racket, and I’m ever and ever so much obliged.
Well the next box I tackled was a little wooden one which proved to be from the Lymans! Did you ever hear of anything so lovely as their sending me a box? There was in it one of those pretty little hunting scene pictures from Nat, a box of Craig’s from Mr Lyman, a beautiful book “A Japanese Nightingale” from E and some collarettes. Then my dear there were nuts, stuffed dates, a big round cake, and


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miniature little pink candles for it with little rose-bud holders! I could most cry when I think how sweet it was in them to send it. Of course I shall write to them all three right away, but you can just hug Edio for me and tell her -- oh just tell her everything nice you can think of.
Now to box number three from my own little


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family. On top was the pretty Easter card from dad which I immediately hung up on the wall. Then three cheers for the eats!!!! One after another the luscious things came forth. What cared I then for flunks! Now as you know just what I took out of the box, lets skip over the next few hours till a quarter of nine when the feast was to be. In the meantime I had made


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all things ready. There were twelve girls so I had twelve little plates fixed on a side table and chairs all round the room. On each plate there was a slice of tongue, two crackers, two tiny cheese wafers, some nuts, and a pickle. Then I rang the rising bell and nothing [loathe] the girls hastened to my room. That blessed jam and ambrosiac cheese were passed round (I didn’t forget the pretty napkins) and everything was simply perfect. The girls just raved over it! I have been to other girl’s feasts but none of them came up to mine, because I made things look pretty and sewed everything on plates (rare articles in these parts), and saw that people had what they wanted, and I vow that I never saw people eat so much before in my life. I know I passed everything round at least four times. Then came Edio’s cake.


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I had kept it hidden, and you ought to have been there when I brought it out, all the miniature candles blazing away as merrily as you please! It was terribly good, -- had nuts all through it!
I saved your cakes, the candy, the stuffed dates, and your little box of biscuit for to night when there will be here only Phyllis, Blanche, Mary, Ella, and Hazel Johnson whom I invited to come. There is some


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Tongue left, and a little cheese and jam, so we expect to have a scrambunctious time once more again.
Altogether I am about as happy as a person could be, being as the exam is over for better or worse, vacation is here, and being as those boxes came! And I have the nicest, loveliest, darlingest little family in the world. And I have for friends the next nicest,


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loveliest, darlingest family in the world! Even now must I turn my attention toward this family so bye bye
from your aged relative
Margaret Manderville Shipp


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Card. Box from home. Algebra exam. Boa Birthday
Mr Shipp
Miss Shipp
1010 N. Delaware St


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MAR 29 230PM 1902